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									How to Generate Low Cost Leads for Your MLM Business
Most people who start in MLM businesses do so full of
motivation and ambition, certain that they will find many
other interested people who like them are looking for a
way to earn a long term income through their own business,
and who they can recruit for their downline.

Unfortunately, the reality is that many new MLM marketers
meet far more scorn and derision than they do interested
prospects! Back in the day, MLM marketers were taught to
sell their businesses first to family and friends, talk to
neighbors, colleagues, and even people they went to high
school with twenty years ago, in order to find people who
would sign up under them in their business. Ultimately, a
lot of once-enthusiastic marketers lost a lot of their
enthusiasm very rapidly as they worked extremely hard for
very few results. Sure, a few family members would sign up
under them (either through pity or obligation), but most
would not go on to do anything themselves. Sure,
occasionally they would come across a prospect as
enthusiastic as they were, but even so, finding one was
something like finding a needle in a haystack!

Fortunately, there is now a readily available tool that
allows any new MLM marketer to find qualified leads for a
very low cost (in some cases, for free), and the vast
majority of us have access to it. So what is it? The
Internet of course! The new way for MLM marketers to find
qualified leads is online, where people are actively
seeking such opportunities.

The other brilliant thing about such simple, low cost
marketing is that it is easy to replicate. Going back to
our previous example of MLM marketers who had to recruit
through personal contacts, they also had to teach these
contacts to do the same. So, you are teaching your
downline to market to family, friends, neighbors etc. and
they are finding it just as difficult as you to find
qualified leads. With new online attraction marketing
systems, you are personally following an easy online
system of attracting qualified leads, and you are teaching
your downline to do the same thing. The secret of those
with successful MLM businesses, are that their downline
members also have successful MLM businesses, and so on and
so forth.

The challenge for many is finding those free or low cost
qualified leads online. Fortunately, there are those whose
footsteps you can follow in, where you will learn the
exact steps necessary to find leads online, and exactly
how you can get excellent conversion rates.

One way is through making use of social networking and Web
2.0. Millions of people use sites like Facebook, MySpace,
Twitter, and LinkedIn each day (some people visit such
sites numerous times a day), and each one can be used in
your marketing efforts. Another great way of generating
leads is through the use of a free blog. It is easy to set
up, and requires just a few minutes each day to make a
relevant post.

Another great idea is to network with other MLM business
owners online (especially your upline, if they
successfully use the Internet to generate business leads).
Many people online are only too happy to share their tips
for success, especially with someone who is just starting

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