Document Sample
					                                             ANNEXURE - I

1. Vendor/Agency should have office at Guwahati. Preference shall be given to the
   agency who has also offices in other North East States including Sikkim.

2. Vendor/ Agency should be in the business for at least three years with good track
   record. Preference shall be given to the agency registered with Director General
   (Resettlement), Ministry of Defence. Agency possessing the ISO certificate shall
   also get preference.

3. Minimum turnover :- Rs.1 crores per annum.

4. Earnest Money Deposit of Rs.15,000/- ( Rupees Fifteen Thousand Only) in the
   form of bank demand draft will have to be enclosed, drawn in favour of “North
   Eastern Development Finance Corporation Limited”, payable at Guwahati.
   Tenders received without EMD will be disqualified. Those who downloaded the
   form, from this office website shall have to pay a additional sum
   of Rs. 1000/- (Rupees one thousand only) by a separate demand draft.

5. All pages of the tender form and questionnaire must be signed with seal by

6. Tenderers shall have to submit the details along with documentary evidences
   regarding the registrations and licences mentioned below :

       a) License under Assam Private Security Agency Rules, 2009(Read with the
          Private Security Agencies Regulations Act, 2005)

       b) Registration under Shops and Establishment Act.

       c) Registration as Proprietary/partnership firm/private ltd or Public ltd

       d) Registration with PF organization for allotment of PF code number.

       e) Registration with ESI.

       f) Registration with Central Excise Dept. for allotment of services tax

       g) Registration/Licence with Govt. Labour Dept. under Contract Labour
          (Regulation and Abolition) Act

       h) Registration with Income Tax Dept for allotment of permanent income tax
          code number.

   It may be noted that tender without documentary proof in respect of EPF, ESI,
   PAN, License under Assam Private Security Agency Rules, 2009 etc. shall be
   summarily rejected.

7. The tenderers are required to submit the complete Rates/Quotations only after
   satisfying each and every condition laid down in the annexure I and II of the
   tender documents.

8. Tenderers are advised to submit their bids strictly on the terms and conditions of
   the bid document without any deviation.

9. All the rates must be written both in figures and in words. Corrections, if any, are
   to be made by crossing out, initialing, dating and rewriting. In case of discrepancy
   between the words and figures, the rates indicated in figures shall prevail. All
   overwriting/cutting, insertions shall be authenticated properly.

10. Rates/Quotations should be submitted and signed by tenderers with its current
    business address.

11. The rates shall be valid for a period of at least One Year from the date of opening
    or till the stipulated period of the end of the Contract, whichever is later.

12. NEDFi reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tenders at its sole discretion
    without assigning any reason.

13. Late tender will not be accepted / received.

14. Canvassing in connection with the tender in any form is strictly prohibited.
    Tenders submitted by party who resort to canvassing will be liable for rejection.

15. In case of any unscheduled holiday falling on the prescribed closing or opening
    day of the tender, the next working day will be treated as scheduled for opening or
    closing day of the tender as the case may be.

16. The bidders are advised to read carefully all the terms and conditions of the tender
    document which will form part of the contract.

17. If the tenderers give wrong information deliberately to create conditions for
    acceptance of the tender, the NEDFi reserves the right to reject such tenders
    without assigning any reason. Not more than one tender will be submitted by one
    tenderer for the same work.

18. Present requirement for security guards is as below:-

           NEDFi Head office               - 6 (All days of week)

               NEDFi Haat                       - 5 (All days of week)
               R & D Centre Khetri              - 5 (All days of weeks)
               NEDFi New Building site          15 (All days of weeks)
               CMD Residence                    3 (All days of weeks)

      However, security personal to be deployed in NEDFi may be reduced / increased at
      discretion of NEDFi. NEDFi may also require that security guards to be placed at
      the sites located at different North Eastern States, which NEDFi has taken
      possession under law till time of their auction sale. NEDFi may also assign security
      related jobs on different occasions like VIPS vist, Mela at NEDFi Haat etc.

   19. On Security Guard’s designated weekly off days, a reliever security guard has to
       be provided at free of cost. However, tender may quote this cost against leave
       salary and relieving salary in financial bids.

   20. The Security Agency (Successful tenders) shall be required to arrange security
       guards immediately on its own cost if the security guards placed with NEDFi is
       absent either due to leave or otherwise
Please note the following:-

       i)      First envelope marked on top -“Technical Bid for Security Service”
               containing Annexure I, Annexure II and Annexure III, all relevant
               enclosures, draft for a sum of Rs.15000/- (fifteen thousand only) as EMD,
               a separate draft for Rs.1000/- to be given by who has downloaded the
               tender documents from Website

       ii)     Second envelope marked on top “ Financial Bids for Security Service”
               containing duly filed Anneuxre IV

       iii)    Both the sealed envelope must put in one bigger sealed envelope marked
               on top- “Tender for Security Service- NEDFi/2010”

       iv)     All envelop must bear address, stamp of the Agency/ firm

       v)     Last date of and time to receipt tender is upto 4 p.m. hrs on March 19,
      vi)     Financial bids of the tenderers who are qualified in technical bids shall be
              opened. All tenderers who are qualified in technical bids shall be informed
              so that they can be present at the time of opening of financial bid if they
              wish so.
We agree to the above terms and conditions.

Signature with Date      -------------------------------------------

Name of the Firm         -------------------------------------------
 Seal                     --------------------------------------------