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									Recruiter         September 2002

   The magazine for the Air Force recruiting professional

   Recruiter • September 2002                               1
                                               P erformers
            Top EA Recruiters                                                       Top Flight Chiefs
                                          Net                                                                  Net
Name                        SQ/FLT        Res           Goal %      Name                         SQ/FLT        Res         Goal %
TSgt Robert Garret           337/E        17            850%         MSgt Anita Wall              337/E        30            300%
SSgt Stephen Ellmore         362/B        6             600%         TSGt Robert Bosch            367/G        37            218%
SSgt Mark Pennock            331/A        11            550%         MSgt Angel Gonzalez          362/E        21            210%
SSgt Randy Jackson           331/E        10            500%         MSgt Reginald Destin         341/B        23            209%
SSgt Jeffrey Moffet          337/B        5             500%         MSgt Michael Kromoff         332/G        19            190%
SSgt Brett Boyum             342/B        10            500%         TSgt Eric Pond               344/E        36            189%
MSgt Antonio McFarland       336/H        9             450%         MSgt Timothy Little          367/C        32            188%
SrA Howard French            330/F        4             400%         MSgt Angel Guiterrez         364/I        30            188%
SSgt Jeffrey Presson         337/B        4             400%         MSgt Brad Buening            368/H        13            186%
SSgt Johnson Warwick         339/F        4             400%         MSgt Mik Williams            333/H        26            186%
                                                                    Source: AFRS Operations       Information current as of August 19
            Top OA Producers
               Physician          Nurse            Dental                Cover photo: Staff Sgt. Mike Ciaravino, assistant NCOIC
1st place        348              348               364                Headquarters Air Force Recruiting Service command section
2nd place        314              344               345                information management, knows how important support is to
                                                                        AFRS. For more on support roles within AFRS, see page 4.
3rd place        330              367               343                            Photo by Staff Sgt. John Asselin
4th place        333              336               330

                                                AFRS Spotlight
Name : Staff Sgt. Melissa Tuggle

                                                                                                                                        Photo by Staff Sgt. Mike Hammond
Job: 349th Recruiting Squadron, Enlisted Acces-
sions Recruiter, Oklahoma City, Okla.
Hometown: Huber Heights, Ohio
Time in the Air Force: 13 years
Time in AFRS: 21 months
Prior career field: Information management
Hobbies: Shopping
What inspires you to do what you do? I just
want to succeed and do my best.
What are your personal and career goals? I
want to make technical sergeant.
What hints can you give to others about
recruiting? Perpetuate, Perpetuate, Perpetuate!
What is the best advice you have ever re-                           Sergeant Tuggle watches the Basic Military Training video
ceived? Think quality, and you’ll be quality, Think                 with an applicant.
you’ll fail, and you will.

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2                                          Recruiter • September 2002
   Strong support makes
 strong recruiters
                    By Brig. Gen. Edward Rice

                    Air Force Recruiting Service
                                ur main job at head-        Personnel and manpower make
                                  quarters, the group       sure people are accounted for, in
                                  and the squadron is       the right places and getting
                    support. Everything we do,              performance reports when they
                    everyday, supports the street           are due. Public affairs helps keep
                    recruiter.                              us and the community informed,
                        In past issues we’ve high-          the judge advocate keeps us

Judge advocate,     lighted the more visible areas —
                    marketing and information sys-
                                                            legal, and the inspector general
                                                            keeps us doing things the right

  public affairs,   tems — but there are many more
                    that complete the AFRS support
                                                               Imagine if a recruiter had to

                    network. They provide the               find a car and lease it, stop by the
                    “infrastructure” so recruiters can      store and buy some furniture, and

                    concentrate on the mission of           find the best cell phone rate plan.
                    recruiting quality airmen for the       Throw in building the budget to
                    Air Force.                              buy those needed items and
     finance,           Support in Air Force Recruit-       tracking their own EPRs, and you
                    ing Service is much like the legs of    have recruiters who don’t have
 personnel and      a table. If we don’t have enough
                    support, our “table” wobbles and
                                                            enough time to recruit.
                                                               The support our recruiters
logistics are the   the recruiters have to spend time
                    putting things in balance. If we
                                                            receive is necessary to perform
                                                            the mission. It may not always be
   legs of our      really come up short, it falls over
                    and we have to stop everything to
                                                            visible, but that is good, because
                                                            the less a recruiter has to worry
 recruiting table   clean up the mess. That’s how
                    important support is to our
                                                            about those functions, the better.
                                                            Our support people are doing a
                    mission. If our legs are strong, so     great job, and they will continue
                    are our recruiters.                     to provide excellent service to our
                        There are a lot of things that go   front-line recruiters through
                    into the day-to-day operations in       constant improvement.
                    recruiting. Our logistics troops           You can count on me to do all
                    make sure recruiters have a             I can to provide you with the
                    workspace, furniture, transporta-       support you need to make our
                    tion, telephones and, in some           recruiting mission a success.
                    cases, housing. Our finance             Thanks for all you do, day in and
                    people make sure we can pur-            day out, to keep our Air Force
                    chase the items recruiters need.        strong.

               Recruiter • September 2002                                                    3
                                               Support proves

                                                Vital   for AFRS lift-off
                                                                 By Senior Airman Marti D. Ribeiro
                                                                    Air Force Recruiting Service
    Before an F-16 Fighter pilot can     port staff at each squadron, group      also preparing travel orders for the
climb into his aircraft, a busy sup-     and headquarters level.                 headquarters AFRS command sec-
port staff takes care of a multitude        “We require so many support          tion – playing his part in the recruit-
of tasks that help him concentrate       functions because of our many di-       ing mission.
on his mission.                          verse requirements,” Colonel Greer          Support ensures recruiters have
    Air Force Recruiting Service is      said. “We have recruiters in all cor-   the proper tools to be successful,
the same way. Recruiters can fo-         ners of this country and we need to     according to Colonel Greer. “Re-
cus 100 percent on finding quality       make sure they have everything they     cruiters need things like computers,
applicants for the Air Force, be-        need to recruit.”                       fax machines, desks, chairs and lit-
cause of the men and women stand-           The geographical separation          erature,” he said. “Things just don’t
ing behind them taking care of the       means that for many street recruit-     magically appear.”
details.                                 ers the support staff is as anony-          It takes more than magic for a
    More than 200 people in finance,     mous as a voice on the phone or e-      joint effort from finance, mainte-
personnel, public affairs, inspector     mail. But their presence helps pro-     nance, the child development cen-
general, judge advocate general and      vide the synergy that allows AFRS       ter, the dining facility and other or-
logistics take care of the “preflight”   to meet its mission.                    ganizations on a base to launch an
details so recruiters can concentrate       “I know I’m not on the street        aircraft – it takes just as much ef-
on recruiting.                           actually recruiting applicants,” said   fort to put an applicant in the Air
    “Support is fundamental to the       Staff Sgt. Mike Ciaravino, assistant    Force.
street recruiter,” said Col. Darrel      NCOIC, headquarters command                 “At base-level, the installation
Greer, AFRS vice commander. “It          section information management.         couldn’t function without its support
lays the foundation for successful re-   “But, I do know that what I do          group,” Colonel Greer said.
cruiting.”                               helps.”                                 “AFRS is much the same way in
    An organization as geographi-           Sergeant Ciaravino processes         that we couldn’t put quality appli-
cally separated as AFRS requires         around 100 regular correspondence       cants in the Air Force if it wasn’t
a highly trained and dedicated sup-      and 100 suspenses per month while       for the people behind it all.”

4                                        Recruiter • September 2002
JA provides legal review,
assistance to recruiters
By 2nd Lt. Jason L. McCree                               tance they need, we can give them limited personal
Air Force Recruiting Service                             legal assistance or otherwise get them the help they
    The Air Force Recruiting Service Judge Advo-         Sanity check
cate staff is here to help recruiters tackle various         “Sometimes instead of legal assistance,” Major
legal issues. School access, home school validation      Raven said, “the JA office gives recruiters a sanity
and other legal assistance are only a small part of      check.” For instance, according to the major, she
what they can do for recruiters.                         gets frequent phone calls and e-mails from recruiters
     “Our advice is focused on keeping recruiters out    and others with great recruiting ideas.
of trouble and on the right legal track,” said Maj.          “Most of these ideas are not illegal, but some-
Michelle Raven, AFRS Staff Judge Advocate.               times they are not consistent with command initia-
“We’re here to help recruiters deal with legal issues    tives and goals,” she said. “JA channels these ideas
and make informed decisions.”                                         and helps develop concepts that are in
Legal assistance                                                       line with command policy.”
    The JA office helps recruit-                                         Annual training requirements
ers with issues like gaining                                                  Along with aligning concepts
access to an otherwise                                                      with command policies, JA also
closed off school. “We can                                                   ensures some annual training
draft letters and make                                                        requirements are met. Accord-
phone calls to help                                                           ing to Tech. Sgt. Cynthia Woo-
recruiters gain access to                                                     druff, AFRS JA law office
the school, “ Major                                                           manager, the JA office provides
Raven said.                                                                   recruiters the Law of Armed
    JA is also available                                                     Conflict, Homosexual Policy and
for home school valida-                                                     Conduct and Ethics training.
tion. “We’ve had several                                                     Beyond annual training require-
calls thanking us for our                                               ments and day-to-day business, JA
quick home school validation                                         wants recruiters to know they are here to
turn around at the end of the month,” she                   help.
said. “I think recruiters should know that we are            “Many recruiters see JA as a necessary evil
trying to help them make goal.”                          because they associate JA with discipline” Major
    Another part of making goal, is having a good        Raven said. “However, it’s important that recruiters
working and living environment. JA is available to       know we are members of the AFRS team focused
take calls about leased family housing and offices.      on helping recruiters recruit the right number of the
“JA can look over contracts or help resolve a            right people for the right jobs to meet AF needs.
problem with a landlord,” the major said.                Our role is much more than advising on disciplinary
    According to Major Raven, in addition to getting     matters.”
recruiters into schools, home school validations and              For legal assistance, contact your host base
handling leased housing queries, the JA staff can        JA or call the headquarters AFRS JA office at DSN
connect recruiters to base legal offices for personal    487-3729 or (210) 652-3729.
legal assistance. “If recruiters cannot get the assis-

                                Recruiter • September 2002                                                 5
Public affairs helps tell
                                       By 2nd Lt. Jason L. McCree               public affairs NCOs bring to the
                                       Air Force Recruiting Service             recruiting squadron.
                                                                                    “Although I encourage our
                                           Communication is an important        recruiters to speak to the media,
                                       part of everyday life, whether it’s      they know to contact me before-
                                       getting information internally to        hand so I can give them some
                                       people who work in the unit or to        pointers,” said Staff Sgt. Lori
                                       the community and media. In Air          Mills, 361st Recruiting Squadron
                                       Force Recruiting Service this job        PA NCO.
                                       is done by public affairs.                   According to Sergeant Mills,
                                           Headquarters AFRS has a              the most important pointer is
                                       media, DEP outreach, community           advising recruiters to stay in their
                                       relations and internal staff and         lane. “By saying this, I am
                                       each squadron has a PA NCO               reminding them that they are
                                       ready to help recruiters with their      recruiting experts,” she said.
                                       public affairs needs.                    “Recruiters should not give
                                           “Public affairs NCOs teach           opinions about Air Force issues
                                       our recruiters how to confidently        or combat missions — just
                                       handle the media and surrounding         recruiting.”
                                       community,” said Jerry Thomas,               “Along with learning how to
                                       AFRS PA media chief. Recruiters          deal with the media, recruiters
                                       use the media, community rela-           should work with their PA NCOs
                                       tions and writing experience their       to send local educators to one of
                                                                                the four annual educator tours
                                                                                hosted by AFRS,” Mr. Thomas
                                                                                    “Educator tours provide a
                                                                                great opportunity for recruiters to
                                                                                score points with educators,” said
                                                                                Staff Sgt. John Asselin, AFRS PA
                                                                                chief of community relations.
                                                                                “During this tour we simply show
                                                                                the educators Air Force people,”
                                                                                he said. “Transportation, lodging
                                                                                and per diem is provided by the
                                                                                Air Force.”
                                                                                    According to Staff Sgt.
                                                                                Asselin, the tour’s positive impact
An educator from one of the four Fiscal 2002 tours, inspects the cockpit of     is obvious in the educators’ exit
a T-38 Tweet while visiting the flightline at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas.   critiques. “I will help educate my
                                                                                colleagues and students about the

6                                      Recruiter • September 2002
                                       Recruiter • September 2002
recruiting story
    Good education                                       120

    The educator tours help improve the                  100
    image of the Air Force held by the                    80
    influencers in your high schools. Out of
    the 106 educators who responded to                     60

    the survey given at the end of the tour,               40
    all said their image of the Air Force
    was “very positive” after the tour. Be-
    fore the tour, only 26 had a “very posi-                   0                                                 After tour
    tive” view of the Air Force.                                Moderately
                                                                             Neutral                           Before tour
                                                                 Negative              Moderately
    Graphic by Staff Sgt John Asselin                                                                Very
                                                                                        Positive    Positive
    Source: AFRS Public Affairs

   opportunities that are available in    the squadron, I show them the
   the Air Force,” wrote one educa-       easiest way to write a good news
   tor from a 2002 tour. Another          release,” said Staff Sgt. Mike
   wrote, “The best made decision         Edwards, 318th Recruiting
   is an informed decision, and I         Squadron PA NCO. “I basically
   have a much better understanding       take them step-by-step through
   of the experiences that an indi-       the process of writing a release.”
   vidual can expect by his or her            According to Sergeant
   enlistment in the Air Force.”          Edwards, recruiters call him
       Local recruiters also see an       during their big events to ask for
   immediate difference. “Recruiters      help writing releases. “I get all the
   tell me that after an educator tour,   facts and story angle from the
   the educator is much more              recruiter, and help them tailor the
   comfortable with them and              facts to give the story its best
   becomes proactive in recruiting,”      chance to run,” he said.
   he said. “Recruiting in that school        Getting accurate information to
   gets much easier in most cases.”       the community in a timely matter
       Besides the educator tour,         is important to keeping a positive
   written stories and news releases      relationship between the Air
   are other functions of the PA          Force and the civilian sector, said
   NCOs. “Recruiters should use the       Mr. Thomas. “The effective use of
   knowledge and abilities of their       public affairs is vital — especially
   PA NCOs to release written             in recruiting,” he said. “Recruiters
   products to the media,” Mr.            must ensure they use their squad-
   Thomas said.                           ron public affairs NCOs daily to
       “When new recruiters come to       help tell the recruiting story.”

                                        Recruiter • September 2002
                                        Recruiter • September 2002                                                            6
Logistics NCOs provide recruite
                                                     recruiting office is more than four walls
With telephones,                                          and a recruiter. It’s real estate, furniture,
                                                          telephones, leased vehicles and some-
real estate,                              times even housing. All those assets are in place for
                                          one reason – a logistics NCO put them there.
                                               “It’s ultimately the recruiter that gets the appli-
leased vehicles,                          cant, but there are a lot of tools they need that
                                          logistics helps provide,” said Maj. Lea Duncan, Air
furniture and                             Force Recruiting Service chief of real estate and
                                          logistics. “Logistics NCOs go out of their way to
                                          take care of the recruiters.
applicant travel,                              “Logistics at the staff level is challenging; we do
                                          programming and policy, which is standard,” she
loggies help                              said. “The group NCOs are responsible for training
                                          and soon will be taking on some more responsibility
                                          in that field.”
keep an office                                 The squadron, as with most functions, is the
                                          workhorse, according to Major Duncan.
ready to recruit                               “The squadron logistics NCOs provide the
                                          behind-the-scenes support as far as the tools the
                                          recruiter requires,” she said. “They put just about
By Staff Sgt. John Asselin                everything in the office except the computer and
Air Force Recruiting Service              marketing items.
                                               “Most of our logistics NCOs are taking on
                                          programs outside what they’ve had in their
                                          formal training,” Maj. Duncan added.
                                          “We’re asking them to be a jack-of-
                                          all-trades – learning applicant
                                          travel, leased vehicles,
                                          leased housing, real
                                          estate, reports of survey
                                          and telecommunica-
                                          tions. These are mid-
                                          level NCOs that are
                                          technical experts, and
                                          we’re asking them to
                                          broaden their purview.”
                                               One of the major areas of

8                              Recruiter • September 2002
ers with basic tools for mission
    responsibility for the logistics NCOs is real estate,       dependents to have an opportunity to occupy
    according to Master Sgt. Rick Boshart, AFRS                 adequate leased housing if they don’t live within the
    superintendent of real estate and logistics.                20-mile drive of a military installation.”
         “Real estate is a pretty extensive program,” he            AFRS logistics also works closely with the
    said. “There are several actions: relocating an office,     Army Corps of Engineers, according to the major.
    opening a new office or improving a current office          “Without the Corps of Engineers, our organization
    which are all managed through a complicated                 would be 10 times larger,” she said. “They work
    computer management information system.                     actions to secure real estate for us, from offices to
        “Right now there are a couple big things hap-           leased housing and they work hard to expedite the
    pening, as far as the joint recruiting facilities commit-   housing application process.
    tee goes — providing some security force protection             “People’s offices and people’s homes are very
    enhancements, as well as bringing all marginal and          personal, and there are a lot of quality-of-life issues
    unsatisfactory offices up to speed,” Sergeant               we get to work in conjunction with squadron
    Boshart added.                                              commanders and first shirts,” Major Duncan said.
        Leased housing is another important aspect of               In addition to their day-to-day duties, logistics
    real estate, the major said.                                NCOs also have two major projects on their plate,
        “Housing is a quality-of-life issue,” she said.         according to Major Duncan.
    “Although BAH is being increased, it’s still very               “Standardizing furniture is a special interest item
    important for mid-level NCOs with two or three              with our leadership,” she said. “We’ve spent $7
                                                                million over the last few years to reach a higher,
                                                                more professional standard.
                                                                    “Another big project is acquiring special events
                                                                clothing, so that when our folks go to outdoor
                                                                special events, they have something to wear that’s
                                                                more comfortable and durable,” she added.
                                                                    The logistics NCOs meet challenges every day,
                                                                according to Sergeant Boshart.
                                                                     “Anytime something is wrong in a recruiting
                                                                office, logistics gets the call and they have to fix it
                                                                now,” he said. “They are always up against the wall
                                                                to get things done quickly.
                                                                     “Anything they don’t get fixed within an office,
                                                                whether it be a vehicle, a cell phone or the profes-
                                                                sional look of an office, affects the recruiter and the
                                                                recruiter can’t do their job to the best of their ability,
                                                                Sergeant Boshart said. “Just about everything the
                                                                recruiter touches goes through logistics. The bottom
                                                                line is great recruiting depends on great support.”

                                      Recruiter • September 2002                                                       9
     Show me the money (and people)
       AFRS finance, personnel make business run smooth
                                By Senior Airman Marti D. Ribeiro
                                   Air Force Recruiting Service

           ecruiters in the field don’t really have      “We process officer and enlisted performance
            to worry about paying government          reports and are responsible for getting the senior
            bills, ordering furniture or tracking     endorsement on them,” said Tech. Sgt. Candace
            their next enlisted performance report    Escobedo, NCOIC AFRS headquarters person-
  thanks to the ever-present finance and personnel    nel, midwest region.
 support they receive at the squadron, group and         “We also process awards and decorations for
 headquarters levels.                                 people in AFRS,” said Tech. Sgt. Craig Jones,
    Whether it’s cell phone bills, travel card        assistant NCOIC of military personnel. The
 questions, enlisted awards or second tier assign-    headquarters personnel office also verifies
 ments, the finance and personnel people across       second tier assignments after a recruiter has
 AFRS stay busy.                                      applied online and AETC has made the selection.
    “We make sure the utility bills are paid for         “We stay pretty busy,” Sergeant Escobedo
 recruiting offices and pay for the gas in the        said, “handling any tasking that comes down, like
 government cars,” said Gary Paris, AFRS              promotion lists, manning numbers and special
 budget officer. Finance also provides funding for    duty assignment pay.”
 supplies and cell phones as well as other opera-        The headquarters personnel office is also the
 tions tempo costs.                                   only point of contact for information on the
    “We also act as a customer support,” he said,     recruiter ribbon.
 “answering questions about payroll, government          Each squadron has two personnel people,
 travel card and COI payments.”                       usually found in the command and support staff,
    With one finance person at each squadron          and there are nine people at the headquarters
 and nine at the headquarters, recruiters have a      available to take questions on personnel issues.
 throng of people ready and willing to help with         “The key thing,” Mr. Paris said, “is that our
 their finance needs.                                 job allows the recruiter to concentrate on the
    With bills paid, supplies ordered and furniture   mission.”
 in place, it’s time to turn our attention to the        For more information visit for
 recruiters. Personnel is responsible for taking      finance issues and for
 care of the “people” side of AFRS.                   AFRS personnel information.

10                               Recruiter • September 2002
10                               Recruiter • September 2002
IG doesn’t spell trouble
  If a call from the Air Force         military trainees. The four-
Recruiting Service Inspector
General office prompts you to ask
                                       member staff spends 90 percent
                                       of their time responding to com-       IG works
“Am I in trouble, what have I          plaints from dissatisfied applicants
done wrong … ?” There are
some things you should know
                                       or new airmen unhappy with the
                                       recruiting process or people.
                                                                               for you
about how the IG supports the            “We particularly note issues
                                                                                The AFRS IG
recruiting mission.                    relating to customer service,”
  As part of the Air Force In-         Colonel Harper said. “We advise        provides a means
spector General system, the            commanders directly — from             of redress for any-
AFRS IG staff functions as             Brig. Gen. Rice to squadrons —         one who feels the
investigative fact finders for the     as a means of helping everyone         chain of command
commander. However, unless             focus more clearly on our markets      is inappropriate or
you’re intentionally doing some-       and customers.”
thing wrong, a call from the IG           As an organization, AFRS
                                                                                 “Most IG com-
staff doesn’t mean trouble,            receives the second highest
according to Lt. Col. C.B. “Chip”      number of Congressional Inquiries      plaints are problems
Harper, AFRS IG.                       in the Air Force — almost 1,000        that can usually be
  “It means we’re looking for          annually. “Given the numbers,          handled by the group
information to help resolve a          there is better than a 50/50           or squadron com-
complaint about Air Force              chance that someday one of your        manders,” said Lt.
Recruiting — and to do that, we        applicants will file a congres-        Col. C.B. “Chip”
have to talk to folks having first-    sional,” said Paulette Collier, the    Harper, AFRS IG. “So
hand knowledge of the issues,”         AFRS congressional response            we encourage every-
Colonel Harper said.                   program manager.                       one to give their local
  Additionally, just because a           Inquiries are generated when an      commanders a
matter has been referred to the IG     applicant contacts their congress-
                                                                              chance to resolve
doesn’t necessarily mean there         man or the president. According
                                                                              complaints first.
will be an investigation. “If, after   to Ms. Collier, most come from
our thorough analysis, we find no      medically-disqualified applicants.     However, if this
evidence of wrongdoing, we may         Typical examples include appli-        doesn’t work, or if
refer the matter to the group          cants seeking an exception to          you feel your chain of
commander as a training or             policy or medical waiver, as well      command may be part
managerial issue, or simply            as those simply disagreeing with       of the problem, you
dismiss the complaint, in accor-       the Air Force physical standards.      can go directly to the
dance with the regulation,” he           “If you think about it, there’s      IG.” Contact them by
said.                                  some irony to the process. Legal       calling DSN 487-5992,
   Although not traditional “IG        restrictions are about the only        commercial (210) 652-
complaints,” most of the IG            thing that will keep a recruiter       5992 or e-mail at
shop’s daily business comes from       from bringing someone on active
Congressional or White House           duty,” Ms. Collier explained. “So
Inquiries, as well as from basic       most people filing a congressional
                                                 Continued on page 12

                                 Recruiter • September 2002                                         11
are looking for someone to              tion manager, this team helps          15 cases a year are elevated to
accommodate them by changing a          keep trainee complaints from           IG status.”
law.”                                   escalating into Congressional or          Addressing all complaints helps
   It’s because of this that so few     White House Inquiries.                 preserve recruiting’s collective
of the congressionals received by          “We handle the ‘My recruiter        integrity while giving everyone a
AFRS are substantiated. “Less           said …’ complaints,” said Master       chance to be heard fairly, accord-
than a hundred turn out to be           Sgt. Michael Pfeifer, chief of the     ing to Colonel Harper.
cases where the recruiter didn’t        AFRS IG liaison office. “We are           “It’s understandable that no one
do enough to help the applicant,”       the unofficial channel for inter-      likes getting ‘the call,’” he said.
Ms. Collier said. “And even then,       viewing recruits, recruiters,          “It can be uncomfortable, but it’s
many times it’s a rookie                MEPS staff and others to deter-        required to help get at the infor-
recruiter’s honest mistake or a         mine any necessary corrective          mation we need to improve and
training issue.”                        action.”                               safeguard our process.”
   For applicants going to Basic           Although not “official” IG             His advice if an IG staffer calls:
Military Training before realizing      staffers, this team handles close to   “Be upfront and honest. Don’t
they have a problem, the IG has a       3,500 referrals annually. “Of all      take it personally if someone
three-person liaison team as-           the allegations we receive, less       complains,” he said. “It’s their
signed to Lackland Air Force            than 25 percent have some              right and our way of ensuring our
Base, Texas. Staffed by two             foundation of credibility,” Ser-       system is sound.”
veteran recruiters and an informa-      geant Pfeifer said. “And only 10-

                                          Take note
TRICARE Update                          centers.                               New Air Force insurance plan
   TRICARE beneficiaries can               The recalled activity centers          Air Force active-duty, selected
now fill prescriptions at any           include the Tot Wheels V, models       Reserve, appropriated-fund
Walgreens. Active duty and family       4511 and 4521, and the Convert-        civilian employees, retirees and
members should present their            ible Entertainer, models 4652 and      qualified family members now
military ID or TRICARE card             35225. AAFES sold the activity         have the opportunity to purchase
when filling a new prescription.        centers nationwide from Novem-         long-term care insurance during
Family members should expect a          ber 2001 through May 2002.             an open season enrollment
$3 copayment for generic medi-             The toy track can break,            period. The initial enrollment
cations and $9 for brand name           presenting a cut or pinch hazard       period began July 1 and continues
medications for a 30-day supply.        and the exposed small parts pose       through Dec. 31. The Federal
Active-duty members do not pay          a choking hazard to young              Long Term Care Insurance
copayments for prescriptions at         children. Graco has received 11        Program is a benefit authorized by
retail network pharmacies. For          reports of the toy tracks breaking.    Congress in September 2000 to
more information on TRICARE             Four children received minor           help federal employees, including
pharmacy benefits, contact the          scratches and one child’s finger       military, defray the rising costs of
TRICARE Service Center at               was pinched.                           long-term care.
(800) 406-2832.                            Consumers should stop using            Interested individuals can sign
                                        these activity centers with toy        up online at the Long Term Care
Graco products recall                   tracks immediately, and contact        Insurance for the Federal Family
   The Army and Air Force               Graco to receive a replacement         website at
Exchange Service is voluntarily         track. Graco can be contacted at       insure/ltc/. For more information
assisting in the recall of toy tracks   (800) 673-0392 or                      on the insurance program call
attached to children’s activity                     (800) 582-3337.

12                                      Recruiter • September 2002
Recruiter’s idea gets mini jet a makeover
By Senior Airman

                                                                                                                        Photos by Tech. Sgt. Kevin Stefanovsky
Marti Ribeiro
Air Force Recruiting Service

  School starts this month for many
students and recruiters are eager to
find new ways to get those quali-
fied applicants interested in the Air
  Tech. Sgt. Kevin Stefanovsky,
338th Recruiting Squadron, Hun-
tington, W.Va., approached the in-
structors at Cabell County Career
Technology Center in Huntington          Above, a student from
                                         Cabell County Career
and asked them about refurbishing
                                         Technology Center refur-
one of the squadron’s mini jets.         bished the F-111 mini jet
  “They all thought this would be a      as a class project. Right,
great experience for the students to     parts of the mini jet were
work on something other than             badly damaged by
                                         weather. Below, the trailer
cars,” Sergeant Stefanovsky said.
                                         the mini jet rests on was
  The mini jet is the only F-111 left    also refurbished.
in AFRS, and has been sitting out-
side for the past couple of years.
“After the F-111 was phased out,
the jet sat behind a recruiter’s house
for years in the weather, then it was
left behind the flight chief’s office
for another one and half years,” he
said. “If it was not for me taking
the jet to the school, this piece of
history would have rotted away to
nothing.”                                  According to Donald Diehl, an-         Sergeant Stefanovsky is marking
  Around 210 man hours over a            other auto body repair student,        this experience down, as a success.
period of seven weeks have been          working on the mini jet was excit-     “It helps to establish a good rela-
put into to restore the badly dam-       ing. “It was a nice break from         tionship with a school like this,” he
aged interior, frame and body of the     working on cars and I was able to      said. “Cabell has a good number
F-111. It has been primed and is         learn a lot about aircraft.”           of Air Force qualified students in
waiting in the paint shop for next         “Having the school work on the       both the mechanical and electron-
semester to start so it can be fin-      mini jet benefits both the Air Force   ics field – you never know how
ished.                                   and the school,” Sergeant              many great applicants we’ll get out
  “Our project was to completely         Stefanovsky said. “The students        of this.”
restore the mini jet and the trailer     had a chance to work on something        The mini jet will be finished this
used to pull the aircraft,” said Andy    different and the Air Force saved      fall and will return to the squadron
Reynolds one of the six students         thousands of dollars by not having     and once again, enter active duty.
who worked on the mini jet at            a professional body shop do the
Cabell.                                  work.”

                                   Recruiter • September 2002                                                    13

ZONE POSTING - Build packets           HEALTH PROFESSION BIND-                 DEP CHALLENGE - Give each
for potential Zone Posting             ERS - OA recruiter developed            DEPper five “take one” boxes at
establishments. Include a letter       personalized binders for potential      DEP Commander’s Call and ask
explaining AFRS and a list of items    HP applicants. Binders use              them to place the boxes at pizza
AFRS will provide, like posters        custom-made cover sheets for            parlors, delis, etc. The applicant
and business cards. Include a          each prospective applicant and          who brings a list in first, indicating
stamped envelope to mail back if       contain literature, prospectus and      where they placed the boxes, gets
the proprietor decides to display      worksheets summarizing Air Force        a gift certificate to a movie theatre.
the AFRS products. SSgt Keith          benefits. SSgt Paul Gaffney, 313th      TSgt Mark Spivak, 314th RCS, (631)
Geddick, 319th RCS, (603) 427-5052     RCS, (518) 438-6973                     727-2053

SUPPORT FLIGHT DAY OUT -               QUICK SHIP LIST is forwarded            COI GUEST SPEAKERS - The
One day a quarter, link each           from the flight chief to operations,    support staff attends various COI
support flight member with a           weekly. It’s used to identify and       events as guest speakers. This
recruiter for zone canvassing —        contact applicants who wish to          not only lets potential applicants
focus on low production areas.         leave for basic training earlier than   learn more about the Air Force and
This gives support flight members      their current departure date, along     its different career fields, it also
a better understanding of recruit-     with their important information        builds morale and rapport with the
ing. SMSgt Oreste Dicerbo, 311th       and job selections. TSgt Sean           field and support staff. SSgt Gisela
RCS, (724) 743-8500                    Rose, 317th RCS, (301) 567-7162         Salaver, 317th RCS, (301) 567-6928

FORMER MTI VISIT - EA                  SPECIAL INCENTIVES - Devel-             SPOUSES GROUP - CC and
recruiter, a former Basic Military     oped a program encouraging              CCF’s wives formed a spouses
Training instructor, coordinated       recruiters to move up applicants to     group to enhance the “family”
with squadron flight chiefs to         fill current cancels within the         atmosphere in the squadron.
appear in the MTI role at DEP          group. One recruiter moved up 22        Allows members to get together
Commander’s Calls to brief             people during the competition           socially and provides baked goods
“helpful tips” on surviving and        period insuring BMT and tech            for CC and CCF to deliver on road
excelling as a trainee. SSgt James     school seats went filled. MSgt          trips. Lt Col Andy Pears, 331st RCS,
Barry, 313th RCS, (518) 438-6856       John Gersper, 332nd RCS, (615) 889-

Devised a tracking system using        SALES - Obtained a CD outlining         Approached local college radio
Microsoft Excel to automatically       enlisted aviator positions from the     station to play public service
project suspenses for EPRs and         local base and produced copies for      announcements advertising 1-800-
OPRs. SSgt Johnny Fontenot, 336th      all flights to increase sales of        423-USAF and
RCS, (229) 257-5800                    enlisted flying jobs. Lt Col Andy       TSgt David White, 311th RCS, (216)
                                       Pears, 331st RCS, (334) 416-4073        621-3225

14                                    Recruiter • September 2002
                               ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○    ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○

                  Captain                                                  Donn Clarkson                                                                            361 RCS
                                                                           Michael Stevens                                                                          361 RCS
Anthony Min                            362 RCS                             Keith Bandoske                                                                           369 RCS
Philip Galdeano                        362 RCS                             Carl Thomas Jr.                                                                          369 RCS
Erin Karl                              344 RCS
                                                                                                           Technical Sergeant
            First Lieutenant
                                                                           George Linen                                                                             314 RCS
Angel Betancourttoyens                 336 RCS                             Michael O’Neill                                                                          314 RCS
                                                                           Mark Dedek                                                                               319 RCS
                                                                           Donald Hill II                                                                           331 RCS
            Master Sergeant                                                Jerry Gobble                                                                             331 RCS
                                                                           Jose Ortiz Jr.                                                                           333 RCS
Gil Cormier                            HQ AFRS                             James Shibe                                                                              333 RCS
Sherri Trowbridge                      HAAFRS                              Scott Chomic                                                                             336 RCS
Mark Lucano                            IG                                  Robin O’Bannon                                                                           337 RCS
Derek Urban                            311 RCS                             Ronald Waller                                                                            337 RCS
Bradley Rees                           313 RCS                             Rodney Bracey                                                                            338 RCS
Howard Rodriquez                       314 RCS                             Robert Romanowski                                                                        339 RCS
Herbert McCoy                          317 RCS                             Gavino Duron Jr.                                                                         341 RCS
Carmen Wright                          317 RCS                             Timothy O’Neal                                                                           341 RCS
Charles Hall                           331 RCS                             Jeffrey Powell                                                                           344 RCS
Peter Muhr                             331 RCS                             James Viall II                                                                           347 RCS
Sharon Cate                            332 RCS                             Jack Cauldwell                                                                           349 RCS
Craig Davis                            333 RCS                             Larry Bettles                                                                            364 RCS
Kevin Napper                           338 RCS                             Edward Solomon Jr.                                                                       369 RCS
Kenneth Swensen                        338 RCS
Michael Egenreider                     343 RCS                                                                  Staff Sergeant
Eric Pond                              344 RCS
George Bland                           344 RCS                             Paula Breneman                                                                           313 RCS
Aaron McKenzie                         344 RCS                             Anthony Heim                                                                             318 RCS
Brett Derouin                          347 RCS                             Julio Alvardo                                                                            362 RCS
Dennis Minear                          349 RCS

                            Recruiter • September 2002                                                                                                                                  15
     550 D Street West Ste 1
     Randolph AFB TX 78150-4527

                                          A year ago this month, the
                                              World Trade Center in
                                                New York and the
                                           Pentagon in Washington,
                                              D.C., were attacked in
                                           what was the worst ever
                                          terrorist strike on U.S. soil.
                                               Air Force Recruiting
                                               Service would like to
                                             remember those lost in
                                            that attack and reiterate
                                                  our mission to
                                             ‘Recruit today ... to win

16                          Recruiter • September 2002

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