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									                           A Publication of the Soaring League of North Texas

                   Club Officers
Jim Taylor
  (214) 348-3852
Vice President
Dan Ahearn
Perry Dunlap
                                                                From The Prez
  (214) 348-1107                                                      By Jim Taylor
Safety Officer
Mark Williams                            We had a productive meeting at the Lake Highlands Recreation Center, Feb 11th.
 (972) 226-8762                          Areas that were discussed; 1) the upgrading and maintaining our launch trailers,              2) supply a trailer hitch for Gary Warner’s use to haul a winch, and 3) should we
Public Relations                         close our storage unit?
Henry Bostick
 (972) 279-8337                It was decided that all the batteries will be changed on the trailers to Optima Gel
Equipment Team                           Cells which will result in increased reliability. The batteries will be changed as
  Tim Bennett                            needed starting with the unit which Walter Carter has graciously been storing and
  Walter Carter                          delivering to SF when needed. The impact on our dollar backlog to upgrade the
  Bobby Dixon                            power source will approach 20%.
  Gerry Walton
  Mark Williams                          Gary Warner has accepted the task of storing and hauling one of our launch trail-
Web Master                               ers. This is relieving Gerry Walton to enjoy some quality time with his grandchil-
Mike Glass                               dren. The club is indebted to Gerry’s long time participation in the care and feed-
 (972) 385-9565
                                         ing of our launch trailers.
Newsletter Editor
Mike Glass                               Shifting of launch trailer hauling and storage activities may reduce the need for
 (972) 385-9565                          the storage unit. There are, however, some questions as to what to do with an as-                      sortment of miscellaneous items that we use from time to time. A review of this
                                         need will be done before the lease is renewed in May.
Meetings are held on odd numbered
months after the Monthly Contest at      I asked Jack Hamilton to give some thought to the use of our increasing dollar
Southfork Ranch. On even numbered
months we meet at Lake Highlands               Daylight Savings Time starts the day of the contest,
Recreation Center located at 9940                  March 9, so be sure and reset your clocks.
White Rock Trail (White Rock Trail at
Church) at 6:30. Club dues are $20 per
year payable to Perry Dunlap. Contri-      This months meeting is on Sunday, March 9,
butions to the newsletter are encour-
aged. Visit our Web site at:                      at Southfork after the contest                                Meetings are held on odd numbered months after the Monthly Contest at Southfork
                                            Ranch. On even numbered months we meet at Lake Highlands Recreation Center lo-
                                                   cated at 9940 White Rock Trail (White Rock Trail at Church) at 6:30.

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backlog. Even with the decision to changing batteries in
the trailers there should be some funds that can be con-       March Contest
sidered discretionary. I feel that we need to develop a        Julian Tamez - CD
plan or plans that will benefit the club and/or further the
hobby and sport of model soaring.                              The March contest will be Thermal Duration on the 9th
                                                               at Soutnfork. The Pilots’ meeting will be at 9:30 with
Speaking of Jack, he gave me his collection of newsle t-       the first flights at 10:00.
ters going back to the beginning of the club (Dallas
League of Silent Flight - DLSF 6/26/1973). I have been         Don’t forget that Daylight Savings Time starts on the
reading these newsletters and have found them very in-         9th
formative. One theme that seems to be consistent, even
have included a page from the January 1974 DLSF
newsletter, Jimmy Lee Jones President, which I found
interesting and humorous.                                      Raffle for F3J Team Trip
By the way Jack Hamilton soloed Nov ’73 “with his              Barry Kennedy
beautiful Olympic 99”
                                                               The US F3J Soaring Team will be competing in the
February Contest                                               world championships June 30-July 5th, 2008 in
                                                               Turkey, with Daryl Perkins, Ben Clerx, and Rich
By Arnold Claycomb - CD                                        Burnoski as the Senior pilots. Junior pilots are AJ
                                                               McGowan, Brendon Beardsley and Jeffrey Walter.
The February contest started with one winch work-              Also returning Junior World Champion Cody Re m-
ing, luckily one of our members brought his winch so           ington will compete now as a Senior.
we had 2 operational winches. I thank you all for who
helped with this sit uation. With the weather men saying       The team is selling raffle tickets and merchandise
the winds from 5-10 mph in actuality the winds where           to help fund the trip. Please check out their website
15-20 only dieing down the last round. The contest was for pilot biographies
a 32 min add-em up with 4 flights, and a 10 min max.
                                                               and for merchandise and raffle tickets. The team
There where 12 open class and 9 res fliers. In the open
                                                               consists of 3 senior pilots, 3 junior pilots and the
contest it seems like you had your luck or didn't there
was a 139 point difference between 1st and 2nd place.          2006 Junior World Champion. The plan is for the
Now the RES contest was the more exciting one, Rod-            website to also report daily contest results. The
ney who came in 1st place went off field and got a 0           team appreciates your support in their quest to
flight, Dale who came in 5th place hit himself on the          bring home the gold.
last flight and got a 0, but yet came in the winning. Gary
was stupid enough to fly a 27oz RES airplane only to
watch it blow down wind like a tumble weed. Once
again thank you for everyone who helped.                       Dues Are Due
                                                               The dues are $20 (cheap!) and payable to:

Reminders                                                      Perry Dunlap
                                                               10035 Milltrail Dr
                                                               Dallas TX 75238
You must have your Name and address or your AMA
number on your plane to be covered by insurance.

Also to quote Safety code "I will not operate my model
aircraft while under the influence of alcohol or within
eight (8) hours of having consumed alcohol" .and as per
our agreement with Southfork we will not bring alcohol
on the premises.

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Class A Man-on-Man
By Tim Bennett
For the second month in a row, the February monthly contest was postponed a week due to high winds and
cold. Just like last month eleven flyers showed up to fly six rounds of the Class A Scramble from the long
upstarts on the makeup date. Moderate winds from the Northwest allowed us to launch away from the sun.
Lift was spotty with many flight groups down in less than two minutes. The scores show some very close
competition. No flight groups had more than one max score for the first time in a long time.

One fly off was needed to resolve a tie. There was one off field landing and one old Monarch D suffered a
broken wing tip on landing.

The results follow:

1. John Bourland      Xterminator            23
2. Tim Bennett        Blaster II             21
3. Gary Warner        Monarch/Blaster        17
4. Arnold Claycomb    GLS-6                  16
5. Hal Ussery         Omega                  15
6. Jack Hamilton      Omega                  14T
7. Andrew Lawson      Blaster/Okie           14T
8. Bill Maserang      XP 9                   13
9. Bobby Dixon        Monarch                12
10. Mike Moreland     Monarch                11
11. Chuck Fisher      Omega                  10

Our next contest will be Sunday 3/16/08 at Eastfield College. Pilots meeting will start at 9:30 and first
flights at 10:00. We will fly from the long upstarts with task to be announced. Come out and join the fun.

             15th Annual Midwest Slope Challenge
The 15th Annual Midwest Slope Challenge will take place on May 15-18, 2008 at Wilson Lake in Kansas.
It makes no difference if you fly thermal or slope everyone is welcome to attend. You will find all infor-
mation and entry forms at the following web site.

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Dallas League of Silent Flight (DLSF)
January 14, 1974 Newsletter
page three

                                         STATE OF THE UNION

Throughout nature some of the greatest pain is experienced during birth. Perhaps this can also be applied to our
six month old soaring club. Any newborn needs to grow and mature before it is capable of real contribution and,
here again, the analogy is there.

Each of you should be proud of the Dallas League of Silent Flight. It is your club and is the first AMA chartered
Sailplane club in this part of the country.

Some of the accomplishments during the last half of 1973 are listed below:
      1. Club formation and chartering with AMA.
      2. The promoting and directing of several club and regional soaring contests.
      3. The establishment of a club record program and the continuation of the
         perpetual trophy program to encourage competitive participation.
      4. The selection of a club emblem and subsequent order being placed for same.
      5. The mailing (usually monthly) of a newsletter to inform all members of
         club activities and contest results.
      6. The application for and receipt of a F.C.C. club license.
      7. Assisting new pilots (not necessarily club members) in learning how to
         fly sailplanes.
      8. Supporting contests in this entire region.
      9. Supporting the LSF achievement program.

There have been complaints and criticisms and are listed below as they were received:
      1.    We have too many contests.
      2.    We do not have enough contests.
      3.    Too much emphasis is placed on competition.
      4.    We need to have more programs.
      5.    We tend to be too democratic.
      6.    We have not been democratic enough.
      7.    We have too many trophy contests.
      8.    Our trophies are sometimes too small.
      9.    Our trophies are too large.
     10.    We sometimes have too many fliers at Richland so that you can only get in two or three flights in an
     11.    We haven't done enough to attract new members.
     12.    The dress code wasn't made clear enough for our Christmas party.
     13.    Not everyone supports our local contests.
     14.    All members should support all area contests.
     15.    There is too much pressure to support all area contests.
     16.    Club meetings have frequently been disrupted by a negative few.
     17.    Etc., Etc.

With these comments in mind, our Vice President, George McElvain, has mailed each of you a questionnaire de-
signed to reveal your innermost thoughts regarding club direction for the coming year. Please take the few minutes
required to fill out and return to George in the stamped envelope supplied.

                                                      Page 4
LSS                                                            4.      Year-end awards will be based on the totals of
LONESTAR SOARING SERIES                                        each pilot’s best places from no more than three of the
                                                               four contests scheduled for the season, based on the
                                                               same points as in 3., except that there shall be no
The Lonestar Soaring Series is now in place. Austin,
                                                               points awarded below tenth place. The number of
San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas will each host a sail-
                                                               year-end awards to be given in each class will be de-
plane event with 2 classes, Open and R.E.S. In addition
                                                               termined by the participating clubs’ representatives,
to individual awards at the end of the year for Open and
                                                               based on the total participation in each class for the
R.E.S. we will have a team award. I have attached the
guideline, and if you have any questions please give me
a call. This is going to be a lot of fun, especially the
                                                               5.       Each contestant must declare which club they
Team part. One of the primary purposes of the LSS was
                                                               are flying for at the time of registration for the first
to generate greater activity among the clubs. All events
                                                               contest they enter in a year (the contestant must be
will be 1 day with the exception of Austin, which will
                                                               confirmed as a member of that club by the Club’s
be 2 days. The schedule for 2008 will be Houston on
                                                               President or his representative). A contestant may not
Saturday, May 3rd, Austin on Saturday/Sunday, July 19
                                                               change clubs during the year.
& 20, Dallas on Sunday, September 14, and San Anto-
nio on Saturday, November 15. Look forward to flying
                                                               EXAMPLE OF TEAM SCORING
with you at these events, and like I said earlier, this is
going to be a lot of fun!
                                                               1 ABC     Hawks     10 pts
Henry Bostick
                                                               2 GHI     ASF       9 pts
                                                               3 MNO     ASF       8 pts
                                                               4 STU     Hawks     7 pts
                                                               5 YZA     ASF       6 pts
LONESTAR SOARING                                               6 EFG     Hawks     5 pts
                                                               7 KLM     SLNT      4 pts
FRAMEWORK                                                      1 DEF     SLNT      10 pts
Nov. 30, 2007                                                  2 JKL     HOTSS     9 pts
1.      All (LSS) contests must include Unlimited-             3 PQR     SLNT      8 pts
Open and RES classes as defined by the current AMA             4 VWX     HOTSS     7 pts
rulebook. Each host club shall be responsible for deter-       5 BCD     ASF       6 pts
mining the tasks to be flown and for running their event.      6 HIJ     HOTSS     5 pts
                                                               7 NOP     SLNT      4 pts
2.        Final contest scores and placings, and $1.00
per entry (for year end awards), shall be forwarded to         TOTALS
the (LSS) Scorekeeper in a timely manner. The (LSS)            Hawks (10+7+5) = 22
Scorekeeper will validate the scores, determine year-to-       SLNT (10+8+4) = 22
date standings, and publish official results that will be      ASF (9+8+6) = 23
posted on each club’s website. Trophies (including             HOTSS (9+7+5) = 21
year-end awards) will be redistributed if awarded in er-
ror at a contest.                                              For 2008, the Houston Hawks contest will be in May,
                                                               the ASF in July, SLNT in September, and HOTSS in
3.       The team series scores for each club shall be the     November. Each club will set their own date(s), but
total points for the highest three finishers from the club,    will try to avoid conflicts with monthly contests sche d-
regardless of class. First place in each class shall be        uled by any of the other clubs, as well as with the Mid-
worth 10 points, second place 9 points, third place 8          South (May 24 and 25), the AMA Nats (July 27-Aug.
points, … down to tenth place and below worth 1 point          3), the LSF Masters of Soaring (probably Sept. 20 and
each. The Team Trophy for the year will be awarded to          21), or the TNT (Oct. 11 and 12). Browne Goodwin
the club with the highest total team scores for all four       will serve as the LSS Scorekeeper for compilation of
contests.                                                      year-end points.

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By Pancho Morris
I enjoyed hearing Dan Ahearn talking up and then describing the New Years Day Fun fly this past holiday
season. It brought back some good memories. Many years ago we did that. It was probably even pre-
Eastfield Boomers. We were the original group that grew to organize as the Eastfield Boomers. It was a
cold breezy day and we flew at Eastfield and then went to explore a slope site west of downtown close to
the big Post Office. It was Lone Star Park as I recall, an industrial site just north of the freeway (not the
current racetrack). Two of the members were involved in ultralights and hang gliders and knew of the
place. We didn’t fly there as the winds were not right for the slope that day.

It’s good to see the old ideas coming back around. Now how about some night flying!?

Photo: L-R Steve Stovall, Don Sanders, Pancho Morris, Danielle Riley/Sanders and Ed Warren.
Planes: Super Questor (Airtronics), Drifter (Craft Air), Super Eye Soar (Sureflight), Sagitta 900
(Airtronics) and Square Soar with Super Questor wing (Airtronics)

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Page 7
                                    SOARING TOP GUN 2008
Place            Name       Feb   Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug   Sep TNT Nov   Total Drop 2
  1     Bostick, Henry      12                                            12
  2     King, Dale          11                                            11
  3     Amonett, Rodney     10                                            10
  4     Bennett, Tim         9                                             9
  5     Bourland, John       8                                             8
  6     Tomez, Julian        8                                             8
  7     Hamilton, Jack       7                                             7
  8     Warner, Gary         7                                             7
  9     Burmudez, Tony       6                                             6
 10     Davis, Rob           6                                             6
 11     Claycomb, Arnold     5                                             5
 12     Maserang, Bill       4                                             4
 13     Kennedy. John        3                                             3
 14     Williams, Mark       3                                             3

                                Class-A Man-On-Man TOP GUN 2008
Place            Name       Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep TNT Nov Total    Drop 2
  1     Warner, Gary        11    9                                      20
  2     Bennett, Tim         9   10                                      19
  3     Claycomb, Arnold    10    8                                      18
  4     Hamilton. Jack       7    6                                      13
  5     Lawson, Andrew       8    5                                      13
  6     Ussery, Hal          5    7                                      12
  7     Bourland, John           11                                      11
  8     Moreland, Mike       6    2                                       8
  9     Dixon, Bobby         2    3                                       5
 10     Fisher, Chuck        4    1                                       5
 11     Maserang, Bill       1    4                                       5
 12     Vanderbilt, Chris    3                                            3

                                           Page 8
                               March 2008
Sun              Mon       Tue     Wed           Thu   Fri   Sat

2                3         4       5             6     7     8

9                10        11      12            13    14    15
Monthly Con-
test & Meeting

16               17        18      19            20    21    22
Hand Launch

23               24        25      26            27    28    29

30               31

                                April 2008
Sun              Mon       Tue     Wed           Thu   Fri   Sat

                           1       2             3     4     5

6                7         8       9             10    11    12

13               14        15      16            17    18    19

Monthly          Monthly
Contest          Meeting

20               21        22      23            24    25    26

Hand Launch

27               28        29      30

                                        Page 9
               Soaring League of North Texas
               6544 Greenwich Lane
               Dallas TX 75230

Sunday, March 9th - Monthly Contest & Meeting
Sunday, March 16th - Monthly Hand Launch Contest
                                    DUES ARE DUE

                                 Soaring League of North Texas
                                     2008 Contest Schedule
     Date                        Event                          Class               Contest Director
March 9             Thermal Duration                 Open                        Julian Tamez
April 13            T1 International                 Open                        Mark Williams
May 3               Lone Star SS—Houston             Open and RES
May 4               Seeded Man-on-Man                Open                        Henry Bostick
May 17-18           “Blue Sky” Hand Launch           Open                        Tim Bennett
June 8              Triathlon                        Open and RES                Tim Bennett
July 13             Thermal Duration                 Open                        Perry Dunlap
July 19 & 20        Lone Star SS—Austin              Open and RES
August 10           7-minute Precision Duration      Open                        Jim Taylor
September 14        TNT Warm-up & Lone Star SS       Open and RES                Dan Ahearn
October 18-20 ?     TNT                              Hand Launch, Open and RES
November 9          Man-on-Man                       Open                        Tim Bennett
Novenber 15         Lone Star SS—San Antonio         Open and RES
December 14         Pro-Am                           Open                        Arnold Claycomb

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