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					                                LEGISLATIVE PROPOSAL

TITLE: Class Bells Resolution
                                                               NUMBER: SR 56-15
AUTHORS: Rachel Frankeny                              DATE SUBMITTED: 3/04/09
SPONSORS: Rachel Frankeny, George Whybrow, Maggie Courtney, Paul Baumgardner,
          Johann Porisch, Ben Aguinaga, Ramiz Iqbal

                                                                VOTE:  FOR: By Acclamation
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Whereas:     Student Senate is elected by the Student Body to represent and voice the opinions
             of students; and

Whereas:     Student Senate is a means by which student concerns are addressed; and

Whereas:     In Fall of 2008, Baylor University began using a system of bells in select
             buildings around campus that ring to mark the beginning and end of all classes in
             order to “synchronize the campus” and provide for a smoother transition to fifteen
             minute intervals between classes; and

Whereas:     In the discussions of ways to synchronize campus and help students and faculty
             adjust to the new fifteen-minute intervals, no students or faculty were consulted;

Whereas:     After the decision to implement the bell system had been made by the
             administration, again, no students or faculty were consulted regarding their
             opinions; and

Whereas:     Where the bells are ringing and audible, they present a substantial distraction to
             both students and faculty members; and

Whereas:     When the bells go off, students pack up and leave regardless of whether the
             professor is attempting to finish a lecture, making it close to impossible for
             students trying to hear the rest of the lecture to actually do so; and

Whereas:     Both MWF and MW classes are held in the same buildings but are on different
             schedules so that bells go off to end and begin MWF classes in the middle of MW
             classes and vice versa; and
Whereas:   Not only do the bells disturb the classes they are meant to help, but they disturb
           all the faculty and staff who have offices in the buildings where bells are ringing;

Whereas:   The bells currently operate through the emergency alert system that was recently
           established at Baylor University; and

Whereas:   The administration in charge of the bells has adjusted the volume on the
           emergency alert system in order to lessen the distraction the bells present to the
           office workers and to make the bells a tolerable volume in other areas; and

Whereas:   The tampering with the emergency alert system in order to facilitate the class
           bells seems to lessen the probability that the emergency alert system will work
           properly in the event of an actual emergency; and

Whereas:   The bells are currently in place only in the Sid Richardson Science Building,
           Carroll Science Hall, Draper, Burleson, and Old Main; and

Whereas:   The bells in Draper, Burleson, and Old Main are only audible in the hallways and
           cannot be heard from within most of the classrooms, rendering them ineffectual in
           these three buildings; and

Whereas:   Where the bells are audible in the Sid Richardson Building and the Carroll
           Science Building, they often go off up to 5 minutes early, according to professors
           teaching in those buildings; and

Whereas:   Since the bells are not consistent and only ring in two buildings where a very
           small fraction of undergraduate classes are held, the bells are not achieving their
           purpose of synchronizing campus; and

Whereas:   If bells were expanded to a greater number of buildings on campus, their
           effectiveness in synchronization may improve, but the problems presented by
           inconsistency in the bells, disturbances to office workers, and distractions in the
           classroom would only be multiplied; and

Whereas:   Whether implemented on a small or large scale, the presence of bells thus causes
           more problems than it corrects; and

Whereas:   Noting many of the above concerns, Faculty Senate unanimously passed a motion
           on March 3, 2009 to request that the use of the bells be discontinued;
Therefore:     Be it resolved by the 56th legislative session of the Baylor University Student
               Senate assembled that we respectfully request that the bell system currently in
               place be discontinued and any plans for its further expansion be suspended.

Furthermore: We fully support Faculty Senate’s motion to discontinue the operation of the bells
             and acknowledge the unity of both Faculty and Students on this issue.

Furthermore: A copy of this resolution will be sent to the Interim President, Dr. David Garland,
             Vice President for Student Life, Dr. Dub Oliver, Interim Provost, Dr. Elizabeth
             Davis, Senior Vice Provost, Dr. Naymond Keathley, Facility Utilization Planner,
             Lois Ferguson, and the Chair of Faculty Senate, Dr. Georgia Green.

Approved by:

Bryan Fonville, Student Body President