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      Volume V, Issue 4      QUARTERLY PUBLICATION                               Fall 2004

                From the Desk of Acting Fire Chief David Orth

I am honored to have been appointed Acting Fire Chief, following the retirement of Chief Garcia
on September 17. I have worked for the Berkeley Fire Department since 1978 and have served as
the Deputy Fire Chief for the past two years. I’ve also held the position of Assistant Fire Chief for
ten years prior to my appointment as Deputy Fire Chief. I began my career as a Firefighter
EMT/EMS and have worked in many capacities over the past 27 years gaining extensive
experience in fire suppression and fire prevention and investigation.

I am pleased to be serving the residents of Berkeley and will do my best to uphold Chief Garcia’s
vision of the Berkeley Fire Department as one of the leading fire departments on the West Coast.

                        FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety Grant
                      to Reduce Fire Hazards in the Berkeley Hills

FEMA has awarded the City of Berkeley a $413,000 Fire Prevention and Safety Grant to reduce
the urban wildland interface fire hazard in the Berkeley Hills. Reduction of the fire hazard will
substantially improve community and fire fighter safety. Berkeley will provide $177,000 in
matching funds. The grant will be used in four ways:

1. Create and implement a fire hazard education program.
The program will evaluate materials provided by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (the
USDA-Forest Service, Department of Interior, National Association of State Foresters, U.S. Fire
Administration and National Fire Protection Association), and those from local agencies, such as
California Fire Safe Councils and the Hills Emergency Forum. The funds will be used for analysis,
community training, and design, production, and distribution of educational materials.

2. Create and staff a fire hazard evaluation program.
This will include a hazard assessment, identifying and prioritizing areas of concern, inspections,
and collecting data to advance academic studies of the Berkeley Hills. It will evaluate past and
current Berkeley inspection programs, and those programs recommended by the National Wildfire
Coordinating Group and the Hills Emergency Forum.

3. Create and implement a vegetation management program that maximizes the use of, and
reduces the fuel within, the Berkeley Hill pathways.
Funds will be used to analyze the Berkeley Hill pathways and prescribe an effective treatment plan
for fuel reduction along the path network. This will reduce fuel load, create potential firebreaks
and make the pathways more attractive as community evacuation routes.

4. Create and implement effective program measures, in cooperation with UC Berkeley.
Funds will be used to develop and measure criteria to assess the education, evaluation and
vegetation management programs. These criteria will be tracked to ensure effective use of program
resources and sustainability of Berkeley Hills fire hazard reduction efforts.
                                                  The Berkeley Fire Department urges
For more information, contact Bill Greulich,      consumers who own these appliances to
510-981-5502.                                     immediately stop using them. Affected

        Fire in Your Backyard –                   Whirlpool dishwashers have model numbers
             Friend or Foe?                       beginning with 665. In addition to model
                                                  numbers, both Whirlpool and Kenmore have
                                                  serial numbers ranging from FA2400000
The East Bay Regional Park District and the
                                                  through FA5299999 or from FB0100000
Berkeley Fire Department are co-sponsoring
                                                  through FB1899999. These numbers can be
a program at the Tilden Nature Center’s
                                                  found on a plate inside the dishwasher door,
Environmental Education Center on
                                                  on the right front edge of the tub.
Saturday, November 6, 2:00-3:30. The
program covers three fire issues, followed by
                                                  Owners of Whirlpool dishwashers should
a demonstration of a fire engine, firefighters’
                                                  have their model and serial number available,
personal protective equipment and wildland
                                                  and then call 800-874-9481. Consumers who
firefighting techniques:
                                                  bought either brand from Sears, Roebuck and
                                                  Co. should call 800-927-1625. Service calls
•    Fire history in the East Bay                 and repairs will be made at no cost to
•    Fire ecology (how fire affects selected      consumers.
     plants and animals)
•    Homeowner safety (will your home
     survive a wildland fire?)                           Neighborhood Trainings

Every participant will receive a free copy of     Berkeley’s Office of Emergency Services,
“Will Your Home Survive,” a guide to help         along with other representatives from the
improve the odds against wildland fire. These     City’s Fire and Police Departments, held four
guides are paid for by the City of Berkeley’s     neighborhood disaster trainings this summer.
FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety Grant.            Bill Greulich, Emergency Services Manager,
                                                  reviewed the incident management system
For more information on “Fire in Your             used by federal, state, city and local
Backyard,” call Dave Zuckermann of the            responders, and examined how it can be
EBRPD at 510-525-2233.                            applied to neighborhood organizations.
                                                  Participants practiced using this system
                                                  through role-playing. One participant
    Defective Dishwashers Blamed for
                                                  commented on how eye-opening it was to be
               Recent Fires                       juggling equipment needs, team member
                                                  assignments, and safety issues all at once.

                                                  Over 90 participants worked with police and
            Fire investigators blame defective    firefighters to learn effective use of radios.
dishwashers for two recent fires in Contra        Skills practiced included protocols, how to
Costa County. The dishwashers, recalled in        identify yourself, and how to confirm that
1996 by Whirlpool and Kenmore, sold from          messages have been accurately sent and
June 1991 through October 1992 for $350 to        received.
$475. According to the Consumer Product
Safety Commission, faulty wiring in the door      The trainings took place throughout the City
latches may cause handles to overheat and         in four of Berkeley’s organized
catch fire.                                       neighborhoods: Stuart Street/LeConte,
                                                  Grant/Allston, Santa Fe/Gilman and the
                                                  Panoramic Hill area.
This program was partially funded through           CPR stands for cardiopulmonary
Citizen Corps, a program of the Federal             resuscitation, a combination of rescue
Emergency Management Agency.                        breathing (mouth-to-mouth resuscitation) and
                                                    chest compressions. If someone is not
                                                    breathing or circulating blood adequately,
        CERT Class Enrollment                       CPR can restore circulation of oxygen-rich
                                                    blood to the brain. Without oxygen,
Many people have been registering for the           permanent brain damage or death can occur
September/October/November series of                in less than 8 minutes. CPR courses teach
CERT classes. Three classes remain on this          you to call 911 “first and fast,” which may
schedule:                                           not be an option in a disaster situation.
    Light Search & Rescue – Saturday,               For more information about CPR classes in
             October 16, 9-1                        the area, call the American Red Cross (1-
                                                    800-520-5433) or the American Heart
       Disaster First Aid – Saturday,               Association (1-877-242-4277).
              October 30, 9-12

       Fire Suppression – Saturday,                          Duck, Cover and Hold
             November 13, 9-1
                                                    We have received a number of questions
These classes are taught by on-duty fire            recently about the most appropriate actions to
fighters and take place at the Fire                 take during an earthquake. Claims from Doug
Department’s Training Center at 997 Cedar           Copp about the “triangle of life” have been
Street. All are free to anyone who lives or         circulated via the Internet and have caused a
works in Berkeley. You can register by              bit of confusion. Mr. Copp has been the
calling Dory Ehrlich, 510-981-5506, or by e-        subject of several unfavorable investigative
mailing                 reports.

Please take advantage of these classes now!         Duck, cover and hold is still the
The next classes won’t be held until January.       recommended action to take to reduce chance
(Class attendance is traditionally very low         of injury or death during an earthquake.
during the holidays.)                               While there may be some validity to the idea
                                                    of “triangle of life” in fully collapsed
                                                    structures, it is rare that buildings in the
      Disaster First Aid vs. CPR
                                                    United States suffer the kind of catastrophic
                                                    collapse that we see in other parts of the
One question we often get is whether the            world.
CERT Disaster First Aid class includes CPR.
The answer is no. Disaster First Aid is a           Here is a response from Rich Eisner,
modified form of first aid. The purpose of the      Regional Administrator, Governor’s Office
Disaster First Aid class is to prepare              of Emergency Services, Coastal Region:
participants to use first aid in a multi-casualty
emergency situation. In a disaster, it is           "There are two issues that need to be
assumed that the number of victims will             addressed in evaluating the relative benefits
exceed the amount of professional help              of "duck, cover and hold" and the "triangle of
available. It teaches triage (to do the greatest    life." First, is there data on either approach.
good for the greatest numbers of individuals),      Secondly, is the data that is available relevant
and gives such basic information as how to          to earthquake damage that would favor one
stop bleeding, treat for shock, treat for burns,    approach over the other.
and put on splints.
On the first point, there is very little data on   For residents of California, both OES and the
injuries and deaths in California earthquakes      American Red Cross continue to recommend
- primarily because very few people have           the duck, cover and hold response. We will
died since 1906 in California earthquakes -        also continue to review post earthquake
the quality of engineering and construction,       damage, injury and building occupant
and the light weight of typical residential and    behavior data to assess the best approaches to
commercial construction here have provided         injury prevention."
a remarkable record building performance.

Detailed data on injuries was gathered after
the El Centro, Coalinga, Whittier, Loma            Do you have questions about emergency
Prieta and Northridge earthquakes. It was          preparedness? Would you like a basic
found that most injuries resulted from people      personal preparedness talk at your worksite?
attempting to exit buildings or moving             Is there an item you’d like featured in this
toward doorways. Persons who reported that         newsletter? Please call or write Dory Ehrlich,
they protected themselves under sturdy             981-5506, 2100 Martin Luther King Jr. Way,
furniture received minor injuries.                 Berkeley, CA 94704, or e-mail
Photographic documentation of building   
damage and building content damage
indicated that ceilings, light fixtures,
furnishings (including cabinets, book cases
and partitions) frequently collapsed or
overturned on the floors, and were restrained
by desks and other sturdy furnishings which
would have protected building occupants
who ducked under them.

Our experience in these events convinced                Berkeley Fire Department/Office of
OES and the American Red Cross to cease                        Emergency Services
recommending that building occupants                     2100 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
protect themselves in doorways, and to duck,                   Berkeley, CA 94704
cover and hold on to protecting furniture.
                                                               Phone: 510-981-5506
                                                                Fax: 510-981-5579
On the second point above, there may not be
a single piece of advice that would apply to                   TDD: 510-981-5799
all structures in all earthquakes in all part of  
the U.S. Duck, cover and hold works for
California's construction types and quality. It
may not be appropriate in other parts of the
U.S. or in other countries where the
construction is of un- or under-reinforced
concrete, unreinforced brick or adobe. When
these latter types of structures are shaken,
they frequently disintegrate and pancake,
leaving few voids for victims to take refuge
in. But even in masonry structures, being
under a desk would provide more protection
from falling debris than being next to a desk.