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					         Building Name                   Acceptance Check List For Vertical wheelchair Lifts
    P                                                                                                           COMMENT
F   A                                    Code
A   S   ITEM #            ITEM         Reference
                                                             REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE                             OR
I   S                                                                                                            NOTE #
L   N

                                                              Hoistway with Enclosure
                                                   - interior of runway enclosure shall present a smooth
                 Hoistway Enclosure    2000.1a(1)
                                                  surface - no permanent deformation with 125lbs of force -
                    (if enclosed)
                                                  extend 42" above top landing min -
                                                  42" high min.-unperforated-not wider than platform
                                       2000.1a(2) entrance plus 1" - self closing - hoistway side smooth
                  Top Landing Door      {} surface - door unit mounted securely - door not more than
                                                  3' from platform sill
                                                  unperforated door - not wider than platform entrance plus
                  All other landings              1" - min 6' 8" vert clearance/opening - self closing -
                         doors                    "space" required for operation must reject 1/2" ball

                   All but top floor              lift side of landing doors and sills shall present a smooth
                   hoistway door
                                                  surface no closer than 3/8" nor more than 3/4" from
                     clearances                   platform
                                                  mechanical & electrical lock req - tampering from landing
                                                  side protected against - door may open within 2" of floor-
                         Door Lock      {}
                                                  may travel away from floor 2" max without lock making--
                                                  Check for how to access hoistway, top and bottom- 125
                                                  lbs force without deformation
                                                  no hardware may project beyond vertical line of travel of
                 Hall door hardware
                                                  unit ( except doorlocks )

                                                    Platform to entrance sides, 3/8" min. 3/4" max.-platform
                 Running Clearances                 to doors (other than top) 3/8 to 3/4 -Cab side panels to
                   and headroom           2.1.8     enclosure 2" min. 3" max. - headroom min 80" from

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Building Name                   Acceptance Check List For Vertical wheelchair Lifts
                                            sheet metal at angle not less than 60 deg. Max 75 deg.
        Door header Shear
                               2000.1a(6)   Securely attached to door required. Clearances must
                                            not allowed if health endangered by discharge of gas,
1.07     Other equipment        2000.1d
                                            steam, liquids
                                            stationary & secured- compliant with A17.1 handbook
1.08              Ramp          2000.1e
                                            2000.1e, incline requirements
                                            Check for secure mounting-general condition &
1.09              Tower         2000.3d
1.10     General Condition                  overall general condition and installation
        Hoistway ventilation     required if in direct sunlight -- see code --
                                            steel unless steel presents a hazard ( explosion or
                                 2.2.1      chemical corrosion) then other suitable material may be
                guide rails      2.2.6      used -- Cast Iron may not be used - must extend so that
                                            full travel of car will not allow coming out of rails
                                            deflection of bracket not to exceed 1/8" at loading points
        Guide rail brackets

                                            steel unless steel presents a hazard ( explosion or
                guide rails      2.2.1      chemical corrosion) then other suitable material may be
                                            used -- Cast Iron may not be used -
                                            screws or set screws may not be used where thy may
        Driving means and
                                            shear - flexible connections must have means to prevent
        Sheaves couplings
                                            disengagement - keys shall be used on shafts that
         and set screws
                                            connect drums, gears, couplings, etc
                                            sheave 30 X dia of cable or 21 X dia for aircraft cable and
         drive sheaves and
                           8x19 steel -- sheave grooves with liners must be able to
                                            maintain traction with loss of liner
                                            must be connected to reinforced concrete or steel -- 1/4"
       Machine framework / &
                                            movement maximum allowed by code -- see UI building
                                            standards, no movement allowed.
                                            must be mounted on top of support structure not
         overhead driving
                           underside -- Idler sheaves may mount underside
       machines and sheaves
        guarding of driving                 enclosed with a solid enclosure -- any required opening
          machines and           2.3.8      shall reject a 3/4" ball -- access panel shall be screwed /
        suspension means                    bolted or locked in place
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Building Name                    Acceptance Check List For Vertical wheelchair Lifts
                                            must be guarded -- each belt or chain shall be monitored
                                            in case of breakage and power shall be removed if any
        Belt or chain drive
                                            belt or chain brakes or becomes excessively slack-- All
                                            chains and belts shall be replaced if any one breaks --

                                            Friction brake required except on screw types or worm
          Machine Brake           2.4.1     gearing where postive stop will happen within 4 inches

                       &   can't use for worm gears, chains, sprockets, etc
                Cast Iron
        Suspension means     min 2 required if ropes or chains are used
           Rope sizes       1/4" min for 500 lb capacity -- 3/8" for higher loads
        Drum machine rope          2.5.4     1 full turn left with unit at furthest points of travel
                                             No Clips allowed - babbit sockets or wedge clamps or
        Rope attachmetns           2.5.7
                                             approved fastenings only
                                             75 lb force should deflect cab walls no more than 1" --
          Cab Enclosure        2.6.3 & 2.6.8 floor area can't exceed 18ft squared -- full cab not allowed

        emergency lighting    required -- 2 bulbs -- last for 4 hours
                                            450 lb min 750 lb max capacity -- top speed 30fpm -- max
        Capacity Speed and
                                   2.7      travel 12' enclosed hoistway -- no hoistway 5' max
           Capacity Plate         2.7.2     required in conspicuos place
                                            attached to machine - must have - rated speed, rated load,
                                            weight of platform, suspension and support means, date
                Data Plate        2.7.3
                                            of namufacture, and manufacturer's name

       Passenger Restriction                installed in a conspicuous place --- "Mobility Impaired
              Sign                          Persons Only. No Freight"
             Safeties              2.8      Required on all except direct plunger design
        Screw drive safety    unit may fall 1/2" max by using safety nut

2.00                                                Hoistway without Enclosure
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Building Name                 Acceptance Check List For Vertical wheelchair Lifts
                                        Fully enclosed smooth guards, telescoping or stationary-
        Runway guards of
2.01                         2000.1b(1) withstand 125 lbs. with no permanent deformation-must
         accessible sides
                                        be minimum 3" above top landing
                                        42" high min.-unperforated-not wider than platform
2.02     Top Landing Door    2000.1b(2) entrance-sturdy, 125lbs force-self closing-smooth surface

                                        mechanical & electrical lock req.-door may open within 2"
       Door Locks, top and              of floor-may travel away from floor 2" max without lock
             bottom                     making-Check for how to access hoistway, top and
                                        Requirements unclear-car toe guard ?
       Bottom Landing door   2000.1b(1)

                                        Required-42" high min.-Mechanical and electrical lock,
                Car Door     2000.1a(3)
                                        Car may move 2" away from floor--self closing
                                        Unperforated facia required full platform width from
                  Facia      2000.1a(6)
                                        bottom of top sill to lower sill location.
        General Condition               overall general condition and installation
                                          42" max height-smooth-min. 2" max. 3" from enclosure
            Side Guards

                Grab Rails   2000.1a(7) required full length either side walls 34" to 38"
                 Platform     2000.6a   non skid surface required-18ftsq. Max.-
                              2000.6a   75 lbs force on walls and platform shall not cause
                Car Frame      204.1c   deflection greater than 1"
       Emergency Lighting    2000.6d(3) Required-2 bulb min.- must last four hours
                                        450lb min-750lb max-30fpm max-12' rise max nor
                              2000.7a   penetrate a floor-platforms greater than 15ft sq, minimum
         Speed & Capacity     2000.7b   750lb cap.-Capacity plate required and attached in
                                        conspicuous place
                                        securely attached to machine with, rated load, rated
                Data Plate    2000.7c   speed, weight of car, suspension and support means,
                                        date of manufacture and manufacturers name
           Headroom           2000.1h   6'8" minimum measured from car floor, entire travel
        General Condition               overall general condition and installation

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Building Name                   Acceptance Check List For Vertical wheelchair Lifts
                           governed by NEC
                                            as required NEC 110-26(a) - Except - Flexible connections
       Electrical Clearances     620-5      OK to use to move equipement to meet clearance
                                            to locks from hoistway riser shall be flame retardent &
         door lock wiring      620-11(a)    temperature rated at not less than 200'C -- Conductors
                                            shall be type SF or equivalent
        Car lighting wiring      (a)(1)
                                            min #14

                                           Cables with 30 volts RMS or less, or 42 volts DC or less
                               NEC 620-21. are allowed but must be supported and protected from
            Low Voltage            (c)     physical damage and jacketed and flame retardent.- 6'
                                           max grnfld.-
       flexible or liquidtight 620-21 ( C) allowed in runways and machine spaces not to exceed 6'
              conduit              (1)
                                           Lockable-fused or circuit breaker motor circuit style-
                                           Listed device-within sight of motor controller-sign
                               NEC 620-51
                                           showing where main breaker is located - code data tag
       Main line disconnect ( c) (4) 620-
                                 51 (d)    required showing date to be inspected - loss of power
                                           alarm bell and light and communication device still work
                                           for 1 hour
             Controller                    general condition-jumpers-location
           Motor Reversal                  Required-check for presence
       Protection & reverse      & 10e
          phase protection
         Emergency Power       NEC 620-91 Contact in main line switch to disconnect unit from both
             Operation             (c)     power sources--general operation

                                2000.3b               Cable assisted Hydraulic
                               2000.5 (c)   2 minimum required-1/4" min up to 500 lbs capacity-3/8"
                Cables         2000.5(f)    min for higher capacity-Check condition-No clip
                               302.1b(1)    attachments-wedge clamp or sockets only-
                                                              Page 5
Building Name                    Acceptance Check List For Vertical wheelchair Lifts
                                 2000.3b      general condition and mounting-must be vertically
                Jack unit       302.1b(1)     mounted
                                 2000.3b      40x rope diameter required-guards required to keep rope
          Cable Sheaves         208.2b(1)     on sheave if they become slack-
                                 2000.3b      required - with an enclosed manually reset switch-check
         Slack rope device      302.1b(7)     for operation & function
                                 2000.3b      must have means to release air from cylinder
         cylinder Air relief
                                 2000.3b      cylinder must have stop ring
                Stop ring
                                  2000.8      car rack not more than 3/8" per foot-Test operation

                                                                  Screw Style
                                 2000.4       Required & must hold full load
           Friction Brake
                                           Check general condition and lubrication-screw made of
      Screws & Nuts            1804.1(a)   steel, nut made of bronze-Check attachments, secured top
                                           and bottom-
                                           Manual operation required unless emerg power provided-
         Manual operation      1804.1(k)
                                           Check for means to accomplish this--
                Safeties        1803.5 (C) limit fall to 1/2" by safety nut

                                                            Operation and tests
                                               Operated by platform -- car shall stop within 1/2" up and
         Normal Terminal           2.9.2       down loaded and empty-shall not control same control
            Stopping             2000.9(b) switch as final term device- may be terminal stopping
                                               Operated by platform - required-set to stop travel before
                                               car strikes obstruction-Slack rope switch allowed to be
                               2.9.3 / 2.9.4 /
           Final terminal                      used for bottom-switch must be mechanically operated --
                               2.9.6 2000.9
          Stopping device      (C) 209.3a not required for roped hydraulic units or where unit lands
                                               within reasonable distance to floor level- 1/2" --

                               2.10.1   IL.   Not Required by IL. Acc. Code- key removable in "off"
           Key Operation        Acc. Code     position only-constant pressure buttons required-
                                                                Page 6
Building Name                  Acceptance Check List For Vertical wheelchair Lifts
                                2.10.6    required in car adjacent to operating panel - conspicuosly
            Stop Switch        2000.10f   marked with stop and run positions
                                          may use stop switch if marked with "Alarm" -- or provide
         Emergency Signal      2000.11
                                          button marked *alarm* that lights- -must operate with loss
                                          of normal building power
                                          Some means required -- from platform to point outside
                                2.11.2    hoistway -- actuating means not required inside car - must
                                          function without power for 4 hours
                                          continuous pressure up & down required - max 48" min
         operating devices      2.10.1
                                          15" from floor
                                          means required to operate unit manually unless
         manual operation      2.10.10
                                          emergency power provided

                                                        Job End Submittals
           Parts Catalog
       electrical schematics
        emergency manual
         operation device


                                                            Page 7
                                                Elevator Inspection
Building Name:                                     Blg. Loc. #:                      Lift Designation:
Address:                                                     Inspectors Name:
                                                                   Type of Inspection:         Routine
Serial No. :                                                                                   Periodic
Inspection Date:                                                                             Acceptance          X

Substantial Completion Date:
Service Beginning Date:                                                                  Hydraulic Elev. tests
Service Ending Date:      No Service--1 year warranty                            Static Pressure:
                                                                                 Working Pressure:

Hydraulic or Traction:
Passenger or Freight:     Single Passenger use

Rated Capacity:
Rated Speed:
                                                          Traction Elevator Tests
                                          Full Load up:                          overspeed sw:
                                          Full Load down:
                                          Gov Tripping Speed:

                                                          Page 8
                                                             Acceptance Inspection for Inclined wheelchair Lift
Building Name:

   P                                                                                                                                                               COMMENT
   A S
       ITEM #
                                            Code                                                                                                                     OR
   S                    ITEM              Reference                                         REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE                                                NOTE #
 L  N

                                                             Stairway still functional for Pedestrians (Requirements to be verified by accessibility standards
          1.01 Means of Egress              2001.1a
                                                             Platform to adjacent surfaces 3/4" minimum--Edge of platform facing upper landing, at no point
          1.02        Clearances            2001.1b
                                                             greater (vertical) than 24" above steps or landings.
                  Other equipment in                         not allowed if health endangered by discharge of gas, steam, liquids
          1.03                              2001.1c
          1.04      Pits & Ramps            2001.1d          either one or the other shall be provided--Pit shall be protected as required by local code--
                                                             Ramp allowed by IAC --retractable guard (ramp) min. 6" high--automatic or manually operated--
                                          IAC 400.310h)2
          1.05   Bottom Landing Ramp     A17.1 2001.6c(2)
                                                          electric contact required that stops unit within 6" of travel from landing if ramp not retracted--

                                                             Means shall be provided to prevent the wheelchair from rolling off the platform at the upper access
          1.06    Top Landing Ramp         2001.6c(2)
                                         IAC       400.310   minimum 30" wide by 48" long, clear. Or Maximum inside net platform area shall not exceed 18 sq.
          1.07       Platform Area              h)A)         feet.--non skid surface
          1.08   Guide Rails & Tracks          2001.2        Securely anchored--unit cannot run off the tracks
                                                             out of the way-aligned-guarded
          1.09   Sheaves & Sprockets        2001.3d

                                                             Required-electrically released, spring applied, directly attached to driving means by a continuous
          1.10          Brakes             2001.4(a)
                                                             shaft--tested with full load
          1.11        Wire Ropes           2001.5(c)         not less than 1/4" allowed--sockets for attachments, no u bolts allowed
                                                             Required--Up and down facing edge must have device to stop unit within 2" with force of 4 lbf --
          1.12    Obstruction Devices      2001.6(e)
                                                             Unit may operate in direction away from obstruction
                 Underside Obstruction                       Required--must have device entire underside area that stops unit within 2" with force of 4 lbf in
          1.13                             2001.6(e)
                        Device                               down direction only--Unit may operate in direction away from obstruction
          1.14     General Condition                         overall general condition and installation

          2.00                                                                                     Cab (If Provided)
          2.01       Side Guards           2001.6c(1)        (if Provided)42" max height-smooth-min. 2" max. 3" from enclosure
          2.02        Grab Rails           2000.1a(7)        required full length both sides on side guards
                                            2001.7c          One Person--450lb min-750lb max-30fpm--Capacity plate required and attached in conspicuous
          2.03     Speed & Capacity         2001.7a          place
                                                             securely attached to machine with, rated load, rated speed, weight of car, suspension and support
          2.04        Data Plate            2001.7d
                                                             means, date of manufacture and manufacturers name
          2.05          Incline             2001.7b          45 degrees maximum incline
                                                             Sign required at each landing "Physically Disabled Persons Only. No Freight" with physically
          2.06         Signage              2001.7e
                                                             disabled persons symbol
                                         IAC       400.310   Hall and Car--48" max & 15" min fff for forward reach--54" max & 9" min fff side reach--
          2.07      Controls Height             h)C)

                                                                                                      Page 9
  P                                                                                                                                                                      COMMENT
  A S
      ITEM #
                                             Code                                                                                                                          OR
  S                    ITEM                Reference                                             REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE                                                 NOTE #
L  N
                                                                  Required-mechanically set only--instantaneous with mechanical breakage or rope slackening--
       2.08           Safeties                  2001.8            75fpm max with governor--stop square 3/8" in./ft--Check electrical safety actuated switch

       2.09     General Condition                                 overall general condition and installation-workmanship

       3.00                                                                                                    Electrical
                                          NEC 620-21.  Cables with 30 volts RMS or less, or 42 volts DC or less are allowed but must be supported and
       3.01        Low Voltage                (c)      protected from physical damage.(inside wall, grnfld etc.)- 6' max grnfld.-
                                          NEC 620-51 & Lockable-fused or circuit breaker motor circuit style-Listed device-
       3.02    Main line disconnect
                                                51 (a)
                                                                  Main line disconnect shall disconnect unit from emergency power and normal power source
       3.03     Emergency Power            620-91 (c)

       3.04          Controller                                   general condition-jumpers-Physical location & NEC clearances
                                                                  Required where non instantaneous reversible motor is used--a circuit or device that prevents the
                  Motor Reversal
       3.05                                    2001.10d           motor going in same direction when reversing control is actuated--check for presence
                  Reverse phase                                   Required with poly phase installation
       3.06                                    2001.10e

       4.00                                                                                           Operation and tests
                  Normal Terminal                                 Top and Bottom--car shall stop within 1/2" up and down loaded and empty--shall not control same
       4.01                                    2001.9(a)
                      Stopping                                    control switch as final term device-
                 Top Final terminal        2001.9(C)(D)           required--set to stop travel after car passes normal limit & before car strikes obstruction---switch
       4.02                                     209.3a
                  Stopping device                                 must be mechanically operated
                  Bottom Terminal          2000.9 (g)             Slack rope switch allowed to be used for this--not required if landing limits the travel of unit
       4.03                                 209.3a
                  Stopping Device
               Final limit for drum or                            Required--device operated by the driving machine
       4.04      sprocket & chain          2001.9 (e)
                                         IAC    400.310 h)D) --   Not Required by IAC--If provided key removable in "off" position only-constant pressure buttons
       4.05       Key Operation                2001.10a           required-
       4.06         Stop Switch                2001.10f           required in car
                                                                  provide button that lights- or stop switch may provide alarm function if it lights and is marked as
       4.07     Emergency Signal               2001.11
                                                                  alarm also--must operate with loss of normal building power--
       4.08          Operation                                    Ride--Inspect for smooth operation and overall operation--stopping and starting-

       5.00                                                                                           Job End Submittals
X      5.01        Parts Catalog                                  complete, and total parts list required
X      5.02    Maintenance Manual                                 maintenance manual with scheduled maintenance requirements

                                                                                                            Page 10
  P                                                          COMMENT
  A S
      ITEM #
                        Code                                   OR
  S            ITEM   Reference   REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE    NOTE #
L  N

                                       Page 11
                                  Acceptance Inspection for LULA Style Elevators
                                             Traction style & Cable assisted Hydraulic (CAH)
Building Name:

     P                                                                                                            COMMENT
 F   A
 A   S   ITEM #
                                          Code                                                                      OR
 I   S                    ITEM          Reference            REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE                              NOTE #
 L   N
                                                                REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE
         Item #            Item           Code
 P   F                                                                                                          Comment or Note
                                                     Unit shall be fully enclosed (or to 6' above each floor
                                                     and adjacent stair treads) throughout height and
           1      Hoistway Enclosure      2502.1
                                                     travel--smooth sturdy enclosure--Fire rating
                                                     dependent on location of unit
                                          2500.1     No ledges more than 2" Inside hoistway--must have
           2      Ledges and setbacks     2502.1     75' bevel on top
                                                    Must be laminated glass--markings required to be
                                                    visible on each separate piece of glass after
           3      Glass                   2502.1
                                                    installation--Markings must comply with ANSI Z97.1
                                          2500.1     Door frames must be supported and attached to load
                  Hoistway Openings &     2502.1     bearing wall or by building structure such as
                  door frames             100.1e     structural steel or floor--frames must be fire rated and
                                          110.14     tested & labeled--
                                                     Designed to prevent ground water entry--Fire resistive
                                                     construction--strong enough to withstand impact of
           5      Pit construction        2502.1
                                                     full load safety sets & buffer engagement
                                        100.2b & c

                                                                   Page 12
                                                                      REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE
        Item #           Item                 Code
P   F                                                                                                                Comment or Note
                                             2500.1        No equipment other than elevator equipment allowed
          6        Other Equipment           2502.1        in hoistway--steam for heat 5 psi or less
                                            2500.2 (e)     Means must be provided for inspection and servicing
                  Means of access to         2502.1        of governor from outside the hoistway--permanent
                      governor            100.3a(2)(b)(1   ladder not required for LULA
                    Aux. Equipment           2500.5        moving auxiliary equipment must be guarded--
                      Guarding               2502.1        overhead sheaves-Tapes-sprockets-etc
                                            2500.2 (g)     means provided with electric contact at every landing
          9        Hoistway Access           2502.1        entrance--special tool required--unlocking keyhole not
                                              111.6        higher than 6'11"
                                                           All components of elevator must have clear access to
                    All components           UI Blg.       be worked on--elevator must be able to be moved 1'
                       accessible            Stnds         minimum above or below every component in
                                                           hoistway & on car
                                                           Counter weights require safeties--Spring or oil buffers
                 Protection of occupied      2500.10
                                                           required on car and counterweights when over
         11          Spaces Below             2502.1
                                                           occupied spaces & shall not fully compress with full
                       Hoistway                109
                                                           load at contract speed --
                                                           horizontal slide & single section swing only--6'8" min.
                                                           X 32" wide min.--door closers required on hall doors--
         12         Landing Doors
                                            2500.11        measured from door nearest hoistway to edge of hall
                   Door Clearances
         13                                  2502.1        sill--3/4" for swinging doors--2 1/4" for sliding doors
                                                           required--full width of opening and leveling zone
                                                           height plus 3"--beveled no less than 60' nor more
         14       Landing Sill guards         2502.1
                                                           than 75'-From sill to header or to wall while
                                                           maintaining 5" max clearance

                                                                         Page 13
                                                                  REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE
        Item #           Item                Code
P   F                                                                                                             Comment or Note
                                                       must overlap top and sides of frame and each other
                                                       by 5/8"--not exceed 3/8" between panel and frame-
         15      door panels (hoistway)     2502.1
                                                       under sill-other panels-center opening panels must
                                                       have astragals between doors--
                                           2500.11     562 lbf applied to center of door panels with no
                  Entrance assembly
         16                                 2502.1     permanent displacement or deformation to any parts
                       force test
                                           2500.11     30 lbf applied in open direction at farthest point from
                 Door Panels eccentric
         17                                 2502.1     door lock, door may not deflect more than 1"
                                           2500.11     minimum of one guide at bottom of each panel and
         18      Door guides (bottom)       2502.1     engage minimum 1/4"-- must pass force test
                                                       Door panels must all be interconnected and move at
                                                       same time--have closers on them-- multiple speed and
                    Multi door Panel                   center opening doors must have secondary
         19                                 2502.1
                       entrance                        mechanical interconnecting means to insure doors
                                                       do not become disconnected from each other

                                                       required at top and bottom of door panels--top or
                                           2500.11     bottom of panel may not be displaced more than 3/4"
                 Hoistway door safety       2502.1     if force of 1125 lbf is exerted at center of panel--also
                      retainers            110.11h     must withstand 225 lbf up and out at any point
                                           110.11i     without dislodging door or deforming it--building
                                                       walls must withstand this force also
                    Swing type door       see section
                      entrances             110.13
                                           ILL. Acc.  3/4" min size--Centered at 42"--lighted--mounting &
         22           Hall buttons
                                             Code     appearance --no Braille required
                                                      72" min fff--2 1/2" min arrows--visible from "vicinity"
                                           ILL. Acc.
         23          Hall Lanterns                    hall button--1gong up 2 down or verbal up & down

                                                                     Page 14
                                                                  REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE
        Item #           Item               Code
P   F                                                                                                           Comment or Note
                                          ILL. Acc.     Raised Braille & Characters Required--both jambs--6'
         24             Braille
                                            Code        fff--2" characters--

                                                                       Machine Room
                                           2500.2       Allowed to be in other equipment areas but must be
         25      Machine room location
                                           2502.1       caged off by substantial metal grille enclosure
                    Machine room                        Required if other equipment in machine room area--6'
                                          2500.2 (c
         26           enclosure                         high minimum--reject 2" ball--self closing & locking
                     (metal grille)                     door
                                                        When separate enclosed machine room is provided
                     Machine room        2500.2 a-f,I   see 2500.2 a-f & I and other referenced applicable
                  (Separate enclosed)      2502.1       sections- which requires most of the codes required
                                                        for full regular machine room

                                                        allowed in pit area but controller must be mounted
                                         2500.2 (J)
         28       Machine room in Pit                   outside of hoistway or on inside of access door--if
                                                        machine is located in pit a means must be provided to
                                                        restrict car travel to 78" from pit floor

                                                        When complete body entry required full floor required
                                         2500.2 (L)
         29      Machine in overhead                    in overhead level with machine beams--comply with
                                                        100.3c--metal must reject 1" ball--78" clear headroom
                                                        required--Other requirements of section 101
                                         2500.2 (h)     78" minimum clear headroom required in LULA
         30           Headroom
                                          2502.1        machine room
                                          2500.3        No equipment other than elevator equipment allowed
         31        Other Equipment        2502.1        in machine room
                                          2500.4        Sheave extending beyond horizontal plane, overhead
                      Guarding of
         32                               2502.1        sheaves, open gears, drums, tapes, etc. must be
                                            104         guarded

                                                                     Page 15
                                                                REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE
        Item #           Item              Code
P   F                                                                                                          Comment or Note
                 Machinery and sheave                 Supporting beams shall be steel or reinforced
                    supports and                      concrete--beams not required if components installed
         33                               2502.1
                     Foundations                      on floors--floors and supports must meet Section 105
                  (Traction & Drum)                   requirements
                                                      Drum machines may be used if without
                                                      counterweights-- Sheaves must be minimum of 30 X
                   Driving machine &       2501.9
                                                      diameter of ropes--Sheave groove must be able to
         34             Sheaves            208.1a
                                                      provide traction to prevent slippage at 125% of load
                  (Traction and Drum)    208.2a-c-d
                                                      with groove liner or without--re-grooving depth
                                                      provided on side of drive sheave
                                                      no bolts allowed in shear plane under load--flexible
                                                      couplings shall have means to prevent
                     Drive machine
                                          2501.9      disengagement in the event of coupling failure--key
         35           attachments
                                         208.4 & 5    ways required when shaft diameters reduced, applies
                  (Traction and Drum)
                                                      to gears, drums, sheaves, couplings or anything that
                                                      transmits torque
                                                      brake required on drive machine--friction brake-
                 Drive Machine Brake      2501.9
         36                                           applied with springs-electrically released--will hold
                 (Traction and Drum)       208.8
                                                      125% of full load
                                                      Required--must have inspection means to allow
                   Drive Machine gear
                                          2501.9      inspection of contact surfaces of gears--must be able
         37            inspection
                                          208.11      to inspect rest of gears with viewing instrument if
                  (Traction and Drum)
                                                      Check belts-leaks-general condition-mounting &
                                          2502.5      vibration--data plate or Tank Plate, with "working
         38      hydraulic Power Unit     304.2b      pressure"--minimum oil level clearly indicated--means
                                          304.3c      to check oil level provided without need to remove
                                                      cover or other part
                                                      Working Pressure (rated load at rated speed up)
                      Data Plate          2502.5
         39                                           permanently and legibly marked on data plate
                    (Pumping Unit)        304.1a
                                                      attached to pumping unit
                                          2502.4      Is seal in place--should bypass 100% of oil at or less
         40      Pressure Relief Valve
                                          303.4b      than 150% of working pressure
                                                                    Page 16
                                                                 REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE
        Item #           Item                Code
P   F                                                                                                            Comment or Note
                                            2502.4     Marked as "Manual Lowering"--Lowering position
         41        Manual Lowering
                                            303.4d     marked
                                                       Required--Pressure gauge fitting with shutoff valve on
         42      Pressure gauge fitting                jack side of the check valve-on or immediately
                                                       adjacent to control valve
                                                       Required--Plainly, permanently marked with--manuf Id-
                 Control valve marking      2502.4     type desig-component rated pressure-elec coil data-
                         plate              303.4f     certification marking in accordance with testing
                                                       laboratory certificate
                    Flexible hose &                    No items from section 303.3c allowed including
         44                                 303.3c
                        Fittings                       Pressurized hoses
                                            303.1b     Minimum of schedule 80--Visually Inspect full oil line
                                             Blg.      run--fittings rated to pressure relief minimum--leaks--
         45      Supply Line & Fittings
                                          Standards    no fittings in walls--proper supports--isolated wall
                                          303.3B(1)    penetrations
                                            303.4a     One required in machine room--proper pressure
         46          Shutoff Valve           Blg.      rating
                                                     Required if top of hydraulic cylinder is above
                                            2502.7   reservoir tank--valves should not operate if there is no
         47        Pressure Switch
                                            306.14   pressure in the line between the down valve and
                                                     Convenient access in sight of machine--Fused or
                 Disconnecting Means
         48                               NEC 620-51 circuit breaker--securely mounted--proper NEC
                      (main Line)
                                                     clearances (42")--be able to be locked open
                                                     Lockable--labeled with overcurrent protection device
                 Disconnecting Means
         49                               NEC 620-53 location
                     (Car Lighting)
                                          NEC 620-51 Test Operation--Auxiliary contact required to make
         50        Battery Lowering
                                          & 620-91(c) emerg. lowering inoperable
                                            2500.2    required in machine room--Test with tester
         51         GFI receptacle          101.5c
                                          NEC 620-85
                                                                     Page 17
                                                                REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE
        Item #           Item               Code
P   F                                                                                                          Comment or Note
                                           2500.2   easy access to switch--10ftc at floor level--permanent
         52      Light Switch & Light
                                           101.5a   lighting
                                                    overcurrent protective devices (breakers) must be
                 Car Lighting Branch     NEC 620-
         53                                         located in machine room for the separate branch
                        Circuit            22(a)
                                                    circuit for car lights & fan
                                                    General inspection--Jumpers--grounding--NEC
         54           Controller                    clearances (42")--general condition with power off
                                                    and during operation
         55         Housekeeping                    Check general condition of equipment and room
                                         NFPA 13 4- At least one automatic sprinkler installed in the
                                           13.5.3   Machine Room.
                      Shunt Trip                    Associated shunt trip for Sprinkler
                                                             Machine Room

                                                                         Top of Car
                                                      Must be able to support 300 lb on 2' X 2' area without
         56      Top of Car enclosure     2502.2d
                                                      permanent deformation
                                                     If overhead does not comply with Rule 107.1e, i.e.. 42"
                                                     for counterweighted elevators or 43" for hydraulic
                                         2500.8c & d
                                                     elevators, ("refuge space" requirements) to overhead
                 Overhead (top of car)    2502.1a(3)
         57                                          at highest travel, then alternate requirements of -No
                      clearance             107.1e
                                                     part of unit may strike anything--non removable
                                                     means to prevent car from traveling up must be

                                                                    Page 18
                                                                 REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE
        Item #           Item               Code
P   F                                                                                                           Comment or Note

                                                     must provide "refuge space" as specified by Rule
                                         2500.8d     107.1K-42" for counterweighted cars or hydro 300.8g,
                  Overhead restricting  2502.1a(3) 43" from car top to lowest obstruction--full body entry
                         device           107.1k     not required to operate--may operate at full speed
                                          300.8g     with no damage to car or racking--20 lbf to operate
                                                     device--shall be non-removable--car inspection
                                                     station will not function until device is actuated
                                                      sign with instructions for restrictiing "device" and
                   Restricting Device  2500.8b(2)(d) warning of insufficient overhead area must be
                        Signage         2502.1a(1) conspicuously provided in overhead area--1" letters
                                                     Required--test for proper operation--hydro & CAH
                                                     units it must work independtly of normal stopping
                                                     means--mechanical, optical, magnetic, or solid state
                                         2501.10     on car or in hoistway & actuated by movement of the
                 Top terminal stopping               car--when activated should slow down and stop car
         60                               209.2a
                         device                      automatically-- If located in machine room see 209.2b
                                                     requirements-(On LULA Traction units only-may be
                                                     terminal stopping device and normal stopping means
                                                     both )
                                            2502.7     Required--constant pressure--door operator &
                 Top of Car Operating      2501.11     leveling inoperative--May not operate if overhead
         61             Device              210.1d     restricting device is required and not actuated
                  (Inspection Station)       306.2
                                                       Red--marked "stop"--run stop positions marked--
                     Stop Switch
         62                                306.4(a)    works both directions--prevents all elevator operation
                      Top of Car
                                                       including leveling & door operator
                                            2500.9     Between car and hoistway 3/4" min.--Car and Hall sills
         63      Hoistway Clearances        2502.1     1/2" min 1 1/2" max--car sill to facia or wall 5" max

                                                                     Page 19
                                                                    REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE
        Item #            Item               Code
P   F                                                                                                                Comment or Note
                                            2500.11      means provided to prevent hangers from jumping
         64          Door Hangers            2502.1      door track--stops provided to prevent hangers from
                                            110.11d      overrunning end of track
                                                         Frames must be fire rated and tested & labeled--
                  Fire rated Hoistway       2500.11      Labels must be bear the name of the manufacturer--
         65      Openings & door             2502.1      label on door panel visible after installation--label on
                 frames                      110.14      door frame visible after installation except for
                                                         masonry installations
                                             2500.12     Doors considered closed when leading edge 3/8"
                                              2502.1     from strike or opposing door--locking elements
         66           Door Locks
                                            111.2b(1)    required to engage minimum of 9/32"--Check clutch
                                            111.2d(7)    alignment
                                              2501.5     Check gate switch mounting and general condition--
         67         Car gate switch          2502.2d     2" max for locks to be made
                                                         required--marking permanently attached to device and
                                            2500.12      visible after installation--must have manufacturers
         68       Door lock ID Marking       2502.1      name-certifying agency's name or symbol-style or
                                            111.4b       type-rated voltage & AC or DC specified-month and
                                                         year tested
                  Hoistway door lock          NEC        Flame retardent wiring only on door locks--not less
                        wiring              620-11 (a)   than 392'F--Type SF or equivalent
                                              2501.5     guarded light and GFI outlet required--Light switch
                 Top of Car lighting and     2502.2d     location--Test GFI
                         Outlet             204.7a(4)
                                           NEC 620-85
                                                         visually inspect gussets or car frame for paint
         70       Car Frame & Styles          213        blistering & signs of stress--bolts tight--general
                                                         condition and installation
                                            2501.1b      Alignment and square--Solidly mounted--may not
                                            2502.2a      deflect as to allow safeties to disengage rail--good rail
         71              Rails
                                              200        joints--bolts and attachments secure--general
                                             301.1b      condition and installation
                                                                       Page 20
                                                              REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE
        Item #          Item             Code
P   F                                                                                                         Comment or Note
                                                              Top of Car

                                         2501                                PIT
                                                    Pits at ground level shall have non combustible floors-
                                                    -pits not at ground level must have Fire resistive
         72      Construction of Pit     100.1
                                                    construction equal to hoistway requirements
                                                    One or the other is Required to prevent accumulation
                                                    of water in pit area-- May not be hooked directly to
         73       Drains & Sumps        106.1b(3)
                                                    sewer--requires open sight discharge

                                                   Not hooked directly to sewer--inspect air gap
                                                   discharge--designated circuit--single outlet, not GFI--
         74         Sump pump            106.1b(3) gate valve, check valve and union required in
                                                   discharge line--sump discharge line clearances &
                                                   installation, not a tripping hazard
                                       106.1b(4) Cover flush with floor-- will hold 300 lbs--piping
                 Sump pump cover &
         75                              UI blg    clearances--general installation
                                         2500.7    Lowest hoistway door or access door--accessible to
         76          Pit Access
                                       106.1d(1) authorized persons only
                                         2500.7    30" X 72" minimum--self closing--must remain locked
         77         Access door
                                       106.1d(4) but cannot require a key from pit side
                                                   required w/pit depth over 3'--grips 42" above sill min--
         78           Ladder                       rungs 12" wide but min of 9" if needed--4 1/2" center
                                                   of rung to wall or permanent object
                                         2500.7    guarded fixture required--location--stays on after GFI
         79           lighting
                                         106.1e    in pit tripped
                                         2500.7    required--accessible from access door
         80         Light switch
                                                   req. 18" above sill or accessible from access door--or
         81         Stop Switch          106.1f
                                                   inside pit access door

                                                                  Page 21
                                                                REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE
        Item #           Item              Code
P   F                                                                                                        Comment or Note
                                                   minimum of 1 required--separate branch circuit
                                                   required for pit lighting and receptacles--lights stay
         82        GFI duplex outlet     106.1e(4)
                                                   on when GFI tripped
                                        NEC 620-24
                                                     unless car conforms to Rule 107.1a & 300.8a with 24"
                                          2500.8b    to nearest part under car -- A non-removable means to
                                          2502.1a    hold car not less than 36" nor more than 80" from pit
         83      Bottom car clearance
                                           107.1a    floor must be provided--When on buffers or bumper
                                           300.8a    nothing else may contact floor

                                                     operable without complete bodily entry into pit--able
                                                     to withstand full load full governor tripping speed
                                                     application without damaging or racking car--must
                     Bottom travel        2500.8b
         84                                          hold car minimum of 36" maximum of 80" above pit
                   restricting device     2502.2d
                                                     floor-- minimum 12" above bottom landing sill--All
                                                     measured from underside of platform

                                                     If device does not automatically activate by opening
                     Bottom travel                   the access door, A sign with instructions for
         85        restricting device                operating restricting device and warning of
                        Signage                      inadequate pit depth must be conspicuously provided
                                                     in pit area--1" letters min
                                                     minimum of 2" of rundby-- runby is distance between
                 Bottom Car Runby for
                                                     buffer and buffer strike plate when car level with
         86      non counterweighted     2502.1a(2)
                                                     lowest landing floor
                     LULA (CAH)
                                           2502.4    Schedule 80 minimum- ASTM tested components only
                                           303.1a    installed by installer--no hoses or fittings as
         87       Oil Line & Fittings
                                           UI Blg.   described in 303.3c--inspect entire run--all fittings
                                           Stnds.    accessible for inspection or disassembly

                                                                   Page 22
                                                                REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE
        Item #           Item              Code
P   F                                                                                                          Comment or Note
                                                      Valves-fittings, and muffler shall have name or
                  Oil line fittings and    2502.4     trademark of manufacturer on them and shall have
                 components marking        303.1d     identification symbols to indicate to which
                                                      manufacturer's rating applies
                                           2502.4     2 required as per blg stnds--1 in machine room 1 in
                                           303.4a     hoistway--Check function and installation & pressure
         89         Shut-off Valves
                                          UI Blg.     rating
         90      Counterweight guard        2500      Guards or hanging 24" chains shall be provided
                                          2501.2a     Elastomeric bumpers capable of absorbing energy of
                                          2502.2b     fully loaded car may be used (unless over occupied
         91      Buffers / Bumpers
                                             201      spaces)--Test at full speed and fully loaded and
                                           301.3e     inspect car frame and buffers
                                                      Check general condition & mounting--not fully
                                                      compressed with 2X weight of car & full load --
         92         Spring Buffers           201
                                                      compressed at 3X--"Marking plate"-Load rating-#of
                                                      springs-removable springs perm. marked
                                                      Spring or oil buffers required on car and
                                                      counterweights if unit is over unsecured occupied
                 Spring Buffers over         201
         93                                           space--Buffer shall not fully compress solid or to
                  occupied space            109.1
                                                      fixed stop with full load at contract speed --
                                                      non perforated floor--Fire resistant underside, either
                                                      paint or metal material--beveled washers required on
                   Car Frames and                     bolts with bevel over 5 deg.--check general condition
         94                                  203
                      Platform                        and attachments--Check for bending of rail guides
                                                      and shoes when car fully loaded
                                                      straight metal guard extending below floor surface to
         95         Platform Guard                    not less than 3" beyond unlocking zone for LULA.
                                                      203.9(b) does not apply

                                                                    Page 23
                                                              REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE
        Item #           Item              Code
P   F                                                                                                        Comment or Note
                                                    Required with cable operation--must meet section 205
                                                    requirements --made from Corrosion resistant
         96             Safeties            205
                                                    material--attachments--relationship with rail--general
                                                    condition and installation
                                                    Required on hydraulic cable assisted--removes power
                                                    from pumping unit and control valves before or at the
         97      Safety operated switch   206.4a
                                                    time of application of safeties-- not required on
                                                    traction unit as per 2501.7(b) ?
                                                    Required--securely attached to each safety--type of
                                                    safety-max tripping speed in fpm that safety may be
         98       Safety Marking Plate    205.14
                                                    used-max weight in pounds safety may stop and
                   Governor tension       2501.7    Check for proper alignment and installation--freedom
                       sheave              206.7    of movement--proper tension
                                                    Only iron or(low carbon steel) or steel wire rope
                                                    having the commercial classification "elevator wire
         100          Hoist Ropes                   rope" or rope specifically constructed for elevators
                                                    use shall be used--minimum diameter 3/8"
                                          2501.13   Code approved sockets and wedge clamp allowed-- U
                                           212.9a   bolts shall not be used--Check for proper installation
         101       Rope attachments
                                           212.9c   and construction-
                                                    Check for alignment of load carrying rope with
                                                    shackle rod-- wedge clamp shall have 2 retaining
                                                    clips, 1st clip max of 4 times rope diameter above
                                          2501.13   socket and 2nd clip max of 8x rope diameter above
                   wedge clamp rope                 1st clip--shall not distort rope in any manner--each
         102                               212.9e
                       sockets                      socket shall be permanently marked or color coded to
                                                    identify correct wedge to be used and rope size
                                                    designed for--marking shall be visible after

                                                                  Page 24
                                                                REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE
        Item #          Item               Code
P   F                                                                                                          Comment or Note
                                          2501.13     means shall be provided to prevent rotation of
         103     Anti Rotation Device     212.9h      suspension ropes
                                                      Required attached to rope fastening--shall have-dia in
                                                      inches-manufacturer's rated breaking strength-grade
                                           212.2b     of material used-month and year the ropes were
         104       Rope Data Tag
                                           302.1b     installed-preformed or not noted-construction
                                                      classification-name of person or firm installed-rope
                                                      manuf name
                  Driving Member                      Required to be vertical--2 ropes per jack--3/8"
         105      Roped Hydraulic                     minimum dia--means (bleeder) to release air or other
                       (Jack)                         gas--Stop ring required--
                                           2502.3     Determine head construction by 302.3f and inspect
         106          Jack head
                                           302.3f     for requirements
                                           2502.3     Inspect for attachment--mounted under framework-
         107         Hitch Plate           302.1b     bolts or rivets not under load
                                                       Sheaves must be minimum of 30 X diameter of ropes--
                      Sheaves              2502.3      means to prevent disengagement if cables become
                       (CAH)            302.1b(5)-(6)- slack--re-grooving depth provided on side of sheave--
                                                       Check attachments and operation
                                           2502.3      Required--enclosed manually reset switch--removes
         109     Slack Rope Device
                                          302.1b(7) power if any one cable becomes slack
                                           2500.3      hangers and brackets secure and tight--hanging true--
                 Traveling Cables &
         110                                102.1      no wear points--no more than 6' T-cable outside of
                  Junction Boxes
                                        NEC 620-44 raceway allowed

                                                                    Page 25
                                                             REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE
        Item #         Item             Code
P   F                                                                                                         Comment or Note
                                                  Required--test for proper operation--hydro & CAH
                                                  units must work independtly of normal stopping
                                                  means--mechanical, optical, magnetic, or solid state
                                       2501.10    on car or in hoistway & actuated by movement of the
                 Bottom Terminal                  car--when activated should slow down and stop car
         111                            209.2a
                 Stopping Device                  automatically-- If located in machine room see 209.2b
                                                  requirements-(On LULA Traction units only-may be
                                                  terminal stopping device and normal stopping means
                                                  both )
                                                 For cable-assisted hydraulic elevators / LULA-
                                                 sidewall spray sprinklers installed at bottom of
                 Sprinklers in Pit   NFPA 4-13.5
                                                 hoistway not more than 2ft. above the floor of the pit

                                        NFPA      Power to the elevator must shutdown upon or prior to
                   Shunt Trip
                                       A4-13.5    the application of water in the hoistway.

                                                                       Inside Car
                                        2501.5    Panels and cab components Secure and will not be
         112      Cab Mounting         2502.2d    effected by buffer or safety tests--removable portions
                                        204.1b    may not be removed from inside car
                                                  General condition (scratches)--Structurally sound &
         113      Car Enclosure
                                                  Securely mounted--No less than 1/2" running
                                                  clearance to anything--1 1/2" max. allowed to hall sill--
         114           Sill            2502.1
                                                  1 1/4" IL. Acc. Code--5" max to facia or wall on fully
                                                  compressed buffer
         115     Door openings                    car door opening aligns with hall door openings
                                        2501.5    Force of 75 lbf will not deflect more than 1" nor
         116      Cab Strength         2502.2d    reduce running clearance below minimum
                                        204.1c    requirements

                                                                Page 26
                                                             REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE
        Item #         Item            Code
P   F                                                                                                     Comment or Note
                                       2501.5      Not required if LULA is equipped with Manual
         117      Emergency Exit      2502.2d      operation (manual lowering)--all codes governing
                                       204.1d      escape hatch applicable otherwise
                                      2502.7       Required in car--manually opened and closed type--
                                     210.2(e)      red operating handle or button--marked "stop"-- stop
         118       Stop Switch
                                    211.1 (a)(1)   and run positions marked--must ring alarm bell--car
                                     306.4(b)      will still re-level when switch open
                                                 provide button that lights when actuated and marked
                                     2501.12     with "Alarm"-- stop switch may provide alarm function
                 Emergency Signal
         119                          2502.8     if it lights and is marked as "alarm" also--must
                   (Alarm Bell)
                                    211.1 (a)(1) operate with loss of normal building power--

                                                "All control buttons" require Braille and raised alpha
                                        210.13  numeric characters & symbols--Main entry must have
         120      Control buttons   IL. Access. a star--buttons must light when registered--Floor
                                         Code   buttons no higher 54"--Emerg. buttons no less than
                                                35" from floor
                                       2501.12  Required--U of I standard Ram-Tech phone unit
                                      211.1(2)  installed as per ADA requirements--actuating button
         121     Emergency Phone
                                       3067.11  no less than 35" from floor nor more than 48"
                                    IL Acc Code
         122       Glass in cabs       2502.2d  see section 204.1h
                                                no projections or recessions greater than 1/4"--
         123        Cab floors         2502.2d
                                                finished Floor condition
         124        Cab height         2502.2d  80" clear headroom above floor

                                                                Page 27
                                                                  REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE
        Item #           Item               Code
P   F                                                                                                              Comment or Note
                                                       face of car door to hoistway door-swinging hall door
         125       Door clearances                     with car gate 4"-- with car door 5 1/2"--Sliding hall
                                                       door and car door 5 1/2" door to door
                                            2501.5     75 lbf applied at center of door will not deflect door
                                           2502.2d     beyond line of car sill--250 lbf applied shall not break,
         126         Door strength
                                            204.4f     permanently deform, or displace doors from guides
                                             301.7     or tracks
                 Closed position of Car                Gate switch must be made when door is less than 2"
         127                               2502.2d
                         Door                          from surface of strike jamb or opposing door
                                                       30 lbs maximum force at 1/3 to 2/3 of travel--Kinetic
         128         Closing force                     energy not more than 7ft-lbf (1ft in 1 second aprox)
                                           IL. Acc.    For Hall calls 5 seconds: Car calls 3 seconds
         129      Door Closing Time
                                            2501.5     Required to overlap minimum 1/2" top and sides of
                                           2502.2d     entrance opening--sill to bottom of door 1/2" max--
         130          Door panels           204.5f     1/2" between other door panels and return jamb sides-
                                             301.7     -when closed maximum 1/2" between doors or jamb--
                                          204.5g(6)    center opening required male astragal entire height
                 Manual opening of car                 with power off and within unlocking zone max force
         131                               2502.2d
                        doors                          of 75lbf to open doors
                                                       Doors may not open more than 4" when outside
                  Car door unlocking       2500.12
         132                                           unlocking zone--doors shall be openable within 3" or
                        zone                111.5
                                                       up to 18" from hall floor level
                                                       required with 2 bulbs minimum--bulbs must be
                                                       guarded or coated from damage do to tests and
         133          Car lighting         2502.2d
                                                       operation--light switch required to be key operated or
                                                       behind locked cover--

                                                                     Page 28
                                                                REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE
        Item #          Item              Code
P   F                                                                                                         Comment or Note
                                          2501.5      Required--not less than 2 lamps--must last at least 4
         134     Emergency lighting      2502.2d      hours--
                                         2501.8b      conspicuously mounted and securely attached--rated
         135        Capacity Plate        207.3a      load of LULA in pounds--1400 lbs maximum
                                                      required it must have--weight of complete car
                                                      everything attached included--rated load and speed--
         136          Data Plate                      wire rope data required--manufacturers name and
                                                      year manufactured--Mounted on crosshead or inside
                                                      car if no crosshead available
                                           2500.13    Elec. eyes required 5" & 29"--Doors remain fully open
                   Door re-opening          112.5     (20sec min) and alarm sounds during nudging--must
                       device           IL. Access.   reduce force to 2 1/2 ft-lbf or less to make eyes
                                            Code      inoperative--
                                             Blg.     min. 8 spares in car
         138         Spare Wires
                                         IL. Access   required on all side walls: 32" to 36" from floor
         139          Handrails
         140          Car Ride                        Check Ride and Stops--rail job--general operation
                                                               Inside of Car

         141        Grounding
         142          Spares
         143     Compression fittings

                                                                    Page 29
                                                                 REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE
        Item #           Item               Code
P   F                                                                                                           Comment or Note
                                                        Operations, Inspections and tests

         147     Fire Fighter's Service   2501.12(b)   Not required as per referenced code
                                                       Test Required--disconnect normal stopping means-
                  Top Normal terminal                  run car at normal speed and see that car slows down
         148                                305.2a
                    stopping device                    and stops reasonably close to floor level
                                            1005.2c    Test Required--disconnect normal stopping means-
                    Bottom Normal
                                              3.5.2    run car at normal speed and see that car slows down
         149       terminal stopping
                                             209.2a    and stops reasonably close to floor level
                   Terminal stopping      2501.10(b)   see referenced code for requirements
         150        devices (Drum          209.2b(2)
                       Machine)              209.3e
                   Top Final terminal                  Required on Electric traction units--test for proper
                    Stopping device                    operation--located in hoistway actuated by cam on car-
         151                               209.3b
                     (Traction Units)                  -mechanically operated--cams made of metal--
                   (CAH not required)                  removes power from machine and brake--LULA will
                                                       not operate by normal means when actuated

                 Bottom Final terminal                 Required on Electric traction units--test for proper
                   Stopping device                     operation--located in hoistway actuated by cam on car-
         152                               209.3b
                    (Traction Units)                   -mechanically operated--cams made of metal--
                  (CAH not required)                   removes power from machine and brake--LULA will
                                                       not operate by normal means when actuated
                                                       Required on hydraulic cable assisted--removes power
                                                       from pumping unit and control valves before or at the
         153     Safety operated switch    206.4a
                                                       time of application of safeties-- not required on
                                                       traction unit as per 2501.7(b) ?

                                                                    Page 30
                                                              REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE
        Item #          Item             Code
P   F                                                                                                         Comment or Note
                                                    Tripping speed not to exceed 75 fpm on LULA--
                                                    overspeed switch not required--Check for proper
                                                    tripping speed setting of governor with tachometer
         154          Governor           2.28.2
                                                    and drill motor--test governor tripping operation as
                                                    per manufacturer recommended procedure for unit--
                                                    Trip by hand if no other option
                                                    speed adjustments must be sealed--if rope pull
         155       Governor seals                   through force mechanism present this must be sealed
                                                    Required--be securely attached--speed in fpm gov is
                  Governor Marking      2501.7      set to trip--size, material and construction of the gov
                       Plate             206.9      rope that gov is designed for--pull through force if
                                                    Test safeties with Full load equally centered must
                                                    stop level within 3/8 in/ft in any direction--may be
                                                    released by up motion of car--Check clearances,
         157          Safeties                      attachments and operation--Set as per manufacturer
                                                    recommended procedure-- Or if unavailable--Run car
                                                    at full speed fully loaded and trip governor by hand

                                                    not less than 1/4" for LULA--Check for condition--
         158       Governor Rope       2501.7 (c)
                                                    alignment and mounting
                                                    Required--attached to governor rope fastening--
                                                    diameter in inches-rated breaking strength-grade of
         159     Governor Rope Tag                  material used-month and year rope installed-
                                                    preformed or nonpreformed noted-construction
                                                    classification-name of person or firm installed
                                                    Required--attached to rope fastening--shall include-
                                                    dia. In inches-manufacturer rated breaking strength-
                                        2501.13     grade of material used, month and year installed,
         160     Hoist Rope Data Tag
                                        212.2b      noted as pre-formed or not, construction
                                                    classification, name of person or firm installed, rope
                                                    manuf name
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                                                               REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE
        Item #           Item              Code
P   F                                                                                                         Comment or Note
                                                     Test for function--with enclosed manually reset switch
         161      Broken Rope switch                 which removes power from pump motor and control
                                                     valves if any cable becomes slack
                      Slack Rope         1002.2d     Inspect for proper operation and that it removes
                    (Drum Machine)       2.18.1(b)   power when actuated
                                                     Capacity not to exceed 1400 lbs--net platform area not
                 Rated Load & Platform    2501.8a
         163                                         to exceed 18 ft2--must comply with figure 1301.1
                         area              207.1
                                          2501.8a    If designed to prevent operation in down direction
         164     Load weighing device       207.1    load must be in excess of 125%--up direction
                                           210.11    anything over full load
                                          2501.8c    unit required to lower stop and hold rated load plus
         165      Passenger overload
                                            207.8    25%
         166            Speed             2501.8d    Not more than 30 fpm
         167            Travel            2501.8e    25 ft by code 12' by UIUC blg standards
                                                     Allowed--Check operation--shall not open brake--not
                                                     accessible from inside car--actuated by mechanical
         168       Manual Operation        2501
                                                     means only--instructions posted at or near the manual
                                                     operation device
                                                     must maintain level within 1/2" - IL. Access. Code--
                  Anticreep Leveling       306.3a    1/4" blg. Standards--test with manual lowering--still
         169                                         works with in car stop switch open
                        Device            306.4(b)

                                          2502.3     Check stopping ring
         170          Stop Ring
                                                     Check that piston does not land at bottom of cylinder
                                                     when on fully compressed buffers--Land on buffers
         171     Piston bottom and top               and measure distance then remove buffers compare--
                                                     piston must extend min 1/2" out of packing when fully
                                                     landed in cylinder

                                                                  Page 32
                                                              REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE
        Item #          Item             Code
P   F                                                                                                        Comment or Note
                                                    Record Pressure from operating elevator at Rated
         172      Working Pressure       304.1a     Capacity at Rated Speed up--must be marked on
                                                    pumping unit Data plate
                                                    Check against stop ring--Full output of pump should
         173       Pressure Relief                  bypass at or before 150% of "Working Pressure" --
                                                    record pressure
                                                    check for it to be in place and crimped
         174     Pressure Relief Seal   303.4b(c)

                                                    Test Required--Pressure switch required if top of
                                                    cylinder is above storage tank--Park LULA at top floor
                                                    and remove one lead from switch- car should not run
         175       Pressure Switch        306
                                                    down-remove power & put ohmeter across pressure
                                                    switch-lower car onto buffers, switch should open

                                                    "Rated speed" (full load) up--"Operating Speed" (full
         176            Speed           Section 3
                                                    load) down--Use tachometer & record speeds
                                                    Check for interlocking switch that prevents car from
                                        NEC 620-
         177       Battery Lowering                 lowering when main line disconnect is opened
                   Overhead Smoke                   Check for proper function
                 Machine Room Smoke                 Check for proper function

                                                                Job End Submittals
                    Parts Catalog
                 Maintenance Manual

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                               REQUIREMENTS & PROCEDURE
        Item #   Item   Code
P   F                                                     Comment or Note

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