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                             Mandatory Furlough Administration at CDHS
                           Guidance for Managers, Supervisors and Employees
                                           August 25, 2009

Complying with the Governor’s Executive Order D 015 09 Ordering Mandatory Furloughs will
require the attention and cooperation of every CDHS employee. In particular, supervisors will
be responsible for working with all furloughed employees to fill out or verify timesheets and
time reports accurately during each week in which a mandatory furlough day falls. This
document provides guidance on what must be done to administer the mandatory furloughs at

1.    Mandatory Furloughs Bring New Rules
      Regular leave and work attendance rules will change for the four weeks in which furlough
      days must be taken this calendar year. The Governor’s Executive Order outlines these
      changes but the details of compliance are up to each Department to administer accurately.
      It is important that you familiarize yourself with the information on mandatory furloughs
      provided on the Department of Personnel and Administration’s website. That information
      forms the basis for the guidance provided in this document. The link to access the website

2.    Leave Changes on Furlough Days
      Leave that falls on a furlough day that was already requested and approved may be taken.
      Annual, compensatory and paid family medical leave will be changed to unpaid status for
      the furlough day. Employees who have had leave approved on a furlough day should
      revise their leave requests to ensure that the leave day requested is credited back to their
      leave balance. No new leave on any of the four furlough days announced in the Executive
      Order will be approved. The only leave that may be granted on a furlough day is leave to
      attend jury duty. This must be arranged with each supervisor in advance and the original
      jury summons must be presented when the leave request is made. An alternate furlough
      day will be assigned, usually in the same week as the furlough falls.

             Our Mission is to Design and Deliver Quality Human Services that Improve the Safety and Independence of the People of Colorad o
Furlough Guidance
August 25, 2009
Page 2

3.   “Exempt From Furlough” Does Not Mean Exempt From Furlough Rules
     The Department has identified every position that is exempt from the mandatory furlough
     and has published the list of positions on the CDHS website as required by law. This list
     will be updated by CDHS Human Resources through the end of each month to reflect any
     approved changes or new positions. Supervisors and managers are responsible for
     informing their employees if they are exempt from the mandatory furlough. All employees
     are responsible for complying with the mandatory furlough rules. For CDHS employees
     exempt from the furlough, this means they are expected to work as regularly scheduled on
     each furlough day. Paid leave of any kind, including compensatory time, shall not be
     approved for any employee on any furlough day, with the exceptions of jury duty leave as
     noted above, or sick leave.

4.   “Exempt from Furlough” Employees Must Also Comply with Furlough Rules
     Supervisors and managers of furlough-exempt employees should inform them that furlough
     rules apply to them. Otherwise, enforcement of the furlough rules may appear unfair to
     employees. No donated leave under the Department’s leave-sharing program shall be
     approved for a designated furlough day. The only exception for a furlough-exempt
     employee to be absent on a furlough day, aside from approved jury duty leave or sick
     leave, is if an FMLA qualifying event occurs on that day. In such a case, FMLA will be
     designated as appropriate and the leave will be unpaid leave. No annual leave will be
     approved for any designated furlough day.

5.   Furloughed CDHS Employees Cannot Work on Furlough Days
     This includes working from home or on electronic devices. Nor are furloughed employees
     allowed to travel on state business on furlough days. Violation of this rule can have
     serious and burdensome consequences for the Department. Therefore, CDHS supervisors
     and managers are required to report all violations to the appropriate Deputy Executive
     Director for corrective or disciplinary action under the State Personnel Rules.

6.   Standards for Granting Alternate Furlough Days
     In a few cases, based on business necessity and with clear justification, the Executive
     Director may approve a request by a furloughed employee to be granted an alternate
     furlough day. Grounds for granting an alternate furlough day include the need to avoid a
     substantial hardship on the citizens of the State, substantial impairment of the ability of the
     State to meet its legal obligations or the need to respond to an emergency on a furlough
     day. Except in cases of emergency, the request must be made in writing, endorsed by the
     appropriate Deputy Executive Director and filed with Shannon Onken as soon as possible
     but in no case less than two weeks before the furlough day in question. The Human
     Resources Director will assist in identifying an appropriate alternate furlough day,
     verifying hours worked and notifying the employee and payroll staff.
Furlough Guidance
August 25, 2009
Page 3

7.   An Accurate Timesheet is the Key
     The main responsibility for accurate furlough administration will be up to supervisors and
     timekeepers. Each supervisor is responsible for planning the furlough week with each
     employee, whether furloughed or not, and verifying hours worked. Timekeepers will
     check each timesheet and all time records and apply all the relevant rules to entering the
     data in KRONOS. All furloughed employees are required to fill out timesheets during the
     furlough week to ensure accurate records. The KRONOS Manager will distribute specific
     instructions and codes to the appropriate timekeepers.

8.   Furlough-Exempt Employees Report to Work As Usual
     The supervisor of a furlough-exempt employee will work with the employee to plan and
     verify the hours worked. The rules set out in this document will be applied in planning and
     entering the hours worked. Supervisors are responsible for the accuracy of these time
     records and are required to follow all instructions and to respond promptly to any questions
     from timekeeping. Start planning now for the work week beginning at 12:01 AM on
     Saturday, September 5, 2009.

9.   Furloughed Employees’ Timesheets Will Show Eight Hours Unpaid Furlough
     Part-time furloughed employees’ timesheets will show a prorated amount of unpaid
     furlough. (Half time employees get four hours of unpaid furlough, etc.) In necessary
     cases, they will show the alternate furlough day, usually in the same week as the designated
     furlough day. Furloughed employees who normally “swipe” will have a KRONOS
     generated time record already showing the furlough day. Since every designated furlough
     day falls in a holiday week, furloughed employees will only work three days that week, for
     a total of 24 hours worked. The other two days will be the paid holiday and the unpaid
     furlough day. Any variations will require complete justification and management approval.
     The time sheet to be used by furloughed employees who do not “swipe” is attached to this
     document, along with instructions for its use.

10. CDHS Employees Who Are Usually Exempt From Earning Overtime Become
    Eligible To Earn Overtime In A Furlough Week With Approval
     Any employee working unapproved overtime is violating Department policy. This
     includes working on the weekend of a furlough week, working from home or on an
     electronic device. Violations of this policy shall be reported by all supervisors and
     managers to the appropriate Deputy Executive Director for corrective or disciplinary action
     under the State Personnel Rules.
Furlough Guidance
August 25, 2009
Page 4

Supervisors are strongly encouraged to begin meeting with employees now to
explain how the furloughs will work. Those employees on flex schedules will need
special attention. Guidance for flex scheduling around the furlough weeks will be
provided through each Deputy Executive Director in cooperation with the CDHS
Payroll Office. Again, everyone is urged to review the available furlough guidance.
Updates to the guidance are available on line on the CDHS and DPA websites.

 Weekly Time Sheet with Instructions
 Furlough Planning Spreadsheet for Flex Schedules

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