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    7art Group is a communication group and full cycle agency rendering
    integrated marketing communication services.

    7art Group is a team of professionals possessing vast experience in the
    fields of advertising, design and information technologies.

    We offer up-to-date efficient solutions for development &
    marketing support of your business:

      Creative and communication concepts together with the implementation and

      Media planning, product audience analysis, outdoor and radio advertisement

      Identica: corporate identity development and support, naming, rebranding, brand
      book and corporate culture manuals

      Advertising materials creative design: layouts for printing and souvenir products,
      indoor, outdoor and advertising photo sessions

      Smart websites: development and support

      Audio and visual products: video and audio production

      Internet marketing: advertising campaigns in the Internet (context, viral
      campaigns and social network campaigns)



large format printing & outdoor advertisement placement
production of audio and video commercials
planning and placement of advertisements on the radio, TV and in the press

comprehensive Internet marketing
advertising in the Internet
promotion (SEO) & viral marketing

naming, copyrighting
creative ideas, design, graphics, layouts
souvenir products

creative concept development
selection of communication channels
audience assessment & product (service) brief


    Сreative & Design

     Concepts: development of creative concepts for advertising campaigns,
     creation of scripts for commercials and development of a communicative
     promotion strategy

     Creative graphics: layouts for printing and press, layouts for souvenir
     products, indoor, outdoor, advertising photo sessions

     Identica: corporate identity development and support (including
     development of the unique proprietary font), naming, rebranding, brand
     book and corporate culture manuals

     Website development and web programming: website styling design
     development, creation of websites with any degree of complexity and
     implementation of website administration system. Website support and
     technical administration

media planning       creative concepts   outdoor                 сopyrighting
advertising in       branding            firewall
                                                                 advertising slogans
the Internet                                                     radio commercials
                     naming brand book   3x6 & 5x12
SEO & SMM                                large format printing   video commercials
internet marketing   creative graphics
                                         address program         audio commercials
viral marketing      design              city format             advertisements in the press

    Marketing & Media

     Comprehensive internet marketing: audience research and identification of
     the appropriate communication channels, advertising campaign strategy
     development, context advertising, banner advertisements, website
     optimisation and promotion, advertisements in social networks and blogs
     and viral marketing

     Media planning and placement of advertisements in the press, on the radio
     and TV and outdoor advertising. Research of product audience and focus group


      Video: production, professional shooting (Betacam or digital), plot
      selection and casting, shooting administration, script and story board
      creation and sketches

      Audio: production, a base of ready audio commercials, music creation for
      commercials and professional speakers

      Photo: objective shooting, production photos, interior shooting and food
      photo. Plot selection and model casting; photo session administration

     Outdoor & Indoor

       Outdoor advertisement placement in Moscow and Moscow region –
       partnership network of 3x6, 6x12, 4x12 and 5x12 metre structure on
       Moscow Ring Road, main highways of the city roof installations and firewalls

       Planning and placement of outdoor advertisements in 23 cities of Russia

       Any large format printing: printing on film, paper and vinyl. Own 24-hour

       Production of nonstandard advertising structures

       Indoor advertisements


Are you not ready for a full-scale advertising campaign?

Do you have many controversies and questions you cannot solve?

Order a personal consultation from our specialist:

    Recommendations on the selection of target audience for the product
    Recommendations on advertising campaign planning, selection of
    communication channels and assistance in discount obtainment
    Recommendations on corporate style and graphics
    Recommendations on corporate website creation, internet communication
    architecture and internet marketing
    Any other questions concerning advertising and marketing

To order a consultation, call the direct line: +7 495 662-992-7 ext. 7

p h o n e / f a x : + 7 ( 49 5 ) 6 6 2- 9 9 2-7

w eb : w w w.7ar tgroup.r u

a d d r e s s : M o s c o w, Tv e r s k a y a 7

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