Personal Finance – Final Project

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					                              Personal Finance – Final Project
                              250 points possible
                              Final Date _________
                              Connie B. Riddle – FCS/THS

There are five components to this final project. Each component is worth 50 points
bringing the total points possible for the project to 250 points. This is in lieu of a
final exam. The completed project must be turned in with all components in a folder,
all papers must be typed, and each section should be labeled with a typed cover page
that includes the name of the section and a short (2 paragraph) overview of your
research and conclusion.

Section I
A completed job application for a job that you are qualified for at the present and a
comparison of that job and one that you hope to have someday after you complete
your education is all that is needed for this section. (please include salary and benefit
comparisons as well as working conditions)
Section II
A comparison of two different banks in Tallassee and what services that they offer.
Include handouts from the banks.
Section III
A budget for the make believe family that I will give you the information on and your
educated reasons for the decisions you made concerning the budget.
Section IV
A comparison of two new family style vehicles that your make believe family may want
to purchase as well as your reasons for choosing one or the other.
Section V
Insurance package (auto, life, home) that you have chosen after shopping around for
your make believe family (compare at least two companies)