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									Virgin Atlantic Case Study

                                    Capital Capture gets Virgin Atlantic’s crew
                                    performance monitoring program flying
  Virgin Atlantic streamlines process and accelerates access to critical data with Capital
  Capture’s business process automation solution

  The Company
  Since it was founded in 1984, Virgin Atlantic Airways has become Britain’s second
  largest carrier serving the world’s major cities. Now based at both London’s Gatwick
  and Heathrow airports, it operates long haul services to twenty three destinations
  worldwide as far apart as Las Vegas, Shanghai and Sydney.

  Virgin Atlantic has enjoyed huge popularity, winning top business, consumer and
  trade awards from around the world. The airline has pioneered a range of innovations
  setting new standards of service, which its competitors have subsequently sought to
  follow, Despite Virgin Atlantic’s growth the service still remains customer driven with
  an emphasis on value for money, quality, fun and innovation.

  The Challenge
  The airline industry has, over the last decade, been           Virgin Atlantic: Process Before Automation
  subject to a number of challenges; these include greater
  competition, rising fuel costs and global events such as
  9/11, SARS and the war with Iraq. These market forces
  have led to increased focus on differentiation through
  product and service innovation. Virgin Atlantic has been
  at the forefront of this revolution with unique offerings
  like drive-thru check in and in-flight beauty therapy.

  Virgin Atlantic’s commitment to consistently high levels            Forms           Forms mailed    Manual Data Entry   Data Processed
  of customer service is routinely monitored with a flight          completed           to Virgin       Data entered       Data processed
  performance report form that captures vital information            on flight        flight centre    manually by 1        in ‘Crewsade’
  about the quality of service that individual crew              1 page form filled                    full time data         and made
  members deliver on each flight.                                   out by hand                        entry operator      available up to
                                                                                                                          two months later
  The data is then used to highlight positive performance
  for use in motivating and rewarding crew with positive
  feedback and fast-track promotion. Additionally, by           Within a year of implementation there was a backlog of forms which
  highlighting areas for improvement Virgin Atlantic are        required manual data entry. As a result Virgin Atlantic was not able
  able to react quickly to service issues before they impact    to respond to customer service issues as effectively and crew had no
  customer service.                                             way of measuring performance.

  Before automation flight service managers and cabin           Virgin Atlantic decided that this manual process could be improved
  service supervisors would complete a routine four page        upon and invited Capital Capture to recommend a content capture
  form for each crew member. All forms would then be            solution that would minimise manual data entry, facilitate easy
  collected and posted by mail into Virgin Atlantic’s central   alterations to forms and automatically populate their Crewsade
  flight centre where they were manually processed.             performance management system with data. Additionally, the solution
                                                                needed to scale to accommodate a projected 30% increase in form
  “This process meant having one full time employee
                                                                volume by 2006.
  manually processing data all day long. This was time
  consuming, onerous and expensive,” says Mike Makinson,        The project coincided with Virgin Atlantic’s paper reduction initiative
  Crew Performance Manager at Virgin Atlantic.                  aimed at reducing paper usage by 80%.

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     The Solution
     Following a detailed audit of Virgin
                                                                      Virgin Atlantic: Process After Automation
     Atlantic crew performance process
     Capital Capture recommended an open
     standard based data capture solution.
     To meet the company’s paper reduction
     targets Virgin Atlantic redesigned its
     existing four page form. The new one
     page form was redesigned with the
     solution’s intuitive point and click form
     designer. With the implementation in
     place, forms generated on flights are
     completed and sent into the Virgin flight
     centre by post. The forms are then
     scanned and verified by one data entry                                  Forms           Forms mailed       Automated         Data Processed
     operator and the data automatically                              completed on flight      to Virgin        Data Entry       Crew immediately
     delivered into Crewsade. Crew members                             1 page form filled    flight centre   All data verified   access data online
     then access their results online within 3                            out by hand                          in 1.5 hours.      within 3 days of
     days of completing their flights.                                                                        Form backlog             flight

     The Result
     The solution has been fully operational                        In addition, the scalability of the solution gives Virgin Atlantic the
     since April 2004. It has met and exceeded                      capability to manage growing form volumes without employing
     a number of Virgin Atlantic’s objectives.                      additional staff, meeting the growth objectives of the business over
                                                                    the next two years.
     Data from the forms is now verified in 1.5
     hours, reducing processing time by over                        Martin Phillips, Crew Performance Manager said, “Capital Capture has
     80% and freeing up employee resources for                      delivered a solution that has met our goals and objectives on time and
     other more business critical activities.                       on budget. As a result we are able to offer employees ongoing
                                                                    personal development based on near realtime performance. The effect
     Once verified, the data is automatically                       of this is improved morale and market leading customer service.”
     delivered into Crewsade where managers
     and crew have immediate access to a                            “Capital Capture’s track record in delivery of content capture and
     snapshot of their performance over any                         process automation solutions based on client’s business objectives
     given period of time.                                          was a major factor in the success of this project,” says Mark
                                                                    Kirpalani, Capital Capture Managing Director. “We look forward to
     “In the past crew members have been                            working with Virgin Atlantic to expand the use of the solution to
     disappointed that feedback on performance                      other areas of the business in the future.”
     was not delivered promptly. Now they can
     access results within three days rather than
     two months,” says Martin Phillips, Virgin
     Atlantic Crew Performance Manager.

     Since implementation of the solution the
                                                                         “     Since implementing the solution customer
                                                                               compliments have risen four fold, whilst general
                                                                               complaints have reduced by over 70% compared

     number of compliments on customer                                         with the same period last year.
     feedback has risen four-fold compared to
                                                                               Crew Performance Manager
     the same period last year, whilst general
                                                                               Virgin Atlantic
     complaints have reduced by over 70%.

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