Why Politics Can't Be Freed From Religion by P-Wiley


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									Why Politics Can't Be Freed From Religion
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Author: Ivan Strenski

Why Politics Can't be Freed From Religion is an original, erudite, and timely new book from Ivan Strenski.
Itinterrogates the central ideas and contexts behind religion, politics, and power, proposing an alternative
way in which we should think about these issues in the twenty-first century.

A timely and highly original contribution to debates about religion, politics and power -- and how historic
and social influences have prejudiced our understanding of these concepts

Proposes a new theoretical framework to think about what these ideas and institutions mean in today&'s

Applies this new perspective to a variety of real-world issues, including insights into suicide bombers in
the Middle East

Includes radical critiques of the religious and political perspectives of thinkers such as Talal Asad and
Michel Foucault

Dislodges our conventional thinking about politics and religion, and in doing so, helps make sense of the
complexities of our twenty-first century world

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