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					                              FORMER CSR Questions

From the Municipal Court, what is the first court a case may be appealed to?
Superior Court.
How long do you have to type a grand jury transcript?
Ten days.
When you type up a deposition for Municipal or Superior Court, with whom do you
file it?
The reporter keeps it until the court orders it; then it is filed with the clerk.
When a lower court turns over a case to a higher court, what is it called?
A writ of certiorari.
May the CSR Board take your license away for not swearing in a witness?
Must corrections made by the witness in a deposition be initialed by the witness?
On a civil appeal to the Superior Court, the reporter has how many days after
direction from the clerk or receipt of fees from the appellant to complete and file the
transcript with the clerk?
Thirty (30) days.
The typewritten transcript of an appeal is bound in volumes of not more than how
many pages?
Not more than 300 pages.
What department of the state of California concerns itself with the profession of court
The Department of Consumer Affairs.
Name the code and chapter number of Division 3 of the code pertaining to the
Certified Shorthand Reporters’ law.
Chapter 13 of the Business and Professions Code.
How many members are on the CSR Board?
Five (5)
What are their particular qualifications?
Two CSRs and three public members
How do they become members?
The governor appoints them
What is the term of office for the members of the board?
Four years
How many terms may a member serve?
Two consecutive terms
What is the yearly salary of the board members?
They receive no salary
When are board meetings open to the public?
Always, except executive sessions
To whom is the board directly responsible?
To the governor of the state of California
To revoke or suspend a certificate for cause requires how many votes from the CSR
Three (3).
May the D.A. employ a reporter who is not certified?
Yes, but only as a hearing reporter.
May a reporter who is not certified be employed by the Superior Court?
May a reporter who is not certified be employed the District Courts?
In criminal cases heard in the Superior Court, what serves as notice to the clerk and
the reporter to prepare the normal record on appeal?
The Notice of Appeal.
When counsel wants to compel a witness to appear with certain documents, what
does he issue?
He issues a subpoena deuces tecum.
When several witnesses are to have their depositions taken, is it customary to swear
them all at once?
To swear more than one witness, what is the oath given?
“Do you, and each of you . . . “
Within how many days must you notify the CSR board when you have a change of
Thirty (30) days.
How many days do you have to file a preliminary transcript?
Ten (10) days.
What do you do when the noticing attorney says “off the record” and opposing
counsel says that he does not want to go off the record?
Keep writing.
What court has original and trial jurisdiction on felonies?
Superior Court.
Where do you go for your first extension in a civil case?
You go to the presiding judge first; then to the Court of Appeals.
When can a sealed case be transcribed?
Never, unless ordered by a Court.
When are exhibits marked?
As they are presented.
When are in-camera proceedings transcribed?
When there is a Court Order.
Using a CAT system, what would make transcription faster?
Fewer conflicts.
If an attorney complains to the CSR board about a reporter’s work being
unprofessional, who is responsible to answer the complaint?
The reporter.
What is Shepard’s?
It is a book of citations.
What is Parkers?
It is a listing of attorneys, reporters, and county offices.
What does PDR stand for?
Physicians’ Desk Reference.
What is the best way for a reporter to keep a record of job assignments?
In a ledger or journal.
What is given to aid a scopist?
A worksheet.
What is used to record job assignments?
A calendar (not a worksheet).
If a noticing attorney wants to pay for the original only and not a copy, what do you
You bill an 0 + 1; he has no choice.
If a deponent is mumbling or whispering, what do you do?
Ask him or her to speak up or to speak more clearly.
You go into a deposition hearing as the reporter and you recognize one of the
attorneys that you knew at one time. What do you do?
Tell everyone present that you have met or known each other before.
What do you do after finishing a transcript?
Notify the deponent that he needs to come in and sign it.
In a civil proceeding when the judge decides that he wants a copy of the transcript,
who pays for it?
The county.
What does BAJI stand for?
Bar-Approved Jury Instructions Civil.
What does CALJIC stand for?
California Jury Instructions Criminal.
When an official reporter retires, what happens with his or her notes?
The clerk gets them.
What is the CSR Board’s primary function?
To protect the people of the state of California.
What happens if you fail to renew you CSR license for three years?
You must take the CSR exam again.
How many words are there per folio?
One hundred (100).
How many folios are there per page?
How many pages in a volume?
Three hundred (300).
Must the CSR license appear on the cover of the deposition?
If after a trial a judge tells the reporter that he wants something taken out of the
record, should the reporter do it?
What does CCRA stand for?
California Court Reporters Association.
The Transcript Reimbursement Fund is funded through what agency?
The CR Board.
What is the primary system for arranging books in a library?
The Dewey Decimal system.
What does supra mean?
What is the summary of a case called?
A head note.
Who sets the rates for court reporters?
The California Legislature with the concurrence of the Judicial Council.
Who notifies you of a criminal appeal?
The clerk of the court.
How many days does a witness have to sign a deposition after notice of completion?
Thirty (30) days.
What is a 1538.5 motion?
A Motion to Suppress.
Where are fees for depositions defined and set forth?
No where.
How long does the noticing attorney have to keep the original transcript after final
disposition of the case?
Six months.
Mononucleosis is a disease of what?
The Blood.
What are unusual chest sounds called?
Which artery is found in the neck?
The carotid artery.
What is the suffix for pain?
Is the defendant present at a Grand Jury hearing?
What does inter alia mean?
       Among other things.
What does nunc pro tunc mean?
       “Now for then.”

Know the meaning of the following terms: