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Luton Council’s news bulletin for everyone involved in the borough’s Lifelong Learning service
                                                                                                 December 2003

                                                                                                      BOROUGH COUNCIL

                                                                              And they’re off
                                                                              Cardinal Newman students
                                                                              race ahead... see page 3
    Radio 4 broadcast
    from Luton school
    Luton's Hillborough Junior School was the               A variety of questions submitted by members
    venue for the Radio 4 current affairs                   of the audience were put to the panel, and
    programme, "Any Questions". The                         covered a diverse range of topics from the
    programme was broadcast live from a                     leadership of the Conservative Party to who
    packed school hall on the evening of Friday             they would most like to see replacing David
    24 October and repeated the next day.                   Blaine in the recently vacated perspex box!

    An audience of over 150 people drawn                    The event, organised by the Friends of
    from the school and local community were                Hillborough and one of the teachers, Jill
    present to watch and participate in the                 Burrows, was a huge success enjoyed by the
    programme which was hosted by the                       panel, and audience alike.
    political broadcaster and journalist,
    Jonathon Dimbleby,                                      Keith Simmonds, the Chair of Governors said
                                                            " This was great publicity for Luton and
    The panellists were Margaret Hodge,                     Hillborough Junior School, and a great
    Minister for Children, James Rubin, former              opportunity to use the school for the benefit
    Chief Spokesman for the US State                        of the community".
    Department, Nick Herbert, Director of
    Reform and Quentin Davies, Shadow
    Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.

                Asian music showcase

                                                                                                       Pupils and
                                                                                                       at the

    Musicians and dancers from Luton schools presented a showcase of Asian music and dance at
    the Library Theatre in October to a distinguished audience including the Mayor, Councillor
    Michael Dolling, his wife Meryl and Luton North MP Kelvin Hopkins.

    Luton Music Service offers Asian instrumental and vocal tuition in Luton schools. This event was a fantastic
    opportunity to display the hard work of the pupils and staff.

New sports facility for Denbigh High
A major new £1.4 million four-court sports hall                       among Asian women who make up a significant
will be built at Denbigh High School following a                      proportion of the local community.
successful bid by the council to the New
Opportunities Fund (NOF). This purpose built                          Yasmin Bevan, head teacher, Denbigh High said: “A
facility will mean improvements to PE and sport                       modern facility in an area which has very little in this
activities and will allow greater participation in                    respect will do much to boost student and community
the areas of cricket, basketball, badminton and                       learning in the widest sense. We are very excited by the
dance among both pupils and local residents.                          opportunities that a new sports hall will provide for our
                                                                      students and local residents.”
Denbigh High School currently does not have a sports
hall, therefore pupils have to go off site for some                   Up to 3000 pupils from neighbouring schools, as well as
activities which results in less time for teaching and                over 500 community users and a number of partner
participation. The facility will enable PE lessons to                 organisations will have access to the sports facility.
                                                                      Timetables for usage of the hall have been developed to
continue in poor weather thereby improving continuity
                                                                      ensure users maximum access to the hall.
of lessons and will allow high quality extra-curricular
                                                                      Helen Barnett, Strategic Manager for PE and Sport said:
activities before and after school and at lunch times to
                                                                      “We are delighted to accept this award on behalf of
take place, helping pupils to increase their
                                                                      Denbigh High School. The proposed facilities will ensure
understanding of games and develop new skills.
                                                                      that all pupils receive their entitlement of two hours of
                                                                      quality PE and school sport and also greatly enhance the
The new facility is also being designed with the
                                                                      opportunities for the wider community to participate in
requirements of the local community in mind and with a
specific aim of improving children's motivation and self-
esteem through sport and increasing participation                     It is anticipated that construction work will start
                                                                      in March 2004.

Kicking out racism
October saw the National Anti-Racism Week of Action
                                                                         And they’re off!
in Football. To support this week, the Sports
Development and Facilities Division were involved in a                 Newman engineers are Grand Prix stars
couple of events.
                                                                                                  Pupils from Cardinal
A 'Kick it Out!” anti-racism campaign highlighted the struggles and                               Newman's Young
successes of Black and Asian football players, past and present. As                               Engineers Club have
part of a road show to our schools, hundreds of youngsters took                                   been racing their own
part in a prize quiz. Four winners were picked and they received                                  rocket cars at the
tickets to a Luton Town football match courtesy of Stuart Smith                                   world famous British
from Luton Town Football in the Community.                                                        Grand Prix track at
Sports Development Officer Matt Wells said: “The road show was a
big success, showing what Black and Asian players have overcome                                 Each of the young
in the sporting arena and explaining why we must carry on kicking                               engineers had to build
racism out of football.”                                                                        and design a rocket
                                                                        car out of Lego and test it out on the Grand
At Sixth Form College, Butch Fazal (Project Manager at Sixth Form       Prix track just before the big race. On the
College) and Sixth Form's Michelle Read arranged a “Racial              day their rocket cars went from 0 - 100mph
Awareness" workshop. Attended by 30-40 students, it featured            in 3 seconds.
talks from Tony Millard (Youth Inclusion Project Manager for the
Marsh Farm area), Dermot Collins - the Football Association's           The event was organised in association with
National Football Development Manager and Eddie Jones from              SEMTA, the National Training Agency for
Barking Rugby Football Union. Before and after the talks, students      Engineering, and PCS Edventures an
participated in small work groups and tasks highlighting                educational equipment supplier.
discrimination issues.

    Remodelling the school workforce
From 1 September Luton schools have become                 an ongoing commitment to the management of
even more involved in developing their                     change, and the reallocation of school roles and
schools to meet the requirements of the                    responsibilities, to focus skills, abilities, experience
National Agreement on Remodelling the                      and aspirations on teaching and learning and
School Workforce. The Lifelong Learning                    school improvement.
Department is working closely with the
National Remodelling Team to support schools               Early adopter
in this process, and has appointed a School
Workforce Development Consultant, Carol                    At an early stage in this long term, progressive
Bone, to fulfil this role.                                 project, Ian Ward, Head Teacher at William Austin
                                                           Junior School, the LEA's Early Adopter School, and
The Workforce Agreement is being implemented in            Carol Bone, School Workforce Development
three phases, although schools are encouraged to           Consultant, attended a launch for Early Adopter
fast-track the implementation of Phases 2 and 3.           Schools organised by the National Remodelling
                                                           Team (NRT).
These three phases are explicitly contained within the
School Teachers' Pay and Conditions document.
                                                           At the launch the wider picture, beyond Phase 1,
                                                           was presented. Remodelling the workforce, to
                                                           reduce workload and support a good work/life
Phase 1       September 2003                               balance, will challenge everyone involved in
          -   a contractural entitlement to work/life      schools to look with fresh eyes at how their
              balance                                      school is organised.
          -   teachers not routinely required to carry
              out administrative and clerical tasks (the   The LEA will begin working with William Austin
              agreement lists 24 such tasks)               Junior School and its first group of self-nominator
          -   management and leadership time               schools to support the introduction of this wider
                                                           stage in the remodelling process.
Phase 2       September 2004
          -   no teacher to cover more than 38 hours       The main task will be to support schools to set up
              per year, unless contracted in a             Change Teams to look at the bigger picture and
              support/supply capacity                      move forward with confidence. Key questions for a
                                                           school will be:
Phase 3       September 2005
          -   teachers guaranteed 10% non-contact          What are the key issues/opportunities?
                                                           Are there more efficient ways to do what we do
              time for planning, preparation and
                                                           now? Are we utilising everyone's skills fully?
              marking (PPA)
          -   Head Teacher leadership time
                                                           Nominate your school

                                                           Schools are encouraged to nominate themselves
                                                           for inclusion in future local events. These will
School survey                                              include a similar Luton launch and joint working
                                                           with other schools through three further local
There has been an excellent response to the recent         events, tailored to meet the specific needs of the
school survey, to identify exactly where schools are in    tranche. Each will be small to enable effective,
managing the statutory changes, with a 77%                 interactive working. Our first tranche of self-
response. Luton schools are progressing well. Carol is     nominated schools are:
visiting and supporting schools on request, and has
already visited 50 schools, with 10 more visits lined         William Austin Infants
up. Her work with schools so far has concentrated             Sundon Park Junior
on clarification of the issues, the identification of         Stopsley High
good practice, the sharing of 'quick wins' and
solutions and joint problem-solving.

In order to achieve the Workforce Agreement, school
leadership must drive and encourage an incremental
remodelling of its school's workforce. This will ensure

                                                           •Working with groups of schools on a
Funding available
                                                            collaborative project
The Lifelong Learning Department takes the
                                                           •Sharing good practice
development of support staff, in support of the reforms,
very seriously. Central funding has therefore been
                                                           •Identifying appropriate specialist help
allocated to the following training and development
                                                           •1:1 school visits
•Bursaries for bursar development
                                                           •Attending a governing body meeting
•Specialist Teaching Assistants
                                                           •Developing the roles of support staff
•European Computer Driving Licence
                                                           •Facilitating the development of
•Bursaries for Teaching Assistants wishing to               accommodation to support the reforms
 become teachers

•Teaching Assistant development                            Newsletter

•Classroom display                                         A regular newsletter, Workforce Matters, is sent to
                                                           schools every half term, keeping them up-to-date
 Funding is also available to help schools establish a     with current developments, sharing good news and
 School Change Team. It is important to consider the       good practice. Workforce Remodelling is a regular
 involvement of a diverse range of school stakeholders     item on all meetings with the trades unions, the
 in this team, for example governors, pupils, parents,     School Improvement Group, Education Advisory
 support staff, teachers and the local community. Each     Group, Primary and Secondary Heads' meetings and
 school will have specific and individual needs, so the    the Department's Senior Education Leadership Team.
 establishment of this team has to be related to those.    Councillor Patterson, portfolio holder for Lifelong
 The Change Team will work with the school community       Learning, attended a DfES seminar for elected
 to take the school through the following stages of        members, with Hazel Burgess, Personnel Manager,
 change:                                                   and this key strategy will feature in his regular
                                                           meetings with senior managers, and future meetings
•Mobilise - signing up to, and preparing for, the          of the Council.
 remodelling strategy
•Discover - SWOT analysis
                                                           Schools who would welcome additional support, or
•Deepen - prioritisation of key issues,                    who wish to access any of the provisions in this
 identification of quick wins                              article, should contact one of the following officers:

•Develop - action planning for key priorities,             Hazel Burgess 548050
 proposals, identification of solutions                    Carol Bone (self-nominator schools, school visits,
                                                           facilitation) 548199
•Deliver - communicate and implement change,               David Crick (ICT) 548221
 monitor and evaluate                                      Roger Lucas (accommodation) 548040
                                                           John Wrigglesworth (good practice) 548219
                                                           Helen Abji (Teaching Assistants) 538240
Officers within Lifelong Learning are working              Jan Cain (finance) 548070
closely together to help schools facilitate the
reforms, for example through:                              Please do let us know what you are doing, so that we
                                                           can share good practice with other schools.
•Facilitating a staff meeting or Change Team
 event                                                     Find out more about remodelling on the NRT
                                                           website, .This site is
•Delivering INSET                                          very user friendly and includes many practical case
                                                           studies, which identify solutions which have worked.

•Pre-prepared templates and tools to support the
 School Change Team
Improving behaviour in Luton
As part of the Government's Street Crime Initiative, the    The focus of the programme is on four of our
Department for Education and Skills (DfES) is funding       secondary schools South Luton, Halyard, Lea Manor
34 local education authorities to improve pupil             and Ashcroft - working with their main primary
behaviour and attendance in 2 to 4 secondary schools        schools - Ramridge Primary, Hart Hill Primary,
and their feeder primary schools. Nationally over 700       Southfield Junior & Infant, Whitfield Junior and
schools are involved in the programme. The LEAs have        Infants, Waulud Primary, Chantry Primary, Ferrars
been selected on the basis of an indicator combining        Infant & Junior, Farley Junior and Whipperley Infants
truancy and crime figures.                                  - who can benefit from involvement with the
The Behaviour Improvement Programme (BIP) is a
central government initiative operating over a three-       The four secondary schools have been selected on
year period within the Behaviour and Attendance Strand      the basis of need and the infant, junior and primary
of Excellence in Cities (EiC). Luton will receive £4.5m     schools on the percentage of intake into
over the next three years from central government to        participating BIP high schools together with a range
run this.                                                   of indicators.

The objectives of the Behaviour Improvement                 As part of Luton's BIP plan we propose to develop
Programme (BIP) are:                                        and strengthen the multi-disciplinary services which
     •to improve standards of behaviour overall;            are currently in BIP schools and ensure that the
     •reduce unauthorised absence;                          inter-agency work is targeted to the children
     •reduce levels of exclusion;                           identified 'at risk' in terms of truancy, exclusion or
     •ensure that there is a named key worker for every     criminal behaviour.
      child at risk of truancy, exclusion or criminal
      behaviour;                                            For further information contact Caroline
     •to ensure the availability of full-time, supervised   Hart, Behaviour and Tuition Manager, on
      education for all pupils from day 1 of either         548104.
      permanent or temporary exclusion.

  Lea Manor pupils go to Cambridge University
                                                                              Two Lea Manor High school
                                                                              pupils, Faye Cartwright and
                                                                              Aarron Lewis, have been
                                                                              awarded certificates of
                                                                              achievement at a special
                                                                              presentation assembly at
                                                                              the school.

                                                                              This follows their input into a
                                                                              conference in Cambridge
                                                                              earlier in the year where they
                                                                              spoke to government officers
                                                                              and delegates from schools,
                                                                              colleges, Connexions and the
                                                                              youth service from around the
                                                                              country about their experiences
                                                                              of being involved in an
                                                                              innovative scheme, which
                                                                              keeps students off the streets
  •Faye and Aarron in Cambridge.
                                                                              at lunchtime.
   The scheme aims to keep students in school by offering them sessions in the youth centre where they
   can take a break from daily school life and take part in activities that develop their confidence, self-
   esteem and focus on positive achievement.

   Taking part in the event has also heightened both their confidence and self esteem in and outside of
   the school. “I have never been called up in assembly before for anything ”, said Faye, “I felt really
Farewell David
David Bruce, Principal Education Officer (Early
Years & Childcare) has left Luton to start a new
job as Head of Children and Family Services
with Devon County Council Before he left us
ConnectEd asked him about his last five years
here in Luton.

“I started work in Luton in October 1998 as Policy
Support Officer. The time has flown by, but in many
ways it feels like I've been here forever!

When I first started I was working just 3 days a week
supporting the fledgling Early Years Development
Childcare Partnership (EYDCP), and the other 2 days I
worked on the Special Educational Needs (SEN)
Inclusion project, refocusing the work of Luton's
special schools. It wasn't long, however, before it was
realised that the EYDCP work was a full time job (and
more!) and I started to work on it five days a week
plus evenings and more than the occasional weekend!                                             •David Bruce
                                                           •A renaissance for Luton's Sure Start Partnership
The Early Years and Childcare agenda has grown
                                                            based on Marsh Farm and Government approval for
incredibly during the time I've been in Luton (and I
                                                            an additional three years of funding for the project;
know it will continue to grow after I've gone!). The job
now also encompasses Luton's Flying Start, Children's
                                                           •Luton EYDCP winning the prestigious 'Partners in
Fund, On-Track and Sure Start projects, all of which are
                                                            Excellence' Award in 2001 for its work in widening
aimed at supporting children and their families by
                                                            access to early education and childcare services;
promoting social inclusion and identifying risk factors
early. I began five years ago with one part-time
                                                           •Development of Neighbourhood Nurseries and
member of staff and now the extended team
                                                            Children's Centres in Luton to deliver integrated
(including family workers) is, I think, over 60 but it
                                                            services for children and families;
changes by the week!
                                                           •Two of Luton's Nurseries achieving Early Excellence
I don't think there's any work more important than
                                                            Centre status.
this. It really does make a difference to children and
families, and the work we have done in Luton has
                                                           There are many, many more, and certainly too many
been really forward-looking. In many ways it has
                                                           to list here.
preceded the recent Government Green Paper 'Every
Child Matters' by delivering joined-up services, and I
                                                           I have not been responsible for making these
think Luton is now really well placed to move forward
                                                           happen. They are all due to the hard work and
into the 'new world' as it restructures its services for
                                                           commitment of members of the partnerships with
children and families.
                                                           which I have worked, talented and hard-working
                                                           people within the team, the council, and its
There are very many achievements with which I am
                                                           partners,and the commitment, drive and dedication
proud to be associated. These include:-
                                                           of practitioners across Luton. What I have tried to do
                                                           is to enable them to work together towards common
•The development of free part-time early education
                                                           goals in a spirit of partnership and in my more
 places for every three and four year old whose parent
                                                           optimistic moments - with a shared vision.
 wants one;
                                                           I've thought hard about my time in Luton, and think
•Over 3,800 new childcare places in nurseries,
                                                           the main thing I've brought to the job has bee
 breakfast clubs, after school clubs, holiday
                                                           flexibility. Trying not to compromise on the
 playschemes, and with childminders;
                                                           outcomes, but being flexible enough to compromise
                                                           on the ways of reaching them.
•Closing the ‘childcare gap' so that by April 2004 there
 should be as many affordable childcare places
                                                           I saw some graffiti recently that read 'the key to
 available to children living in Luton's disadvantaged
                                                           flexibility is indecision'.
 areas, as for children in other areas of the town;
                                                           Perhaps I've built a career around being indecisive.”
•The development of Family Workers based in schools
 through Luton's Flying Start, On-Track and Children's
                                                                  Top praise for sports partnership
                                                                  Luton's School Sport Partnership has been hailed as an example
                                                                  of good practice by the Department for Education and Skills at a
                                                                  recent national conference for partnership development
                                                                  managers. The partnership was set up in September 2002
                                                                  involving nine high schools and 31 primary/junior schools. It
                                                                  aims to develop a more unified approach to physical education
                                                                  and sport so that all young people can access high quality
                                                                  physical activity both in and out of school.

                                                                  Already the partnership has bid for and received £150,000 from
                                                                  the New Opportunities Fund to run out of school hours sports
                                                                  activities for youngsters who would not normally take part.
                                                                  Schools within the partnership are also working together with
                                                                  many high schools hosting clubs and festivals run by older
                                                                  students under the supervision of qualified staff. The partnership
                                                                  is also looking at physical activity within the curriculum and
                                                                  there are school sports co-ordinators available to support staff
•Pupils from Foxdell Infants with their Golden Tapestry           to give them new ideas for PE in school.

Golden                                                            If you would like more information about the Luton
                                                                  School Sports Partnership contact Ros Cramp,
                                                                  Partnership Development Manager at Stopsley High

                                                                  School on 870900.

Four schools in Luton have been invited to produce                      Children at St Martin de Porres Primary School had to
a tapestry in celebration of the Queen's Golden                         develop their tapestry based on the month of April and
Jubilee which is designed to bring together the first                   also on festivals and therefore decided to focus on Holy
generation of primary school children in the 21
                                                                        Week and Easter. Different symbols were used to portray
Century. Schools in every commonwealth country                          the main events prior to Jesus' death and resurrection and
are being invited to contribute a work of art,                          the whole tapestry is surrounded by the school's mission
culminating in one huge display in 2006 at the                          statement. As they were one of the first schools to finish
Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia.                             their canvas, it was used to form part of a preview display
                                                                        of the Golden Tapestry (featuring 19 canvases) at
The Millennium Tapestry Company who is managing this                    Buckingham Palace in June for the Coronation Day
project invited Chantry Primary, Foxdell Infant, Warden Hill            Children's Party.
Infant and St Martin de Porres Primary Schools to take part
as they have previously participated on the Millennium                  At Warden Hill Infant school the children are busy working
Tapestry. Each school has to make a metre square                        on their tapestry which features items relating to October
embroidered canvas covering an aspect of the children's                 as well as school and the community. Their canvas already
lives that they would most like to show to Her Majesty the              displays pumpkins, Luton Town football players and
Queen as Head of the Commonwealth if she were to visit                  children and they hope to finish next term.
                                                                        Chantry Primary pupils' tapestry will focus on clothes and
Foxdell Infant School readily took up this challenge and                December. All children have been involved in drawing
involved the whole school in planning the design for the                pictures featuring snowmen, ice skaters, turkeys, hats and
tapestry with the theme being on the month of October                   scarves and things which they associate with the month
and also what food and drink the children liked. Pupils from            of December. Kitchen staff have also made a significant
reception year to Year 2 were asked to draw one item based              contribution by helping children with the cross-stitching.
on the theme and together with teachers they selected the               An artist will work with the children by using their
best pictures which were used for the tapestry. Their                   drawings to create two designs and the children will vote
tapestry took about six months to complete and involved                 for the design they like the most which will be used for
180 children showing a colourful display of conkers, golden             their tapestry. It's very much a team effort with all areas of
leaves, pumpkin, broom, spiders, fruit and drinks.                      the school developing different sections of the tapestry.

Christine Clay, teacher, Foxdell Infant said: “We were                  The Golden Tapestry will involve around 1,800 infant,
delighted for the opportunity to participate in the golden              junior, primary and special schools across the whole
tapestry project. The tapestry will be exhibited all over the           commonwealth; already schools have signed up in 33
commonwealth therefore the children insisted on creating a              countries, states and provinces including Anguilla,
passport which forms part of their art work in the hope that            Australia, Botswana, Brunei, England, Ghana, Jamaica,
they will receive messages from many different countries.               Mauritius, Scotland, Sri Lanka, Tristan da Cunha and
They have worked very hard on it and it is an honour that               Zambia. Exhibitions of completed canvasses will take
this will be used as part of the Golden Jubilee celebrations”.          place around the world from 2003 to 2006. The entire
The tapestry will be on display in Luton's central library from         tapestry will come together for the first time at the
3rd December until the New Year. It will then be sent to the            Melbourne Commonwealth Games in March 2006.
organisers of the Golden Tapestry to be displayed alongside
tapestries from other schools, initially at exhibitions in this

Schools beyond the classroom                                                         IT'S GREAT
                                                          The “schools beyond
                                                          the classroom” event
                                                          was opened by Luton's
                                                                                     UP NORTH
                                                          Mayor, Cllr Michael        Anne Willingham from Luton
                                                          Dolling, who is shown in   reference library recently took
                                                          the photo(left) with Liz   part in the Great North Run to
                                                          Allen, the report's
                                                                                     raise money for the charity 'Gift
                                                          author, David Tuck,
                                                          Headteacher of Dallow      of Life'. Here is her account of
                                                          Primary school and Tony    the experience……
                                                          Dessent, Corporate
                                                          Director for Lifelong      “The day was finally here. I had
                                                          Learning.                  booked my place in January and
                                                                                     nine months later I was standing on
                                                                                     the motorway in Newcastle with
Dallow Primary school played                •Adult education classes with a          47,000 other people waiting to run
host this term to the national               crèche facility.                        to South Shields for this year's Great
launch of a new report                                                               North Run. I was waiting with a
“schools beyond the                         •On Track support to young
                                                                                     mixture of excitement and
                                             children and families in need.
classroom”.                                                                          nervousness. I was looking forward
                                            •Flying Start facilities for children    to taking part in the world's largest
Published by the independent think-          aged 0-4 years old and their            half marathon but I hadn't run more
tank, the New Local Government               families.                               than 6 miles before (despite the
Network, and written by nationally                                                   prepared training plan).
acclaimed education policy analyst,         •Lunchtime clubs
Liz Allen, the report champions the                                                  There was a long wait but we were
strategic role played by local              •Early evening computer activities       lucky that it was a warm sunny day.
government in integrating social                                                     I joined in the warm up, waved to
inclusion and education. Liz brought        •Sporting activities including
                                                                                     the TV cameras, and eventually
together fieldwork and case study            netball & football league
                                                                                     crossed the starting line about 13
material from six UK local                                                           minutes after the official start. There
authorities - Gateshead, Leeds,                                                      was great support from the
                                            •Drop in family resource centre
Lewisham, Luton, Sheffield and               held three times a week                 spectators who crowded the route
Suffolk, revealing how collaborative                                                 and so it was surprising how quickly
working addresses the wider role of         •English as an additional                the miles passed. I could have made
schools in their local communities.          language classes                        more of a challenge for Paula
                                                                                     Radcliffe, but unfortunately at 4
Dallow primary was picked out to            •An environmental area which is          miles I had to queue for twenty
host the event due to its innovative         being developed by staff and            minutes at the first toilet stop, just
and enthusiastic belief that                 pupils
                                                                                     as it started to hurt a little!
education extends beyond the
                                            •Sports pavilion with changing
classroom. Says David Tuck,                                                          There was a quite a steep climb near
                                             rooms, showers, office and
headteacher of the school, “We                                                       the end so it was nice when I could
                                             kitchen used by the school
believe that by working in                   during the day but by other             finally see the sea. I finished in
partnership with other services we           organisations in the evenings, at       28,489th place and took a time of
can make full use of the wonderful           weekends and during the school          about two hours twenty minutes (if
facilities we have available to us. We       holidays. The pavilion was built        I don't include the time waiting to
believe learning is a lifelong process       as a result of a successful lottery     use the toilet). I proudly collected
and not just something that                  bid and support from the Luton          my T-shirt and medal and went to
happens to pupils during the school          & Dunstable Partnership.
                                                                                     find my friends who had finished
day. We are pleased our community                                                    ahead of me. Like most people I
uses the resources we have. It              •Multi use games areas with
                                             floodlights.                            think I was glad I didn't have
would be a crime if they were only                                                   another 13 miles to go for a whole
used between 9 and 5”. Dallow                                                        marathon. I would like to run it
                                            •Coaching sessions for football,
Primary's facilities, as well as being       netball, tennis and basketball          again but I'll try to judge my water
used by the school itself, are used          during the summer holidays.             intake better next time!
extensively by a wide range of               Pupils from other schools are
community organisations and                  invited to attend.                      Many thanks to my colleagues at
include:                                                                             the Library Service whose
If you would like a copy of the report “schools beyond the classroom” contact the    sponsorship raised £103.50 for 'Gift
New Local Government Network on 020 7357 0051. Copies are £20 each.                  of Life'.”

     Children's Services Update

Work is underway to look at how recommendations arising from the recent Green Paper, 'Every Child
Matters', can best be implemented in Luton. In September, when the Green Paper was published, much
ground work had already been undertaken in Luton through the Best Value 0-9 Children Review led by Social
Services, with which a number of schools were involved.

Since September, the following work has taken place:

Completion of Luton's response to                Consultation regarding reorganisation of council
the Green Paper via a project group              departmental structures, again led by Darra Singh.
chaired by Darra Singh, Chief                    Proposals have gained broad approval by full council
Executive. This has involved joint               together with approval to appoint a new Director of
work with Member, education and                  Housing and Social Services. Part of this post holder's
social services representatives,                 role will be to work with Lifelong Learning colleagues
together with a wide range of                    to effect a smooth transition to the new structures.
partner agencies.                                Detailed consultation is to follow.

Based on the Best Value 0 - 9 Review and work undertaken since the publication of the Green Paper, further
consideration of organisational structures is underway to bring children's services across the town into a
closer and more integrated basis, building further on the foundations laid by the Flying Start, Sure Start, On-
Track and Children’s Fund projects.

  Mayor opens
Beechwood Junior
   new school
Luton's Mayor Cllr Michael Dolling officially
opened Beechwood Junior's new £350,000
                                                           Further internal works included the refurbishment
school extension on Friday 5 December 2003.
                                                           and adjustment of existing accommodation to form
The building features a state-of-the-art
computer suite, a new reception area and                   an additional classroom, toilets, office and head
offices.                                                   teacher's office.Beechwood Junior's Headteacher,
                                                           Jane Richmond said: “The pupils in the school are
Former headteacher Jim Lewis initiated the new             taking full advantage of the new facilities and the
building during his time at the school. The extension      school intends to make the facilities available for
was designed by Burnell and Briercliffe Architects and     local community learning groups”.Cllr Dolling said:
built by a local building company C P Contracts taking     “Congratulations to Beechwood Junior and all
10 months to construct a curved triangular shaped          those involved in the planning and construction of
building using a combination of brick, steel, metal        this wonderful extension which will provide the
clad roof, and featuring Swedish windows and               school with much needed new and improved IT and
internal refurbishments.                                   administration facilities.”

Big splash for Luton swimmers
Five young swimmers successfully
competed in the Disability Sport
England East Regional Junior
Swimming Gala all setting
personal best times in their events
with four swimmers achieving
national standard times.

The swimmers, Kyle Morris, Mark
Hobbs, Sam Bradley, Richard Hyde and
James Mason have been attending
regular swimming sessions on Tuesday
evenings at Putteridge Recreation
Centre, which focus on skill
development, increasing speed and
stamina. These sessions aim to bridge
the gap between learning to swim and
joining a swimming club and have been
made possible by partnership working         Patricia Moynihan, Access 2 Sport officer said: “All swimmers swam
with Luton Borough Council's swimming        brilliantly in their first proper gala against swimmers from all over the
                                             eastern region setting personal best times in their events. There were
development officer; Luton, Dunstable
                                             eight first places and four third places an amazing result considering
and District Sports Association for the
                                             that they only have one training session per week. We are extremely
Disabled; Sport Action Zone and Access       proud of them all. Well done to all the swimmers and to the parents
2 Sport.                                     for supporting the event.”

After beating off stiff competition, Kyle,   The group was joined by Chris Fisk who swims for Luton Swimming
James, Richard and Sam achieved              Club who also gained several personal bests and qualified for the
national times in the freestyle,             nationals in all his events. It is hoped the swimmers will now be able
backstroke and breaststroke events. To       join a local swimming club. A second development session has also
further develop their swimming skills        been set up on Sundays at Lewsey Park Pool to further assist the
they will be given the necessary support     swimmers.
to join a local swimming club and
complete the classification process that
                                             Kyle Morris:
is required to allow them to compete at
                                             100m backstroke 1:55.40; 100m freestyle 1:40.74; 50m backstroke
a National level. However, the process       50.05; 50m breaststroke 1:08.05 and 50m freestyle 44.50
will not be completed in time for the
swimmers to attend the Disability Sport      James Mason:
England National Junior Swimming             100m backstroke 2:06.42; 100m freestyle 2:27.70; 50m backstroke
event in March but the intention is that     58.29; 50m freestyle 52.91
continued development of these
talented swimmers would enable them          Mark Hobbs:
to compete in national competitions          100m backstroke 2:15.19; 100m freestyle 2:06.03; 50m breaststroke
later in 2004 and beyond.                    1:34.46; 50m freestyle 56.04

Carol Trower, Luton Borough Council's        Richard Hyde:
                                             100m backstroke 2:12.67; 100m freestyle 1:59.64; 50m backstroke
swimming development officer said:
                                             59.99; 50m freestyle 56.92
“The swimming sessions have been
running for a few months and the effect      Sam Bradley:
has been tremendous. The commitment          50m breaststroke 1:20.05; 50m backstroke 1:03.27; 50m freestyle
of the swimmers has been                     52.28
demonstrated by their huge success in
such a short time. We are looking            For more information contact Carol Trower, Swimming Development
forward to seeing them develop in the        Officer on 01582 400272 or Patricia Moynihan, Access 2 Sport
future”.                                     officer on 01582 484793.
                             Staff Notes
     Welcome to
     Clive Reeves - Peripatetic Instrumental Teacher -         At the elearning centre in Sundon Park Road the
     Lower Brass - who started on 1 September 2003             following staff have now joined us:
     and is based at LLRC.                                     Bethel Mungazi - Administrator/Receptionist -
     Christopher Rogers and Heather Harper                     27 October 2003.
     both part time Receptionists at the Hat Factory           Steven Pryer - Technician 27 October 2003.
     who started on 6 October 2003.                            Christina Sparshott - Administrator/
     Sheron Service, part time Library Assistant who           Receptionist - 3 November 2003.
     started on 21 October 2003.                               On 1 January 2004 Johnny Burridge will be
     Charlene Martin - part time Bar Assistant who             joining the Excellence in Luton team as the Aim
     started on 26 October 2003.                               Higher Coordinator.
     Susan Thomas - Early Years Curriculum Support
     Adviser who started on 3 November 2003 and is             All change:
     based at Wardown Park.                                    Catherine Payton has left the SEN team and has
     David Evans - Designer/Exhibitions Officer at             moved to LLRC to be the administrative assistant
     Luton Museum who started on 10 November                   to the Music Service.
     Samantha Norman, Abigail Marsden and                      Congratulations to:
     Shakira Ahmed - weekend Library Assistants
     who started on 15 November 2003.                          Emma Dalgarno - Administration Assistant in
     Kang Nee Koh (Connie) who started on the 1                resources and performance review who recently
     December 2003 on a temporary contract to cover            got engaged.
     the maternity leave of Menara Khatun, the                 Jan Cain, Principal Accountant, who is now
     Children's Fund finance assistant based at 6              engaged to Nick Powley. Many of you will
     Cardiff Road.                                             remember Nick who used to be the department's
                                                               Pupil Access Manager.

                 Primary Quality Mark for Luton schools
Five Luton schools have been awarded the Basic Skills Primary Quality Mark for Primary Schools demonstrating a
commitment to raising pupil achievement in the areas of reading, writing, spelling and maths. Alan Wells,
Director of the agency presented the awards to Warden Hill Infant, St Martin de Porres Primary, Dallow Primary,
Lady Zia Wernher Primary Special and St Joseph's Junior schools on 9 December.

To achieve the award the schools were assessed by the Local Education Authority (LEA) against the 10 elements
of the Quality Mark covering areas such as: planning, assessment, the review of progress, target setting, staff
training, the involvement of parents, and the use of a range of teaching styles. The schools were then
recommended to the Agency for approval.

Schools achieving this award have developed a basic skills strategy which particularly focuses on those pupils
who are underachieving and those whose attainment is lower than would be expected of someone of their age.
All the schools receiving the award were able to demonstrate that the systems that they have in place were
contributing to an upward trend in pupil attainment.

Tony Dessent, Director of Lifelong Learning said: “Congratulations to the schools and pupils for achieving this
national award which clearly shows a commitment and dedication to raising pupil standards.”

     ConnectED submissions to Rachel Allum, Internal Communications Officer, Communications Division,
                            1st Floor, Town Hall, George Street, Luton LU1 2BQ
                           tel: 547142 fax: 546978 e-mail:


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