Suwannee Basin by decree


									                              ACEPD's Suwannee River Basin (SRB) Water Quality Monitoring Stations (March 2008)
                                                                                                                  Quarterly Sampling            Lat/lon
    Station ID                             Station Description                           Latitude    Longitude                          Datum
                                                                                                                     Parameters                 g Date
                    From NW 73rd Ave take your 1st left into San Felasco County
                                                                                                                  Field, Flow, Micro,
BLUCOPK             Park (need County Key #7555); sample approx 30 meters              29.71707      -82.39299                          WGS84 7/11/05
                                                                                                                  Surface Water
                    upstream of wooden bridge (0.4 miles from gate).
                    From NW 53rd Ave take the 1st right into the park after passing
                    the parking area. Go right (pass the kiosk). Yield to the left
                    (Blue/Yellow trail). Keep going under the powerlines. Go right on                             Field, Flow, Micro,
BLUOTTER                                                                              29.73889       -82.43648                          NAD83 7/21/05
                    blue trail. Stay right at fork. Left into DO NOT ENTER area near                              Surface Water
                    the sinkholes. Park near gage and follow footpath to sink. Sample
                    near staff gage.

                    Site is on US 441, south of Moltech and north of 25A; sample                                  Field, Flow, Micro,
CEL441                                                                                    29.77046    -82.42966                         WGS84 7/13/05
                    downstream of US 441 culvert.                                                                 Surface Water

                    Sample Mill Creek approx 15 meters upstream (east) of Old                                     Field, Flow, Micro,
MILLBEL                                                                                29.84476      -82.50174                          WGS84 7/12/05
                    Belamy Rd (off of CR 241)                                                                     Surface Water

                    Heading north on 441 take a right on April BLVD (past Pizza Hut )
                    and follow this alongside the I-75 ramp. Take the first dirt road to                          Field, Flow, Micro,
MILLSINK                                                                                 29.80316    -82.50916                          WGS84 7/12/05
                    the right and follow to Mill Creek. Sample downstream of fence.                               Surface Water
                    READ the staff gage just upstream of the sink (park near Sonny's)

                    Sample Paraners Branch east of CR 1491 (south of NW 276th                                     Field, Flow, Micro,
PAR1491                                                                             29.90707         -82.53481                          WGS84 7/12/05
                    Ln). Sample approx 30 meters upstream of the culvert at CR1491.                               Surface Water

                    From US 441, turn SW on CR 235 then west on CR 241; east on
                    109th Lane to Ranger Station at 122720 NW 109th Lane; sample                                  Field, Flow, Micro,
TURKSFSP                                                                               29.75558      -82.43843                          WGS84 7/13/05
                    approx 10 meters downstream of staff gage. See SFSP map for                                   Surface Water
                    detailed directions.

Surface Water parameters include: TP, NOx, TKN, TN, NH4, TOC, field filtered SRP, TSS, and K.

Field parameters include pH, DO, temp, SPC, and turbidity

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