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					                                  Deficiencies per ships in PSC inspection, August 2009

Case-1 (Port in Australia)
 Def.                                                                                                             Act.   ISM
         Type of deficiency                                  Details of deficiency
Code                                                                                                              Code   Code
 1594 Voyage or passage        1.Passage plan not correct (berth to berth, publications, chart identification).    17     -
 1560 Charts                   2.Local charts missing for Gova (AUS15) or uncorrected (AUS14)                      17     -
 1570 Nautical publications    3.Ship routing manual outdated                                                      17     -
 1560 Charts                   4.Routing Charts (Pilot charts) for Australia outdated                              17     -
 1623 MF/HF radio              5.HF DSC testing not made for some months and MF DSC test not working               30     -
 2660 Water level indicator    6.Water ingress sensor fault (3 stations)                                           17     -
 1550 Lights, shapes, sound-   7.Navigation lights defective (NUC, Port side light)                                17     -
 1550 Lights, shapes, sound-   8.Stb. navigation side light base defective (corrosion)                             17     -
  743 Fire-dampers             9.Port E/R fire damper seized open on closing                                       30     -
  640 Distress flares          10.Man overboard smoke/light makers not properly fitted in correct mountings        17     -
1540 Gyro compass              11.Stb. bridge wing repeater defective                                              17     -
1275 Ventilators, air pipes,   12.Air pipe closing device around main deck defective (seals missing/float          17     -
     casings                   spindle damaged/internal corrosion of seal landings)
1299 Other (load lines)        13.Some sounding pipes missing closer on main deck                                  17     -
 955 Pilot ladders             14.Pilot ladder chocks loose                                                        16     -
1250 Covers (hatchway-,        15.Hatch cover cleats & bridge pieces defective (seized cleats/wasted bridge        17     -
     portable-, tarpaulins,    pieces)
 530 Safe means of access      16.Access platforms around main deck fwd & aft damaged by corrosion                 16     -
 680 Embarkation               17.Poty & Stbd lifeboat embarkation ladder deck securing structure damaged          17     -
     arrangements -
     survival craft
 630 Launching                 18.Port & Stbd lifeboat winch drums for control release wire damaged by             16     -
     arrangements for          corrosion
     survival craft
1499 Other (machinery)         19.Boiler gauge glass shut off valves seized open                                   17     -
 739 Emergency Fire Pump       20.Emergency fire pump vacuum unit not working without manual effort.               15     -
 720 Readily availability of   21.Engine room portable fire extinguishers (foam) defective (3) and                 17     -
     fire fighting equipment   accommodation foam extinguishers (2) defective
 746 Jacketed piping           22.Main engine high pressure fuel pipe covers defective ("O"rings missing)          17     -
     system for high
     pressure fuel lines
 899 Other (accident           23.Fresh water hydrophone tank pipe lines temporary repaired - Rubber               17     -
 899 Other (accident           24.Main engine insulation mats missing from exhaust pipes and No.1 generator        17     -
     prevention)               turbo charger
2550 Maintenance of the        25.The above defects indicate that the maintenance system under ISM Code            18     10
     ship and equipment        10 is ineffective.
2820 Continuous synopsis       26.IMO registered owner number & IMO Company number not noted on CSR                16     -
     record                    or certificates.
2399 Other                     27.Galley comminuter not working (see Garbage Management Plan)                      16     -
     (MARPOL/Annex V)
 330 Sanitary facilities      28.Toilet flushing system throughout vessel not working & some hand basins           99     -
                              missing (99: rectify within 1 month)
 725 Fixed fire extinguishing 29.Main CO2 flooding system - corrosion of operating lever of one cylinder           17     -
     installation             (Stbd forward in CO2 room).

Case-2 (Port in Australia)
 Def.                                                                                                             Act.   ISM
        Type of deficiency                                   Details of deficiency
Code                                                                                                              Code   Code
  630 Launching                1.Stbd lifeboat Hydrostatic interlock - float sticking.                             17     -
      arrangements for
      survival craft
 1623 MF/HF radio              2.HF radio installation sending but unable to receive.                              30     -

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Case-3 (Port in Australia)
 Def.                                                                                                             Act.   ISM
        Type of deficiency                                    Details of deficiency
Code                                                                                                              Code   Code
 2025 Abandon ship drills        1.No in water maneuvring of lifeboats in last 3 months.                           15     -
 1499 Other (machinery)          2.Emergency generator not operational for auto starting via Sequence Start        17     -
2535 Development of plans        3.Company passage plan shows no consideration for environmental protection        18     7
     for shipboard               (SOLAS Ch.V/Reg 34.2.4)

Case-4 (Port in Australia)
 Def.                                                                                                             Act.   ISM
        Type of deficiency                                    Details of deficiency
Code                                                                                                              Code   Code
  715 Fire detection             1.Master now reports fire detection system defective                              17
 1671 Satellite EPIRB 406        2.Master now reports EPIRB is defective                                           17
      MHz/1.6 GHz
 2545 Reports and analysis of    3.SMS fails to ensure - Flag, Class & Port State are informed of failure of       17     9
      non-conformities,          essential equipment, see item 1 & 2
      accidents and
      hazardous occurrences
 1705 Shipboard oil pollution    4.SOPEP Manual Annex 2 not up to date                                             16     -
      emergency plan
  630 Launching                  5.Stbd lifeboat on load release system protective cover missing                   17     -
      arrangements for
      survival craft
  899 Other (accident            6.Numerous chemical drums stored in steering flat, not secured for sea            17     -
  692 Operational readiness      7.Forward life raft embarkation ladder not ready for use, shackles seized         17     -
      of lifesaving appliances
 2045 Cargo operation            8.Shipper's declaration not on board at time of inspection (99: Rectify           99     -

Case-5 (Port in Australia)
 Def.                                                                                                             Act.   ISM
        Type of deficiency                                    Details of deficiency
Code                                                                                                              Code   Code
  743 Fire-dampers              1.P & Stbd E/R fire dampers defective                                              30     -
 1710 Oil record book           2.Collection and disposal of oil residues not being recorded as instructions at    16     -
                                front of oil record book.
1705   Shipboard oil pollution 3.SOPEP list of national contacts not updated                                       16     -
       emergency plan
1655   Facilities for reception 4.EGC not configured for coastal warnings                                          17     -
       of marine safety
 710   Fire prevention          5.Self closing cock for level gauge serving stern tube header tank gagged          17     -
1499   Other (machinery)        6.Temporary repairs made to SW inlet pipe for No. 2 ballast pump. (99:             99     -
                                Deficiency to be repaired to Class satisfaction within 1 month)
2550   Maintenance of the       7.Deficiency No.1, 5 & 6 are objective evidence that the SMS does not satisfy      18     10
       ship and equipment       ISM Code 10.
1150   Loading and unloading 1.Loading & unloading equipment: overdue for annual survey                            17     -

Case-6 (Port in Australia)
 Def.                                                                                                             Act.   ISM
         Type of deficiency                                   Details of deficiency
Code                                                                                                              Code   Code
 1560 Charts                     2.Vessel arrived port of Auckland without charts for this area                    17     -
 1570 Nautical publications      3.No NTM's since WK 17 (23/4/2009)                                                17     -
 1594 Voyage or passage          4.Not berth to berth nor min ukc                                                  17     -
 1680 Radio log (diary)          5.Radio log (diary): DSC test calls not done on a weekly basis, last 12/7/2009    16     -
 1675 Radar transponder          6.Both SART batteries expired                                                     17     -
  611 Lifeboat inventory         7.Port lifeboat parachute flares expired                                          17     -
 1721 Retention of oil on        8.Cofferdam, void space being used as sludge holding tank, not on IOPP Cert.      99     -
      board                      (99: to cease immediately)

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1566 Voyage data recorder 9.Unable to produce annual test certificate                                           17     -
2515 Company responsibility 10.Company unable to for fill obligations as per the Code (see these                30     3
     and authority          deficiencies)

Case-7 (Port in Belgium)
 Def.                                                                                                          Act.   ISM
         Type of deficiency                                  Details of deficiency
Code                                                                                                           Code   Code
  710 Fire prevention           1.Springs missing on closing devices at sounding pipes in engine room           17     -
  714 Doors within main         2.Not closing properly stairway                                                 17     -
      vertical zone
 2600 Bulk Carriers -           3.Remote control system for forepeak valve not ready for use; pump was not      30     -
      Additional safety         in place
 2600 Bulk Carriers -           4.Electric switch box in gym room "FPT ejector" out of order.                   17     -
      Additional safety
 2530 Resources and             5.Crew not familiar with de-watering system bos'n store and control of fore     30     6
      personnel                 peak tank valve
 2600 Bulk Carriers -           6.No approved drawing available of de-watering system and remote control of     30     -
      Additional safety         forepeak tank valve
 2550 Maintenance of the        7.No test / maintenance records available for de-watering system bos'n store    30     10
      ship and equipment        and remote system forepeak valve
 1560 Charts                    8.T & P corrections missing (ship arrived with old charts)                      17
 2535 Development of plans      9.No operational/maintenance/testing procedures available for de-watering       30     7
      for shipboard             system and forepeak valve
 2600 Bulk Carriers -           10.No objective evidence that de-watering system is working on emergency        17     -
      Additional safety         power supply
  650 Lifebuoys                 11.Not approved                                                                 17     -
 2540 Emergency                 12.De-watering system bos'n store was not ready for use (pump missing)          30     8
 Note                           Inspection suspended. All deficiencies to be rectified before departure and
                                before detention will be raised. Re-inspection will be carried out after
                                confirmation of the flag state administration and/or recognized organization
                                that the ship is fully complying with the Regulations of all relevant
                                International Conventions. Major non-conformities to be dealt with by
                                external ISM Audit.

Case-8 (Port in Chile)
 Def.                                                                                                          Act.   ISM
        Type of deficiency                                   Details of deficiency
Code                                                                                                           Code   Code
 2025 Abandon ship drills       1.Abandon Ship Drills, Rescue Boat and Free Fall Boat: There are no records     30     -
                                of maneuvering of those boats in water
2081 Maintenance of Life        2.Weekly and monthly LSA inspections: Not recorded on the Log Book              17     -
     Saving Appliances

Case-9 (Port in China)
 Def.                                                                                                          Act.   ISM
        Type of deficiency                                   Details of deficiency
Code                                                                                                           Code   Code
  221 Certificates for master   1.Endorsement by Flag State for C/E without signature of holder.                -      -
      and officers
  221 Certificates for master   2.Original endorsement by flag State for 1/AE not onboard.                      -      -
      and officers
 1570 Nautical publications     3.ITU Publications not updated. List of ship stations.                           -     -
 1570 Nautical publications     4.List of call signs and numerical identities not updated.                       -     -
  743 Fire-dampers              5.Wire of fire damper on funnel deck out of work.                                -     -
  743 Fire-dampers              6.Fire damper for funnel of engine room not closed fully.                       30     -
  743 Fire-dampers              7.Ventilator of engine room fire damper not closed fully.                       30     -
  520 Lighting                  8.Light in ventilator room for engine room out of work.                          -     -
  899 Other (accident           9.Handrail in engine room, ventilator room rusted seriously.                     -     -
  745 Ventilation               10.Ventilator head made on compass deck rusted and holed.                       -      -

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 745 Ventilation                11.Remote control system for closing ventilator of engine room in poor           -      -
 710 Fire prevention            12.Asbestos manifold lagging for exhaust pipe in funnel broken.                  -      -
1250 Covers (hatchway-,         13.Edge of cargo hold cover (No.4) rusted and holed.                             -      -
     portable-, tarpaulins,
1250 Covers (hatchway-,         14.Half round steel bar of cargo hold cover (No.4) in poor condition.            -      -
     portable-, tarpaulins,
1250 Covers (hatchway-,         15.Caver hold cover corner (No.4) in poor condition.                             -      -
     portable-, tarpaulins,
 956 Gangway,                   16.Safety net of gang way not enough length.                                     -      -
     accommodation ladder
 936 Steering gear              17.Gauge of steering gear leaking oil.                                           -      -
 999 Other                      18.Ladder of platform near No.5 cargo hold rusted seriously.                     -      -
 999 Other                      19.Foot plate of platform near No.5 cargo hold fractured.                        -      -
 999 Other                      20.Handrail of platform near No.5 cargo hold rusted and holed.                   -      -
 999 Other                      21.Light support on platform near No.5 cargo hold rusted and holed.              -      -
 710 Fire prevention            22.Door between engine room and control room not in accordance with fire         -      -
                                control plan.
2550 Maintenance of the         23.These deficiencies found that maintenance of ship & equipment not carried     30     10
     ship and equipment         out properly.

Case-10 (Port in China)
 Def.                                                                                                           Act.   ISM
        Type of deficiency                                    Details of deficiency
Code                                                                                                            Code   Code
 991 Survey Report File        1.Condition Assessment Report for Bulk Carrier - Can not be provided              17     -
 221   Certificates for master 2.Security cert of SSO issued under STCW convention - not available on            17     -
       and officers            board.
2620   Endorsement of cargo 3.Encorsement of cargo booklet for bulk carrier required                             17     -
1570   Nautical publications   4.Admiraity publication NP281(2) - old edition.                                   17     -
1623   MF/HF radio             5.Weekly DSC functional test report for MF/HF radio installation - can't be       17     -
       installation            provided.
2999   Other (MARPOL-          6.The holding tank of sewage - can't indicate visually the amount of its          16     -
       Annex IV)               contents.
1099   Other (alarms)          7.Over speed alarm and emergency stop unit for M/E - malfunction.                 17     -
1730   Oil filtering equipment 8.The oil content meter of O.F.E. - malfunction                                   30     -
1550   Lights, shapes, sound- 9.Emergency power for navigation lights - can't be provided.                       30     -
1250   Covers (hatchway-,      10.Seal rubber of hatch covers - partly missing.                                  17     -
       portable-, tarpaulins,

Case-11 (Port in China)
 Def.                                                                                                           Act.   ISM
         Type of deficiency                                   Details of deficiency
Code                                                                                                            Code   Code
  730 Fire fighting equipment   1.The liquid of portable foam applicator unit not sufficient.                    17     -
      and appliances
  730 Fire fighting equipment   2.The isolation valve on fire line to emergency fire pump cannot be operated.    17     -
      and appliances
  740 Fire pumps                3.Emergency fire pump cannot pump out water.                                     30     -
  745 Ventilation               4.Fire dampers for two E/R ventilators cannot be closed effectively.             17     -
 1550 Lights, shapes, sound-    5.The foundation of side light on port side cracked seriously.                   17     -
 1730 Oil filtering equipment   6.The second solenoid valve for O.F.E. out of order.                             17     -
 1816 Wheelhouse door, -        7.Access doors on bridge port and starboard side bulkheads cannot closed gas     17     -
      window                    tightly.

Case-12 (Port in India)

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Def.                                                                                                           Act.   ISM
       Type of deficiency                                  Details of deficiency
Code                                                                                                           Code   Code
1500 Safety of navigation     1. LRIT test report not on board                                                  17     -
9902 Deficiencies not clearly 2. Ship's Ex name painted on bow                                                  17     -
     hazardous to safety,
     health or environment,
     specified in clear text

1150 Loading and unloading 3. Annual cargo gear test overdue                                                    17     -
1700 MARPOL - ANNEX I        4. Incinerator not working                                                         30     -
 710 Fire prevention         5.Chocks fitted for quick closing valves. This quick closing valve could not be    30     -
                             closed when operated remotely.
 730 Fire fighting equipment 6.Fire hoses in E/R found damaged/holed & not in readiness for emergency.          30     -
     and appliances
2900 MARPOL ANNEX IV         7. Sewage found being discharged through Stbd discharge arrangement to APT         30     -
                             tank which is not a holding tank as per certificate.
 799 Other (fire safety)     8.Fire control plan not in place outside accommodation.                            99     -
2550 Maintenance of the      9.Fire isolation valve on deck found seized.                                       17     10
     ship and equipment
1250 Covers (hatchway-,      10.Hatch cleats missing or totally wasted for most of places.                      30     -
     portable-, tarpaulins,
 955 Pilot ladders           11.Pilot ladder in poor condition.                                                 17     -
 999 Other                   12.Hatch pontoon rusty.                                                            18     -
 988 Decks - corrosion       13.Main deck rusty                                                                 18     -
 799 Other (fire safety)     14.Fire line rusty on deck                                                         16     -
 620 Inflatable life rafts   15.Life raft annual service due 17/7/2009                                          17     -
1275 Ventilators, air pipes, 16.Fuel oil tank ventilator on deck found rusty                                    16     -
2399 Other                   17.Lot of plastic & other garbage accumulated on poop deck, last landed            17     -
     (MARPOL/Annex V)        ashore on 26/04/09

Case-13 (Port in Japan)
 Def.                                                                                                          Act.   ISM
         Type of deficiency                                  Details of deficiency
Code                                                                                                           Code   Code
  739 Emergency Fire Pump 1.Suction pipe for emergency fire pump in engine room - Not provided A-               30
                              60 insulation, - There were two flange connections
 1710 Oil record book         2.Oil record book - Not recorded well (99: from now on)                           99     -
  940 Ballast, fuel and other 3.A self closing device for sounding pipe (E/R) - Kept opening by lashing         17     -
  650 Lifebuoys               4.Lifeline for lifebuoys on upper deck - Not fitted to lifebuoys                  17     -
 2120 Garbage                 5.Garbage - Not collected properly                                                17     -
 2330 Garbage record book 6.Garbage record book - Not recorded well                                             17     -
  710 Fire prevention         7.Self closing door of escape trunk (E/R) - Kept opening by lashing wire          17     -

Case-14 (Port in Korea)
 Def.                                                                                                          Act.   ISM
         Type of deficiency                                Details of deficiency
Code                                                                                                           Code   Code
  610 Lifeboats               1.No.1 life boat engine - Not started                                             30     -
  740 Fire pumps              2.Outlet water pressure of em'cy fire pump - Not effective                        30     -
 1840 Instrumentation         3.Fixed combustible gas detector - Not calibrated from 13 May 2008                17     -
 1836 Temperature control     4.Thermal gauge of cargo pump(No.1&2) - Out of order                              17     -
  743 Fire-dampers            5.No.1 Ventilator of E/RM - Stuck                                                 17     -
 1840 Instrumentation         6.Portable gas,O2 detector - Not calibrated from 13 May 2008                      17     -
 1910 Cargo record book       7.Verification of pre-washing on cargo record book - Not endorsed by the          99     -
 725 Fixed fire extinguishing 8.Fixed extinguisher for paint store - Not installed                              17     -
1835 Cargo vent system        9.'Exhaust electric fan for cargo hold - Not working                              30     -
2550 Maintenance of the       10.Maintenance of the ship and equipments - Not accomplished properly,            30     10
     ship and equipment       External audit for SMC by RO required to rectify Item 10

Case-15 (Port in U.S.A.)
 Def.                                                                                                          Act.   ISM
        Type of deficiency                                 Details of deficiency
Code                                                                                                           Code   Code

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630 Launching               1.Port life boat launching fall Aft hook is not engaged properly and therefore is   17   -
    arrangements for        not ready for immediate use. Demonstrate proper operation to the
    survival craft          satisfaction of Class.
610 Lifeboats               2.Oar lock holders for Port & Stbd life boats are wasted and holed. Condition       17   -
                            prevents oar locks from being held in place, which will not allow oars to
                            function properly. Oars are primary mode of propulsion for this life boat.
710 Fire prevention         3.Oil fuel stage tank for emergency generator does not have a cock or valve         70   -
                            capable of being closed form outside the space.
2550 Maintenance of the     4.Inspection and testing of the vessel's fixed fire detection system is not         40   10
     ship and equipment     being carried out IAW company procedures. Procedures state that testing of
                            both heat and smoke detectors must be carried out with heat instruments and
                            smoke instruments. Neithter instruments are available. (Reference: Vessel's
                            fire safety operational booklet, fire detection system, Section-Heat Detector
                            & Smoke Detector)
2510 Safety and             5.In company procedures (Referenced above) for maintenance (inspections)            40   2
     environmental policy   of fire detection systems, appropriate intervals are not specified for
                            inspection. Crew informed that detectors had not been tested since May of
                            2009 (last dry dock). Crew tested smoke detection system with unapproved
                            means (cigarette smoke). No safe was to test heat detectors.

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