2009-2010 The Ohio State University Sport Club Handbook by mifei


The Ohio State University | Sport Club Handbook

         The Department of Recreational Sports
             Office of Competitive Sports
                                                       2009 – 2010 Sport Club Manual
                                                      Department of Recreational Sports
                                                        Office of Competitive Sports

                                                    Table of Contents:

1    Introduction.................................................................................................................................3
2    Club Overview.............................................................................................................................3
3    Sport Club Staff Overview ........................................................................................................4
4    Membership .................................................................................................................................5
5    Facility Space ...............................................................................................................................7
6    Special Events..............................................................................................................................7
7    Travel ............................................................................................................................................9
8    Administration...........................................................................................................................10
9    Sport Club Funding ..................................................................................................................14
10   Marketing & Trademarks.........................................................................................................15
11   Other Sport Club Benefits.......................................................................................................18
12   Sport Club Program Activities ................................................................................................20

                                     2009 – 2010 Sport Club Manual
                                    Department of Recreational Sports
                                      Office of Competitive Sports

1       Introduction
Welcome to the 2009 – 2010 Sport Club year! Sport Club members are part of an elite
organization of competitive athletes at The Ohio State University. Participation in a sport
club provides students the opportunity to compete and participate on behalf of Ohio State
University’s Department of Recreational Sports. Our 63 sport clubs participate in events
locally, regionally, and nationally displaying the best of Ohio State’s sportsmanship and
leadership. The Sport Club Office provides the framework for these clubs to run their
student organizations.

This manual provides an outline for sport club policies and procedures. Please direct any
specific question to the Sport Club staff.

2       Club Overview
Each Sport Club must achieve several requirements for recognition and benefits as an
official sport club. Clubs must meet the minimum requirements:
     Maintain high scores through the Sport Club Office (outlined in administration
     Keep a minimum of eight (8) active full-time student participants
     Meet all officer and advisor qualifications
     Abide by national governing body rules and regulations for corresponding sport
     Demonstrate good sportsmanship and student leadership

All club members must abide by the university’s Student Code of Conduct:

2.1 Student Organization Registration
Presidents must register their clubs with the student union at http://ohiounion.osu.edu/
Sport Club organizations are not required to attend training sessions through the Union
given they attend the appropriate presidents and treasurers training through the Sport Club
office. The registration for student organizations begins May 1 and the deadline is Oct 15.
The requirements to be a registered and active student organization are:

        Training for Primary Leader (president training) completed yearly
        Training for Ohio State Advisor (advisor certification) completed every three years
        Online organization information renewal completed which includes:
             o Names and contact information for three student leaders serving as officers
                (president, vice president, treasurer)
             o Ohio State faculty or staff advisor name and contact information
             o Organization purpose statement
             o An electronic copy of your constitution in either PDF or Word format.
                Constitutions must include a non-discrimination policy consistent with Ohio
                State University's policy, a listing of officer positions, and a method for both
                electing and removing officers.
             o An electronic copy of a roster of names of members (minimum of five
                members required)

                                       2009 – 2010 Sport Club Manual
                                      Department of Recreational Sports
                                        Office of Competitive Sports

2.2 Current Clubs

Aikido Yoshokai       Buckeye Tang Soo Do                    Ju Jutsu                 Squash
All Girls Cheer       Crew Club                              Judo                     Tennis
Alphine Ski &         Cricket Club                           K1 Kickboxing            TKD
Board                 Cycling                                Kendo Club               Triathlon
Archery               Dance Til You Drop                     Krav Maga                Ultimate Disc-Men's
Arma                  Disc Golf                              Lacrosse-Men's           Ultimate Disc-Women's
Baseball              Dodgeball                              Lacrosse-Women's         Volleyball-Men's
Basketball            Dragon Pheonix Wushu                   Marathon                 Volleyball-Men's
Bboy Club             Equestrian-Hunt Seat                   Ohio State Dance Team    Volleyball-Women's
Benchball             Equestrian-Western                     Racquetball              Water Polo-Men's
Bowling               Fencing Club                           Roller Hockey            Water Polo-Women's
Boxing                Field Hockey-Coed                      Rugby-Men's              Water Ski Club
Buckeye Masters       Figure Skating                         Rugby-Women's            Wrestling
Swim                  Filipino Martial Arts                  Sailing                  Wushu
Buckeye Table         Football                               Shotokan Karate          Yoga
Tennis                Gymnastics                             Shuai Chiao Kungfu
                      Ice Hockey-Men's                       Soccer-Men's
                      Ice Hockey-Women's                     Soccer-Women's
                      Indoor Soccer                          Softball

Any sport organization hoping to achieve Sport Club status must apply through the
Department of Recreational Sports.

3       Sport Club Staff Overview
The Sport Club staff serves as the official representative of the Department of Recreational Sports in
the supervision of the Sport Club program. In this role, the staff will:

        Assist in the coordination of all affairs of the Sport Club Council and individual
        Communicate regularly with club representatives and advise on matters of:
         scheduling, participant eligibility, coaching, finance, equipment purchases, travel, and
         safety and risk management.
        Assist with marketing and fundraising efforts
        Assist with the continuing development of policies and procedures of the individual
        Assist with the continuing development of policies and procedures of the Sport Club
        Assist with the allocation of facilities and funds
        Refer all participants to training and leadership development opportunities
        Sanction clubs and/or individuals when warranted

                                    2009 – 2010 Sport Club Manual
                                   Department of Recreational Sports
                                     Office of Competitive Sports

       Enforce all policies and regulations as defined by the Department of Recreational
        Sports and the Ohio State University

The Sport Club staff encourages club officers to seek advice, guidance, and support from the

4       Membership
Membership to a sport club is open to all students, faculty, and staff. Alumni and RPAC
members that are 16 years of age and older are permitted to practice with the club, however,
these members may be restricted by the policies of the club's national governing body in
regard to competition. All minors must complete a waiver signed by their parent/guardian.

4.1 Advisors
Clubs must select a club advisor each year. This advisor must sign off on the initial Request
for Affiliation form. The advisor may be any university employee except for undergraduate
or graduate student employees. After this point, a club may use their advisor as they deem
appropriate. The Sport Club staff will only contact the club’s advisor in disciplinary or
recognition matters. Club officers remain responsible for all communication to their

4.2 Coaches
The Sport Club program does not require club coaches. Knowledgeable coaches are
appreciated to help clubs compete and learn sport skills. Each club must complete a coach
form and required training. Coaches should keep in mind that all clubs exist for supporting
student growth and leadership. Coaches should also understand their role on the team as
sport experts and mentors of students. Those selected as coaches must act in a supervisory
role and abide by all Department of Recreational Sports and university guidelines. These
include but are not limited to sexual harassment and alcohol policies. Please ask the Sport
Club office if any questions concerns or issues arise.

4.3 Coach/Instructor Removal:

While engaging in the act of coaching or instructing a sport club, all coaches and instructors
are responsible for adhering to local, state and federal laws and all applicable policies,
guidelines and procedures put in place by The Ohio State University, the Department of
Recreational Sports, and the Office of Sport Clubs.

The Department of Recreational Sports, the Director of Competitive Programs, the
Assistant Director for Sport Clubs and the Coordinator of Intramural Sports reserve the
right to initiate a removal process of any coach or instructor at any time without cause or
justification. Violations can include but are not limited to the following:

       Local, state, and federal laws
       Sport Clubs, Recreational Sports and Ohio State University policies, guidelines, or

                                      2009 – 2010 Sport Club Manual
                                     Department of Recreational Sports
                                       Office of Competitive Sports

        Recreational Sports Facility policies
        Use of university property and programs for personal gain, i.e. revenue

It is the right and obligation of the Sport Club program to protect the club and if, in the
staff’s opinion, the coach or instructor is not meeting expectations deemed in the best
interest of the club, the coach or instructor may be relieved of duties. Please note that
these regulations and sanctions apply to student coaches as well as non-student
coaches. Recreational Sports reserves the right to suspend club privileges if club officers do
not comply with this request.

4.4 Officers & Meetings
Each club must elect several officers to manage club activities and events. At a minimum,
each club must elect:
     President
     Vice President
     Treasurer
     Secretary
     Risk Manager*

Each club may assign club specific duties to these officers or other positions as they see fit.
The Sport Club Office will communicate directly with presidents and only with other
officers as necessary. Please note, that only presidents may reserve facility space and only
presidents and treasurers may submit forms for financial reimbursement. It is up to the
club’s officers to ensure that the Sport Club office has the correct contact information on
file for these individuals.

Note that although a faculty advisor is not an officer, it is a required position. The faculty
advisor may be any university administrator or faculty member. Graduate students do not
qualify as faculty advisors. The Sport Club office requires that certain officers attend
meetings to learn about program policies and procedures. Presidents must attend all
meetings, but treasurers, risk managers, and coaches only need to attend one meeting per
year unless otherwise indicated.

           President                  Treasurer                    Risk Manager's                Coach
 September 30, 8 p.m.        October 2, 4 p.m.                 October 4, 10:30 a.m.   October 15, 8 p.m.
 RPAC Mtg. Rm 2&3            RPAC Mtg. Rm 3                    Location: TBD           RPAC Mtg. Rm 2&3
 October 28, 8 p.m.          October 9, 4 p.m.                 October 11, 10:30am     October 25, 1 p.m.
 RPAC Mtg. Rm 2&3            RPAC Mtg. Rm 3                    Location: TBD           RPAC Mtg. Rm 2&3
 December 2, 8 p.m.          January 29, 4 p.m.                May 11, 10:30am
 RPAC Mtg. Rm 2&3            RPAC Mtg. Rm 3                    Location: TBD
 January 27, 8 p.m.          May 7, 4 p.m.
 RPAC Mtg. Rm 2&3            RPAC Mtg. Rm 3
 Feburary 24, 8 p.m.         May 14, 4 p.m.
 RPAC Mtg. Rm 2&3            RPAC Mtg. Rm 3
 April 28, 8 p.m.
 RPAC Mtg. Rm 2&3
 May 19, 8 p.m.
 RPAC Mtg. Rm 2&3

                                      2009 – 2010 Sport Club Manual
                                     Department of Recreational Sports
                                       Office of Competitive Sports

*The risk manager may be another officer with permission from the Sport Club Office

5       Facility Space
Each sport club in good standing may request Department of Recreational Sports’ facility
space free of charge for a club event. During spring quarter, club presidents will submit a
request for the following year’s practice space. The Sport Club office works with the
department’s facility schedulers to allocate space. When conflicting requests occur, the club
with a higher administrative compliance score (ACS) receives priority. The office will accept
change requests, but these requests must come through the Sport Club office. Sport Club
staff aims to serve clubs by providing adequate time and space for each club to the best of
their ability.

To reserve space for special events, clubs must follow special event guidelines outlined

6       Special Events
Ohio State University sport clubs host special events throughout the year. These events
range from scrimmages with local clubs/teams to multi-day tournaments sponsored by
governing organizations.

6.1 Special Event- Defined

A Sport Club Special Event is any Sport Club event outside of regularly scheduled practices.
Special events include the following:
    Scrimmages
    Games/Contests
    Tournaments
    Demonstration Nights
    Clinics
    Other events deemed by Sport Club office

If there is a question of whether an event should be considered a special event, please
contact the Sport Club office.

6.2 Steps for Sport Club Special Event Approval

        Sport Club submits Special Event Request packet
        Sport Club office reviews packet, and contacts club with any questions/clarification.
        Sport Club office submits Facility Request to facility scheduling office
        Facility scheduling office checks availability of space, and requests any additional
         information directly from the club
        Facility scheduling office contacts appropriate recreational sports facility director for
        Facility scheduling office sends club a Facility Confirmation.

                                          2009 – 2010 Sport Club Manual
                                         Department of Recreational Sports
                                           Office of Competitive Sports

        Club will be notified at this time of any additional charges, including rental and/or
         staffing charges
        Once event is approved, club will meet with any necessary recreational sports staff
        Club will continue to follow the Special Event Timeline/Checklist until the
         completion of event

6.3 Special Event Timeline/Checklist

Submit Sport Club Special Event Request packet to Sport Club Office
    Facility Request
    Event Description
    Budget

*For large events, such as tournaments and clinics, information should be submitted as early as possible.

Six (6) months before event (at minimum) *for events in McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion
     Submit Sport Club Special Event Request packet to Sport Club office

One (1) month before event
   Submit Sport Club Special Event Request packet to Sport Club office
   Contact Kari Miller regarding vendors
   Obtain approval from University Catering for food sales/distribution
   Submit home contest schedule (one month prior to first home game)

Two (2) weeks before event
   Submit visiting team rosters to Sport Club GAA
   Meet with appropriate Recreational Sports staff members
   Meet with Sport Club GAA if event is in RPAC, McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion, Rec
      Sports outdoor facilities, or Jesse Owens Centers
   Meet with ARC GAA if event is in Adventure Recreation Center
   Meet with Outdoor Facilities GAA (if necessary)

One (1) week before event
   Arrange for credentials to be picked up with Sport Club GAA
   Send visiting team waivers to visiting teams

Day of event
    Turn in visiting team waivers/participant waivers to Sport Club supervisor on duty
    Register/Check-In Participants
          o Registration form collected from each participant
          o Registration fees collected from each participant
          o Waiver collected for each participant
          o Credential issued for each participant

                                    2009 – 2010 Sport Club Manual
                                   Department of Recreational Sports
                                     Office of Competitive Sports

      Notify Sport Club Supervisor on duty of results and spectator count
      Include results and final budget in End of Quarter Report

6.4 Home Contests/Games

Sport Clubs should submit a complete contest/game schedule to the Sport Club office at
the beginning of each season. Additionally, clubs should complete the Sport Club Home
Contest Schedule for their season. This should be submitted one (1) month prior to the
club’s first home contest/game.

For each contest/game on the schedule, clubs should submit the following:
    Submit a visiting team roster (two weeks prior to event)
    Sign visiting team waiver (can be submitted day of event)

For contests/games added after Home Contest Schedule is turned in, clubs should submit
the following:
     Complete Facility Request Form
     Submit a visiting team roster (two weeks prior to event)
     Sign visiting team waiver (can be submitted day of event)

6.5 Practice Scrimmages

Sport Clubs are allowed to host three (3) practice scrimmages per quarter. These scrimmages
must be held during their regularly scheduled practice time. Clubs must contact the Sport
Club GAA at least two weeks prior to the day they wish to hold their scrimmage (if
scrimmage is not already listed on Home Contest Schedule).

In order to host a scrimmage, clubs must submit the following:
     Submit a visiting team roster (two weeks prior to event)
     Sign visiting team waiver (can be submitted day of event)

If clubs fail to notify the Sport Club office of a scrimmage, or submit required information,
clubs will not be allowed to host scrimmages for the remainder of the year. Additionally,
visiting teams may be required to purchase visitor passes to enter Department of
Recreational Sports facilities.

7     Travel
The Sport Club office encourages clubs to travel to participate in tournaments and other
competitions. A club officer should submit a travel form to the Sport Club office by the
Wednesday prior to weekend travel or three days prior to weekday travel.

                                    2009 – 2010 Sport Club Manual
                                   Department of Recreational Sports
                                     Office of Competitive Sports

8       Administration
The Sport Club Office documents all club requirements to formulate an administrative
compliance score (ACS). The office bases this score on several factors, and the score
determines club priority in funding, facility space, and overall club standing.

8.1 Administrative Compliance Score (ACS)
Several factors influence the ACS and may vary slightly from year to year with new
requirements. The 2009-2010 academic year criteria includes:
     Compliance
     Community Support
     Club Reputation
     Club Exposure
     Membership
     Fundraising

The following table highlights the scoring system for each factor with a detailed description
of how each component scores within the total 100 points:

Score Factor:           Description
Compliance              Forms, meetings, documentation, certifications
Community               Participation in community service events and activities
Club Reputation         On-going positive contributions to the sport club program and
Club Exposure           Participation in sport events
Membership              Adequate numbers of participants at practices and events
Fundraising             Manage and grow appropriate funds

       Compliance – 35 points
          o 7 Points: Presidents’ Meetings
          o 7 Points: One-time forms
                  Consent Forms
                  Request for Affiliation
                  Budget
                  Roster
                  Coach Form
                  Facility Request
                  Faculty Advisor
          o 15 Points: Quarter Reports
          o 1 Point: Coaches’ Meeting
          o 1 Point: Treasurer’s Meeting
          o 1 Point: E-Chug
          o 1 Point: Constitution
          o 1 Point: Risk Manager CPR
          o 1 Point: Risk Manager First Aid

                                   2009 – 2010 Sport Club Manual
                                  Department of Recreational Sports
                                    Office of Competitive Sports

      Club Exposure – 20 points for sport specific events. These events do not
       necessarily need to be competitions (e.g., a clinic or demonstration), but cannot be
       considered community service or fundraising.
          o 20 Points: National appearance or host/attend national event
          o 15 Points: Regional competition = five (5) tournaments/events with three
              (3) or more teams or 10 individual games
          o 10 Points: Local competition = four (4) to nine (9) games/events
          o 0 Points: Less than four (4) competition events/games
      Community Support – 15 points for community activities, but do not include
       events where money was raised (i.e., non profit events) or a sport event (e.g., game)
          o 15 Points: Three (3) or more activities/events
          o 10 Points: Two (2) or more activities/events
          o 5 Points: One (1) activity or event
          o 0 Points: No community events
      Community Reputation – 10 points
          o 10 Points: Good standing with a previous year score about 80%
          o 5 Points: Good standing with a previous year score between 50 – 80%
          o 0 Points: Probation and/or lower than 50% previous year
      Fundraising – 10 points for raising appropriate funds
          o 10 Points: Two (2) fundraisers, 80-100% of budget, or greater than $5,000
          o 5 Points: One (1) fundraiser, 50%-79% of Budget, or greater $2,000
          o 0 Points: 0 fundraisers
      Membership – 10 points encourage sport participation
          o 10 Points: 3 times the number on the field or 40+ members
          o 5 Points: 2 times the number on the field or 20-39 members
          o 2 Points: The number on the field of 0-19 members

Note: Clubs using weapons must also submit a transportation of weapons form.

Clubs may request their score at any time during the year.

All forms are located on the Department of Recreational Sports web site:
http://www.recsports.osu.edu/competitive-sports/sport-clubs or in the Sport Club office,
RPAC B149.

                                             2009 – 2010 Sport Club Manual
                                            Department of Recreational Sports
                                              Office of Competitive Sports

          8.2 Compliance Checklist

          The following checklist serves as a tool to help clubs document requirements:
Compliance: 35 pts
*DUE THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15:                                Community Service: 15 pts
  *Affiliation Request 1pt                                   3 Charity/Outreach Events 15pts
  *Roster 1pt                                                2 Charity/Outreach Events 10pts
  *Risk Manager Form 1pt                                     1 Charity/Outreach Event 5pts
  *Copy of CPR & First Aid cards 1pt                         0 Charity/Outreach Event 0pts
  *Faculty Advisor Agreement 1pt
  *Coaches Application 1pt                                Fundraising: 10 pts
  *Coaches Membership Request 0pts                           2 Fundraisers/80-100% of Budget/>5,000 10pts
  *Projected Budget 1pt                                      1 Fundraiser/50%-79% of Budget/>2,000 5pts
  *Updated Constitution 1pt                                  0 Fundraisers 0pts
  *Waivers signed by every member on roster 1pt
                                                          Membership: 10 pts
Alcohol Awareness:                                           3x number on field or 40+ members 10pts
  E-Chug 1pt                                                 2x number on field or 20-39 members 5pts
                                                             1x number on field or 0-19 members 2pts
President’s Meetings:
  September 30: 8 p.m. 1pt                                Club Exposure: 20 pts
  October 28: 8 p.m. 1pt                                      National Appearance/Host or Attend Nat’l Event 20 pts
  December 2: 8 p.m. 1pt                                      Regional Competition: 5 tournaments/events with 3 or
  January 27: 8 p.m. 1pt                                  more teams or 10 individual games 15 pts
  February 24: 8 p.m. 1pt                                     Local Competition: 4 to 9 games/events 10pts
  April 28: 8 p.m. 1pt
  May 19: 8 p.m. 1pt                                      Community Reputation: 10pts
                                                              ACS 81 or higher from previous year 10pts
Quarterly Reports:                                            ACS 70-80 from previous year 5pts
  Autumn 2009 due December 2: 8 p.m. 5pts                     ACS 69 or below from previous year 0pts
  Winter 2010 due March 11: 10 p.m. 5pts
  Spring 2010 due May 19: 10 p.m. 5pts

Other Meetings:
  Coaches’ Meeting (if applicable attend one) 1pt
         October 15: 8 p.m. or October 25: 1 p.m.
  Treasurers’ Meeting (attend one) 1pt
         October 2: 4 p.m.
         October 9: 4 p.m.
         January 29: 4 p.m.
         February 5: 4 p.m.
         February 7: 4 p.m.
         May 14: 4 p.m.

          Total: ________ / 100pts

                                    2009 – 2010 Sport Club Manual
                                   Department of Recreational Sports
                                     Office of Competitive Sports

8.3 Club Misconduct
Acts of misconduct shall subject the coach, participant, and/or the entire club to disciplinary
action. Allegations of misconduct against any sport club coach, participant and/or entire
club should be addressed to the Sport Club program. As appropriate, referrals may be made
and sanctions may be imposed by one or more of these offices: the Office of Student
Judicial Affairs, the Office of Human Resources, the Sport Club program, and/or the Sport
Club Council. Although individuals may be referred to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs
and the Office of Human Resources, all cases may return to the Sport Club Council for
further sanctions. Acts of misconduct may be defined as a conduct or behavior that may
compromise the integrity of the Sport Club program, the Department of Recreational
Sports, or the Ohio State University, and are prohibited.

Such misconduct includes but is not limited to:

      Violation of any local, state, or federal law, violation of the Code of Student Conduct
       or any other university policy, rule, or regulation
      Consumption of alcohol by any coach, participant, officer, or affiliate of the club at
       any club event, competition, trip, or function (this is a zero-tolerance policy and will
       result in immediate suspension of the coach, participant, and/or club)
      Harassment or sexual harassment
      Striking, attempting to strike, or otherwise physically abusing an official, opposing
       coach, spectator or athlete
      Inciting participants or spectators to violent or abusive action intentionally, or with
       careless disregard for one’s conduct
      Using obscene gestures or profane provocative language or action toward an official,
       student, coach, or spectator
      Publicly criticizing a game official, conference personnel, another university member,
       or a student-athlete or personnel of another member university
      Committing any act of misconduct not specifically described above shall subject
       violators to any of the described penalties which the Director of Sport Clubs
       determines most suitably addresses the conduct involved

In addition to any assessed penalty, the Director of Sport Clubs may take any remedial
action believed to be proper to deter any future misconduct. Students concerned about
inappropriate club activity by another member, coach, advisor, or team should
contact the Sport Club office for assistance. The Sport Club office will work with clubs
to mediate or take action against any issues or concerns.

            8.3.1 Disciplinary Action
All Sport Club members must maintain and uphold the Department of Recreational Sports
values in addition to following all university policies. Any infractions may result in
repercussions to the entire club. These infractions may include violations of the alcohol
policy, hazing, drug policy, sexual harassment, unsportsmanlike conduct, club fund
mismanagement, and any other school or legal issue. Each sport club member represents his

                                    2009 – 2010 Sport Club Manual
                                   Department of Recreational Sports
                                     Office of Competitive Sports

or her team while at the university and therefore the actions of one may affect others. Please
keep in mind that any team event or activity must be appropriate and not draw negative
attention to the university.

If violations occur, club officers or members should contact the Sport Club Office
immediately to discuss the infraction. The office will work with other university or law
officials as necessary to help determine appropriate action. Possible Sport Club actions may
     Loss of club funding, facility space, and other benefits
     Removal of club officers, coaches, and/or members
     Required additional training and/or meetings with Department of Recreational
         Sports staff
     Loss of club standing or status

            8.3.2 Probation Status
To receive funds and space a club must maintain good standing with the Sport Club office.
This requires that clubs maintain 50% ACS at the end of the year and do not cause any
disciplinary infractions when funds are allocated. Clubs on probation will not qualify for
sport club funds or facility space. These organizations may appeal to the office to return in
good standing. The Sport Club Office will provide guidelines to clubs on how to improve
their standing. After three consecutive quarters on probation, a club will cease operations.

Restriction and consequences for probation may vary at the discretion of the Sport Club

9       Sport Club Funding
The Sport Club office recognizes each club’s need for funding. While fundraising should
provide clubs the bulk of their operating funds, the office does provide two types of sport
club allocations: Standard and Nationals. To receive allocations, clubs submit requests

9.1 Funding Requirements
The Department of Recreational Sports’ Sport Club staff will notify clubs regarding
allocation amounts. Sport clubs may use this funding to administer or manage club
activities. Standard club allocations occur once during an academic school year. To receive
an allocation, clubs must retain good standing with the Sport Club office and submit
requests for reimbursement. Club reimbursements activities include:

       Tournament or Event Fees: Fees include any registration fee or cost for
        admittance or participation in club competition or event.
       Travel Costs: Travel costs for tournaments may include gas, lodging, or tickets
        (plane or train) to attend club competition or event. Travel costs do not include
        food, drink, or social functions.
       Officials or Staff Costs: These costs may include any officials or staff necessary to
        run club competition or event. This may also include a fee paid to coaches for their
        time and materials.

                                    2009 – 2010 Sport Club Manual
                                   Department of Recreational Sports
                                     Office of Competitive Sports

      Equipment: The club may use allocation funds to purchase sporting equipment
       necessary to participate in the sport.
      Uniforms: Uniforms include any team jerseys, shorts, warm-ups, or other team
      Facility Rental: The club may put funds toward the renting of facility space for
       either regular practice times (e.g. ice rink) or special events/competitions.
      Event Awards or Special Gifts: The club may purchase trophies, plaques, or other
       gifts for teams and/or club member recognition.
      Other: If clubs need to use allocation, money for costs not specified above the
       president or treasurer must obtain approval from the Sport Club office.

To receive reimbursement funds, presidents or treasurers must complete a reimbursement
form with the attached receipt and submit to the Sport Club office. The allocation money
cannot be used for social or food expenses. Presidents and treasurers should avoid turning
in receipts with these items on them.

9.2 Standard Allocations
Each club in good standing will receive a standard allocation to manage club events. This
allocation will vary depending on the Department of Recreational Sports budget. The Sport
Club office will notify club presidents about their allocation during the winter quarter. Upon
notification, club presidents and treasurers may submit reimbursement forms to obtain

9.3 Nationals’ Allocations
To help offset the cost of clubs attending nationals or a national event, clubs may apply for
additional funds. The Sport Club office will allocate funds to deserving clubs depending on
departmental budget. To receive these funds clubs must:
    Attend a national event hosted by a sport governing body
    Be in good standing with the Sport Club office
    Provide a proposal that includes an event summary, hosting organization, budget,
        fundraising efforts, number of club members attending, and any additional details

The Sport Club office will review each application and notify presidents of the amount
received. No club automatically receives funds, but the Sport Club office will attempt to
provide any qualifying nationals club additional funds.

10 Marketing & Trademarks
As a member of the sport club program at the Ohio State University, you are required to
follow certain guidelines concerning sponsorship, use of university trademarks and
marketing requests.

                                    2009 – 2010 Sport Club Manual
                                   Department of Recreational Sports
                                     Office of Competitive Sports

10.1 Web site Promotion/ Promotional Flyers
Sport Clubs may promote their event on the recreational sports web site by submitting
detailed information about your event to the Marketing Department. They may also request
flier creation within the marketing department; however, the sport club is responsible for
costs including copies. Please contact Emily Howard at ehoward@studentlife.osu.edu for
marketing requests. At minimum, two weeks notice is necessary. Clubs can request to have
flyers posted in Recreational Sports facilities.

10.2 Trademarks
The Office of Trademark & Licensing Services regulates, promotes and protects the use of
the Ohio State University’s name and identifying marks, both on and off campus. This
includes granting approval for use of the many registered service marks and trademarks of
the university, such as logos, the university seal, and even identifying names like “Ohio
State” and “Buckeyes”.

The university has registered its marks in the state of Ohio and the United States since 1974,
and continues to pursue registration overseas. This insures protection of the integrity and
identity of the university, while at the same time, royalties collected through the Licensing
Program fund scholarships for deserving students. By ensuring that products bearing the
university marks are of high quality and good taste, we further promote Ohio State’s
reputation as one of the nation’s finest universities. Proper use of the University’s name also
stimulates public awareness and support.

Prior written permission is needed from Trademark & Licensing Services for use of the
university name or marks for anything other than official university business. This also
applies to student groups and organizations who wish to make use of the university name in
conjunction with their group or activities, or those groups desiring use of the University’s
identifying marks.

10.3 Using the University’s Name

A registered student organization or sport club team may make use of the university name in
its title, publications or letterhead, but may not use the name in a manner that in any way
would constitute an endorsement, approval or underwriting of any organization, product,
activity, service or contract by the Ohio State University:

Permissible: The Rodeo Club at Ohio State, The Chess Club at Ohio State, Buckeye Dance
Not Permissible: Ohio State Rodeo, The Ohio State Chess Club, Buckeye Dance Team

If a Sport Club wishes to make use of the word “team” in its title, it can only do so when the
words “Sport Club” precede the word “team”.

Permissible: Rugby Sport Club Team at Ohio State
Not Permissible: Ohio State Rugby Team

                                     2009 – 2010 Sport Club Manual
                                    Department of Recreational Sports
                                      Office of Competitive Sports

The general rule is that the university name cannot precede the name of the organization.
Also, the university is not to be identified by an abbreviation of its name, such as OSU. The
correct identification is by the full name, The Ohio State University, or simply Ohio State.
The use of “Buckeye” as the name is permitted.

10.4 Using the University’s Marks

Keep in mind that any student organization, or club team, is prohibited from using the
university seal or logos on letterheads, business cards or other identifying materials. A club
may use the university mark as part of its uniform, provided the item is not issued or
made available for sale to anyone other than team members. Student organizations
may receive permission to utilize a university mark for special uses, such as commemorative
item that is for members use only. Contact Trademark & Licensing Services for approval of
such uses.

Once an item bearing a registered university mark is sold beyond the scope of the
membership or team, it becomes a commercial use of the mark and is subject to a license
agreement. For example, if the Dance Club at Ohio State wishes to use the university logo
on its uniform, it is permissible, providing it has received prior written approval of the use
from the Licensing Program. Despite the fact that the item is for team use only, Trademark
& Licensing Services retain the right of approval of all uses of the university’s marks.
However, if the club decided to manufacture and sell a t-shirt bearing the university marks as
a fund-raiser, the manufacturer of the item is obligated to enter into a royalty bearing license
agreement with Trademark & Licensing Services. Under terms of a license agreement,
Trademark & Licensing Services must approve all artwork and designs, as well as the quality
of the product prior to its distribution.

            10.4.1 The Registered Marks of the University

The university has registered the following marks: “The Ohio State University”, “Ohio
State”, “Buckeyes”, “Ohio State Buckeyes”, “Go Bucks”, “OSU”, “Brutus Buckeye”, the
Block O, the block institutional logo, the university seal, Brutus Buckeye, the athletic identity
mark and the Action O. The use of any of these marks, or similarly confusing marks,
without prior written permission is a violation of both state and federal law.

            10.4.2 For More Information
If you have questions about proper usage of the University name or registered marks, feel
free to contact Trademark & Licensing Services:

Office of Trademark & Licensing Services
33 West 11th Ave., Room 204
Columbus, Ohio 43210

                                     2009 – 2010 Sport Club Manual
                                    Department of Recreational Sports
                                      Office of Competitive Sports

11       Other Sport Club Benefits

11.1 Sport Club Recognition
The Department of Recreational Sports remains very proud of the work and
accomplishments of its Sport Clubs. To recognize these clubs, the Sport Club office will
award several honors to clubs:
     Sport Club of the Month: monthly recognition for high achievement
     William Wasson: annual community service awards for a club participant, coach, and
     Sport Club of the Year: annual award for high achievement and service throughout
       the year

Sport Club awards are determined either through application or staff nomination processes.
Award presentation takes place during the end-of-year banquet. When possible, the office
will provide prizes to winning clubs. In addition, clubs will receive recognition for
successful events at club meetings and sport club communication. Please send the office
updates regarding your club’s achievements to receive recognition.

11.2 Coach Passes:

The Department of Recreational Sports provides its Sport Club coaches with free
membership passes to its facilities. The Competitive Sports area views these passes as a
benefit to clubs and their coaches in compliance with the Sports Club office.

This policy takes into account club compliance, competitive needs, and membership support
to allocate recreation passes to coaches. The Sport Club office ultimately retains
administration and determination though of each allocated pass.

The policy provides passes:

         3 Passes: Three times the number of participants required to compete
         3 Passes: Greater than 30 members (not included above)
         2 Passes: Clubs in compliance and not meeting any of the above requirements
         1 Pass: Less than 11 participating members
         Additional passes available upon request and review by the Sport Club staff. The
          need to access the RPAC, ARC, JOW, & JON should be in consideration (e.g. off
          campus clubs do not receive additional membership under this term)

The Sport Club office reserves the right to allocate these additional passes as needed to
clubs. Each year Sport Club administrators will review clubs’ requirements and compliance
to determine the upcoming year’s allotment. Please note that club coaches are not required,
but encouraged when possible. Clubs with so few members (less than 11) not only do not
demonstrate coaching need for more than one coach pass, but also risk falling out of
compliance and good standing (i.e. clubs with less than eight (8) student members are not in

                                     2009 – 2010 Sport Club Manual
                                    Department of Recreational Sports
                                      Office of Competitive Sports

Any recognized coach may also request a letter allowing them to purchase an on-
campus parking pass.

11.3 Parking Passes

The sport club office will not pay for parking passes for coaches, members, or guests. The
office will write letters for club coaches that allow them to purchase passes. Coaches should
take these letters to Transportation Services

11.4 Storage Space
All clubs may obtain equipment storage space located in the RPAC. Any club that needs
space should contact the Sport Club office. Only officers may gain access to these
rooms and are responsible for their equipment. The Sport Club Office will monitor the
storage space, but is not responsible for a particular clubs’ items.

11.5 Excuse Letters
The Sport Club Office understands that sport club athletes often must miss classes to attend
tournaments and games. While sport club staff cannot officially excuse any athlete from a
class or exam, the office will write excuse letters to provide instructors. These letters will ask
permission to be excused because of a school event. Please provide student names, date,
tournament/game information, and number of letters when requesting excuse letters.
Advance notice of at least five business days is required.

11.6 First Aid Supplies
The Sport Club office has several well-stocked first aid kits available for club use. To
check-out a kit, an officer should come to the Sport Club office. The kits are for event
use and not checked-out for extended periods of time (e.g. an entire season). If for some
reason an extended period is required, please speak with office staff.

11.7 Mailboxes
Each club receives a sport club mailbox located in RPAC B149. Any sport club member
may check the mailbox during office hours. To leave messages for other clubs, an officer
must obtain permission from the office (e.g. marketing materials).

If students meet the criteria below and are actively engaged in an approved club sport in the
approved quarter of enrollment, they are eligible for PAES credit. You will need to complete
a signature form which can be obtained from Chuck Shiebler in PE 100U and returned to
him by the deadline indicated on the form for permission to enroll.

EDU PAES 197 Competitive Club Sports U 1
   Participation as a member of a competitive club sport team.

                                    2009 – 2010 Sport Club Manual
                                   Department of Recreational Sports
                                     Office of Competitive Sports

      Prerequisite: Prior experience on at least one competitive club sport team and
       sophomore standing.
Requirements: participation as a member of a competitive club sport team and the
completion of an end-of-quarter project.

The end-of-quarter project should reflect the student’s active participation in a club sport of
their choice. The project should include but is not limited to, the content list below.
Projects should be presented in a professional fashion and will be assessed on their quality
and completeness. Documents should be typed when appropriate and edited as necessary.
Projects are due to Chuck Shiebler in PE 100U on or before the last day of classes. The
course is graded S/U and is repeatable to a maximum of three (3) credit hours.

End of the quarter project content examples:

       Student’s identifying information
       Description and/or history of club
       End-of-quarter reflection on participation, progress, or improvement
       Verified attendance and good standing by coach
       Official club publications
       Club constitution
       Meeting agendas and/or minutes
       Schedule and/or results of competitions
       Official competition programs and/or newspaper articles
       List and details of social events, fundraising events, and/or practices
       Team roster

Direct inquiries to Chuck Shiebler (shiebler.1@osu.edu), Program Manager, Sport Fitness,
and Health Program, Room A100 in PAES building.

12 Sport Club Program Activities

12.1 Sport Club Community Service Event
The Sport Club program will host a community service project for all clubs together. This
project will bring together Ohio State’s Sport Club community for a good cause. The office
will provide additional details on the project during the first presidents’ meeting. All clubs
are required to participate and the level of participation will count toward each club’s
community service requirement.

The Sport Club office will provide additional community service opportunities for clubs to
participate. These additional opportunities are not required, but encouraged and count
toward community service points.

                                   2009 – 2010 Sport Club Manual
                                  Department of Recreational Sports
                                    Office of Competitive Sports

12.2 Sport Club Fundraising Event
The Sport Club program will assist clubs to raise money when possible. This may include
providing opportunities for all clubs to work together to raise funds as a whole. These funds
will go directly back to the participating clubs.

12.3 Sport Club Council
The Sport Club Council will provide sport club members the opportunity to direct and drive
the Sport Club program. Members must apply for positions contingent upon meeting
requirements including years of involvement and GPA. For more information regarding the
upcoming council formation, please speak to a graduate assistant in the Sport Club office.


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