NTT DoCoMo Releases New Software

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					NTT DoCoMo Releases New Software
                            Use of alternative power sources for charging batteries in
                            mobile phones continues to grow starting from the use of
                            solar power and the last thing we heard was a fuel cell-
                            powered cell phone ever in demo by KDDI. Both of the
                            above technology is very helpful but we still need a bit of
                            effort to make the phone battery is fully charged.

                            Another case with what was developed by NTT DoCoMo on
                            this one that uses the kinetic (kinetic) to recharge the phone.

Company Sharp, Fujitsu, Panasonic and NEC plan will provide software systems that can
support the applications associated with music and animation. This platform will also be
implemented in the latest generation of mobile phones of NTT DoCoMo breakthrough.

As we all know that Kinetic is to use movement to generate an electrical source and this
is desired by the DoCoMo phone later.

The fourth company itself has a true software platform on their own. In addition to unite
all the companies owned by the system, also intended to reduce the cost of the latest
generation of mobile phone production to 50 percent.

Development of new software is expected to take one to two years, with demand reaching
cost USD213 million to USD319 million.

The fourth company is trying to take over the domestic mobile phone market share,
before attempting to expand its wings abroad. Overall, the four companies already have a
market share of up to 70 percent of the total mobile phone shipments reached 34 million

The use of mobile phones which are usually always in the pocket or purse which means
we're constantly on the move makes no longer bother to refill, as long as we move the
battery in the phone will be filled.

Plan 2020 by DoCoMo is not only limited to the use of kinetic but there are other things
like the use of materials from recycled materials, the application automatically translate
so users can talk with anyone and still many other things.

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