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Cosy warmth for your bath towels


									Feel warmer
Cosy warmth
for your bath towels

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                         n nova l warmer
                   The i l towe
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The bath towel
                                                                 04–05                      Immerse yourself in a world of
The Product
                                                                                            cosiness and well-being as you
infraSWISS bath towel warmers bring comfort
and cosiness to your bathroom, making your
                                                                                            experience the wonderful feeling of a
towels feel really warm and cuddly. You will
notice the difference!                                                                      warm bath towel in a room that is at
                                                                                            just the right temperature.

 06–07                            Innovative technology that
                                  Innovative technology
                                  infraSWISS bath towel warmers fit into any bathroom, no
                                  matter what the heating system. Quickly and easily!

Product overview
Top class design and cosy warmth in your bathroom.
That’s where we can help.

 14                               Here’s how to find us
                                  Contact addresses
                                  Just call to make an appointment and come on round.
                                  We look forward to seeing you.
04                                  05                    The bath towel warmer

                                     Product                                                          Infrared warmth
                                     Not only do infraSWISS bath towel warmers heat up at             The cosy warmth produced by infra
                                     lightning speed, they also make your bathroom warm and           SWISS bath towel warmers comes
                                     comfortable, bringing a real sense of cosiness. Whether          from infrared heaters. They do not just
                                     in subtle colours or fashionable black, all have a superb        warm up the air, they heat up nearby
                                     timeless design. Thanks to their slim construction and the       objects. The warmth is transferred
                                     range of sizes available, they look good in any bathroom.        from these materials into the whole
                                     The toughened glass front plate is not only elegant but          room with practically no losses, creat-
                                     easy to look after. Depending on the model chosen, sev-          ing a beneficial, relaxing atmosphere
                                     eral bath towel rails can be fitted - double or single bars, a   for people and animals alike.
                                     rounded style or a modern angular form.
                                                                                                      Swiss made
                                     infraSWISS bath towel warmers are independent of the             infraSWISS bath towel warmers are
                                     existing heating system. That is especially valuable in the      manufactured exclusively in Switzer-
                                     spring or autumn, or on cool summer days when the cen-           land to the most demanding stand-
                                     tral heating has not yet been switched on. The bath towel        ards, using top class, high quality
                                     warmer keeps your bathroom at a pleasant temperature.            materials. They form a part of a com-
                                                                                                      prehensive range of heaters.
     Energy efficiency without       infraSWISS bath towel warmers can also be fitted in kitch-
                                     ens and utility rooms, whether in family houses or hotels.
     any loss of comfort

     infraSWISS bath towel
     warmers radiate a marve-
     lous feeling of cosy warmth,
     transforming your bathroom
     into an oasis of relaxation.
Innovative technology
that is sustainable
                                                                                                   06                                07
    Sustainability                         Technology
    When it comes to sustainability, de-   Using the latest technology, infraSWISS bath towel warm-
    veloping an innovative heating tech-   ers warm up very quickly and are extremely efficient. With
    nology means finding a product that    a very low connected load, these bath towel warmers pro-
    is both environmentally friendly and   vide the best heat distribution available.
    economic. Because the customer
    needs to know that he is acting re-    Quality
    sponsibly with regard to nature.       infraSWISS bath towel warmers create a level of comfort
                                           and well-being that you can really feel. No noise, dust, soot
    The modern technology used in in-      or CO2 are produced. All models are guaranteed to oper-
    fraSWISS equipment has the low-        ate reliably, and use energy efficiently. They are simple to
    est possible energy consumption.       operate and can be adjusted to meet individual require-
    The lossless heat transfer and short   ments.
    response time guarantee that the
    earth’s resources are used as care-    Advice
    fully as possible.                     infraSWISS places value on good advice. Our staff undergo
                                           regular training and are well informed about all our prod-
                                           ucts, including the latest ones. They would be pleased to
                                           meet you at your premises to discuss your needs, and help
                                           you select the right equipment.

                                           Simple installation
                                           infraSWISS bath towel warmers are simple to install, re-
                                           quiring no more than a 230 V electrical supply. A fixing kit
                                           for wall mounting is included.

                                                                                                           infraSWISS bath towel
                                                                                                           warmers have a superb
                                                                                                           timeless design and
                                                                                                           thanks to the range of
                                                                                                           sizes and shapes they
                                                                                                           can be easily installed
                                                                                                           in any bathroom.
Product overview
                                                  08                     09
   Bath towel warmers with towel rail
   Model DOLANO             400SL H     500SL H        600 H   600ML H

   Model Quattro            400SL H     500SL H        600 H   600ML H
10                                             11                                                                             Accessories

 Bath towel warmers with towel rail                 Frameless bath towel warmers / radiators for bathrooms
 900 H                     900ML H    1100 H        Product no.   Designation                            Dimension            Output, watts         Colour
                                                    84 01 02      infraSWISS 400SL H white               300x1200             290 W                    white
                                                    84 01 03      infraSWISS 500SL H white               300x1800             440 W                    white
                                                    84 01 04      infraSWISS 600 H white                 610x1000             530 W                    white
                                                    84 01 07      infraSWISS 600ML H white               500x1200             530 W                    white
                                                    84 01 05      infraSWISS 900 H white                 610x1380             750 W                    white
                                                    84 01 08      infraSWISS 900ML H white               500x1700             750 W                    white
                                                    84 01 06      infraSWISS 1100 H white                610x1710             950 W                    white

                                                    84 02 02      infraSWISS 400SL H black               300x1200             290 W                    black
                                                    84 02 03      infraSWISS 500SL H black               300x1800             440 W                    black
                                                    84 02 04      infraSWISS 600 H black                 610x1000             530 W                    black
                                                    84 02 07      infraSWISS 600ML H black               500x1200             530 W                    black
                                                    84 02 05      infraSWISS 900 H black                 610x1380             750 W                    black
                                                    84 02 08      infraSWISS 900ML H black               500x1700             750 W                    black
                                                    84 02 06      infraSWISS 1100 H black                610x1710             950 W                    black

                                                    Accessories for bath towel warmers
                                                    Product no.   Designation                                                                       Colour
 900 H                     900ML H    1100 H
                                                    94 01 02      Bath towel rails DOLANO SL 30                                                      chrome
                                                    94 01 08      Bath towel rails DOLANO SL double 30                                              chrome
                                                    94 01 11      Bath towel rails DOLANO ML 50                                                     chrome
                                                    94 01 12      Bath towel rails DOLANO ML double 50                                              chrome
                                                    94 01 04      Bath towel rails DOLANO 61                                                        chrome
                                                    94 01 03      Bath towel rails DOLANO double 61                                                 chrome
                                                    94 01 09      Bath towel rails DOLANO transversely to type 600H / glued                         chrome
                                                    94 01 10      Bath towel rails DOLANO transversely to type 900H / glued                         chrome
                                                    94 02 01      Bath towel rails Quattro SL 30                                              stainless steel
                                                    94 02 02      Bath towel rails Quattro ML 50                                              stainless steel
                                                    94 02 03      Bath towel rails Quattro 61                                                 stainless steel
12                                                                                                    13   Model Quattro

     Thermostats / controls for bath towel warmers
     Product no. Designation                                                              Colour
     92 03 13        RDE 10 clock thermostat                                                white
     Digital clock thermostat /room temperature controller with night mode, weekly program/
     separate daily schedule (freeze protection function) user selectable times for each day, with
     block building, 2 adjustable temperatures (comfort and night temperature), coming/going
     function/ON/OFF button

     93 02 04        UP ECO energy saving time switch                                       white
     94 02 05        AP ECO energy saving time switch                                       white
     The Feller energy saving switch with integrated timer can be set from 15 minutes to 1 hour.
     At the end of this period, the infraSWISS bath towel warmer switches itself off automatically.
     This switch is used to switch the infraSWISS bath towel warmer on. The control lamp in the
     button is illuminated when the equipment is running.

     93 02 06        Zeptrion time switch                                                   white
     The time switch can be programmed to switch on and off as required.
Model Dolano   15                           Contact

                    Contact address
                    infraSWISS AG
                    Logistikcenter 1
                    CH-6246 Altishofen
                    T +41 (0)62 748 98 88
                    F +41 (0)62 748 98 80
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