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					                                   The Breath of God
                              A Novel by Jeffrey P. Small, Jr.

Based on extensive historical research, The Breath of God is a novel of suspense and
spirituality which delves into the mystical, mythical, and theological themes common to
both Eastern and Western religions.


While kayaking in the tiny kingdom of Bhutan, Grant Matthews, a driven but struggling
graduate student, suffers a near-fatal accident. Stranded in a remote Himalayan
monastery, Grant follows a mysterious monk to the monastery’s dusty library where he
discovers a cache of forgotten first century manuscripts telling the tale of the
controversial Indian saint Issa.

A rebellious teenager seeking adventure and knowledge, Issa left his home to explore the
spiritual wisdom of the sages in the foothills of the Himalayas. But disobeying the strict
instructions of his elders, Issa put his own life in jeopardy by teaching the secrets he
learned to the untouchables – the lowest subclass of ancient Indian society.

To his shock, Grant realizes that the Issa manuscripts may contain the key to unlock a
two thousand year-old mystery. He puts his career and reputation at risk to pursue the
secret which may answer the question: why are nearly twenty years of the life of Jesus of
Nazareth missing from the Bible?

When news of the manuscripts’ discovery unexpectedly leaks onto the internet, Grant
must confront a troubled ideologue who will go to any length to prevent their release.
After the texts then mysteriously vanish, Grant races to retrieve them first, retracing the
path Issa himself took two thousand years earlier. His quest leads to a violent murder at
the Taj Mahal, a kidnapping along the banks of the sacred Ganges River, a desperate
chase through a monastery perched on the edge of a sheer granite cliff, and a final
confrontation in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina.

Grant soon learns that each step which brings him closer to understanding the true
revelation contained in the texts also brings forth his own suppressed spiritual struggles.

                                                                            Contact information:
                                                                                   Jeffrey Small
                                                                                 (404) 352-8816
                                                                    2032 West Paces Ferry Road
                                                                         Atlanta, Georgia 30327
                                        Author Bio

Jeffrey Small is a summa cum laude graduate of Yale University where he served as a
Writer, Senior Editor, and Publisher of the school’s weekly newspaper. He is also a
magna cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School, where he taught a weekly class on
legal writing, research, and speech, and where he served as an Editor of the Harvard
International Law Journal. He holds a Masters in the Study of Religions from Oxford
University (Oriel College). When not writing, Jeffrey is the CEO of an Atlanta-based real
estate development company.

Based on extensive historical research, this novel is also the result of his disillusionment
with the organized religion of his youth and his own spiritual journey through the
Himalayas. He has given a number lectures based on his research on the common
spiritual themes present in Buddhism and Christianity and is teaching a class on Religion
in the 21st Century in the Winter and Spring of 2010.

The novel was professionally edited by Danelle McCafferty with CEA in NY and Brooke
Warner of Warner Coaching in Berkeley.

                                                                            Contact information:
                                                                                   Jeffrey Small
                                                                                 (404) 352-8816
                                                                    2032 West Paces Ferry Road
                                                                         Atlanta, Georgia 30327

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