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                                                               Mary Jane Burke
                                                     Marin County Superintendent of Schools



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GRADE:                   _________   DATE REVISED:

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                                     EMERGENCY NUMBERS
MAIN SCHOOL OFFICE:                                   DISTRICT OFFICE:

FIRE DEPARTMENT:                                      HOSPITAL:

LAW ENFORCEMENT:                                      PG&E GAS LEAK:         800-743-5000

AMBULANCE SERVICE:                                    MARIN PUBLIC WORKS DEPT:   499-7513

OTHER:                                                POISON CONTROL:            222-1222

                                 ALARM CODES FOR MY SCHOOL

EMERGENCY NUMBERS                                                        ALARM CODES

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The information contained in this guide has been excerpted from the Marin County Office of
Education Model Emergency Management Plan. A “Quick Reference Guide” format has been
developed to assist you in finding information very quickly during an emergency situation. Use it as
a reminder about recommended actions and as a tool during drills and exercises. Make sure to
take the time to customize this guide with the specific information for your classroom or office.

The Quick Reference Guide is a supplement to the comprehensive Model Emergency Management
Plan that contains much more detailed information as well as a series of scenarios and checklists to
assist you in performing your emergency role for the school during a disaster. A copy of the
complete plan is available on the Marin County Office of Education Emergency Services website at
  REMEMBER: This information could save your own life as well as the lives of your students and co-workers!


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    DISASTER SERVICE WORKER                                      INCIDENT COMMAND SYSTEM:
All public employees are designated as Disaster Service                   MY ROLE
Workers under California Government Code §3100. This
means that during a Declared Local, State or National                                 MANAGEMENT/
emergency, school employees may be asked to assist                                     COMMAND
local agencies, such as the Red Cross, in their response
efforts. This is an obligation of all public employees by
law and failure to serve in this role when asked can result     Operations    Logistics     Planning/       Finance/
                                                                                           Intelligence   Administration
in being charged with a misdemeanor and could even
result in the loss of teaching certification.
                                                                      Circle what SECTION I am part of above.
Because of this legal obligation, it is important to make
sure you have a family plan at home in the event that you
                                                               NAME OF TEAM:
are asked to remain at your school. Employees with
obligations that require them to return to home, such as
                                                               PERSON I REPORT TO:
caring for young children or elderly adults, must make this
known to school administrators for consideration.
                                                               MY ROLE:
For more information:                                 WHERE TO MEET?:

DISASTER SERVICE WORKER                                                                            ICS - MY ROLE

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                 HOW TO USE THIS GUIDE                                    FLIP DOWN TO
                                                                           For example

                                                                       FOLLOW CHECKLIST
                                  SECTION IN GUIDE    TAKE AT TOP OF
         For example                                     SECTION
                                                                        Be prepared to use
       SHOOTER ON                   For example         For example      your judgment as
         CAMPUS                     SHOOTER            LOCKDOWN          every incident can
                                                                       include elements that
                                                                        are not anticipated.

                                                                       USE THIS GUIDE AS A
                                                                        FRAMEWORK FOR

                              HOW TO USE THIS GUIDE
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                                                 BOMB THREAT REPORT
Date:                            Time of call:      a.m.     p.m.            Call received by:

At (phone number):                                          When is the bomb set to explode? ____      a.m.        p.m.

Where is it located?                                        What will cause it to explode?

What kind of bomb is it?                                    Did the person give a reason for threat?

Can you identify the caller?                                Write down exact threat:

Voice on the phone: Man          Woman  Child  Age:      Intoxicated?    Accent? 

Speech impediment?              Other:

Background noise:       Music  Talk  Children  Machines  Vehicle  Typing  Traffic  Airplane           Party 


Additional information:

Completed by:                                                                     Date:

                                             BOMB THREAT REPORT FORM

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                      BOMB THREAT                                                     CIVIL DISTURBANCE

ACTION:                           EVACU AT ION                          ACTION:                               EVACU ATIO N
                                                                                                   SHELT ER IN PLACE
 any information about the threat.
                                                                                                                  L OCK DO WN
     Inform the main office immediately.
     Survey the immediate area for unfamiliar objects.                  A civil disturbance near the campus has the potential to
     Do not touch any suspicious objects.                               disrupt school activities, cause injury to staff and students
     Do not use cell phones – they can trigger an explosion if          and damage property.
      a device is present.                                                Determine the safest procedure to follow based on the
     If you find a suspicious or unfamiliar object, evacuate the          threat posed to your school and the proximity of the
      area immediately and wait for instructions.                          disruption to the school.
                                                                          If violent protests are close, it is safer to LOCKDOWN
     All information should be given to law enforcement.                   the classrooms or SHELTER IN PLACE than to
              Provide as much detail as possible.                          evacuate into harm’s way.
                                                                             Listen for instructions from the main office or law

                 BOMB THREAT                                                         CIVIL DISTURBANCE

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1ST ACTION:                      DROP, CO VE R                      2ND ACTION:                            EVACUATION
                                 and H OLD O N
   Take this action immediately when shaking begins.                The signal for evacuation will be given by the main office.
 Make sure that all students and visitors move away from           Depending upon the severity of the earthquake and the extent
   windows and drop down to the floor quickly.                      of the damage, the Incident Commander will determine
 Find the closest sturdy table, desk or chair and squeeze          whether or not EVACUATION of the building is necessary.
   as much of the body under it as possible.
 Hold on to the furniture and place your free hand over the         Take note of any injuries and provide information to the
   back of your neck to protect it.                                      Principal/Site Administrator.
 Many injuries occur from broken glass, flying debris or            Remember to take “Go Kit” and emergency supplies.
   being crushed by unsecured items.                                 Take students to designated evacuation site on campus.
 Don’t come out from under protection until the shaking             Follow procedures for student/staff accounting.
   has completely stopped or until instructed.                       If you are part of an emergency response team, make sure
                                                                         your students are supervised, then report to your
      PREPARE FOR POSSIBLE EVACUATION ……                                 designated team.
                                                                     Do not re-enter the building until it is determined to be safe.
 Move away from buildings, trees and wires.                         If the safety of the students or staff is threatened at any
 Drop down to the ground and wait for shaking to stop.                   time, DO NOT WAIT for permission - EVACUATE
   PROCEED TO EVACUATION AREA IF DIRECTED . . . .                                          IMMEDIATELY!!!


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               EXPLOSION                                                    FIRE                                            FLOOD

ACTION:              EVACU ATIO N                       ACTION:                                             ACTION:
                                  OR                                        EVACU AT ION                                       EVACUATION
                        SHELT E R IN
                            PLACE                       AT SCHOOL SITE:                                     Flooding can happen during severe storms
                                                         If you see a fire – attempt to extinguish         when rivers and creeks swell beyond their
EVACUATION: If an explosion has occurred                   only if it is small.                             banks and overflow roadways. During
on campus, determine the extent of the                   If you hear the fire alarm – evacuate             storms, river levels are monitored closely
damage before deciding to evacuate. Often it               immediately and go to designated                 and emergency response agencies can
is safer to remain inside an undamaged                     evacuation areas. Even if you don’t              normally provide adequate warning to
building than to evacuate. If fire is present,             smell smoke or see a fire, always                schools so they can notify parents and make
evacuate immediately.                                      evacuate at the sounding of the alarm            arrangements to move students to safety.
                                                           unless an ALL CLEAR signal indicates a           However, sometimes the rivers can rise
SHELTER IN PLACE: If there is little or no                 false alarm.                                     unexpectedly and evacuation to higher
damage to the building, and no fire is present,          Take attendance and follow student and            ground needs to occur.
close windows and doors and wait for further               staff accounting procedures.
instructions.                                                                                                If warranted, evacuate students to
                                                        FIRE NEAR THE SCHOOL:
                                                                                                              designated evacuation site out of harm’s
  NOTE: Explosions can happen from ruptured              Wait for instructions from the main office.
gas mains, acts of terrorism, fallen aircraft and        First responders will determine if it is
                                                                                                             Take attendance before leaving campus.
other causes. There may be toxic fumes and                 necessary to evacuate based on the risk
hazardous materials involved. Until you know                                                                 Remember to take “Go Kit” and
                                                           to the school.
the cause of the explosion and can determine                                                                  emergency supplies.
                                                         Keep a radio tuned to a local emergency
the safest procedures to follow, it is best to                                                               Upon arrival at the safe site, take
                                                           channel for current information.
remain inside and wait further instructions from                                                              attendance and follow student and staff
                                                         Remain with students until the building
the main office or first responders unless there                                                              accounting procedures.
is an immediate danger of fire or collapse.                has been inspected and it has been
                                                                                                             Remain with students until it has been
                                                           determined safe to return to the school.
                                                                                                              determined safe to return to the school.

              EXPLOSION                                                   FIRE                                         FLOOD

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             GAS LEAK                              HAZARDOUS MATERIALS                                          SEVERE WEATHER

ACTION: EVACU ATION                                ACTION:               EVACU AT ION                      ACTION:              SH ELTE R IN
                                 OR                                                  OR                                               PLACE
                      RE VE RSE                                             RE VE RSE                                                             OR
                   EVACU AT ION                                          EVACU AT ION                      RE VE RSE E VACU AT ION
                                 OR                                                  OR
       SHELT ER IN PLACE                                    SHELT ER IN PLACE                              Severe weather can be accompanied by
                                                                                                           high winds, heavy rains, downed trees,
                                                                                                           and swollen creeks which may pose risks
The action taken will depend upon the              The action taken will depend upon the                   to staff and students.
circumstances of the incident. If the gas          circumstances of the incident. If the incident is
leak is on school grounds or directly                                                                      Many of these conditions can make it unsafe
                                                   on school grounds or directly adjacent to the
adjacent to the school, EVACUATION or                                                                      to release students from the school. The
                                                   school, EVACUATION or REVERSE
REVERSE EVACUATION will be necessary.                                                                      school administration must decide if it is safe
                                                   EVACUATION will be necessary.
                                                                                                           to release students or if it is better to
If the gas leak is in the surrounding                                                                      SHELTER IN PLACE.
                                                   If the incident is in the surrounding
neighborhood of the school and the campus          neighborhood of the school and the campus is            In the event that severe weather makes it
is not in immediate danger, it may be better       not in immediate danger, it may be better to            unsafe for students to remain outside,
to SHELTER IN PLACE.                               SHELTER IN PLACE.                                       REVERSE EVACUATION may be
Wait for instructions from the main office.        Wait for instructions from the main office.
                                                                                                           Wait for instructions from the main office.
If you believe that students or staff are in       If you believe that students or staff are in
immediate danger, use your judgment                immediate danger, use your judgment and                 If you believe that students or staff are in
and act immediately – do not wait for              act immediately – do not wait for                       immediate danger, use your judgment
permission.                                        permission.                                             and act immediately – do not wait for

           GAS LEAK                                  HAZARDOUS MATERIALS                                          SEVERE WEATHER

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              SHOOTER/INTRUDER                                                             TERRORISM

ACTION:                                  LO CK DO WN                ACTION:                                    LO CK DO WN
                                                                                                  SHELT ER IN PLACE
SHOOTER/INTRUDER ON CAMPUS:                                                                                           OR
                                                                                           RE VE RSE E VACU AT ION
    Immediately lock doors and windows if safe to do so.
    Close blinds or curtains.
    Keep students and staff low and away from windows.                 Acts of terrorism can include chemical release, bio-
      Do not get up and walk around the room.                           hazards, explosives, kidnapping and shooting causing
    Maintain silence. Remain calm,                                     widespread fear and panic, victims who are contaminated,
    Do not allow anyone into or out of the room until ALL              seriously injured or killed and property damage.
      CLEAR is signaled.                                                    Keep students calm.
    Call “911” for assistance, if possible. Provide identity,              Move students away from threat to closest suitable
      location and description of individual and weapons.                      shelter
                                                                        You will have to act based on the circumstances of the
    If shots are fired – immediately DROP AND COVER.
                                                                        attack. Chemical or bio-hazard attacks will require
    If it is safe to do so, move into the closest building –
                                                                        SHELTER IN PLACE or REVERSE EVACUATION.
      follow procedures above.
                                                                        Incidents involving weapons or attempted kidnapping will
POLICE ACTION NEAR THE SCHOOL:                                          require LOCKDOWN.
      Wait for instructions from the main office before taking
       action.                                                          Explosives will require actions based on the threat.
      Law enforcement will be in contact with the school.
      If LOCKDOWN is ordered – follow procedures above.

                  SHOOTER / INTRUDER                                                            TERRORISM

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 DROP/COVER/HOLD ON                               EVACUATION                           REVERSE EVACUATION
           When to use:                           When to use:                                 When to use:
          EARTHQUAKE                              FIRE, FLOOD                             AIR POLLUTION ALERT
           EXPLOSION                               GAS LEAK                               CHEMICAL ACCIDENT
   The incident itself initiates this          CHEMICAL ACCIDENT*                              EXPLOSION
              ACTION.                         HAZARDOUS MATERIALS                           SEVERE WEATHER
INSIDE:                                            INCIDENT*                               LAW ENFORCEMENT
      Drop down to the floor and get                                                            ACTIONS
      under the closest desk, table or          Listen for the alarm from the office
      sturdy furniture, with back to            to initiate evacuation procedures        HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
      windows.                                  Grab “Go-Box” and emergency                     INCIDENT
      Cover the back of your head               supplies.                                       GAS LEAK
      and neck and hold on to the               Escort students to evacuation site.          WILDLAND FIRE
      furniture.                                Take attendance and account for          When it has been determined that
      Remain in place until shaking             all students. Hold up a green card      returning to the classroom is safer
      stops or for at leas 20 seconds.          if all are accounted for. Use a red           than remaining outside
      Watch for fallen objects, broken          card to indicate missing or injured
      glass and overhangs.                      students.                                     Listen for notification of
      Take note of any injuries.                Notify Principal/Site Administrator
                                                                                              REVERSE EVACUATION
      Wait for signal to evacuate.              of any missing students or staff.             from the main office,
                                                If assigned to an Emergency
OUTSIDE:                                                                                      Take attendance when
                                                Team, report to your designated               students are reassembled in
      Move away from power lines,
                                                area after ensuring that someone
      trees, buildings and objects that                                                       the classroom
                                                has been assigned to care for your            Remain in the classroom until
      might topple.
      Drop to the ground and cover                                                            further instructions or ALL
      the back of your head and neck                                                          CLEAR is announced.
                                          *Sometimes it is safer to stay inside –
      with your hands.                    wait for instructions from office before
  PREPARE TO EVACUATE……..                                evacuating.


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          LOCKDOWN                           SHELTER IN PLACE                           STAND BY

          When to use:                             When to use:                          When to use:
    CIVIL DISTURBANCE                         CIVIL DISTURBANCE                   Stand-by must be followed by
    SHOOTER/INTRUDER                              TERRORISM                      another ACTION or ALL CLEAR
        TERRORISM                            HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
 LAW ENFORCEMENT ACTIONS                            INCIDENT                          Keep students in classroom
  To isolate students and staff from              EXPLOSION                           pending further instructions.
      danger inside the building           To isolate students and staff from         Listen for notification of
INSIDE:                                   outdoor environment. SHELTER IN             another action over the PA or
      Listen for LOCKDOWN alert from       PLACE allows for free movement             other communication system.
      the main office.                            within the building.
      Shut and lock all doors and                                                    Immediately return students to
      windows.                            INSIDE:
                                                                                     their classrooms.
      Close drapes and blinds.                  Listen for SHELTER IN PLACE
                                                                                     Listen for notification of
      Move away from windows and                alert from the main office.
                                                                                     another action from the main
      stay low and out of sight                 Clear students from halls.
      Post GREEN sign in window if all          Shut and seal doors and
      students are OK and accounted             windows, if possible.
      for.                                      Shut down classroom HVAC
      Post RED sign if students are             system, if advised to do so.
      missing or injured or if you need         Take attendance and call in
      help.                                     report to main office.
OUTSIDE:                                  OUTSIDE:
      Immediately move inside nearest           Immediately move inside
      building.                                 nearest building.
      Follow procedures above.                  Follow procedures above.

 Do not open doors or windows until       Do not open doors or windows until
     ALL CLEAR signal is given.               ALL CLEAR signal is given.

                                                                                                      SITE MAP ON
ACTIONS:                           LOCKDOWN  SHELTER IN PLACE  STAND BY

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