“The Joy of Couples” “The Joy of Couples” by lindayy


“The Joy of Couples” “The Joy of Couples”

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									                                               SPACE presents

 A Human Awareness Institute (HAI) Weekend Workshop

              “The Joy of Couples”
              Recipes for Romance, Intimacy and Passion!

                                                                                   Discover new levels of

Explore the joys of deep

Do You Cherish Your Love?
Do you remember the magic you had at the beginning of your relationship, when just seeing your partner got the
adrenaline running? Maybe that is still the case. Perhaps you met only weeks ago, or maybe years ago—and the
electricity is still there. Is it possible that the "juice" can feel even more intense?
Maybe your "couple-dom" is so established that life on a day to day basis has become routine? Does
communication within the relationship seem to cause distance? Have you felt like commitment has become a
burden rather than an opportunity to have a deeper relationship? Would you like to learn to be able to quickly
clear things that get in the way, so you don't miss any delicious moment with your sweetie?
Come to a Couples Weekend!
Many participants say the Couples Weekend is the best weekend they have spent in their entire lives. Couples
receive direct experience of how to move into absolutely cherishing each other. Many couples whose
relationships were faltering or stalled or just needed a boost have come away more deeply in love than they had
ever been.

You and your partner will:
   •   Experience commitment and freedom as complements, not opposites
   •   Communicate in ways that create intimacy, rather than distance
   •   See how vulnerability and intimacy open the doors to sexuality
     •     Fan the flames of romance
     •     Learn to receive each other's experience, instead of reacting to it
     •     Look for the good intentions in each other
     •     Be 100% responsible for love flowing, no matter how your partner is feeling

 Why come to the Couples Weekend?
 While the Love, Intimacy and Sexuality workshops examine issues in a general manner, the Couples Weekend is
 focused specifically on couples issues. The Couples Weekend creates a safe environment to explore your
 relationship and take a fresh look at some parts of it, whether your relationship is in a state of "getting along
 okay," stalled, faltering, or doing great.
 You and your partner can expand the closeness and intimacy between you; find out what you want and need, and
 how to support each other in getting it; experience just how much you mean to each other; look at your history
 together and how it influences your relationship now; and develop new tools and ways of communicating that
 lead to a deeper, more satisfying relationship.
 Planning for a future together? The Couples Weekend could well be the best investment for you, your partner,
 and your relationship.

                                        required.                  relationships!
          No previous HAI experience is required. For all types of relationships!

                      When: Friday 19th March 6:30 pm – Sunday 21st March 6 pm
   Where: All Seasons (formerly Sovereign Inn), 220 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest (Sydney)

                                Facilitated by Peter Sandhill and Anne Watts

                                     Workshop Prices (per person):
“Early Bird Price”: $495 for First Timers; $375 for Repeat Participants, if paid in full by 26th February 2010.
  “Full Price”: $550 for First Timers; $425 for Repeat Participants, if paid in full after 26th February 2010.

         The price includes: Workshop fees, morning and afternoon tea, and dinner on Saturday night.
                                      Accommodation is not included.

         All Seasons (the workshop venue): Listed room rate will be discounted 10% when mentioning
                        ‘The Joy of Couples’ when booking. To book, call 02 9957 5744.

  The North Shore Hotel offers queen rooms at $95 per night incl. breakfast. To book call (02) 9955 1012
      and mention “The Joy of Couples” to get this discounted rate. www.northshorehotel.com.au

To register for this workshop, or for more information, please contact: Neil Grainger
               Phone: (02) 9990 1546, or 0425 210 962, or email: info@SPACE.org.au

                                   HAI Workshops in Australia are produced by SPACE Inc.
                                Supporting Programs for Awareness, Creativity and Expansion

                           PO Box 415, Beecroft NSW 2119 • (02) 9990 1546, or 0425 210 962

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