Tips for pathfinders by latenightwaitress


									Tips for pathfinders  Goals: Quick guides can be learning tools  Audience: Consider the audience and need: age, abilities, interest, assignment details, what they need most  Organization / Use of Internet engines, portals, directories--What kind of categories? Media formats, small and broad  Voice / Design: What approach with engage and convince of value? Printerfriendly version?  Annotate: added value beyond a list of bookmarks  Advice: search strategies, vocabulary issues  Types of resources: best of the best media for the tasks. Include the stuff your students wouldn’t consider. Videos, PowerPoints, PDF documents, databases, link to catalog, ebooks? Best practice and examples Pathfinder Models and Examples School and Public  Multnomah Homework Center - Social Issues  Internet Public Library- Pathfinders  Author Pathfinder IPL  Camden County Library System  50 States Pathfinder  Lewis and Clark Pathfinder  Black History  Indianapolis Marion County Public Library  Community High School, District 94  Lakewood Pathfinders  U. Wisconsin Stout: Pathfinders     Designing Pathfinders for Children and Young Adults (Annette Lamb) Wenatchee’s Pathfinder for Creating Pathfinders Vandergrift’s Pathfinder Valenza student pathfinder template

 Lakewood Inventors / Ohio Inventors  Haworth Civil War / Emerson Junior High, An Agonizing Moment, Civil War Pathfinder  Decades Pathfinder, 20th Century History by the Decade, Doing the Decades

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