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                                                                                         JULY 2009

                 FROM THE PROSHOP                                                               Donations

                                                                       I wanted to take this opportunity and thank Ron & Judy
                          His & Hers                                   Savage once again for their generosity this season. Mr. & Mrs.
                                                                       Savage have graciously offered a donation towards our ever
Holy smokes, the tournament that has the crew in the pro shop          growing junior program. Thank you Ron and Judy, it is very
always concerned about damage control. Having a boy and                much appreciated.
girl (not to mention husband & wife) competing as a team can
sometimes stir the pot a little. This year Mother Nature was           Lots & Lots Of Tee Times Available This Month
kind to us, as with it came some great golf and from all
reports, very little „incidents‟ out on the links. Here is a look at   Folks, this month (July) I suggest you take serious advantage
your top three places:                                                 of the lack of corporate events on our golf course. We have a
                                                                       very light load of „tournament play‟ in July, so if you have
1st Place          Arlene & Andy Mankowski                             ever thought about taking some time off to play, July is the
2nd Place          Gayle & Gerry Yamada                                month to do it. Please check the tournament schedule for exact
3rd Place          Marjorie Fujino & Blair Bailey                      info on dates in which we are hosting outside corporate
                                                                       functions. August has an average amount of tournament play,
                                                                       and September is filling up, and hopefully for our sake we are
                         Hole In Ones                                  able to continue to fill up dates to make up for a quiet summer

                                                                       So please take advantage and golf your brains out now while
After a slow start to the season, this group of sharp shooters         the opportunity presents itself.
managed that have managed to make aces so far this year, it‟s
always an exciting moment for a golfer. Great job.
                                                                                   Water Cooler Stations Are Back
Hole # 5           Bob Carron
Hole # 5           Heather McLean                                      We have now rectified all insurance issues and concerns in
Hole # 5           Joyce Hupka                                         regards to our water coolers. We have has brand new units
Hole #17           Earl Sperling                                       built with up to date coolers and security mechanisms.

                                                                       There will once again be four water stations set up on the golf
                                                                       course (Holes #4. #7, #13, #16). The water bottle program that
                                                                       did help solve the immediate solution will now be
                      Upcoming Events                                  discontinued.

Soup Bowl                                                                                  JUNIORS SECTION
The ever popular Soup Bowl is just around the corner. The
two day event that has more prizes and fun than Disney Land            As the days get longer and weather gets warmer it is never
and the Calgary Stampede put together. Sign up today for               more apparent that summer is here! July is a busy month at
what is sure to be a great weekend of fantastic golf shots,            Lynx Ridge with club tournaments, interclub tournaments,
excellent weather and tons of smiling faces.
junior fun nights, summer camps, and plenty of golf to be         regarding this, please understand that they are just doing their
played.                                                           job.

This season we will be hosting a Junior Member – Guest             Furthermore, new AGLC law also inhibits us from offering
tournament on July 6th. This event is a great way to get a        “member prices” AFTER 8pm. Thank you in advance for your
friend of yours out on the golf course and compete against        cooperation in this matter.
other Lynx Ridge members. We need a minimum of 15 teams
to register for the event to take place so do your part and get
your team in!                                                     Don‟t get too rowdy during this stampede.

Club Championships will be held this month on July 28 th. This
is the most important tournament of the year, and is a great
accomplishment being named the 2009 Club Champion. Last           Kevin Cuffley
seasons champ Dylan Cann is now an old man and is not             Food and Beverage Manager
eligible to compete, so the crown is open!

Also on this months schedule is a pair of interclub
competitions; the Foothills Junior Interclub and the Lynx
Ridge vs. Bearspaw “12 mile Cup”. The very first Foothills
Interclub competition is taking place on July 3rd and is at our
home course! Lynx Ridge was the 2008 North division
champions so this season we have to defend our crown. The
“12 Mile Cup” is a Ryder Cup format competition between us                             MAINTENANCE
and Bearspaw Country Club. It will be a home and home
series held over 2 days, July 12th & 13th. , there will be a
qualification tournament to decide the team.
                                                                  The truth & consequences of green speed
Junior Fun Nights are in full swing and off to a great start.
Just a reminder that they take place Sunday nights from           Years ago, there was a man named Edward Stimpson who
4:30pm – 6:30pm and the sign up is in the entrance to the         loved golf and craved to create more fairness in the game. To
locker rooms.                                                     further his passion, he invented a device intended to ensure
                                                                  that all the greens on a course were of relatively equal speed.
I hope everyone is enjoying their golf season up to this point,   The idea was to give superintendents (then, green keepers) a
parent and junior alike. There is plenty of golf left, so if we   way to compare the speed of the 4th green with the 13th and
are out here we might as well enjoy it as much as possible!       take steps to equalize them. This was, no doubt, a sound and
                                                                  noble idea.
See everyone on the links very soon!
                                                                  But sometimes bad things happen to good ideas.
Shane, Brandi & John
Your Friendly CPGAGolf Professionals                              Today, his simple tool, the Stimpmeter, is often misused to
                                                                  compare the speed of greens from course to course and
                                                                  unfortunately, to establish a benchmark of putting difficulty.
                                                                  Golfers are sometimes heard to say, "Hey, Hickory Hills was
                                                                  'stimping' 13 last week." This essentially means that the greens
                                                                  were as fast as the linoleum on most kitchen floors.
                 FROM THE LOUNGE
                                                                  From a purely competitive standpoint, that's OK. However,
                                                                  this quest for fast greens has serious consequences in terms of
A busy June has passed, and we are looking forward to a new       cost, environmental quality and the long-term health of the
July feature menu from Chef Jim Lowey.                            green. In short, speed can kill. Here's why:
I want to thank everyone for their positive feedback we have      A healthy, vigorous green can be maintained at a very short
had so far on the staff and food this year, we will keep things   cutting height (as low as 1/8-inch) for short periods of time
going strong for the remainder of the season.                     without serious consequences if it's been prepared properly
                                                                  and weather conditions are acceptable. Courses hosting
If any of you are ever looking to book a birthday, or             tournaments often take months (and spend significant extra
anniversary type party, please be afraid to contact myself.       money) to bring greens up to an ultra fast speed for PGA Tour
                                                                  players. For example, the greens at Augusta National or
Just a reminder, AGLC law dictates that no liquor is to be        Oakmont may "stimp" up to 14 when properly prepared and
served or consumed on the property prior to 10am. Failure to      dry.
comply will result in loss of our liquor license. If you would
like to discuss this matter, please feel free to approach me.     However, fast greens are extremely fragile. If you compared
Some of the serving staff have recently been “under fire”         them with human beings, it would be fair to say that their
immune systems can be very weak. They become susceptible          winning there, off to Scotland (all expenses paid).
to diseases and pests, and therefore may require more
chemical treatments. Weather can also quickly destroy the         Jeff Bergen
health of an ultra fast green. High temperatures and lack of      Men's Club Captain
moisture in the air are deadly to greens that are maintained at
very short cutting heights for any length of time.

The risks of maintaining fast greens -- even with the best
professional management by superintendents -- were apparent                            TOURNAMENTS
in the summer of 1995 when golf courses across the eastern
United States lost greens during an extended period of drought                  Subject to Change without notice
and high temperatures. Many of the world's best-known
courses suffered serious damage and were essentially
unplayable for the last half of the year. Many of these had to
be reseeded or completely rebuilt at a cost that was high in                                         #
terms of budget, playability and reputation.                        July                Time         Players        Format
                                                                    July 2nd            8am                  144    Shotgun
The solution to the dilemma of fast greens is twofold. First,
the golf industry is sponsoring and promoting research and          July 2nd            2pm                  128    Shotgun
development of new grasses that are more tolerant of fast           July 6th            12:30pm               28    Tee Times
speeds under adverse conditions. Organizations such as the          July 8th            2pm                  120    Shotgun
USGA and GCSAA are investing millions of dollars in this            July 9th            11:30am               28    Tee Times
effort.                                                             July 23rd           12pm                  40    Tee Times
                                                                    July 24th           8am                  128    Shotgun
On the other side, golfers should understand and accept the
limitations of these living systems we call greens. Golfers         July 27th           2pm                  128    Shotgun
should also heed the advice of superintendents who manage,          July 31st           11am                  24    Tee Times
nurture and protect these ecosystems. And finally, many
golfers must change their attitudes about the competitive                                            #
aspect of green speeds. They should, in the footsteps of Mr.        August              Time         Players        Format
Stimpson, strive for fairness, not fastness.
                                                                    August 4th          2pm                   20    Tee Times
GCSAA                                                               August 6th          2pm                  128    Shotgun
                                                                    August 11th         1pm                   72    Crossover
                                                                    August 13th         2pm                  136    Shotgun
Lincoln Julie                                                       August 17th         8am                  120    Shotgun
Maintenance Superintendent                                          August 17th         2pm                  100    Shotgun
                                                                    August 20th         8am                   72    Shotgun
                                                                    August 20th         2pm                  128    Shotgun
                     MENS LEAGUE                                    August 24th         1pm                   24    Tee Times
                                                                                                                    Back 9
                                                                    August 25th         8am                   72    Shotgun
By now we are well into the golf season after a few weather         August 26th         8am                  136    Shotgun
delays. I hope everyone is enjoying there club activities
                                                                    August 28th         8am                  144    Shotgun
(men's night, tournaments etc) Feedback has been great so far
and if anyone still needs clarification about Men's night
format, points, costs etc please see John Deneer. If you have
any questions about the ladder match now that it is up and                                           #
running please see Chris Thompson.                                  September           Time         Players        Format
                                                                    Sept 2nd            10am                  40    Tee Times
International Pairs (first scheduled event) was snowed out. If
                                                                    Sept 2nd            1:30pm                40    Tee Times
you have not received your refund, please see the proshop as
there is an envelope with your name on it. The second               Sept 3rd            8am                  100    Shotgun
INTERNATIONAL PAIRS is set for SATURDAY JULY 18,                    Sept 10th           2pm                  128    Shotgun
2009. There will be a sign up sheet in the proshop for those        Sept 11th           8:30am               128    Shotgun
interested. As usual, the tournament is dependant on 25             Sept 17th           9am                  124    Shotgun
pairs. Singles are welcome and we will do our best to pair you                                                      Back 9
up with other singles. This event is a mixed event which            Sept 17th           2pm                   72    Shotgun
means there can still be 2 men or 2 women or 1 man and 1                                                            Back 9
woman. Handicaps apply and maximums will be imposed.                Sept 18th           9am                   72    Shotgun
There will be a guaranteed winner from this event to
go to Crowne Isle (all expenses paid) and hopefully after

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