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									                                           NAFSA: Association of International Educators
                                                  Region III Interchange

                                                                        Winter 2002
Table of Contents:                             residents in filing federal tax returns.
Letter from PastChair                          And Ratna Widjaja, Director,               Brenda Robati elected
Announcement of Chair-Elect-Elect
Outstanding Service Award
                                               Educational Advising Service in            NAFSA REGION III
Welcome New Members from Chair Elect           Surabaya, Indonesia presented her          Chair-Elect-Elect
Ft. Worth Conference PDP News                  perspectives on the role of overseas
COMSEC                                         advisers in international education.       Congratulations to Brenda Robati
                                                                                          who was elected as Chair-Elect-Elect
NORTH TEXAS                                    The events of September 11 were on         for Region III before the regional
OKLAHOMA                                       the minds on most of the participants      conference in Fort Worth. Brenda is
CIPP-R Message                                 of the conference. The Region team         the Director of the Edmond
Region III New Members
2002 Region III Team Members
                                               added several sessions to assist with      Language Institute that is located on
                                               the process of the integration and         the campus of the University of
                                               healing in the lives of the conference     Central Oklahoma. She has held this
2001 NAFSA                                     participants. Ivor Emmanuel,               position for 6 years.
Region III                                     NAFSA Leadership, and Bill
                                               Phillipp, NAFSA staff facilitated the      Brenda completed her undergraduate
Conference Sets                                town meeting as one of these               education at Oklahoma State
                                                                                          University majoring in psychology
Records!                                       sessions.
                                                                                          and teaching English as a second
By Michael Freeman                             On Thursday night, the conference          language. She completed her MA in
Past Chair, Region III                         hosted a night to experience the           education (TESL) at the University
                                               “New voices in Texas.” The evening         of Central Oklahoma.
The NAFSA: Association of                      began with a very successful silent
International Educators Region III             auction. Participants were then            Brenda has recently served as
Conference held November 7–9,                  hosted to a gourmet Texan dinner           President of OKTESOL – Oklahoma
2001 in Fort Worth, Texas set an all-          followed by lively dance music.            Teachers of English to Speakers of
time record with 437 attendees, 89                                                        Other Languages. She served as the
newcomers, and 37 new members.                 The Region greatly benefited from          OKTESOL member at Large – IEP
                                               the sponsors of the Conference:            representative in 1999.
The conference location in Fort                Macori, Inc (Gold), Texas Christian        Brenda is also an active member of
Worth provided a unique opportunity            University (Gold), SDR Educational         NAFSA: Association of International
for conference participants. On                Consultants (Silver), American             Educators. She has served on the
Wednesday morning, the Texas                   College of Thessaloniki (Bronze),          Regional III Team as the ATESL
Service Center of the Immigration              and International Studies Abroad           Section Representative and
and Naturalization Service hosted a            (Bronze). Maricela Vargas                  participated actively in conference
group of 30 NAFSAns for a tour of              coordinated the development effort         planning and activities.
their facilities. When asked about             for the region this year.
the tour, the participants, staring into
the distance, would comment,                   In closing, I will take this
“Interesting” or “Unbelievable.”               opportunity to thank all the Region
The location of Fort Worth near an
international airport hub also
                                               III Team, John Singleton and his           Regina Henry
                                               local arrangements committee, the
facilitated the participation of many          Sectional Representatives who put          Awarded
national representatives. Members              together the sessions, Beverly Heyen       Outstanding
of the Department of State presented           who put in countless hours as
information on Consular Issues for             Registrar, Teri Albrecht who
                                                                                          Service Award at
both study abroad and foreign                  designed and type set the conference       Regional
student advisers. The Internal                 brochure, the session chairs, the          Conference
Revenue Service sent a                         presenters, and all those who
representative to discuss a pilot              volunteered to make this conference
program for Region III to assist non-          the tremendous success that it was.

    NAFSA Region III Interchange: Spring 2002                     1
Region III awarded Regina Henry
the Plaque for Outstanding Service     Oklahoma State Representative
in the Field of International          Julie Sinclair
Education during the regional          Oklahoma City University                 High Demand for
conference in Fort Worth. Regina
has served Region III as Chair from    South Texas Representative               PDP Continues in
1998-1999 and as CAFSS Rep             Sylvia Medel                             Fort Worth
from1993-1995 and 1996-1997.           University of Texas-San Antonio
                                                                                By Robert Watkins, Past Chair,
After her days as chair, Regina
                                                                                Region III
became a member of NAFSA's             Arkansas State Representative
Trainer Corps, chairing and            Katherine Vlassek
presenting at Professional Practice    Henderson State University
                                                                                Once again Region III NAFSAns
Workshops (PPW's) both regionally
                                                                                demonstrated their keen interest in
and nationally. This year, she is on   Local Arrangements Co-Chair
                                                                                the NAFSA Professional
the local arrangements committee for   Regina Henry
                                                                                Development Program by flocking to
NAFSA's upcoming national              Oklahoma State University
                                                                                four modules scheduled in Fort
conference in San Antonio and will
                                                                                Worth. The perennially popular F-1
co-chair local arrangements for next   Local Arrangements Co-Chair
                                                                                For Beginners and F-1 Second Step
year's regional conference in          Linda Larchick
                                                                                attracted 40 and 38 enrollees
Oklahoma City. As Sue Marlay’s         University of Oklahoma
                                                                                respectively. The maximum set for
nomination stated, “She is a joy to
                                                                                each PDP was 40 so faculty and
work with. She pitches in wherever
                                                                                coordinators held their collective
and whenever she is needed. Yet,
                                                                                breath that space would be found.
she remains cool under pressure. No
                                                                                Sue Marlay of Arkansas State and
matter how many projects she is
                                                                                Rebecca Crowell of Collin County
juggling, she keeps her sense of       New NAFSA Fiscal Year                    Community College co-chaired the
humor. Her performance in the field    Cycle                                    F-1 For Beginners and were joined
of international education is by any
                                                                                by a several knowledgeable Table
definition outstanding and
                                                                                Monitors: Teri Albrecht of The
unquestionably sustained and of a      NAFSA has moved its fiscal year to       University of Texas at Austin,
serious nature.”                       a January 1 to December 31 cycle         Cristen Casey of The University of
                                       rather than July 1 to June 30. This      Texas at Dallas, Christina Friedl
                                       change affects our region in several     from Northlake College of Dallas
                                       ways. First of all, we closed our        Community College District,
                                       fiscal year six months earlier this      Samanthia Spence of Richland
                                       year on December 31, 2001. Maria         College also part of DCCCD, and
Welcome New Team                       Arevalo-Vargas, treasurer for the        Joanna McClellan from The
                                       region, has been working feverously
Members!                               to gather all the income and expenses
                                                                                University of Texas at Arlington.
By Anita Gaines, Chair                 from the Region III Conference in        Dotty Horton from The University of
                                       Fort Worth in order to meet this         North Texas chaired and presented at
                                       deadline. Second, the terms of office    the F-1 Second Step session and was
The Region III team is pleased to      for the team members also ended on       ably assisted by two other presenters:
announce the following new team        December 31. Therefore, Anita            Judy Pennywell of TCU and Leslie
members. We congratulate them and      Gaines assumed her role as Chair for     Thomas of University of North
wish them the best as they begin to    the region beginning January 1,          Texas. The high turn-out challenged
serve our region:                      2002. The benefit of this change is      the chairs and faculty of these two
                                       that she will be able to present         sessions but evaluations revealed that
ADSEC Representative                   herself as Chair for the region during   all performed admirably in the
Sandra Rodriquez                       the year that she is planning the        somewhat close quarters.
SDR Educational Consultants            conference, rather than having to
                                       wait until after the Regional Meeting    The numbers were somewhat smaller
ATESL Representative                   at the Annual conference in May to       for the other two sessions, J-1
Dr. Jane Hughey                        change. Team members will also           Regulations for Beginners, chaired
Texas A&M University                   change at the same time as the Chair,    by Regina Henry of Oklahoma State
                                       which makes for a smoother               University and assisted by Presenter
Two-Year Institution Representative    transition at Team Training in the       Deane Willis of The University of
Dale Montgomery                        spring.                                  Texas at Austin, with Sheila
Northwest Arkansas Community                                                    Robinson of Texas A&M University
College                                                                         serving as Table Monitor and Hiring

Foreign Faculty and Staff that            can really help make the difference     women's rights. The international
Michelle Stelljes of Baylor College       for our students.                       students who created and presented
of Medicine chaired and presented         The International Friendship            the session are busy polishing their
along with Rose Mary Valencia of          Program offers this opportunity to      presentation for the national
The University of Texas Health            community volunteers, staffers and      conference in San Antonio, Texas.
Science Center in Houston. The J-1        educators. Campouts, hotpot suppers     They all are students at Southern
workshop included 24 attendees,           and pot sticker parties give time to    Arkansas University. If some of you
while Hiring Foreign Faculty and          deepen the friendship, which may        did not see the session, you missed a
Staff garnered 21. Thus, over 120         last a lifetime.                        treat. You will get a second chance
Region III folks learned critical                                                 to see it in San Antonio.
information in our profession from a      International students are under
coterie of the top practitioners in the   attack by media and the government.
field. Our Region is rich in talent       They may feel very apprehensive
and this was never displayed more         about even being in our country at
clearly than in Fort Worth at our         this time. They need to know that
PDP offerings. Once again, all            we are their friends and advocates.     SECUSSA Report
involved owe a great debt of              The importance of friendship            By Sandy Crosier
gratitude to Jean Tanimoto of             programs has never been greater.
NAFSA, without whose tireless             Support your students by offering       The NAFSA III Regional
efforts these vital sessions would not    this program and be the first one to    Conference in fort Worth was quite
have succeeded. I hope YOU are            sign up for a student. For more         good. I hope that most of you were
already making plans to attend PDP        information on starting this program,   able to attend. I want to review a
workshops next year in Oklahoma           contact Joan Litzenberger at            couple of highlights from the
City!!                                                     sessions in SECUSSA.

                                                                                  We had a session with Anne Reddon,
                                                                                  a representative of the American
                                                                                  Citizen Section of the State
COMSEC                                                                            Department. Her comments were
The Heart of COMSEC is                    CAFSS Report                            very helpful. First she explained the
Building Friendships                      by Claudia "Penny" Lyons                Consular Information Program
By Joan Litzenberger                                                              provided by the State Department: 1)
                                                                                  Consular information sheets which
                                          CAFSS professionals throughout the      are issued on every country and
Yes, 2002 is just beginning! Events       U.S. are anxiously awaiting the         provide information on entry
are being marked on the calendar.         passage of a bi-partisan bill pending   requirements, visas, medical facts,
Future plans are being made. Yet if       in the Congress that is the direct      crime, and road safety; 2) Public
this year of 2001 has taught us           result of the events of September 11.   Announcements which describe
anything, it is to respect and learn      The bill will have a direct impact on   short-term transnational concerns; 3)
from the past, enjoy the day and          all of the International Offices and    travel warnings that are country
moment that surrounds us and savor        international students. Record          specific and suggests that one defer
our friendships. After all, the heart     keeping is one issue that will          travel into the country.
of COMSEC is building friendships.        certainly impact each office. There     She also discussed the Terrible D’s
Our international friends bring such      will also be closer scrutiny on         and what the Consulate can do in
richness to the fabric of our lives.      students applying for visas. How will   these situations. In the case of death,
With all the bustle of this season and    this affect each of your programs? I    the consulate can help next of kin,
rush to complete this or that plan,       am sure many of your students and       issue a death certificate, and assist
take the time and effort to make an       college administration have asked       with internment abroad. In the case
international friend. Having this         this question. There will be many       of detention, the consulate can make
relationship provides the heart and       questions and interpretations of the    sure the American citizen is treated
soul of our work.                         new bill, so I expect that NAFSA        within the laws of the country, i.e.
                                          will lead the way in getting            fairly within local laws; be sure the
Many in COMSEC are not                    important information to the            person is not treated badly because
“community volunteers”, but staff         international offices. I am thankful    he/she is an American; provide a list
members or professionals with             that NAFSA takes an active role in      of local attorneys; and make sure the
community programming as part of          overseeing legislation that affects     person has legal representation. In
their job description. Sometimes it       international education.                the case of a disappearance, when
takes extra effort to push past the       The Region III session, "Celebrating    the disappearance is reported to the
paperwork and truly get to know a         Women," won the highlight of the        consulate, it can call police and
student as a friend. But as we all        Fort Worth conference in November.      hospitals to try to locate the person.
know, it is these “extra efforts” that    The focus of the session was            Ms. Seddon stressed at this point the

    NAFSA Region III Interchange: Spring 2002               3
need for each person who is abroad         same that is given to                      our state, we are in the planning
in a country for more than two weeks       embassy/consulate employees.               stages of a meeting in West Texas.
register in person with the consulate      There was also a good session on           The meeting held last year in West
as it is important for the consulate       Peace Corps as an Extension of             Texas was very successful and we saw
staff to have seen the person and          Study Abroad. Joseph Garcia of the         a significant increase in attendance at
his/her documents in person.               Dallas office made the presentation.       our State Meeting from this area.
In the case of destitution, the            If you would like more information         This meeting will be held in late
consulate can provide a small loan to      or to speak with Mr. Garcia about          January or early February with a
enable the person to return home and       how Peace Corps can be an                  primary focus on F-1 regulations, as
pay the exit tax or call the family. If    extension of study abroad or how           well as a question/answer period to
a loan is made, a notation is placed       students can benefit from                  cover other matters. We are very
in the passport so that it can be used     participation, you may reach him at        fortunate to have Kristine Combs in
for one reentry into the U.S. only         1-800-424-8580 or                          Canyon assisting us with
until the loan is repaid. Then and .                  arrangements. You should expect an
only then can the passport be used to      The instant issues session was very        informative email providing the
travel outside the U.S. again.             informative and was the best               details of the date, directions to the
Finally, in the case of a disaster         attended session. There were other         venue, and registration materials.
whether natural or man-made, the           informative sessions on office
consulate may issue one of two             organization as the office expands         Texas Southern University in
forms of evacuation. In an                 and collaboration on campus.               Houston has graciously offered to
authorized departure, consulate and        I hope many of you will consider           host the Texas State Meeting on
embassy officer’s dependants can           presenting next year in Oklahoma           March 22. This also is in the planning
leave. An announcement is made to          City.                                      stages; however, we would really
all Americans in the region to think                                                  welcome your presentation offers. If
carefully about conditions and decide                                                 you have something to share or an
whether or not to leave. In an                                                        expertise in a particular area, please
ordered departure, officers must                                                      consider presenting. In a state as large
leave and all Americans are advised        NORTH TEXAS                                and diverse as Texas, there are many
that they should leave. When this                                                     unique ideas developed by different
                                           By Annette Flanagan, North Texas           people that would be of interest to
kind of notification is given,             Representative
Americans should consider that, if                                                    members seeking new ideas for their
embassy and consulate personnel                                                       institutions. The good news is that we
were leaving, there would be no one                                                   have already received some
                                           It was such a pleasure to attend the       presentation offers and suggested
there to help them if things get           record-breaking Region III
worse.                                                                                ideas for presentations.
                                           Conference in Fort Worth. There is         The Region III Meeting in Fort
                                           no doubt that the organizational effort    Worth was the beginning of a very
Other issues she discussed were that       made by Chairman Michael Freeman
the consulate couldn’t assist resident                                                busy time in Texas - while celebrating
                                           and Local Arrangements Chair John          Thanksgiving and Christmas we will
aliens. In a medical situation, the        Singleton in concert with the Region
consulate can assist in making                                                        be planning the Training Session in
                                           III Team contributed to its success.       West Texas, State Meeting in
arrangements for an airbus. The            Congratulations to our Registrar,
consulate cannot, however, pay                                                        Houston and the Annual NAFSA
                                           Beverly Heyen for an incredible job        Convention in San Antonio. If you
hospital bills. They can help to           in handling such an increase in
smooth over ruffled feathers –                                                        have not been able to persuade your
                                           registration with limited warning. This    institution to send you to an Annual
cultural misunderstandings. When           conference may be an indicator of the
considering how much emergency                                                        Convention, this is your year. It is
                                           changes in our profession since the        going to be right here in Texas,
medical evacuation insurance to            tragedy of September 11. It was a
obtain, students should realize that, if                                              lowering your travel costs while the
                                           pleasure to meet so many new people        benefits you will be outstanding.
they must remain prone during the          attending a NAFSA meeting for the
flight, they must pay for 3 first-class                                               There is also a special arrangement
                                           first time. It is now very important for   available on reducing your
tickets. If medical personnel must         educators handling international
accompany them, they must be                                                          registration cost by volunteering to
                                           students and scholars to have all the      assist at the Convention which is an
seated in first-class, too.                necessary training and to remain           excellent to way to meet more
A loan made for repatriation of a          updated on the latest regulations. The     people, have fun and save money all
body can only be used to bring the         situation is changing so quickly, that     at the same time. For details of this
body back to the U.S. And, finally,        the emails on list-serves have been        arrangement, please contact Nancy
there is no double standard for            very helpful to all.                       Ericksen at Trinity University, San
information given out by the
                                                                                      Antonio - We
embassy or consulate. Information          In an effort to assist in providing        look forward to seeing you at these
given to the general public is the         further training in different parts of

meetings.                                 look forward to working with all of       2002. For a complete list of the
OKLAHOMA                                  you as the Oklahoma membership            proposed fees please check the INS
By Linda Larchick, Oklahoma               hosts the conference and provides         website by at:
Representative                            our fellow NAFSAns from Texas,  
                                          Arkansas, and Louisiana a glimpse         rmsfee/feechart.htm
                                          of Oklahoma.
It was great seeing so many
Oklahoma NAFSAns in Fort Worth            See you in Shawnee at the State           ADVISOR Q & A:
and I’m sure we all returned to our       Meeting in March!!
respective schools with tons of                                                     1)What is considered “normal”
useful information and a reenergized                                                processing time?
outlook toward our jobs.
                                                                                    In general the time printed on the
Congratulations to Brenda Robati                                                    receipt or the processing time on the
of The Language Company for                                                         automatic message is a good
being elected Chair Elect Elect to        Fort Worth CIPP                           estimate.
the Region III team. Brenda will be
the Chair of Region III when the
                                          Sessions:                                 Processing times are impacted by
conference is held in New Orleans in      By Deane Willis                           the type and volume of the
2003.                                                                               applications, national priority
                                          We appreciated all the update             directives from Washington, DC,
We had a very productive State            information provided by                   INS overtime budget allocations
Meeting in Fort Worth. Our Annual         representatives from the Department       and contract worker performance at
State Meeting will be on March 7          of State, Department of Labor, and        the Service Center.
and will be hosted by St. Gregory’s       INS Texas Service Center at our
University and Oklahoma Baptist           Region III Conference in Fort Worth.      2) After I fax the Texas Service
University. Spencer Ryan from St.         We were fortunate among the region        Center to inquire on the status of
Greg’ s tells us that they have a new     that we had representatives. Some         an application – How long should I
conference center to meet in. You         reminders to pass along both from         wait before I fax again?
will be receiving additional              the conference and subsequent alerts
information as plans develop.             are:                                      Allow the Service 21 days: 10 days
                                                                                    for the fax to make its way from the
Thanks to all of you who have                                                       machine to the adjudicator, 10 days
volunteered to help with the Region       Updates from INS:                         for the adjudicator to review the file
III Conference to be held at the                                                    or determine where the file is in
Radision and OKC Convention               Fred Puente will be replacing Pat         processing line.
Center in November of 2002.               Jepsen as the TSC liaison. On behalf
Regina and I are compiling a list of      of Region III, Michele Stelljes           Processing Times:
the OKNAFSANS who would like              presented Pat with a gift and letter of
to help with the conference. If you       appreciation. Although she will still     To determine what the actual
were not in Ft. Worth but you would       be at the TSC, her assistance with        normal processing time is for the
like to help with the conference,         our NAFSA representatives will            application you are waiting for –
please feel free to contact either        truly be missed.                          visit the web site below and search
Regina or me.                                                                       by form number.
                                          Be sure that you have the most
As of February 2002, Julie Sinclair       recent fax number for the TSC. Any        Web Site:
from Oklahoma City University             routine issues should be faxed to
will be taking over as your               214/767-7610. If you need a copy of
Oklahoma Representative. I wish           an I-539 or I-765 Inquiry form,           Link to processing-times/tx.html
Julie the best and know she will do a     please contact Deane at
great job. I would also like to thank
all of you for your support during the
last two and a half years that I served
as your Oklahoma Representative to                                                  New Version of form I-539
the Region III team. I will be            INS Processing Times:
staying busy with the Region III          New Fee Proposals to Go Into Effect       New I-539 is now available. The
team this year as Regina Henry from       February 13, 2002                         older version will not be accepted
Oklahoma State University and I are                                                 after 12/31/01. The form is available
co-site coordinators for the              INS has proposed an increase for          from the INS web site at:
                                          application fees. The new fees are
November 2002 conference. We                                              
                                          expected to go into effect February

    NAFSA Region III Interchange: Spring 2002               5
Link to processing-times/tx.html        The State Department announced as
TSC hopes to tackle the I-539           of November 2001 that all men
backlog by making it a priority. A      between ages 16 and 45 from certain     General Info from your CIPP-
batch of more recent applications       Arab and Muslim countries will be       RR’s:
was sent to adjudicating officers in    subject to a waiting period for non-
September, so there may be some         immigrant visa applications that will   Be sure to remind students to carry
applications that have been approved    add an additional period of up to 20    their documents when they travel
out of sequence. If an application      working days to the application         around the U.S. or copies of their
has been pending more than 12           process.                                documents even locally.
months, please contact Deane or
Michele.                                The list of countries reportedly        Your CIPP-RR’s are compiling
                                        includes the following:                 information sheets for each of the
                                                                                district INS offices concerning
News on the O-1                         Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain,          application procedures
                                        Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Indonesia,    (reinstatements, interim EAD’s, etc).
                                        Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon,    Please contact Deane or Michele for
Criteria for O-1 applications will      Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia,          information about your district.
become more stringent according to      Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia,
Pat Jepsen at the TSC. They will be     Turkey, the United Arab Emirates
scrutinizing these applications with    and Yemen.
higher standards than previously
used.                                   This applies to all third country
                                        nationals who have made
Updates from the Exchange               appointments at US Consulates along     Welcome New
Visitor Program:                        the US/Mexican and US/Canadian
                                        Border. Applicants subject to the       NAFSA Region III
New DS-2019 draft has been              new security screening will also be     Members!
available for comments. The             required to complete a new
Exchange Visitor Program proposes       background questionnaire form that
that this form will be available        will cover previous military service    We would like to recognize the
sometime during spring 2002 to          and weapons training, previous          following new members of the Region:
replace the current IAP- 66 forms.      travels and whether the applicant has
                                                                                Mercedes Aguilar, The University Of
Margaret Duell reported that the        previously had any other passports.
                                                                                Texas At San Antonio
initial rounds of redesignations had
been complete (those that were          Cancellation Notices - US Border        John R. Alaniz, University Of Arkansas
originally redesignated in 1993 and     Posts Are Notifying Some Third
early 1994. If your redesignation has   Country Nationals of Cancellation of    Eloy Anaya, University Of Texas Health
been submitted, your program            Appointments.                           Science Center-Houston
should continue without interruption                                            Amy Baide, Louisiana State University
until you hear from them.               NAFSA members and AILA                  International Services Office
Also a reminder from the Exchange       attorneys have been told that U.S.
                                                                                Ronda Ballew
Visitor Program: be sure that the       Consulates along the border of the
name indicated on the IAP- 66           United States have suspended third      Robert Bates, Dallas Theological
matches the passport name. That         country national nonimmigrant visa      Seminary
will be more strictly enforced for      processing and have begun to cancel
visa applications.                      appointments. However, this             Jerry W. Bradley, Lamar University
                                        information is being updated hourly.
Visa Alerts from the State              Department of State does not want       Becky Brandeuburg, Texas Christian
Department:                             certain aliens stranded in Canada and   University-IEP
                                        Mexico during the 20 day clearance
                                                                                Rebecca Brechwald, Oklahoma State
                                        period. Stay tuned.
Be sure to check the latest CIPP
Immigration Advisory on the Region      It is imperative for anyone traveling   William L. Bryan, Baylor College Of
III web site for current updates. The   out of the U.S., who will need a visa   Medicine
latest updates at this time are as      to check the web site of the U.S.
follows:                                consulate or embassy concerning         Keesha Bryant, University Of Arkansas-      processing times and procedures at      Little Rock
rces&NavMenuID=235                                                              Joni C. Bube, Lyon College

                                                                                Jose P. Calzada, Northwood University

Sharon Cardenas, Austin Community                                                      Clyde Stoltenberg, University Of Texas-
College Highland Business Center            Maradee Kern, Louisiana College            San Antonio
Pornthip Chalungsooth, University Of        Diana Klinghagen, Tulsa Community
Arkansas                                    College                                    Jessica Vargas, Louisiana State
                                                                                       UniversityUndergraduate Admissions
Yuri Yaotsung Chih, Cultural Division       Elois Kraatz, University Of Houston-
Taipei Economic & Cultural Office           Victoria                                   Heather Voges, University Of Houston
                                            Dvora Krause, The University Of Texas      International Student Office
Dr Kenneth L. Clinton, The Joe B Hinton     At Dallas                                  Suzanne Weinberger, Oklahoma State
Office Of International Studies                                                        University
                                            Madhuri Kumar, University Of Texas
Barbara A. D'Amico, SMU Cox School          Medical Branch                             Arlette M. Wildman, Midwestern State
Of Business                                                                            University
                                            Denise M. Matos
Courtney Deleon, Texas A & M                                                           Julie A. Wilkins, Louisiana State
University                                  Mr. Carl W. Mclin, The Texas A & M         University-Shreveport
                                            University System Human Resources
Sam Domiano, Southeastern Louisiana                                                    Jennifer April Wood, Tomball College
University                                  Meg Morgan, Arkansas State Universuty
                                                                                       Karen L. Workentin, Bacone College
Marie Downing                               Claire Murphy, The Princeton Review        Gang Yao, Mti College Of Business And
                                            Linda Newman, Kaplan Educational           TechnologyAdmissions
Linda Dzialo, Cameron University            Centers
Shelley Errington, Institute Of                                                        Tricia Young, Parker College Of
International Education                     Lola Orellano-Perez, Texas A & M           Chiropractic
                                            International University
Rosie Espinoza, Texas A&M
International University                    Sarah F.H. Park, Texas Intensive English
Argela Flippo                               The Texas International Education
Cary Fox, Oklahoma State University-
Okmulgee                                    Margaret Parker, Louisiana State
Dr Barbara Gaffney, University Of New
Orleans English Department                  Don Pearson, Oklahoma Wesleyan
Ellen Gaine-Miyoshi                         Erin Pope, Texas A&M University
                                            International Services Department
Jackie Gilles, Texas State Technical
College                                     June Rain, Cameron University
                                            Deedee Rhoden, Devry Institute Of
Amanda E. Gray, University Of Texas         Technology
Health Science Center At San Antonio
                                            Mechelle Aitson Roessler, Rose State
Mary H. Greff, University Of Texas-         College
                                            Mario Rojo Del Busto, Texas A&M
Ana Cha Guzman, Palo Alto College           UniversityInt’l Services Department

Casmin Hicks, Texas A&M University          Ms. Michele Lynn Royer, Louisiana
International Services Department           State University Graduate School

Tammi Higginbotham, Texas A & M -           Irma Rubio, University Of Texas-El Paso
Commerce                                    Academic Services Building

Jonathan Huber, Ouachita Baptist            Luis Sanchez, Florida International
University                                  University

Mariya Hutson, University Of Texas-         Mary V. Shafer, North Harris
Austin International Office                 Montgomery CCD
                                            Student Information Service
Julia Jalbert, University Of Texas Health
Science Center-Houston                      Keenan Sheridan, The University Of
                                            Texas At Austin
Shannon Kawa, University Of Texas-
Austin International Office

     NAFSA Region III Interchange: Spring 2002                 7
                                              817-257-7292 (fax: 817-257-5788)             Dallas, TX 75243-2199
                                              817-257-7293                                 972-238-3789 (fax: 972-682-7018)

                                              2002 REGION III Team Members
Chair 12/03                                   ADSEC Representative 12/03                   CIPP-Co/Representative 12/03
Anita Gaines                                  Sandra Rodriguez                             Michele Stelljes
Director, International Student and Scholar   President                                    Office of International Services
Services                                      SDR Educational Consultants                  Baylor College of Medicine
University of Houston                         10134 Hammerly Boulevard #192                One Baylor Plaza
Houston, Texas 77204-3024                     Houston, TX 77080                            Houston, TX 77030
(fax: 713-743-5079)                           713-460-5344                                 (fax: 713-798-5522)                                         

Chair-Elect 12/04                             ATESL Representative 12/03                   CIPP-Co/Representative 12/03
Brenda Robati                                 Jane Hughey                                  Deane Willis
President, The Language Company               English Language Institute                   Assistant Director, International Office
6801 S. Western, Suite 200                    Texas A&M University                         University of Texas at Austin
Oklahoma City, OK 73139                       College Station, TX 77843-2130               Drawer A, UT Station
(fax: 405-636-0333)                           979-845-7936                                 Austin, TX 78713-8901                                  (fax: 512-471-8848)
Past Chair 12/02                              CAFSS Representative 12/02
Michael Freeman                               Claudia Lyons                                State Representative – Arkansas 12/03
Director, International Programs Office       Director, International Student Admissions   Katherine Vlassek
University of Arkansas                        Southern Arkansas University                 Director of International Program
104 Holcombe Hall                             PO Box 9224                                  Henderson State University
Fayetteville, AR 72701                        Magnolia, AR 71754                           Box 7610
(fax: 479-575-7084)                           (fax: 870-235-5096)                          1100 Henderson Street                                              Arkadelphia, AR 71990-0001
                                                                                           (fax: 501-230-5144)
Treasurer 12/04                               COMSEC Representative 12/02        
Maria C. Arevalo                              Joan Litzenberger
International Consultant, Office of           Program Coordinator, International Student   State Representative – Louisiana 12/02
International Affairs                         And Scholar Services                         Sekaran Murugaiah
University of Texas Medical Branch            University of Houston                        Director, Office of International Affairs
UT Box 55146                                  Houston, TX 77204-3024                       University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Galveston, TX 77555-0140                      (fax: 713-743-5079)                          PO Box 43932
409-772-8690 (fax: 409-747-3952)                                     Lafayette, LA 70504-3932                                                                          (fax: 337-482-6820)
                                              SECUSSA Representative 12/02       
Local Arrangements Co-Chair 12/02             Sandra Crosier
Regina Henry                                  Study Abroad Coordinator, Office of          State Representative – Oklahoma 12/03
Coordinator of Immigration                    International Affairs                        Julie Sinclair
International Student & Scholars              Texas Tech University                        International Student Advisor
076 Student Union                             601 Indiana Ave.                             Oklahoma City University
Stillwater, OK 74078-0437                     Lubbock, TX 79409-5004                       2501 North Blackwelder Avenue
(fax: 405-744-8120)                           (fax: 806-742-1286)                          Oklahoma City, OK 73106                                  (fax: 405-521-5946)
Local Arrangements Co-Chair 12/02             Two-Year Institution Representative 12/03
Linda Larchick                                Dale Montgomery                              State Representative – North Texas 12/02
International Admissions Officer, Office of   Director                                     Annette Flanagan
Admissions, University of Oklahoma            Student Development Outreach                 Administrator, International Office
Buchanan Hall Room 127                        Northwest Arkansas Community College         The University of Texas Southwestern
1000 Asp Ave.                                 One College Drive                            Medical Center
Norman, OK 73019-4076                         Bentonville, AR 72712                        5323 Harry Hines Blvd., Room B.4
405-325-0494 (fax: 405-325-7124)              479-619-4234                                 Dallas, TX 75390-9011                                           (fax: 214-648-2102)
Registrar 12/04                               TechSIG Representative 12/02
Lou E. Hara                                   Tim Huff                                     State Representative – South Texas 12/03
International Program                         Coordinator, International Students and      Sylvia M. Medel
202 Whitehurst                                Scholars                                     Assistant Director
Oklahoma State University-Stillwater          Oklahoma State University                    Office of International Programs
Stillwater, OK 74078                          076 Student Union                            The University of Texas at San Antonio
405-744-6368 (fax: 405-744--0355)             Stillwater, OK 74078                         6900 N. Loop 1604 West                           (fax: 405-744-8120)                          San Antonio, TX 78249
                                                                 (fax: 210-458-7222)
Development 12/04                                                                
John Singleton                                Newsletter Editor 12/02
Director, International Student Service       Samanthia Spence
Texas Christian University                    Instructional Specialist II
TCU Box 297003                                Richland College
Fort Worth, TX 76129                          12800 Abrams Road

Update 1/29/02

     NAFSA Region III Interchange: Spring 2002   9

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