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Draft Job Description


									                                   SHENLEY ACADEMY

                                       Job Description

   Post Title:           Curriculum Leader (TLR 2)
   Post Number:
Purpose               To act as a Curriculum Leader and be responsible for leading and developing this area.
                      To support the Assistant Principal in the raising of standards of student attainment and
                       in monitoring progress and supporting them.
                      To be accountable to the Assistant Principal for student progress and attainment
                       within the curriculum area/key stage.
                      To ensure provision of an appropriately broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated
                       curriculum for students studying in the curriculum area/key stage, in accordance with the
                       aims of the academy and the curricular policies determined by the Governing Body and
                       Principal of the academy.
                      To develop and enhance the teaching practice of others.
                      To monitor and support the overall progress and development of students as a manager
                       within the curriculum area and as a Form Tutor.
                      To monitor the student progress and attainment and be accountable to the Assistant
                      The Professional Standards required of Post Threshold, Excellent and
                       Advanced Skills Teachers are those contained within School Teachers Pay
                       and Conditions (copy attached.)
                      For those of you who are Form Tutors, please see attached Form
                       Tutor Job Description
Reporting to          Assistant Principal
Responsible for       The provision of a full learning experience and support for students/Assistant Principal
Liaising with         Head/Deputies/Assistant Principals, relevant non teaching support staff, LA
                       representatives, external agencies and parents
Salary/Grade          As advertised
Disclosure level      Enhanced. A CRB enhanced disclosure is a requirement for this post with other
                          checks required for safeguarding children..
                                          MAIN (CORE) DUTIES
Operational/          To be responsible for the development and implementation of appropriate syllabuses,
Strategic              resources, schemes of work, policies, assessment and teaching strategies within the
Planning               designated area.
                      The day-to-day management, control and operation of the designated curriculum area.
                       The effective deployment of staff and physical resources –budget holder.
                      To assist in the implementation of academy Policies and Procedures, for example
                       Equal Opportunities, Health and Safety, Accommodation Strategy, etc.
                      To work with colleagues to formulate aims and objectives for the designated
                       curriculum area which have coherence and relevance to the needs of students and to
                       the aims and objectives of the academy.
                      To be responsible for completing an annual Self Evaluation Document (SEF) and
                       related Annual Action Plan for the curriculum area, and to ensure that the plan reflects
                       the needs of the students and the aims and objectives of the academy.
                      To support the whole academy policy in the application of ICT in the designated
                       curriculum area.
                      To actively monitor and follow up students.

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                                  SHENLEY ACADEMY

Curriculum           To liaise with the Assistant Principal to ensure the delivery of an appropriate,
Provision             comprehensive, high quality and cost-effective curriculum programme which
                      complements the academy’s strategic objectives and meets national expectations and
Curriculum           To support curriculum development within the whole department with particular
Development           emphasis on the designated curriculum area.
                     To keep up to date with national developments in the subject area and teaching
                      practice and methodology.
                     To actively monitor and respond to curriculum development and initiatives at national,
                      regional and local levels.
                     To liaise with the Examination Officer to maintain accreditation with the relevant
                      examination and validating bodies, ensuring that the needs of SEN students are
                      communicated and addressed. Also liaise with Rebecca Heath with regards to BTEC.
Staffing             To work with the Assistant Principal and Vice Principal to ensure that staff
                      development needs are identified and that appropriate programmes are designed to
Staff                 meet such needs.
Development          To make appropriate arrangements for classes when subject staff are absent,
                      ensuring appropriate cover within the department liaising with the Faculty Support
Recruitment/          Manager/ other staff to secure appropriate cover within the department.
Deployment of        To contribute to Personal Development Review and to act as reviewer for a group of
Staff                 staff within the designated department.
                     To promote teamwork and to motivate staff to ensure effective working relations.
                     To ensure the effective efficient deployment of classroom support.
                     To participate in the academy’s ITT programme.
Quality              To ensure the effective monitoring and evaluation of the work of the team and student
Assurance             achievement.
                     To establish student and curriculum targets within the designated area and to work
                      towards their achievement.
                     To help to establish common standards of practice within the designated curriculum
                      area and develop the effectiveness of teaching and learning styles in all designated
                      curriculum areas To participate in the interview process for teaching posts (when
                      required) and to ensure effective induction of new staff in line with academy
                     To monitor the designated curriculum area in line with agreed academy procedures.
                     To contribute to the academy procedures for lesson observation.
                     To implement academy quality procedures and to ensure adherence to those within
                      the department.
                     To participate in the monitoring and evaluation of the curriculum area in line with
                      agreed academy procedures including evaluation against quality standards and
                      performance criteria.
                     To seek/implement modification and improvement where required within the relevant
                      curriculum area.
Management           To ensure the maintenance of accurate and up-to-date information concerning the
Information           relevant curriculum area and related student data on the management information
                      system (currently CMIS).
                     To assist in the use of analysis and evaluation of performance data.
                     To produce reports within the quality assurance cycle.
                     To produce reports on examination performance, including the use of value-added
                     To assist in the identification of exam entries within the curriculum area.

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                                       SHENLEY ACADEMY

Communication            To help ensure that all members of the curriculum area are familiar with its aims and
                         To ensure effective communication, as appropriate, with the parents of students.
                         To liaise with partner academy’s, higher education, Industry, Examination Boards,
                          Awarding Bodies and other relevant external bodies, as appropriate.
Marketing and            To contribute to the academy liaison and marketing activities, e.g., the collection of
Liaison                   material for press releases.
                         To contribute to the development of effective subject links with partner academys and
                          the community, attendance where necessary at liaison events in partner academys
                          and the effective promotion of subjects at Open Days/Evenings and other events in
                          partner academys and the wider community.
                         To actively promote the development of effective subject links with external agencies.
Management of            To assist the Assistant Principal to identify resource needs and to contribute to the
Resources                 efficient /effective use of physical resources
                          To co-operate with other departments to ensure a sharing and effective usage of
                          resources to the benefit of the academy and the students.
Pastoral System          To monitor and support the overall progress and development of students within the
                          designated curriculum area
                         To help monitor student attendance together with student progress and performance
                          in relation to targets set for each individual; ensuring that follow-up procedures are
                          adhered to and that appropriate action is taken where necessary.
                         To act as Form Tutor and carry out the duties associated with the role as outlined in
                          the generic job description.
                         To contribute to PSHE, citizenship and enterprise according to the academy policy.
                         To assist in the implementation of the Behaviour Management system in the
                          curriculum area so that effective learning can take place.
Teaching                 To undertake an appropriate programme of teaching in accordance with the duties of
                          a standard scale teacher.
Additional Duties        To play a full part in the life of the academy community, to support its distinctive
                          mission and ethos and to encourage staff and students to follow this example.

Other Specific Duties
 To support the academy in meeting its legal requirements for worship.
 To promote actively the academy’s corporate policies.
 To continue personal development as agreed.
 To actively engage in the staff review and development process.
 To undertake any other duty as specified by STPCD not mentioned in the above.
Whilst every effort has been made to explain the main duties and responsibilities of the post, each individual
task undertaken may not be identified.
Employees will be expected to comply with any reasonable request from a manager to undertake work of a
similar level that is not specified in this job description.
Employees are expected to be courteous to colleagues and provide a welcoming environment to visitors and
telephone callers.
The academy will endeavour to make any necessary reasonable adjustments to the job and the working
environment to enable access to employment opportunities for disabled job applicants or continued employment
for any employee who develops a disabling condition.

This job description is current at the date shown, but in consultation with you, may be changed by the Principal to
reflect or anticipate changes in the job commensurate with the grade and job title.

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                                SHENLEY ACADEMY

                        TLR2 PERSON SPECIFICATION

QUALIFICATIONS             A relevant teaching qualification with qualified teacher status.
PROFESSIONAL               Recent and relevant continuing Professional Development in
                           current educational practice.
EXPERIENCE                 Successful and varied teaching experience across the age ranges
                           of Key Stage 3 & 4.

                           Analysing and interpreting data to inform teaching methods.

                           Monitoring progress, evaluate impact and take action to improve.

                           Leading professional development through example and support.
SKILLS AND ABILITIES       Excellent classroom practitioner.

                           The ability to motivate, lead staff, organise and manage effectively
                           – as a subject leader.

                           The ability to establish clear expectations and constructive
                           relationships among staff, through:
                                Team working and mutual support
                                Devolving responsibilities and delegating tasks
                                Evaluating practice and developing acceptance and

                           Lead high quality CPD by methods such as modelling practice,
                           coaching, mentoring and delivering INSET.

                           The drive and ability to set clear expectations and parameters and
                           to hold self and others accountable for performance.

                           Commitment to equal opportunities and inclusion.

                           The necessary skills to assess, set targets, plan, implement and
                           evaluate the curriculum and other initiatives.

                           Practical knowledge of ICT, personally and across the curriculum
                           with children.

                           Knowledge of current educational / legislation, practices and
                           procedures, particularly of the National Curriculum framework,
                           National Strategies and assessment schemes.
OTHER                      A commitment to working as a pro-active member of the academy

                           Good communicator, with a high level of interpersonal skills.

 HEM/km/CurrLeadertlr2jobdesc       Page 4 of 4                        29/04/2010

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