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									                                                                                         Pilot Cutover
                                                                        Initiation of ESI-ID switching

Texas Competitive Market Infrastructure Program

1. Issue statement
Delivery of the 814_20 and 814_01 transactions associated with the switch requests that have accumulated during
the volunteer period needs to be sequenced so that:
 ERCOT can handle the projected volume
 Customers are switched as early as possible .

2. Background
REP perspective:
 REPs have been soliciting customer switches since 2/15. We assume that by 6/1 there will be a significant
   backlog of switch requests ready to be processed by ERCOT.
 REPs will want all customers they have solicited to be switched as early as possible.

ERCOT perspective
 ERCOT assumed a daily volume of around 6,000 switches during the full market (based on a 20% annualized
   rate on 7.5m ESI-Ids)
 If the same assumptions were applied to the volunteer period (3.5 months of solicitation of 5% of the customer
   base) we would expect around 15,000 switches to have accumulated by 6/1
 Alternatively, assume all 5% of the C&I customers (say 5% of 10% = 37,500) and a similar number of
   residential customers will switch = 75,000 in total
 Assuming this ‘worst case’, and assuming that the scheduled meter read date for these ESI-Ids is spread evenly
   across a 20 day meter read cycle, we can expect 3,750 switch requests per read date, plus 3,750 associated
   maintain ESI-ID eligibility date transactions
 For each of these switch requests, there will be an prior 814_20 transaction to change the eligibility date of the
 Hence there is a risk of a significantly larger volume of transactions at 6/1 than was planned in regular
   production operations post 1/1/02
 ERCOT is uncomfortable with the risk associated with attempting to process this increased volume on the first
   day of full production operation of the systems.

3. Timeline for pre-requisite activities
ERCOT plans to have ESI-Ids loaded into Siebel and LODESTAR, and to be performing production processing of
814_20 create/maintain ESI_ID transactions, and of 867_03 usage transactions, by May 7. ERCOT’s goal is that by
this date the backlog of ESI-ID maintenance and usage transactions which the TDSPs have been building since the
extraction of the initial conversion data we will be cleared. Hence ERCOT will be ‘day for day’ at that point – each
day’s transactions will be processed that night

The schedule for ITPTA testing of retail market participants shows completion of Flight 1 (which tests the core
processes required for the Pilot) is due to be complete by May 3.

4. Recommendation & Assumptions
We recommend that, to meet the objectives of the market participants at least risk:
 TDSPs submit the 814_20 maintain eligibility date transactions during the conversion period along with the
    867_03 and the 814_20 create/maintain new transactions.
    ERCOT will store those transactions until April 27.
    During April 30 through May 6, ERCOT will begin processing these stored transactions.
    Beginning May 7 ERCOT processes the transactions on a day to day basis.

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                                                                                          Pilot Cutover
                                                                         Initiation of ESI-ID switching

Texas Competitive Market Infrastructure Program

 In the 814_20 transaction, TDSPs set the eligibility date of an ESI-Ids that have volunteered for the Pilot to June
  1, 2001.
 REPS submit switch requests on May 31, 2001 batched in files that contain no more than 1,000 transactions per
 To manage the abnormally high volume of switches anticipated on May 31, ERCOT will begin processing
  batches from REP mailboxes, taking one batch from a REP mailbox and moving to the next REP mailbox until
  all transactions are processed. Given the anticipated switch volume this means that several days will elapse
  before ERCOT completes processing the transactions that are sent on May 31.

NOTE: If the switch is for a residential customer (and it is processed in the first day by ERCOT) the earliest
possible date for the switch to be effective is June 12 (due to the customer cancellation period of 11 days)
If the switch is for a non-residential customer (and it is processed in the first day by ERCOT) then the switch could
occur on the customer’s next meter read after June 5, 2001.

The approach assumes the following:

 Conversion of initial load of ESI-Ids and usage, and the processing of the accumulated backlog of ESI-ID
  create/maintain and usage transactions, is complete by May 7 and we are ‘day for day’
 Participants are ready to process Scenario A1 transactions in their production environments by May 31
 All REPs who intend to submit switches have successfully completed ITPTA Flight 1 testing, as have all
 TDSPs are willing and able to send 814_20 eligibility date transaction prior to 5/30.

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