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									Your Special Wedding Vows
Author: Sharon Naylor

Many couples choose to write their own vows, yet find the task daunting and difficult. Your vows, after all,
are the center of your ceremony and should be meaningful and beautiful.Your Special Wedding Vows
offers couples new, fresh approaches to finding exactly what they want to say to each other in updated
syntax that couples will be comfortable with, rather than old-fashioned, stiff and artificial words. Plus, it
includes a worksheet to help couples get started, a large selection of traditional and nontraditional,
religious and nonreligious vows, plus real-life examples and original vows for special circumstances such
as second weddings, blended families and more.
Author Bio
Sharon Naylor
Sharon Naylor is the author of 23 wedding planning books. She is the wedding Q&A specialist at and a regular contributor to the top bridal magazines, including Bridal Guide, Bride
Again, and Bride's. She is also a wedding content contributor to Bed Bath & Beyond. Sharon has written
for Shape, Health, Self, Woman's Day, Cosmopolitan and dozens of additional national magazines. She
is a member of the highly prestigious International Special Events Society, The Association of Bridal
Consultants, and The American Society of Journalists and Authors, and she has won top honor awards
from Writer's Digest magazine and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. She currently lives
in Madison, New Jersey.

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