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									From: Brigadier Charlie Hobson

                        The Royal Marines Association
                     Central Office, Building 32, Whale Island, Portsmouth, PO2 8ER
                             Telephone: 023 9265 1519         Fax: 023 9254 7207
                                         Registered Charity No: 206003

                                            Patron: HM THE QUEEN
President:        Brigadier S P Hill OBE                                 Chairman:        Major P M H Dunn RM
Hon. Treasurer:   WO2 W G Rogers RM                                      Chief Executive: Brigadier C W P Hobson

To: All members                                                               4 February 2010

Dear Member

I write early this year to inform you of the events that the RMA will undertake this year. I promise to be brief
as you are all busy people, but we would love to see you at some of the events in 2010.

Attached are two booking forms for some of these events or we can furnish you with contact names and
numbers. The Reunion form needs to be returned by 27th August and the other form can be returned
anything up to a week before the event occurs. Late changes of mind are both acceptable and expected.

92nd Anniversary of the Zeebrugge Raid Sunday 18th April

The aim is to hold a parade/church service on the Mersey on board the Iris and/or Daffodil. These are both
Mersey Ferries that took part on the Zeebrugge Raid. Wreaths are thrown into the Mersey as a mark of
respect. Wallasey and the Mersey Branch have an excellent reputation for running a Zeebrugge Parade
every year. There is no limit on the numbers attending the Parade and it is followed by a small reception.
Please ask Central Office for a contact to book your places.

The Annual Graspan Parade on the Mall on Sunday 16th May

As you are aware the City of London Branch runs the Graspan Parade and this is a superb day out for all
the family. Please ask us for a contact name and number to find out more details.

The RM Memorial Parade and Service at the National Memorial Arboretum on Sunday 30th May

The Midlands Region will run this event again this year. You are welcome to book through us and we will
pass on your details to the organisers. As yet we have not been informed of the cost for lunch; we will let
you know as soon as we are told. Please use the attached form to book lunch tickets.

South Coast Proms

The Royal Marines Band Service playing to you in the grounds of Whale Island. Tickets will be available
from the Guildhall soon. Friday/Saturday 25th/26th June

The Spean Bridge Parade in Fort William on Sunday 27th June

The Spean Bridge Parade grows in size, particularly with the superb support from Fleet Protection Group
Royal Marines. There is plenty of accommodation available if you wait until May to book and the reception
in the Spean Bridge Hotel afterwards is excellent. Please support this wonderful event. Tickets for the
Reception are £5 per head. This year the new Royal Marines Association Scotland will be in charge.

The 64th Reunion at CTCRM on Saturday and Sunday 18th/19th September

The Reunion will be much the same with shooting, quizzes, a superb band concert and the normal surprise
in the Drill Shed after the concert. However the major change is that we have separated out the Concert
and Buffet. Each is £5 and allows you to be more selective. All other meals are free, but you still have to
book them as there is a limit of 600 for each meal. If you do not have a ticket then you receive no meal.

                                           ‘Once a marine, always a marine’
From: Brigadier Charlie Hobson

This year we will be commemorating the 65th Anniversary of the end of the Second World War and the 60 th
Anniversary of the Korean War and Choisin in particular. Hopefully we will be joined by many members of
the USMC who were with us in Korea 60 years ago. Please come to meet and honour our US Cousins.

The Corps Family Carol Service at St Lawrence Jewry on Thursday 9 th December and
the Corps Family Church Service at St Lawrence Jewry on Wednesday 14 th July

You will also notice the two new Services at the Corps Church, St Lawrence Jewry, London. These are
both run by the South East Region and are an opportunity to attend both the annual service and a carol
concert with the Serving Corps. We finish both with a pub meal afterwards close by. Please use the
booking form attached to order tickets for the service and buffet.

Peck-Hunter VC Remembrance Service at Edinburgh on Sunday 11 th April
25th Anniversary of the Walter Parker VC Remembrance Service at Stapleford on Sunday 25 th April
Annual Emmetts Hill Memorial Service at RMA Poole on Sunday 11th July

I commend to you the Memorial Services for Thomas Peck-Hunter, Walter Parker and Emmetts Hill. These
have grown into very special events and we can give you contact names and numbers to find out more.

The Armistice Parade and Service at Bedworth on Thursday 11th November
Cenotaph Parade and Service at Whitehall on Sunday 14 November

The Armistice Parade at Bedworth on Thursday 11 November is the longest running service on the actual
day; never a year is missed. I urge you to parade your Standards and participate in this very special of
occasions. The Cenotaph Service at Whitehall is equally moving and is well worth the effort.

RMA Concert Band Engagements

Last, but by no means least, are the RMA Concert Band engagements this year. Please support your Band
and again we can help you with contacts for more information:

         Sunday 21st March          Concert – Worthing, Assembly Rooms      3pm

         Sunday 25th April          Concert – Aldershot, Princes Hall       3pm

         Sunday 16th May            Concert – Dartford, Orchard Theatre     3pm

         Thursday 27th May          Royal Marines Museum, Southsea          7.30pm

         Sunday 20th June           Concert – Basingstoke, Anvil Theatre    3pm

         Sunday 1st August          Concert – Fareham Hall, Fareham         3pm

         Sunday 5th September       Concert – Poole, Lighthouse Theatre     3pm

         Sunday 3rd October         Concert - Portsmouth Guildhall          3pm

         Thursday 14th October      Royal Marines Museum, Southsea          7.30pm

         Sunday 24th October        Concert – Yeovil, Octagon               3pm

         Sunday 21st November       Concert – Swindon, Wyvern Theatre       3pm

Yours aye

Charlie Hobson

                                       ‘Once a marine, always a marine’

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