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					                                                   Sessions Schedule
               Topic 1 : Materials deterioration process
               Session 1A                                                                                     Room 1
               Chair: A. Gonçalves, A. Kaledji                                                                Ref
11:00-11:15    T. Nguyen, S. Lorente, M. Carcasses      Chloride diffusion through CEM-I and CEM-V mortars:   #038
                                                        impact of the temperature
11:15- 11:30   K. Audenaert, G. Schutter, L. Marsavina, Influence of cracks and crack width on penetration    #057
               V. Boel                                  depth of chlorides in concrete
11:30-11:45    M. Salta, A. Melo, N. Garcia, J. Ricardo Relevance of mineral additions on the corrosion       #068
                                                        initiation phase modelling in reinforced concrete
                                                        exposed to marine environment
11:45-12:00    J. Gallias, K. Dizayee                   Chloride binding of mortars with mineral admixtures   #080
                                                        and relation with compressive strength and

12:00-12:15    O. Trocónis de Rincón, et al            Comparative effect of the tropical and non-tropical  #035
                                                       marine environments on reinforced concrete
                                                       durability in the Iberoamerican region : DURACON
12:15-12:30    S. Bonnet, A. Djerbi, A. Khelidgi       Influence of diffused and localised damage of normal #110
                                                       and high performance concretes on their chloride
                                                       diffusivity properties
12:30-12:45    B. Díaz, L. Freire, X. Nóvoa, G. Pena   Study by EIS of the microstructural changes during   #097
                                                       the migration process on mortar samples
12:45-13:00                                            Discussion
               Topic 1 : Materials deterioration process
               Session 1B                                                                                        Room 2
               Chair: J. Brito, S. Yotte                                                                         Ref
11:00-11:15    T. Ferreira, J. Brito                   Performance of construction elements in coastal           #001
11:15- 11:30   J. Miranda Dias                         Performance of masonry specimens in contact with          #022
                                                       salt water. Absorption by capillary rise and
                                                       evaporation phenomena

11:30-11:45    L. Matias, A. Vilhena, A. Magalhães, C.  Performance of masonry specimens in contact with         #062
               Pina Santos, R. Veiga                    salted water. Absorption by capillar rise and
                                                        evaporation phenomena
11:45-12:00    H. Derluyn, A. Poupeleer, D. Van Gemert, Salt transport and crystallization modelling in porous   #061
               J. Carmeliet                             materials
12:00-12:15    A. Santos Silva, R. Veiga                Degradation and repair of renders in ancient             #059
                                                        fortresses close to the sea
12:15-12:30    R. Ezzdine , J. Ibáñez , S. Yotte , D.   Analysis of salt crystallisation test applied on:        #100
               Breysse                                  Galdacano sandstone and Blaye limestone
12:30-12:45                                             Discussion
               Topic 2: Diagnostic, assessment and monitoring
               Session 2A                                                                                       Room 1
               Chair: F. Schoefs, E. Pereira                                                                    Ref
14:45-15:00    M. Salta, J. Ricardo, A. Melo, A. Póvoa Spatial distribution of chloride penetration in the      #108
                                                       concrete of a bridge in a coastal environment
15:00- 15:15   D. Breysse, S. Yotte, M. Salta, F.      Uncertainties in NDT condition assessment of             #014
               Schoefs, J. Ricardo, E. Pereira         corroding structures in marine environment
15:15-15:30    V. Goyet, Y. Duchêne, V. Servais        Dynamic behaviour of a concrete slab in maritime         #055
                                                       environment. Measurements, tests, simulations and
                                                       final design.
15:30-15:45    O. Omikrine-Metalssi, S. Bonnet, M.     Influence of the core sampling places in a quay on the   #006
               Tahlaiti, A.Khelidj,                    variations of the chloride profiles
15:45-16:00    R. Moura                                Inspection, tests and diagnosis of reinforced            #067
                                                       concrete structures in a marine environment
16:00-16:15    E. Moreno, R. Solís-Carcaño, P. Castro- Durability of coastal housing in the Yucatan             #039
               Borges                                  peninsula
16:15-16:30                                            Discussion
               Topic 2: Diagnostic, assessment and monitoring
               Session 2B                                                                                      Room 2
               Chair: O. Rincón, P. Silveira                                                                   Ref
14:45-15:00    S. Lee, S. Kim, H. Lee, K. Choi, D. Kang Parameter estimation of a marine concrete bridge       #005
                                                        using wireless acceleration measurement system

15:00- 15:15   S. Nanukuttan, M. Basheer, M. Russell,   Recent developments in in situ chloride migration      #030
               D. Robinson                              test: Permit ion migration test
15:15-15:30    V. Pakrashi, F. Schoefs, J. Memet, A.    Improved image analysis based corrosion                #081
               O'Connor                                 assessment using preprocessing techniques
15:30-15:45    A. Clement, F. Schoefs, A. Nouy          Inspection of steel structures in coastal area with    #010
                                                        NDT tools: use of polynomial chaos decomposition
                                                        for building receiver operating characteristics curves

15:45-16:00    O. Amiri, A. Aït-Mokhtar, J. Loche, H.   Methodologies of the determination of the chloride     #107
               Sleiman                                  diffusion coefficient in cementitious materials - an
                                                        overview and analyses
16:00-16:15                                             Discussion
                 Topic 2: Diagnostic, assessment and monitoring
                 Session 2C                                                                                         Room 1
                 Chair: R. Veiga, L. Nunes                                                                          Ref
   16:50-17:05   M. Soutsos, D. Breysse, A. Moczko         The use of combined non-destructive methods for          #087
                                                           concrete strength assessment
   17:05-17:20   D. Breysse, C. Sirieix, J. Lataste        Combining several non destructive techniques to          #013
                                                           improve the reliability of assessment of reinforced
                                                           concrete structures
   17:20-17:35   B. Colston, D. Watt                       Non-Destructive investigation of a historic english      #018
   17:35-17:50   J-M. Loche, J-F. Lataste, X. Derobert, O. Evaluation of cover concrete and assessment of           #053
                 Amiri, G. Villain, A. Ait-Mokhtar, O.     chloride ingress by Non Destructive Testing.

  17:50-118:05   X. Dérobert, J-F. Lataste, J-M. Loche, G. Evaluation of cover concrete and assessment of           #054
                 Villain, M. Larget, A. Aït-Mokhtar, O.    chloride ingress by Non Destructive Testing. Part II –
                 Amiri, O. Coffec, M. Tahlaiti, O. Durand, Comparison of NDT measurements and correlations.
                 L. Lu, O. Abraham

18:05-18:15                                               Discussion
              Topic 2: Diagnostic, assessment and monitoring
              Session 2D                                                                                     Room 1
              Chair: S. Yotte, A.M. Baptista                                                                 Ref
8:45-9:00     C. Cruz, R. Veiga, V. Ferreira            Clay roofing tiles under salt mist atmosphere        #033
9:00-9:15     A. Carvajal, G. Araya, P. Maturana        Diagnosis and rehabilitation possibilities of real   #011
                                                        reinforced concrete structure.
9:15-9:30     L. Gill, G. Reilly                        Saline infiltration to the Dublin Docklands sewer    #031
9:30-9:45     A. Valente, L. Nunes, L. Borges, P.       Marine biological degradation: rebuilding a wood     #075
              Palma, J. Machado                         pile's life history
9:45-10:00    A. Del Grosso, F. Lanata, A. Pieracci, G. Health monitoring of old structures in the Port of   #048
              Brunetti, D. Inaudi                       Genoa
10:00-10:10                                             Discussion
               Topic 3: Service Life modeling and Reliability
               Session 3A                                                                                     Room 1
               Chair: A. O'Connor, L. Nunes                                                                   Ref
11:20-11:35    F. Deby, M. Carcasses, A. Sellier       A new way for durability design of reinforced          #002
                                                       concrete in marine environment by probabilistic
11:35- 11:50   C. Leonid, D. Val                       Prediction of Cover Cracking in Reinforced Concrete    #032
                                                       Structures due to Corrosion
11:50-12:05    P. Marques, A. Costa                    Durability Analysis of Reinforced Concrete             #003
                                                       Structures. Prescriptive and Performance Criteria
12:05-12:20    A. Clement, J. Boero, F. Schoefs, J.    Overview of corrosion impact for marine structures:    #026
               Memet                                   analysis of French structures in several harbours

12:20-12:35    V. Pakrashi, A. O'Connor, D. Breysse      Effects of Damage Models in Probabilistic            #083
                                                         Assessment of Structures: An Illustrative Example
12:35-12:50    J. El Hassan, E. Bastidas, A.             Reliability-based assessment of environmental        #102
               Chateauneuf, Ph. Bressolette, Kh. Tawil   conditions on corrosion of RC structures subjected
                                                         to chloride ingress
12:50-13:00                                              Discussion
               Topic 3: Service Life modeling and Reliability
               Session 3B                                                                                            Room 1
               Chair: D. Breysse, S. Yotte                                                                           Ref
14:45-15:00    A. Clément, F. Schoefs, A. Nouy           Reliability of corroded historical lift-cranes in coastal   #009
15:00- 15:15   J. Kuilen, E. Montaruli, R. Weersink, Th. Service life analysis of marine structures of tropical      #029
               Meerstadt                                 hardwoods
15:15-15:30    V. Pakrashi, A. O'Connor, D. Breysse, F. Reliability based assessment of structures in marine         #082
               Schoefs                                   environment
15:30-15:45    N. Zeidan, S. Yotte, S. M. Elachachi, F.  Structural reliability analysis of Blaye wharf              #106
               Schoefs, A. Daulat, R. El Dalati
15:45-16:00    H. Yáñez-Godoy, F. Schoefs, A. Nouy, M. Reliability analysis of two in-service monitored pile-        #103
               Lasne                                     supported wharves during extreme storm loading
16:00-16:15    J. Ricardo, E. Pereira, M. Salta          On modelling corrosion rate of reinforced concrete in       #077
                                                         marine environment
16:15-16:30                                              Discussion
              Topic 3: Service Life modeling and Reliability
              Session 3C                                                                                           Room 1
              Chair: F. Schoefs, J. Saporiti                                                                       Ref
16:50-17:05   P. Stroeven                               Designing reliable service life prediction strategies      #088
                                                        based on prediction, monitoring and assessment of
17:05-17:20   E. Sheils, A. O'Connor, F. Schoefs, D.    Investigation of the effect of the quality of inspection   #052
              Breysse                                   techniques on the optimal inspection interval for
17:20-17:35   S. Crouigneau, L. Bourdon, Y. Billard, J. Risk analysis to support operation and maintenance         #049
              Person, F. Schoefs                        of an ageing dock-gate for the Port of Marseille
17:35-17:50   O. Kenshel, A. O'Connor                   Reliability based modelling of deterioration in            #084
                                                        condition and safety of RC beams in marine
17:50-18:05                                             Discussion
               Topic 4: Prevention and Innovative materials
               Session 4A                                                                                         Room 2
               Chair: M. Pipa, X. Derobert                                                                        Ref
14:45-15:00    M. Escudero, M. García-Alonso, J.          Study of the corrosion resistance of stainless steels   #063
               González, F. Capilla, M. Vega, M. Salta, in solution and mortar
               M. Correia, A. Bennani
15:00- 15:15   M. Correia, M. Salta, M. Pipa, I. Fonseca, Corrosion resistance of stainless steel                 #064
               M. Escudero                                reinforcements in cracked concrete
15:15-15:30    M. Salta, M. Correia, M. Pipa, M.          Stainless steel reinforced concrete structures with     #065
               Escudero, C. García, J. González           long service life and reduced maintenance in marine
15:30-15:45    E. Chauveau, T. Sourisseau, B. Demelin, Lean duplex stainless steels for concrete                  #078
               M. Mantel                                  reinforcement
15:45-16:00    M. Alonso, F. Recio, M. Sanchez            High strength stainless steels for pre-stressed         #112
                                                          structures in marine environment
16:00-16:15    P. Castro-Borges, E. Moreno, A. Torres- The Progreso pier: a Mexican historic heritage             #095
               Acosta, M. Fabela-Gallegos
16:15-16:30                                               Discussion
              Topic 4: Prevention and Innovative materials
              Session 4B                                                                                          Room 2
              Chair: K. Ait Mokthar, P. Castro Borges                                                             Ref
16:50-17:05   C. Gonilho Pereira, R. Fangueiro, S.      Braided composite rods to reinforce concrete              #041
              Jalali, M. de Araújo, P. Pina Marques     subjected to aggressive environments
17:05-17:20   A. Santos Silva, et al                    Use of mineral additions for the inhibition of internal   #060
                                                        expansive reactions in concrete structures: Good and
                                                        bad synergies
17:20-17:35   E. Nicolas, D. Waldmann, A. Lecomte, C. Rheological and physico-chemical study of cement            #079
              Diliberto, M. Greger, B. Malaman, G.      mortars with superplasticizers of polycarboxylate-
              Scharfe, C. Kirpach                       type
17:35-17:50   K. Owens, M. Basheer, B. Gupta            Effect of pre-carbonation on the immobilisation           #109
                                                        potential of chromium contaminated mortar
17:50-18:05   Z. Klenowicz, K. Darowicki, B. Valdez, M. Corrosion monitoring of port installations and            #004
              Schorr                                    environmental pollution
18:05-18:15                                             Discussion
              Topic 5 :Management and maintenance of constructions
              Session 5                                                                                        Room 1
              Chair: A. O'Connor, A. Póvoa                                                                     Ref
8:45-9:00     R. Blakeley, P. Banfill, D. Harris        Managing the internal environment in lighthouses and   #015
                                                        other remote buildings
9:00-9:15     M. Forlani, C. Bertolini Cestari, D.      The conservation of "trabocchi" as safeguard of the    #016
              Radogna                                   coastal building constructive sustainability
9:15-9:30     S. Hold                                   Examples of heritage maritime projects which involve   #023
                                                        damage, diagnosis and restoration
9:30-9:45     J. Padgett, R. DesRoches, B. Nielson      Performance of coastal bridges during hurricane        #056
9:45-10:00    J. Boéro, F. Schoefs, B. Capra, N. Rouxel Risk management of French harbours structures:         #050
                                                        stakes, current practices and needs - Experience
                                                        feedback of owners
10:00-10:10                                             Discussion
               Topic 6: Repair and rehabilitation
               Session 6 A                                                                                     Room 1
               Chair: H. Cruz, R. Moura                                                                        Ref
11:20-11:35    M. Lehmann, M. Properzi, F. Pichelin    Strengthening of timber structures using pre-           #093
                                                       stressed carbon fibre lamellas
11:35- 11:50   D. Gregory, R. Ringgard, J. Dencker     The re-burial of the Hårbøllebro shipwreck to prevent   #034
                                                       the action of wood boring organisms
11:50-12:05    J. Negrão, A. Duarte, C. Oliveira, F.   Innovative techniques for the rehabilitation and        #104
               Oliveira, A. Balseiro                   strengthening of timber structures
12:35-12:50    M. Marcos, J. Botana, B. Valdez, M.     Environmental and industrial corrosion in polluted      #020
               Schorr                                  ports: The Huelva case
12:20-12:35    P. Menino Homem, I. Fonseca e J.        Silver tarnishing, the coastal environment and the      #044
               Cavalheiro                              case of Porto's Cathedral altar
12:50-13:00                                            Discussion
               Topic 6: Repair and rehabilitation
               Session 6 B                                                                                  Room 1
               Chair: J. Appleton, P. Stroeven                                                              Ref
14:45-15:00    J. Tinnea, C. Cryer                   Corrosion control of Pacific coast reinforced concrete #012
                                                     structures: A summary of 25 years experience

15:00- 15:15   T. da Silva, J. Appleton              Life cycle cost analysis of some reinforced concrete   #019
                                                     repairing techniques
15:15-15:30    Z. Lourenço, R. Barbosa, S. Miranda   Rehabilitation of a marine structure using cathodic    #089
                                                     protection - Cais de Gaia - Portugal
15:30-15:45    R. Moura                              Rehabilitation of chloride-contaminated reinforced     #066
                                                     concrete structures: traditional repair, cathodic
                                                     protection, selective use of stainless steel

15:45-16:00    J. Appleton, A. Costa                 The use of self compacting concrete in the             #025
                                                     rehabilitation of a jetty in Trafaria, Portugal
16:00-16:15    A. Martins, D. Silva                  Princess's pier rehabilitation works                   #086
16:15-16:30                                          Discussion
              Topic 6: Repair and rehabilitation
              Session 6 C                                                                                       Room 1
              Chair: J. Delgado Rodrigues, A. Santos Silva                                                      Ref
16:50-17:05   P. Kissane, S. Pavía                     Weathering and consolidation trials on sandstones        #043
                                                       used in Irish monuments
17:05-17:20   R. Veiga, A. Fragata, A. Velosa, A.      Substitution mortars for application in historical       #072
              Magalhães, G. Margalha                   buildings exposed to the sea environment. Analysis
                                                       of the viability of several types of compositions

17:20-17:35   N. Rodrigues, A. Ramos, F. Branco         Rehabilitation of historical masonry bridges            #096
17:35-17:50   M. Tavares, A. Magalhães, A. Velosa, R.   Repair mortars for a maritime fortress of the XVII th   #051
              Veiga, J. Aguiar                          century
17:50-18:05   I. Papayianni, V. Pachta                  Damages of old fighthouses and their repair             #099
18:05-18:15                                             Discussion

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