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    Statement from the founder
                                                                                            Stop Chile!
    10 Point Plan                                                    By Jeffrey C. King
                                                                                            not those Labels again
                                                                                            By Steven Palmer

                                                                                                         ay! Homosexual! Sissy!            govern your own sense of self respect

                                                                                                         SGL! Bi-sexual! These are         by being courageous in authentic
                 elcome to 2008. It is with a   My Style, The GAAME Plan, and the                        labels incited within a culture   expression. Accept that you are not
                 great sense of accomplish-     NIA Project.                                             where everything and every-       your ego, nor should you be subject to
                 ment that we existed 2007           ▲ Develop , staff, and implement       one is separated, defined, categorized         its maniacal immature tantrums used to
                 and turned the page to an      a Statewide Black Gay men’s Taskforce       and scrutinized for value, understand-         defend itself to others who exhibit the
    even more successful year of focused        that will address a multitude of issues     ing and identity. However, does your           same. How people label you in their
    work as In The Meantime.                    to include community building, the          sexuality really need to be defined?           head is none of your business. There-
         We spent the last six months of        church, the Black community, the gay              Labels can incite a plethora of          fore, let your power be in your response
    2007 planning and strategizing about        community, policy, advocacy, research,      contradictory interpretations and as-          that is governed by the strengthen-
    the future of In The Meantime. We           and general Health specific to Black        sociations that vary from negative to          ing spiritual ideas and principles you
    asked our Board of Directors for direc-     gay, SGL, and bi-sexual men.                positive. In a nutshell, every one is free     have aligned with in your conscious-
    tion. We asked you the community for             ▲ Fund and maintain our Social         to perceive, judge and formulate views         ness. There is nothing more defining
    your ideas that now shape our current       justice Bill Board Campaign that will       within the paradigm of their own under-        and powerful than being and achieving
    2008-2012 scope of work.                    focus on general community educa-           standing. Therefore, we can sometimes          your highest where you feel good about
         We hold steadfast in the present       tion and combating stigma relative to       find ourselves wasting valuable time           yourself, before others. You did not ask
    with a five year, ten point plan that we    homophobia, and HIV/AIDS.                   and energy defending or shrinking un-          for anyone’s permission to be born into
    will strategically implement one step            ▲ Fund and future grow our exist-      comfortably within ourselves before a          this world, nor should you ask for their
    at a time.                                  ing Crystal Meth Campaign, The SOLA         sea of relative meanings coming from a         permission to be defined and accepted
         Within the next five years In The      Meth Taskforce.                             society stubbornly entrenched in vary-         by them while you exist in this world.
    Meantime will actualize its 10 point             ▲ Develop and implement a solid        ing levels of understanding.                   You are what you are and this is a label
    plan to:                                    sustainable fundraising campaign and              So what shall you be called? Call        that is beyond description.
         ▲ Secure additional space to           diversify funding streams.                  yourself NOTHING because in the
    house In The Meantime’s full score               We need your support to make           fluidity and infinite space of sexuality,      Steven Palmer, a Life Coach, can be
    of work.                                    these ideas a reality. Focus your atten-    which is only the expression of energy,        reached at
         ▲ Develop a Mental Health/ Case        tion on what is good about our commu-       is a whole lot of something for you to
    Management Program that focuses             nity and how we can collectively make       pick out and digest confidently without
    on the needs of Black SGL, gay and          it even better.                             the feed back of others disrupting your
    bi-sexual men.                                   To support this movement please        peace.
         ▲ Train and develop new and            contact our office at 323-733-4868, or            Identity is a matter of the
    existing staff to facilitate onsite HIV/    mail your fully tax- deductible contribu-   ideas, images,
    AIDS rapid testing.                         tion to In The Meantime Men’s Group,        and expressions
         ▲ Develop a Youth Recreational/        Inc., P.O. Box 29861, LA CA 90029.          one exhibits and
    Drop in Center to house our mentorship                                                  aligns them-
    program, and computer training lab.                                   Jeffrey C. King   selves to in
    This space will be used to offer job                                  is the Founder    their life.
                                                                          and Executive
    preparedness, and life skills develop-                                Director of In    Take
    ment trainings.                                                       The Meantime      charge
         ▲ Facilitate meaningful research                                 Men’s Group,      and
    addressing Black gay, SGL, and bi-                                    Inc.
    sexual men.
         ▲ Refine and future evaluate our
    existing Prevention Programs: My Life

2                                                                                                                                                                                     3
                                                                                               Start                                             MY LIFE.
                                                                                               Today                                             MY STYLE.
                                                                                                                                                   A New Healthy Option
                                                                                                                                                 for Brothers Ages 18-29

                                               Let God
                                                                                               By rev. Gerald Green
                                                                                                                                              n Bi-monthly meetings
                                                                                                                                                  (open to all gay, SGL, bisexual

                                                                                                                                                   brothers ages 18-29)

                                               Handle It
                                                                                                             any times some of us allow
                                                                                                             others to define who we are      n Hot social events!!
                                                                                                             and what we should do with       n Attend empowerment
                                                                                                             our lives. Yet, our higher         groups and earn
                                                                                               power (God/Love/Ultimate Reality)
                                               By flex
                                                                                               speaks to our heart each day to where
                                                                                                                                                                         In the Meantime Men’s Group
                                                                                               we ought to go. For years I searcherd                                     4067 W. Pico Blvd.,
                                                                                                                                                                         Los Angeles, California 90019
                                                                                               outside of myself to fill the empty space

                 ne day Mary, Jesus’ mother    works in mysterious ways? The bible             inside. I sought validation through sex                         
                 revealed to her fiancé Jo-    tells us “For my thoughts are not your          in parks, bought friends with gifts who
                 seph that she was pregnant.   thoughts, neither are your ways my              didn’t care, tried to be all to family mem-
                 Now the interesting thing     ways, saith the LORD.” (Isaiah 55:8)            bers only to find myself bankrupt.

    was that she had never had sex be-         Usually when we try to handle things                 Then I had an encounter with the                                                                                            the fa
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                HIV is

    fore. I’m sure Joseph himself was now      out all by ourselves we’ll eventually           Spirit of God that dwells within. The                                                                                            • Durin
                                                                                               power of love turned my life around. As                                                                                            interc
    starting to deal with his own thoughts     cause a mess. But when we give God                                                                                                                                               • Whe

    and said to Mary, “How can you be          the permission to not only figure things        one has a moment of enlightenment,                                                                                               • HIV i
    pregnant if we’ve never slept together.”   out, but to handle things as well He’ll         they become empowered to make a                                                                                                  • You c
    Mary probably wasn’t quite sure herself    always cause things to turn out Ok. As          change for their highest good. One                                                                                               • Over
                                                                                                                                                                  For Black Men                                                   syste
    what to tell Joseph except that she was    you begin the 2008 New Year don’t               must be aware of how the law of attrac-                            of All Ages                                                   • AIDS
    conceived through the Holy Spirit.         forget to include Him in your daily             tion plays a role in our present and fu-                           Social Discussion                                               Synd
                                                                                                                                                                  Relaxed Atmosphere                                              lowe
         Now because Mary and Joseph           plans. Whatever you may be facing let           ture reality. The power of what we think                                                                                           Only
    never had sex with each other before       me encourage you to let God handle it.          can determine what we experience.                                                                                                  give
                                                                                                                                                                  $100 upon completion                                          reduc
    it couldn’t be humanly logical for her     You’ll be glad you did.                              Today I want to encourage us to                               Attendance must be confirmed                                  • Use
    to become pregnant, especially if she            Take care and “be blessed.”               be honest wit ourselves, forgiving with                            4067 W. Pico Blvd.                                              or or
                                                                                                                                                                  Los Angeles, CA 90019                                         • Corr
    was supposed to have been a virgin.                                                        ourselves and loving ourselves. God/                               (Secured parking at Catch One)                                  tect y
    But because Joseph cared so much           Flex is the founder of BrothasNDaSpirit         Love/Reality isn’t somewhere judging                                                                                               herp
                                                                                                                                                                  For more information                                          Condo
    for Mary and he didn’t want her to be      Ministries. His ministry is designed to help    us, but loving us.                                                 323-733-4868                                                  • Use
                                               men who deal with life struggles relating to         Empowerment starts today. Let’s                                                           • Store
    talked about or made fun of, he started                                                                                                             
                                               their sexual orientation and their personal                                                                                                                                      • Chec
    making plans to take and have Mary         relationship with God. BrothasNDaSpirit
                                                                                               be free.                                       In The Meantime
                                                                                                                                                                  Funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and            • Only
                                                                                                                                                                  Prevention and the County of Los Angeles, Department of
                                                                                                                                              Men’s Group, Inc.                                                                   brea
    sent away to a private location. There     ‘online’ is “empowering brothas with knowl-
                                                                                                                                                                  Public Health, Office of AIDS Programs and Policy

    she would remain until after she would                             edge and tools to                          R ev. G e ra ld G r e e n
    have delivered her baby. But while Jo-                             change their world.”                       is an openly bisexual
                                                                       For these and other                        preacher who serves
    seph was asleep one night, an angle of                             encouraging word                           as the Assistant Pastor
    the Lord spoke to him in a dream and                               products please                            at Unity Fellowship of
    said, “fear not to take unto thee Mary                             visit www.BrothasN-                        Christ Church. He is a
    thy wife: for that which is conceived in                  or write                      native of Los Angeles
                                                                       to BrothasNDaSpirit                        and is currently attend-
    her is of the Holy Ghost.”                                                                                    ing West Los Angeles
                                                                       Ministries PO Box
         Isn’t it so amazing how when we                               93401 Los Angeles,                         College majoring in
    think we’ve got God all figured out He                             CA 90093.                                  Liberal Arts Studies.

4                                                                                                                                                                                                                           5
    Ignore the World
    andListen to God
    By herndon L. davis

                                   ometimes we make the mis-          pursue our dreams and aspirations or          does not matter what the preacher,
                                   take of listening to others        allow ourselves to evolve into the full       teacher, deacon, mama, daddy, sister,
                                   who present themselves as          glory of our destiny. Instead many of         cousin, aunt, uncle, grandparents, co-
                                   representatives of God instead     us will allow our insecurities, self-doubt,   workers, best friend, nosey neighbor
                          listening to God him/herself directly.      paranoia, depression, angst, conflicts        all have to say.
                          As a result some of us will try to mold,    and warring consciousness about our                What only matters is our relation-
                          bend, stretch, compress, and rebuild        sexuality to stop us at every pass, in-       ship with the Creator of the universe,
                          ours lives altogether in order to fit the   tersection and curve of life.                 the life of all life, and the ruler of man-
                          perceptions, expectations and the com-           But there is a solution. The solution    kind, our one and true God. Through
                          fort levels of other people, institutions   starts today. The solution starts now.        our God both you and I can become
                          and entire societies.                            We must always remember that             absolutely anything and everything!
                                We spend and waste our precious       when the world tells us that we can’t; we          Through our relationship with God
                          and valuable time trying to impress         must stand up and declare to ourselves        we can celebrate the diversity and the
                          other people instead living our lives       that we can and that we will.                 love that was placed in our person-
                          for God. We become obsessed with                 When the world says that we must         hood.
                          pleasing others instead of becoming         change who we inherently are in order              And through this relationship we
                          obsessed with pleasing our divine Cre-      to succeed in life; we must instantly         can celebrate ourselves! We can cel-
                          ator. And then we attempt to become         know that our gifts, talents and re-          ebrate being gay and still continue to
                          religious by living up to a set of rigid    sources will always make room for us          soar as emanations of God. I lovingly
                          rules that mostly were ordained by man      as beautiful God-ordained beings.             thank the Creator for this precious gift
                          and not by God.                                  When the world says that our life        while I continue to ignore the rest of
                                Even worse we sometimes will          must be repudiated in order to have joy       world that says otherwise. And so I
                          allow other people to use our sexual-       and happiness; we must quickly revel          invite you to do the same.
                          ity as the ultimate and the only object     in the knowledge that our joy comes
                          and sole essence of who we are. And         from the inside and that it is tied to our                         Herndon L. Davis is
                          sadly we allow the brilliance of our        connection to God and not through our                              an author, lecturer
                                                                                                                                         and TV/Radio Host.
                          God-self to be reduced, diminished,         connection to our fellow man.                                      He can be reached
                          and condemned to our sexual activity             Finally we must remember that our                             directly at www.hern-
                          instead of being uplifted by the value of   relationship with the most High God is                   
                          our internal worth.                         the only thing that counts, matters and
                                As a result many of us will never     ever should be considered. It simply

6                                                                                                                                                                 7
                                                                                            investigations, unexplained hickies,               There are hints in the story that
                                                                                            and the plain old capriciousness of          even before Kenny’s cheating fireman,
                                                                                            youth, keep Kenny in a tailspin. But         he was batting zero in the romance
                                                                                            even as best friends Carlos, and even        department although he’d been up to
                                                                                            his mother caution him about being           bat several times. As we listen closely

    Right Side of the                                                                       on the right side of the wrong bed
                                                                                            (“Do I have to come down there and
                                                                                            slap some sense into you?” straight-
                                                                                                                                         to his narration, we come to realize that
                                                                                                                                         Kenny is just a poor sap in deep denial
                                                                                                                                         who should have stayed a little longer in

    Wrong Bed
                                                                                            shooting Mom warns him), Kenny is,           the therapy he was once undergoing.
                                                                                            alas, stuck on stupid when it comes                The story breezes along gleefully
                                                                                            to Jeremy.                                   though, fueled by Kenny’s endearing,
                                                                                                 And one can almost see why.             if frustrating emotional bumbling, and
                                                                                            Almost. Aside from his golden good           Jeremy’s charming and irresponsible
                                                                                            looks, Jeremy is a passionate lover who      youth, but just when it seems that there
    A novel by Frederick Smith
                                                                                            is sexually accommodating in every           may be a glimmer of hope for these
    Kensington Publishing Corp.
                                                                                            way imaginable. He is young and proud,       May-December lovers, tragedy strikes,
    260 pages
                                                                                            a macho young homosexual very much           adding an unexpected but deeply mov-
    Reviewed by Stanley Bennett Clay
                                                                                            in touch with his sensitive side, and not    ing poignancy.

                                                                                            the least bit concerned with the public            Late in the story, writer Smith gives
                 f the top ten major cities in
                                                                                            display of affection when it comes to his    Kenny a beautifully rendered thought
                 America, Los Angeles is ar-
                                                                                            man which he lavishes with hugs and          on all the beds we occupy through life,
                 guably the least ghettoized.
                                                                                            sloppy kisses at taco stands, in front       and how we must take responsibility for
                 In the core metropolis few
                                                      When it comes to love our narrator    of chi-chi gyms, at family gatherings,       the beds we make for ourselves (even
    neighborhoods have an overwhelm-
                                                 Kenny Kane, a handsome thirty-three-       on campus, anywhere he feels like it,        though emotionally, I doubt if Kenny
    ing predominance of one ethnic/
                                                 year-old African American and other-       which is everywhere, knowing that his        ever bothered to change a sheet).
    cultural/social group over another,
                                                 wise intelligent college administrator,    youthfulness is giving his older lover a     Nonetheless, this is the best piece of
    particularly when it comes to people
                                                 is an educated fool. Not only did he       new shot in the arm.                         writing in a novel that overall consists
    of color. African-Americans, Latinos,
                                                 not see it coming, but financed court           And Jeremy is very smart for his        of wonderful and easily digestible
    Asians, Caribbeans, Eastern Euro-
                                                 cost and paternity suit battles leveled    age (if not very mature), and talented,      prose; fast paced, at times funny, very
    peans, whites, straights, openly gay
                                                 against DaVon, his drop dead gor-          a poet who was a contestant on “Teen         conversational, and human.
    men and lesbians, Muslims, Jews, and
                                                 geous firefighter partner of six years     Jeopardy.” He is loyal to his family and           I suppose that’s what makes us
    folks of every imaginable multi-racial
                                                 who had at least three children by two     friends (if not to his lovers, of which he   like Kenny, in spite of all his misstep,
    combination comfortably share—there
                                                 baby-mamas during the time of their        has many) and dedicated to his college       bad judgments, and denial; and why we
    are exceptions of course—common
                                                 ‘committed’ relationship. Only after all   studies and efficient at his job as a stu-   like Jeremy, in spite of all his naughty,
    walls, fences, block parties, neighbor-
                                                 of this does Kenny put the brother out     dent affairs aide for a city college.        childish little ways. They both possess
    hood watches, schools, restaurants,
                                                 of his sprawling home in the toney hills                                                that special save: humanity.
    nightclubs, barbershops, day care
    centers, and gossip. Even one of the
    city’s most popular churches, Agape’,
                                                 of Monterey Park.
                                                      Five months later at a gay bar in
                                                 West Hollywood, Kenny is hit on by
                                                                                            B    ut the kid has a lot of problems,
                                                                                                 most of them related to just growing
                                                                                            up. Eventually we realize that Kenny
                                                                                                                                         Stanley Bennett Clay has received three
                                                                                                                                         NAACP Theatre Awards for writing, di-
    boasts an SRO rainbow coalition each                                                                                                 recting, and coproducing the critically
                                                 Jeremy Lopez, a six feet tall, baggy       has not grown up either, as he forgives
    Sunday morning. L.A. is quintessential                                                                                                                     acclaimed play
                                                 low-rise jean wearing, twenty-one-year-    almost unforgivable transgressions and                             R i t ua l , as we l l
                                                 old Mexican/Dominican straight up          totes too much of Jeremy’s devil-may-                              as a Pan African
         It is against the colorful backdrop                                                                                                                   Film Festival Jury
                                                 East L.A. hottie boy-toy. Sparks fly and   care baggage, not to mention a lot of
    of this ditzy but delightful city where no                                                                                                                 Award for the film
                                                 before he knows what hits him, Kenny       his own, time and time again.
    one is really black or white, that Fred-                                                                                                                   adaptation. The
                                                 is caught up in a whirlwind of sex and          But as exasperating as Kenny can                              author of Diva and
    erick Smith sets his ditzy but delightful
                                                 romance with this youngster.               be (like his mother, we want to slap                               In Search of Pretty
    sophomore novel, “Right Side of the
                                                      But one incident after another        some sense in him too) the poor guy                                Young Black Men,
    Wrong Bed,” a story where nothing is                                                                                                                       he lives in Los An-
                                                 involving drunken club hopping, police-    is just unlucky at love, even though he
    really black or white or exactly what it                                                                                                                   geles. His latest
                                                 raided frat parties, jealous ex’s, arson   tends to bring the bad luck on himself.
    may seem.                                                                                                                                                  novel is Looker.

8                                                                                                                                                                                       9
     In The Meantime News
     and Events All Over L.A.
                                               ITMT Presents at                                                                        King Day Celebration
                                               AAMSM in Oakland                                                                        Features Celebrities
                                               Kudos to In The Meantime’s dream                                                        In The Meantime welcomed the new
                                               team Greg Wilson and Otis Nelson as                                                     year of 2008 with an inspirational King
                                               they were featured presenters at the                                                    Day Celebration held on January 15th
                                               Oakland AAMSM HIV/AIDS Conference.                                                      that featured three amazing speakers,
                                               They presented FUBU, Designing and                                                      Rev. Jenenne MacKline, of Living In
                                               implementing Home Grown Intervention                                                    The Light Ministry, Doug Spearman of
                                               specifically for African American gay       annual Community Town Hall Forum,           Noah’s Arc, and the one and only Valerie
                                               men. Can you say smashing?                  Bridging The Gap, The Black Community       Spencer, founder of xxxxxxxxxxxxx.
                                                                                           and Research, moderated by Nina T.          Tim MacAfee Lewis and his soulful

                                               Presidential Dialogue                       Harawa, MPH, Ph.D., highlighting local
                                                                                           research presentations by Trista A.
                                                                                                                                       vocal group lifted the house with a
                                                                                                                                       combination of gospel, and R&B.
                                               at Lucy Florence                            Bingham, MPH, M.S., Greg Wilson, In
                                                                                           The Meantime’s Program Coordinator,
                                                                                                                                            Three awards were presented to
                                                                                                                                       community leaders and humanitians
                                               In The Meantime was excited to              and John K. Williams, M.D.                  that contributed immensely to the Black

     Anniversary and                           participate in one of the ground breaking
                                               community event that was hosted at
                                                                                                Then came National Love Day,
                                                                                           (Valentines Day), and in honor of the
                                                                                                                                       community wellness that included:
                                                                                                                                       Maurice Jamal, Cynthia Davis, and

     Kwanzaa Celebrated                        the Historic Lucy Florence community
                                               room and Coffee House. Jasamyne
                                                                                           season of Love, In The Meantime se-
                                                                                           cured Jenenne MacKline to host a two
                                                                                                                                       Wendell Carmichael. The Gay and
                                                                                                                                       Lesbian Centers Village at Ed Gould
     In The Meantime closed 2007 in great      Cannick facilitated an amazing panel        part series on Self Love, the Newly Wed     continues to be a perfect fit to host the
     style and purpose as we celebrated both   of community activist that featured         Game for young Black gay men, The           King Day Celebration. More than 150
     eight years and eighth Annual Kwanzaa     Executive Director of In The Meantime,      Dating Game Show for young Black            community members were present to
     Celebration at the posh community         Jeffrey King, Jewel Thais Williams,         gay men, a night of chocolate roses at      experience what will go down in In The
     venue, Vintage Hollywood.                 xxxxxxxxxxxxx. Obama got the most           Club Metro’s for KISS, where we spon-       Meantime’s history as the most memo-
          More than 100 community mem-         votes from the room of community            sored the Sexy Lips Contest a focus on      rable King Day Celebration ever.
     bers and program participants join the    members who braved the pouring rain         celebrating every aspect of who we are
     staff and board of directors of In The    to be present and active in a powerfully    with a focus on the full lips that use to
     Meantime for a late Sunday afternoon      spirited dialogue on the Black SGL          bring Black people shame.
     of reflection, lighting of the seven      community and the primary election.              In The Meantime hosted the open-
     Kwanzaa Candles, an amazing buffet                                                    ing session along with Sisters xxxxxxxx
     prepared by Teddy’s Chef Services, a
     over view on the theme was presented      ITMT Hosts                                  at the Power World Conference where
                                                                                           we brought young Black gay men and
     by Steven Palmer.
           We closed the evening with a
                                               Community Events                            women together with elders. In The
                                                                                           Meantime was pleased to provide 10
     champaign toast and dancing to the        The Month of February 2008 brought          deserving young people scholarships
     tunes of DJ Ki Ki. The evening left no    the National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness       to attend this history making confer-
     stones unturned.                          Day, In The Meantime hosted its 5th         ence experience.

10                                                                                                                                                                                 11
          for March for the Year
                                                                                      The ITMT
                                                                                      Spirituality Poll
     Tu e s d a y M a r c h 4 , 2 0 0 8        Thursday, March 20, 2008,
                                                                                      Are you a Christian?
                                                                                      No: 19%
                                                                                      Yes: 81%

     HIV & the Black community: A His-         Spring Begins/ BOUNCE II
     torical Perspective, This educational     Roller Skate Party
     presentation will engage participants     Time/ Location: TBA                    Do you attend a traditional
     in a fuller discussion on the historic                                           religious church or institution?

                                                                                                        Joy for
     movement of HIV/AIDS in the Black         Tuesday, July 1, 2008                  No: 31%
     Community and where we are to-            In The Meantime Annual Pride           Yes: 69%
     day. Facilitated by Richard Hamilton      Reception

                                               Time/ Location: TBA                    Do you feel supported by your
     Tu e s d a y M a r c h 11 , 2 0 0 8                                              church?
     All about Me, This inner active ses-      Friday, August 8, 2008,                No: 44%
     sion will explore, likes/dislikes about   Wellness for Life Black Men’s Health   Yes: 56%
     key members of your family. You will      Conference
     explore your deepest feelings about       Opening VIP Reception                  What is the name of your                 By rev. Jenenne r. macklin

     your relationship with your parents       Time/ Location: TBA                    church?
                                                                                      Agape                                               hat an exciting way to
     and/or siblings. This session will
                                                                                      Full Havest International                           live your life with heart,
     be based on a unique question and         Saturday, August 9, 2008,
                                                                                      West Angeles                                        passion and joy. living
     answer book written by Philipp Keel.      Wellness for Life Black Men’s Health
                                                                                      unity fellowship                                    with heart you keep your
                                                                                      First Lutheran                       heart open and live in the realm of
     Tu e s d a y M a r c h 18 , 2 0 0 8       Conference
                                                                                      Living In The Light Ministry         possibilities. it would call you not to
     All about Me, This inner active session   Time/ Location: TBA
                                                                                      First AME                            hold anything against yourself or oth-
     will explore your views and perspec-
                                                                                                                           ers. living with passion you make the
     tives on GOD. Describe God; describe      Friday, September 12- Sunday 14,
                                                                                      Do you attend a church that          choice daily to live an authentic life,
     your most spiritual moment, how do you    2008
                                                                                      supports all people and their life   with integrity anchored in your truth.
     picture the end of the World? These are   9th Annual Umoja Retreat
                                                                                      styles?                              living with joy you hold total apprecia-
     some of the questions that will frame     Time/ Location: TBA
                                                                                      No: 31%                              tion for your life, all life, knowing that at
     this interactive session. This session
                                                                                      Yes: 69%                             its core life is the all pervading energy
     will based a unique question and          Wednesday, October 29, 2008
                                                                                                                           of Spirit, and goodness and it—joy
     answer book written by Philipp Keel.      The Black Party, ‘The MASK’
                                                                                      Are you active in the church?        is more permanent than happiness.
                                               Time/ Location: TBA
     Tu e s d a y M a r c h   25,    2008                                             No: 37%
                                                                                                                                              Rev. Jenenne R. Macklin
     Open Group                                Sunday, December 28, 2008              Yes: 63%                                                is Founder and Spiritual
                                               Kwanzaa, 9th Year Anniversary                                                                  Leader of Living in the
                                               Celebration                            Does heaven and hell exist after                        Light Ministry in Los An-
                                                                                      life?                                                   geles, California.
                                               Time/ Location: TBA
                                                                                      No: 37%
                                                                                      Yes: 63%

12                                                                                                                                                                         13