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Your Own!
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2   New Baby Products

4         Our Story
          Atlanta’s Most Established Baby Store       9   On The Go
                                                          Travel Essentials

6         Survival Guide
          Mom to Mom Pregnancy Survival Guide        10   Registry
                                                          Baby Registry Checklist

7         Bringing Baby Home
          Choosing a Pediatrician for Your Newborn   11   Lactation Consultant
                                                          Breastfeeding: Getting Off to a Good Start

8         What You Need
          Diaper Bag Must Haves                      13   Childproofing
                                                          Child Safety Priorities

                                                                                                       14   Feeding Your Baby
                                                                                                            The Best Baby Food...Your Own

                                                                                                       17   Sleep
                                                                                                            The Very Important Crib Mattress

                                                                                                       18   Interior Design
                                                                                                            5 Key Elements to Designing a Nursery
                                                                                                            with Former Trading Spaces Celebrity
                                                                                                            Designer Edward Walker

                                                                                                       20   Bedding
                                                                                                            What’s all the Craze in Bedding

                                                                                                       22   Furniture
                                                                                                            Furniture that Fits Your Lifestyle
                                                                                                            & Home Décor

                                                                                                       26   Baby Gear
                                                                                                            What’s New, Hot and You Can’t Live Without

                                                                                                       30   Green Products
                                                                                                            Baby Friendly as well as
                                                                                                            Environmentally Friendly                                                                                                        New Baby Products    3
                                                                                        BABY STORE
                                                                                         by KELLY NELSON

                                                                                         Pictured back row left to right: Kelly Nelson, Krystal Eustice,
                                                                                         Lindsay Nelson, Linda Nelson, Pamela Holenstein, Kailey Nelson
                                                                                         2nd row: Pat Howard, Estel Howard
                                                                                         Front: Skyla Nelson

     t all began with Estel Howard. Estel        Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. won the Nobel         at this location for about fifteen years before
     (pronounced Es-tull) grew up in a           Peace Prize.                                      moving to the suburban city of Snellville,
     low-income farming community in                In 1971 Estel Howard decided to open a         Georgia. The Snellville store has been opened
Kentucky as one of nine children. When he        store front. New Baby Products was born.          since around 1990. This location welcomed
was old enough to leave home, Estel moved        He and a man by the name of Langford              in the first of the third generation in 1995.
to Indiana. There he met his wife Edna. The      Henry ran the store for the first few years.         Today, Estel Howard is semi-retired but
couple had four children, two girls and two      Around 1974 the beginnings of the second          can frequently be found popping in and
boys.                                            generation of New Baby Products family            out of the two store locations along with
    In order to support his family, Estel        joined the team. When Estel’s daughter Linda      his wife, Pat. Linda and her sister, Pamela,
Howard became a distributor of the Stroll-       started working in the store, she found that      now make up the store’s upper management.
O-Chair, a multi-function baby stroller, in      her father and Langford were laying plywood       Linda‘s three daughters assist in other aspects
Indianapolis, Indiana. In 1961 he got an         across the tops of cribs in order to stack one    of management in the business. Countless
opportunity to move his family to Georgia        crib on top of another. Linda took down the       other family members have come and gone
to be the exclusive Stroll-O-Chair distributor   stacked cribs and brought a “woman’s touch”       from various positions.
for the entire state. Not one to miss an         to the store.                                        New Baby Products is a store that was
opportunity, Estel packed up his young              Around the same time, Estel                               founded on the dream of a
family and headed south.                         decided to open a second                                         hardworking man and his
    As a Stroll-O-Chair distributor, Estel       location. This store was                                            family. While much has
would solicit appointments to visit the homes    originally located in                                                 changed throughout the
of potential customers. He would do so           Jonesboro. Edna Howard                                                  years, the family and
with the product and accessories in tow. He      ran the Jonesboro store                                                  the foundation remain
demonstrated for his clients how the stroller    while her husband ran                                                     the same. New Baby
converted into a highchair, a child’s rocker,    the Atlanta store. Edna                                                    Products is, was, and
and a child’s desk and chair. It was a product   Howard was killed by                                                       will be dedicated to
like no other at the time. Estel still has a     a drunk driver in 1977                                                     quality       products,
‘thank you’ letter from one of these clients     and shortly thereafter,                                                    exceptional service, and
dated February 7, 1964. The signature on         the Jonesboro store was                                                   the best selection for
the letter reads “Mrs. Martin Luther King,       moved to Jimmy Carter                                                   generations to come.
Jr.” Coretta Scott King purchased her Stroll-    Boulevard in Norcross,
O-Chair from Estel Howard the same year          Georgia. The store stayed                                             It all started in 1961 with the
                                                                                                                       versatile Stroll-O-Chair

4      New Baby Products                                                                                                New Baby Products   5

                                                                     MOM TO MOM
    “The Snoogle Body Pillow has been
    a permanent companion in our
    bed for the last 4 months.”

    – Nandita Koehler,
      Atlanta, GA

                                                                   Survival Guide
                                                                      Moms around Atlanta share their MuST HAVE pregnancy items!
                   dOuBLE AcTION
                      “I began using this product
                        early on in my pregnancy
                                                               BELLI AcNE
                   on both my stomach and legs,
               helping to keep them smooth and
                                                              FAcE WASh
                                                            “The only facial wash
               stretch mark free. My obstetrician
                                                             that has worked to
                       even commented positively
                                                      improve my complexion.”
                          on the appearance of my
                      stomach and inquired about            – Tyler Garner,
                              my choice of creams.”           Atlanta, GA
                  – Kacy Tedder, Savannah, GA

                       PREggIE POPS
                   “Preggie Pops helped ease
                 the nausea during my first
                  trimester. I can’t imagine
                  getting through the first                                          BELLABANd™
                        trimester without                            “BellaBand™ worked great all the way
                            Preggie Pops!”                           through mid pregnancy to fit into my
                      – Krystal Eustice,                                pre-pregnancy pants and jeans! ”
                             Dacula, GA                                                – Sandee Scyoc,
                                                                                    Lawrenceville, GA

6           New Baby Products                                                                         
                                                                                                 and have a list of questions prepared,
                                                                                                 (e.g. immunization schedule and feeding
                                                                                                 guidelines) The prenatal consult will not
                                                                                                 only address practical matters such as office
                                                                                                 location, hours of operation, length of time
                                                                                                 for each appointment and cleanliness of the
                                                                                                 facility, but it should also give you a chance

CHOOSING                                                                                         to determine whether you can effectively
                                                                                                 communicate with the pediatrician. Feel
                                                                                                 free to explore your options, set up as many

A PEDIATRICIAN                                                                                   of these sessions as you feel necessary until
                                                                                                 you feel comfortable with your decision.
                                                                                                    Once you have decided on a pediatric

FOR YOuR                                                                                         practice you will need to have their
                                                                                                 information available to provide to the
                                                                                                 hospital upon your admission. It is also

                                                                                                 recommended that you contact your
                                                                                                 pediatric practice soon after your baby has
                                                                                                 arrived to schedule a newborn exam. This
by ELIzABETH HuNTER, CPNP                                                                        exam normally takes place in the office
PEDIATRIC ASSOCIATES OF LAWRENCEvILLE                                                            within a few days of your newborn being
                                                                                                 brought home.
                                                                                                    During this exciting time, remember
                                                                                                 above all else it is important that you find

              ne of the most exciting times in    individual offices where expecting parents     a pediatrician that you feel comfortable
              life is when you learn you are      can meet with the Pediatrician and their       talking to and are confident in their abilities.
              expecting a baby. There are so      staff face to face. There is normally a tour   Take your time in making this choice. Use
many things to think about, creative ways         of the office offered at the same time. Go     any and all available resources to help you in
of telling your family members that you are       prepared with thoughts about what is           making this very important decision about
expecting, a theme for the nursery, and of        important to you in a pediatric practice       your child’s healthcare.
course names. After these initial exciting
decisions are made there is still one very
important choice to be made, who will be
your child’s healthcare provider? Which
Pediatric Practice is best for your family?
   If you look in the phone book under
Pediatrician, the long list of names and
locations can make your decision seem quite
overwhelming. However, if you use your
readily available resources of family, friends,
neighbors and of course your OB, the list of
referrals can be narrowed greatly. Choosing
a Pediatric Practice that will make the
transition into parenthood smoother should
be a well-informed decision. So ask your
family and friends which practice they use
and most importantly, why have they chosen
their provider? Asking your family or friends
why they like their pediatric office not only
gives you insight into their rationale, but it
will also help you to realize what qualities
are important to you and your family. Once
you have established a list of recommended
offices, contact your insurance company and
find out who is a preferred provider on your
plan. This will sometimes narrow the list of
pediatric offices even further.
   Now that your list is more manageable,
contact the pediatric practices to inquire
about any prenatal consults that they may
offer. This is usually a time set aside by the                                                                                                    New Baby Products   7
       Baby Products you
       can’t Live Without!

                                             1. SASSy dISPOSABLE dIAPER SAcKS – These
                                             small scented bags can make a world of difference. You can
                                             use them to mask dirty diapers when you
                                             are out in public. If you have not
                                             been to a pediatrician lately,
                                             you should know that they                                                     5. MuSTELA             FAcIAL         cLEANSINg
                                             usually do not have trash                                                       cLOThS – I used these wipes in the beginning
                                             cans for soiled diapers                                                           a lot and still do to this day. When my daughter
                                             so you have to take                                                                was born we had to start her on a bottle right
                                             the dirty diaper with                                                               away and the milk always came out of her
                                             you to the car. This                                                                mouth and ran down to her neck. These
                                             is the perfect time to                                                              wipes were great for keeping her clean
                                             have a scented bag                                                                  between baths. Now that she is older I use
                                             so that you can toss                                                               them to wipe her hands when we are out.
                                             the diaper in to keep it                                                          They do not sting eyes so they are great for
                                             secure. You can also use                                                        wiping and moisturizing the face as well.
                                             them to hold soiled clothing
                                             or other items that you might
                                             not want loose in your diaper bag.

DIAPER                                     2. SASSy dISPOSABLE

                                           chANgINg PAdS –
                                           I find these to be very useful
                                           when out in public. Some
                                           diaper bags will include a

                                           changing pad but it is not
                                           disposable. I do not feel
                                           comfortable putting my

                                           changing pad back into
                                           my diaper bag after it
                                           has been on a public                                               6. ThE TINy dINER – This place mat is portable even
                                           changing table. I can use                                          when it is messy. The Tiny Diner has suction cups on the
                                                                                                              bottom to keep it in place and a scoop to catch the fallen
by LINDSAY NELSON                          these and then throw them away.
                                                                                                              food. After it is used it rolls up into itself to keep your diaper
                                                                                                              bag clean on the way home. A great product to keep when

              ost moms wonder how                                                                             you are out so you can allow your baby to have a clean
                                                                                                              eating surface.
              big their diaper bag
    needs to be. The reason they want
    to know this is because if you do
    not have kids then you do not
                                                                                             3. SKIP hOP
    know exactly what you will need
                                                                                       SWIPES cASE –
    in your diaper bag. Everyone lives                                            It is well known that you
                                                                             will need diapers and wipes
    a different life and needs different                               when you leave the house with
                                                           your baby. The Skip Hop Swipes Case allows
    items for their children when they
                                                     you easy access to your baby wipes while keeping
    leave the house depending on the         them moist. The case is small so it does not take up all of
                                           your room in the diaper bag and it can also hook onto your
    child’s age. As the mother of a        stroller. The “swipe” is just an easy, one handed movement
                                           to grab a wipe in a flash.
    two year old, I have a few favorite
    “must haves” for the diaper bag        4. PAcIFIER WIPES – I found these to be so helpful                 7. BIBBITy RINSE ANd ROLL BIB – Like the Tiny
                                           when out in public or just around the house. These wipes           Diner, this bib is easy to wipe down and will roll into itself
    from newborn to toddler.               will sanitize a dirty pacifier in seconds and they have an         for travel.
                                           apple flavor. They are also great for teethers and other toys.
                                           Image not shown.

8         New Baby Products                                                                                                            
                                                                                                                             Baby Products you
                                                                                                                             can’t Live Without!

                                                                              BAByBJÖRN® TRAvEL cRIB LIghT
                             J.L. chILdRESS gATE                                  Introducing the practical travel crib that
                             chEcK BAg use this                                        sets up in a matter of seconds. It’s
                              handy, compact travel bag                                    easy to carry and transport,
                              when gate-checking a stroller                                   making it the perfect crib to take with you on trips.
                               to protect it from dirt and                                      Soft fabric, machine-washable. When not in use, it folds
                                germs. The bright red color                                     up compactly in its case. For newborns up until your
                                and large graphics easily                                       child is about three years old.
                                 identify your item for
                                  return to gate. Fits and                                           ThE TABy TRAy is safe, versatile,
                                  covers most umbrella-                                              easy to clean, and easy to attach. The
                                  style strollers easily with                                        black straps on the side wrap under a
                                  draw-string closure and                                            car seat or stroller to secure the tray.
                                 adjustable lock.                                                    The tray includes a convenient juice cup
                                                                  MuSTSy          gROW-              holder, a rounded edge to contain the
                                                                  uP BOOSTER This                    “mess”, a crayon tray, and a surface large
                      gOgO KIdz TRAvELMATE                        flexible seat reducer              enough to fit an 8.5 x 11 coloring book.
                       The patented design significantly          with base allows your
                         lightens the load of parents on the      baby to sit comfortably
                             go with babies, toddlers and all     on the average grown-              cARES hARNESS Is the only
                                  their gear. It’s a convenient   up chair. A clever                 harness type child aviation safety
                                         and safe attachment      harness makes sure your            restraint ever certified by the Federal
                                           for a variety of       child can be fastened              Aviation Administration (FAA). CARES
                                             conver tible/        safely. This bright and            is a belt and buckle device for kids 22-44
                                             toddler car seats.   modern looking seat is             pounds that is easy to use and creates a
                                                                  suitable for children up           safe airplane seat for your child.
                                                                  to 4 years of age.

                                                                                      and smile :)

              Chocolate Studio                                     Uptown Stripe Duo                                             Black Via Messenger

                                    Available at New Baby Products!
  NBPad2.indd 1                                                                                                                               New Baby Products PM9
                                                                                                                                                          4/14/09 5:12:19
     Products for your
      growing family!

                                 REGISTRY ESSENTIALS
                         Parent’s room                       Bath time                           BREAST FEEdINg
                         ___Cradle/Bassinet                  ___Infant Tub                       ___Nursing Pillow
                         ___2-3 Sheets for Cradle/Bassinet   ___Toddler Tub/Seat                 ___Lanolin
                         ___1-2 Waterproof Pads              ___Bath Toys                        ___Breast Pump
                         ___Portable Changing Pad            ___4-6 Hooded Towels                ___Breast Pads
                                                             ___12 Washcloths                    ___2-3 Nursing Bras
                         safety                              ___Bath toy Storage                 ___Sleep Bra
                         ___Monitor                          ___Faucet Cover                     ___Breast Milk Storage Bags
                         ___Outlet Plugs/Covers              ___Baby Wash                        ___Nursing Cover
                         ___Gates                            ___Baby Lotion
                         ___Toilet Lock                      ___Baby Shampoo                     feeding
                         ___Cabinet Latches                                                      ___3-6 4oz Bottles
                         ___Appliance Latches                BEddINg & décOR                     ___6-8 8oz Bottles
                         ___Corner Bumpers                   ___Crib Bedding Set                 ___Bottle Brush
                                                             ___Mobile                           ___Bottle Sterilizer
                         BaBy Care                           ___Diaper Stacker                   ___Dishwashing Basket
                         ___Nail Scissors                    ___Window Treatments                ___Bottle Drying Rack
                         ___Nail Clippers                    ___Decrotive Pillow for Glider      ___6 Drool Bibs
                         ___Nail Files                       ___Wall Art                         ___6-10 Feeding Bibs
                         ___Rectal Thermometer               ___Rug                              ___Bottle Warmer
                         ___Ear Thermometer                  ___Hamper                           ___4-6 Pacifiers
                         ___Humidifier                       ___Lamp                             ___Pacifier Clip
                         ___Nasal Aspirator                  ___Night Light                      ___High Chair
                         ___Medicine Dropper                 ___2-3 Changing Pad Covers          ___High Chair Splat Mat
                         ___Gas Drops                        ___6-8 Waterproof Lap Pads          ___Booster Seat
                                                             ___2-3 Crib Sheets                  ___Feeding Spoons
                         furniture                           ___2-4 Sheet Savers                 ___Feeding Bowls
                         ___Crib                             ___4-6 Receiving Blankets           ___Baby Food Freezer Trays
                         ___Changing Table/Dresser           ___2-4 Crib Blankets                ___Baby Food Mill
                         ___Armoire                          ___1-2 Waterproof Crib Pad          ___6-12 Burp Cloths
                         ___Night Stand                      BEd TIME                            stroller
                         ___Toy Box                          ___Sound Machine                    ___umbrella Stroller
                         ___Glider                           ___Sleep Sacks                      ___Jogging Stroller
                         ___Ottoman/Nursing Stool            ___Sleep Positioner/Crib Wedge      ___Stroller Toys
                         ___Crib Mattress                    ___2-4 Swaddle Blankets             ___Stroller Travel Bag
                                                                                                 ___Sun/Rain Shield
                         gift items                          gear/travel gear                    ___Cup Holder
                         ___Baby Record Book/Calendar        ___Infant Car Seat
                         ___Photo Album                      ___Extra Base                       Clothing
                         ___Picture Frame                    ___Convertible Car Seat             ___2-4 Gowns
                         ___Growth Chart                     ___Seat Protector Mat               ___6-8 Onesies
                                                             ___Travel Bag                       ___Coming Home Outfit
                         TOyS                                ___Head Support                     ___2-4 Newborn Hats
                         ___Teething Toys                    ___Window Shade                     ___Socks
                         ___Books                            ___Baby Auto Mirror                 ___Footed Sleepers
                         ___Developmental Toys               ___Play Yard                        ___Hangers
                         ___videos                           ___2 Play Yard Sheets               ___Clothing Size Organizer
                         ___Play Gym/Mat                     ___Swing                            ___Sun Hat
                         ___Door Jumper                      ___Bouncer Seat                     ___Winter Hat
                                                             ___Shopping Cart/High Chair Cover   ___Scratch Mittens
                                                             ___Diaper Bag
10   New Baby Products                                                                       
                                                      by THERESA ROBERTS, RN, IBCLC

             llow me to introduce myself;        feed. Breastfeeding takes time in the early
             I am Theresa Roberts, RN,           weeks as a new mother and baby learn to
             IBCLC. I have worked as a           breastfeed. Babies go through a period of
registered nurse in the neonatal intensive       rapid growth in the first 6 weeks after birth.
care unit for over 25 years and as a certified   They have small stomachs. Did you know
lactation consultant for 10 years. Currently     that a newborn infant stomach only has the
I work as the lactation consultant at Emory      capacity to comfortably hold a couple of
Eastside Medical Center.                         teaspoons the first couple of days?
   I am the proud mother of three grown             Colostrum, the precursor to milk, is thick
children, all of whom were breastfed. I          (like honey) and it is filled with protein,
learned first-hand that breastfeeding can be     fat and carbohydrates. An infant who is
challenging at first, but after you and the      latching well needs only colostrum the
baby get the hang of it, it is easier and less   first 1-3 days; supplements aren’t necessary
time consuming than preparing formula            unless medically indicated. The purpose of
and bottles. Breastfeeding saves you money,      colostrum is to stabilize you baby’s blood
keeps you and your baby healthy, protects        sugar and give your baby immunity from
the environment, and ultimately saves you        diseases. How much colostrum does the
time. But breastfeeding requires patience        baby get? The baby gets a couple of teaspoons
and practice, practice and more practice in      (the same amount as their stomach can
the beginning.                                   comfortably handle!) It is like giving your
   In our community, we have 75-80%              baby a protein shake: keeps them full, lines
of new mothers initiate breastfeeding.           their stomach, and stabilizes their blood
However, a large proportion of mothers           sugar. But they have to eat often— every 1
switch to bottle feeding within 2 weeks of       1/2 to 3 hours.
giving birth. Why?                                  Your breasts produce milk as early as the
   I believe that new mothers may have           20th week of pregnancy. Small amount are
unrealistic expectations. These new              produced during pregnancy, but the quantity
mothers expect to breastfeed their infants       increases during the first days after birth.
the same way they see others bottle-             At first you may notice some swelling; the

                                                                                                  breasts may feel full and firm. The best way
                                                                                                  to manage this added production of milk is
                                                                                                  to BREAST FEED THE BABY! The more
                                                                                                  milk your baby removes from the breast,
                                                                                                  the more milk you will make. If the milk
                                                                                                  stays in the breast and is not removed, your
                                                                                                  body thinks that you do not need to make as
                                                                                                  much milk and your milk supply decreases.
                                                                                                  If you are routinely giving your baby a bottle
                                                                                                  “just to make sure he is getting enough”,
                                                                                                  your body responds by making less milk.
                                                                                                     What is the best way to manage these first
                                                                                                  breastfeedings? I know it sounds simplistic,
                                                                                                  but be patient, believe in yourself and your
                                                                                                  body’s innate ability to sustain your baby,
                                                                                                  and feed the baby every couple of hours.
                                                                                                      How can you tell he is getting enough?
                                                                                                  What comes in…. must come out, right?
                                                                                                  So, your baby should have at least one wet
                                                                                                  and one dirty diaper on the first day of life;                                                                                                    New Baby Products   11
two wet and two dirty diapers the second          change and your baby may have fewer
day of life; three wet and three dirty diapers    but larger stools.
the third day of life and from the fourth day        Your baby may lose up to 7 % of his birth
and beyond your baby should have at least 6       weight. Most babies regain the lost weight
wet diapers and 4 yellow colored stools. The      by Day 10 and gain 4-8 ounces each week
first stools are meconium, a black, sticky        during the first three months.
material. They transition into yellow stools         When babies are not adequately fed they
by Day 4.                                         are more likely to develop jaundice. To
                                                  ensure that your baby is breastfeeding well,
What do you need to remember?                     watch for wet and dirty diapers and listen
   Feed the baby early and often. You need to     for swallowing while breastfeeding.
breastfeed your baby within 1 hour after birth.
If you offer a bottle in the beginning, that is   Suggestions for getting off to a good start.
what your baby will learn. Count diapers and         Learn all that you can before your baby is
keep a feeding diary the first week.              born by attending a breastfeeding class and
   If your baby is still passing black, tarry     reading a good book on breastfeeding. I
stools on Day 4 or 5 your baby is not getting     personally love Amy Spangler’s Breastfeeding:
enough to eat! You need to have your baby         A Parent’s Guide.
examined by his health care provider.                Purchase several well-fitted nursing bras.
   Your baby should have 3 or more yellow         Wait until after the baby is born to buy a
stools a day by Day 3. If your baby is not        pump. You want to buy the pump that is
having bowel movements every day, he may          best suited to your needs. The best pump is
not be getting enough to eat and needs to be      your baby!
seen by his health care provider.                    Surround yourself with positive, supportive
   When babies are 4-6 weeks of age,              people. Being a new parent is hard, so be sure
the frequency of your baby’s stools may           to know where to find help.
                                                                                                     MakiNg paReNtiNg easieR
                                                                                                   oNe stylish pRoduct at a tiMe
                                                                                                   available at New baby pRoducts

12     New Baby Products                                                                                 
                 CHILD SAFETY

           s parents, we all have different        but far greater safety and peace of mind will
           perceptions of risk which affect our    result if you schedule a quarterly family
           choices about safety precautions        safety review.
for our children. Regardless of which end             Every family has a myriad of issues to
of the spectrum you are on – from strongly         contemplate, but in considering how to best
safety-conscious to only focusing on “the          to protect a small child of any age, here are a
basics” – a wealth of injury statistics exist to   few key priorities:
help us prioritize our efforts to protect the         Your Car – Car crashes are the cause of
little people in our households.                   most childhood deaths, so becoming expert
    The good news, if there is any, about          at the use of your infant carrier, car seat
childhood injuries is that deaths from             or booster seat is essential. Pay particular
unintentional injury among children 1-14           attention, as well, to how your children
declined 43% from 1987 to 2004. This is            will ride with other parents in carpools. Be
significant proof that being pro-active about      sure your child has the right child-restraint
safety makes a real difference.                    present and that it is properly-configured at
    The sobering reality, however, is that each    all times.
year in the United States over 14 million             Your House – Eliminate from your               Lascal KiddyGuard Safety Gate
                                                   child’s environment: choking/suffocation                 • Fits openings up to 51”
children still sustain an injury serious enough                                                          • Disappears when not in use
to require medical attention, over 92,000          hazards (soft materials in crib and/or small      • Certified for use at the top of stairs
children become permanently disabled from          objects left unattended); fire/burn/scalding
their injury, and approximately 5,500 die          hazards (unsupervised access to water,
(source: SafeKids USA).                            open or in-use electrical outlets, heaters,
    Injury risks change over time as children      ovens, stoves, fireplaces); drowning hazards
grow, so as parents it is incumbent upon us        (unsupervised access to bathtubs, toilets,
to review our safety precautions periodically      buckets, puddles, ponds, fountains, pools);
to ensure we have taken into account               fall hazards (stairs, railings with wide gaps
new phases of physical growth, mental              or furniture nearby, scalable furniture,
development, and “travel patterns” (around         insufficient crib depth); poisoning
the house and elsewhere). Many families            hazards (accessible medicines, chemicals,
tackle such things in a reactive, ad hoc way,      toothpaste, changing table items).                                     

     Being pro-active about safety makes a real difference.                                                                                                   New Baby Products     13
                         ThE BEST
                         BABY fOOD….
                         YOur OWN!
                           by LISA FISHER, ATLANTA BABY PLANNERS, OWNER

                                      aking homemade baby food           company. By making the food that you
                                      can seem overwhelming. With        want your child to eat, you can control what
                                      the right tools, you can have      goes into your baby’s body. Due to the 18%
                         the most natural food ready to feed your        increase in childhood allergies, more parents
                         baby in less time that it takes to make your    are becoming aware of what they need to
                         own dinner!                                     do to protect their children. Three million
                             Many of my clients were surprised how       kids are now affected with food allergies,
                         little time they actually spent on making       according to the CDC. By preparing your
                         their own baby food each week. Just picking     own baby food, you know exactly what is in
                         one to two days each week (an hour or less      the food you are giving your child. If your
                         each day) to make a vegetable or a fruit, you   child develops an allergic reaction to a food,
                         can have food for your baby that lasts all      it is easier to pinpoint what food he or she
                         week long! You can even start stockpiling       has reacted with.
                         and have a variety of natural baby foods in        Why pay more for baby food that
                         your freezer lasting you a month! We teach      contains preservatives, when you can give
                         our clients how to prepare natural foods and    your baby only the best food for less?
                         then freeze them using Kidco Freezer Trays.     Ounce per ounce, homemade baby food
                         The trays are BPA free and easy to clean.       is still cheaper than buying ready to eat,
                             The baby food you make at home is made      unrefrigerated baby food. Save time and
                         from pure, natural vegetables, fruits or        money by preparing delicious, natural food
                         meats and water, nothing more. You decide       for your child at home!
                         what to mix into your child’s food, not a
14   New Baby Products                                                                 
BLuEBErrY APPLE BANANzA                          fruit cubes from tray and put into a plastic,
1 cup blueberries (rinsed)                       zip top bag (freezer-safe). use cubes within
*organic is preferred                            a month.

2 apples (rinsed and peeled)                     PEAchY SWEET POTATO
 *organic is preferred                           2 Peaches (rinsed and peeled)
                                                 *organic is preferred
1 ripe banana
                                                 2 Sweet Potatoes (rinsed and peeled)
Add washed blueberries to saucepan               Peaches:
along with 2 TBSP of water. Simmer               Chop peeled peaches into 1” cubes. To
for 2-3 minutes or until berries burst.          cook, add peaches to saucepan along with
Drain blueberries, reserving liquid. Add         enough water to cover peaches. Cover and
blueberries to food processor or blender         simmer until tender.
and puree. Add cooking water, 1 TBSP at a
time and puree until smooth. Set aside.          Drain peaches, reserving cooking water.
*Optional: for extra smooth mixture, strain      Add to food processor/blender, and pulse.
blueberries before pureeing to remove leftover   Add 1 TBSP of reserved water (if needed)
skins.                                           and pulse until smooth. More water can
                                                 be added to get to desired smoothness.
Apples:                                          Set aside.
Core peeled apples and cut into 1” chunks
(to prevent browning, add apples to cooking      Sweet Potatoes:
water immediately after chopping and             Chop peeled sweet potatoes into 1” cubes.
cook). To cook, add water (enough to cover       To cook, add sweet potatoes to saucepan
apples) to apples in a saucepan. Cover and       along with enough water to cover potatoes.
simmer until tender. Drain apples, reserving     Cover and boil until tender. Drain potatoes,
cooking liquid. Add cooked apples to food        reserving cooking water. Add potatoes
processor or blender. Puree until lumpy.         and 1 TBSP of reserved water to food
Add cooking water (1 TBSP at a time) and         processor/blender, and pulse. Continue to
puree, until smooth. Set aside.                  add water 1 TBSP at a time until mixture is
                                                 smooth. Set aside.
Peel banana and cut into quarters. Mash          Mixture:
banana with a fork or potato masher, until       Stir together peach puree and sweet
no lumps remain. Set aside.                      potatoes. Spoon mixture into Kidco Baby
                                                 Steps Freezer Trays, one TBSP at a time.
Mixture:                                            Cover with lids and refrigerate until cool.
Stir together blueberry puree                                After cooling, transfer trays to
and banana. Add apple                                              the freezer. Freeze 4-5
puree to mixture and                                                   hours or overnight.
stir until blended.                                                       Once frozen, pop
Spoon       mixture                                                         out food cubes
into Kidco Baby                                                               from tray and
Steps Freezer                                                                  put into a
Trays,       one                                                                plastic, zip top
TBSP at a time.                                                                 bag (freezer-
Cover with lids                                                                 safe).      use
and refrigerate                                                                 cubes within
until cool. After                                                               a month.
cooling, transfer                                                              *Mixture can
trays to the                                                                 be left in the
freezer. Freeze 4-5                                                        refrigerator      but
hours or overnight.                                                      must be used within
Once frozen, pop out                                                  a few days.                                                                            New Baby Products   15
                                                                                       Nursery Collections
                                                                                        Toddler Bedding
                                                                                         Twin Bedding
                                                                                          Room Décor
                                                                                         Gift Collection
                                                                                  Available at


         CoCaLo Inc., 2920 Red Hill Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
          tel: 877-4-CoCaLo • fax: 714-434-0200 •

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                                                                                                Website TODAY!
                                                             since 1971             ExpEctant
                                                                                 MothEr’s GivEaway
                                                                                                        nEw BaBy
                                                                                                       Gift rEGistry
                                                                                                                            siGn Up
                                                                                                                        for nEwslEttEr
                                                                                                                                                                     accoUnt      BloG

                                                                                    s e a rch             a dva n c e d s e a rch        s h o p by M a n u f a c t u r e r

                                                                                ONLINE gIFT REgISTRy & STORE
                                                           Breast Pump rental, Gift registry, Delivery Services, Layaway, Special Orders & In-Stock Merchandise

                                                        Make New Baby Products the “One Stop Shop” for your baby!

16   New Baby Products                                                                                                                                      
                                                                                                         Baby Products you
                                                                                                         can’t Live Without!

THE Very

           he crib mattress is important
           because it is where your baby will
           spend 70% of their time as an
infant. As a toddler, your baby will spend
up to 50% of their time on the mattress.
Your baby’s bones are softer and growing
faster than at any other time of their lives
and most of that growth is taking place on
the crib mattress. Most medical experts
agree that you should put your baby on
as firm a mattress as you feel comfortable
putting them on. Don’t be afraid if it feels
too firm to you. Babies will sleep anywhere
after they get used to the mattress and, the
firmer mattress is actually better for them.
When baby is sleeping, always on their
back for safety, you want their backbone to         2. the heavier the foam the better because          In the “green” category you will find foam
conform to a straight, firm mattress rather         heavier weight means more foam and less air      mattresses made with plant oils that replace
than have a soft mattress conform to baby’s         in the mattress and, 3. the faster the foam      petroleum based oils and, innerspring
flexible back. You want your baby’s back to         returns to it’s original flat shape after the    mattresses with layers made with natural
grow straight.                                      weight is removed, the better.                   or renewable materials. There are also
   The mattress is a very personal purchase            About 90% of us adults sleep on               mattresses that are all-natural and are made
because of the large amount of time your            innerspring mattresses. Many parents feel        without springs or foam.
baby will spend on the mattress and because         more comfortable putting their baby on this         To choose the best “green” mattress for
there are so many types, styles, firmnesses,        traditional type of mattress. The important      your baby, decide what “green” means
and prices of crib mattresses for you to            things to remember about innerspring             to you and look for a mattress with those
choose from.                                        mattresses include: 1. the more layers in        characteristics. If a “green” foam or “green”
   Your first decision in selecting a crib          the mattress, the better but, 2. the better      innerspring mattress suits you, the points
mattress is whether to buy a foam mattress,         quality the layers in the innerspring mattress   to look for in these mattresses correspond
an innerspring mattress, or a “green” mattress.     the better. For a better quality innerspring,    to the points already made above. For the
“Green” mattresses include mattresses               choose a mattress with thick steel coils and     purist wanting the greenest mattress, look
considered natural, organic, or made with           border rods, a quality insulator pad such as     for mattresses that have the highest percent
renewable or sustainable or ecologically            coir fiber made from coconut shell husks         of natural or organic materials in their
friendly materials. Each type of mattress has       and, at least two cushioning layers.             construction.
their positive points and all types of mattresses      The third type of mattress is the “green”        In summary, the crib mattress is very
can be acceptable for baby.                         mattress. Grouped in this category are           important for your baby and it is a very
   Foam mattresses are the most lightweight         organic mattresses, natural mattresses, and      personal purchase. Regardless of the type
of the three styles of crib mattresses and they     mattresses made with renewable, sustainable,     of mattress you prefer for your baby, foam,
are safe for baby. They make for easy sheet         or ecologically friendlier materials. There      innerspring, or “green”, firmer is better
changes although you generally lift one             are no industry standards to define what is      because they need more support than us
corner of the mattress at a time so weight          a natural mattress or an organic mattress or     adults and, the better quality the mattress,
isn’t quite so important.                           a “green” mattress. It is up to you to decide    the better for baby since they spend so much
   To select the best quality foam crib             what these definitions mean to you and to        time on it and are growing more while they
mattress, remember these three points:              make sure the mattress you select meets          are asleep than when they are awake.

     ZZ zZZ zzzzZ
1. the firmer the foam the better for baby,         your criteria.

 Zzzz z zz                                                                                                      New Baby Products   17
                        5 KEY ELEMENTS TO
                       DESIGNING A NuRSERY
                                         by FORMER TRADING SPACES DESIGNER EDWARD WALKER

c         hoices! choices! choices!
          It can be completely overwhelming
trying to prepare for your little ones arrival.
Where do you begin?
                                                     Style: What is the overall look? Think
                                                  long term. They won’t be babies forever.
                                                  Think about what they will become not
                                                  what they are right now.
                                                                                                    as quick as they do. Consider building up
                                                                                                    not out. Bookshelves all the way up to the
                                                                                                    ceiling offer a lot of storage without taking
                                                                                                    up a lot of valuable floor space. Lower
   Everyone seems to have an opinion and             Keep these two thoughts in mind. Most          shelves are great for baskets of toys for little
the options seem to be endless. This should       children’s toys are produced in primary           hands to get too while upper shelves offer
be a wonderful experience and not a task          colors and pastels really aren’t that inspiring   areas where precious items are out of reach.
you approach with dread. Keep these five          to developing little minds. Don’t be afraid       Just remember the final key element...
key elements in mind and your child’s room        of sophisticated color palettes in children’s        Safety: Keep this in mind through out
will be inspiring as well as comfortable.         rooms. You are less likely to want to             your planning. All ideas should revolve around
                                                  redecorate in a year or two.                      keeping your child Safe as well as inspired.
Budget, Style, Layout, Storage, Safety               Layout: Where are you going to place              Bolt all bookshelves to the wall. Think
   As a designer this is how I approach any       furniture? How can the functionality of           of alternative window treatments (roman
and all designs.                                  the room be improved? What are the issues         blinds, valances) instead of floor length
   Budget: Actually decide on a dollar            with the space and what are some creative         drapes that children can pull down or get
amount you are willing to invest into             solutions? Don’t be afraid to think outside       tangled up in. Be mindful of loose drapery
the space. Think of this not only as an           the box!! Once the crib is removed, will you      cords. Tape down rugs that might cause a
investment in the room but an investment          have room for a single or double bed?             fall. Permanently affix pictures to walls.
in your child. Be realistic! For large ticket        Thinking this through now will help in the     Anything and everything can be a potential
items invest in Quality over Quantity! If         transition later. Note* I try to allow as much    hazard. You don’t have to sacrifice style
your planning on your child using a piece of      floor space a possible in children’s spaces.      for safety but you DO have to remember
furniture for several years invest in Quality.    Your child will need as much room to play         Safety is the number one issue.
On the flip side, some of my most creative        as possible.                                         Now the real fun of designing your child’s
ideas and solutions were brought about by            Storage: A number one priority for             space (or really any room) can begin. If you
a limited budget. Always try the “limited         you and your child. Build it in from the          keep these five elements in mind you just
budget” idea first, if it fails you can always    beginning. Children accumulate a staggering       apply them to any and all your decisions
fall back to the “purchased” one.                 amount of stuff and the piles seem to grow        about the room.
                                                                                                       Style inspiration can come from several
                                                                                                    avenues. Pictures from magazines, color
                                                                                                    combinations, artwork, bedding or even
                                                                                                    (my favorite) fabrics.
                                                                                                       You need to have some idea of what you
                                                                                                    want the overall look to be in the end. When
                                                                                                    it comes time to convert the nursery into a
                                                                                                    bedroom, give him or her some say in the
                                                                                                    design of the new room. Toddlers get very
                                                                                                    excited about moving from cribs to kids beds,
                                                                                                    but the transition can also be difficult.
                                                                                                       Including your child in the selection
 The Sylvia Ann                                                                                     process can help make it easier for them
                                                                                                    and as well you. Keep the large ticket items
                                                                                                    “neutral” (but not boring) and accent their
     An exclusive collection from Cuddlebugs-n-Cocoons
                                                                                                    current tastes of characters on pillows or
                                                                                                    toys that are easily replaced.
18      New Baby Products                                                                                          
   If you create a strong foundation of the
basic pieces of the room in colors they can
grow with, redecorating is merely switching
out a couple of small items.
   I recommend staying away from painted
murals or stickers on the walls. Framing
treasured artwork from your child or even
framing the stickers makes updating the room
easier. Children’s art can then be incorporated
elsewhere or rotated as tastes change.
   Keep patterns to minimum. Opt for
texture. Note* You can never have too
many different textures. Too many patterns
become very overpowering very quickly, and        Let their imagination – and yours – run wild with fun wall decor. These samples courtesy
                                                                     of Oopsy Daisy are available at New Baby Products.
your child is sure to want to Add their own
“patterns” with toys, books and games.
   Your child’s room is their playground.
When it comes to choosing decor, let their
                                                   CUTE & ORIGINAL BABY GIFTS!
imagination – and yours – run wild.                     THE UNIQUE ROUND PATTY WHACK
   If you keep these five elements in mind               AND THE NEW ITTY BITTY WHACK
from the beginning you are sure to have a
space that you and your child will enjoy for                               • Comes folded like a little bunny
many years to come.                                                        • Soft knot at the base of the ears is
                                                                             perfect for little hands to hold on to.
         Remember above all else,
                                                                           • All blankets are machine washable!
      HAVE FUN.
                                                                                                                                                            New Baby Products   19

                         B e a u t i f u l a n d u n i q u e , w h a t a d r e a my w ay t o f a l l a s l e e p. . .

PLAyOFF By LAMBS & Ivy                                          MOd ELEPhANT By KIdSLINE                                          SWEET dREAMS
Ready, set, go… This all sports bedding collection is sure to   Take a “mod” approach to a safari adventure! This hip, adorable   This is a simple, sweet crib bedding for little girls. Little birdies &
please your little all-star.                                    nursery collection is perfect for either a boy or a girl.         ric rac ribbon make this set a nuveau classic! Beautiful bedding
                                                                                                                                  for boys also available.

20        New Baby Products                                                                                                                                   
                                                                                                 dELILAh By cOcALO
                                                                                                 This stunning collection with it’s unique color combination and
                                                                                                 sophisticated design will create a beautiful nursery for your new baby!
                                                                                                 The collection features a tasteful arrangement of a variety of textures
                                                                                                 including cotton sateen, twill and chenille and patterns in a distinctive
                                                                                                 color pallet of yellow, brown, and accents of red.

                                                                                                 PINK PEONy By cOTTONTALE
                                                                                                 Pink Peony is a breath taking, beautiful designed, bedding set.
                                                                                                 This bedding set is so unique in design and so beautifully appointed, it
                                                                                                 will be the ultimate little girl’s nursery.

                                                                                                                              PINK PEONy By cOTTONTALE


 ENchANTEd FOREST By LAMBS & Ivy                                  ANIMAL TRAcKS By cOTTON TALE

Enter Lambs & Ivy’s Enchanted Forest. A wise owl, busy
beaver, loveable deer and adorable chipmunk play amongst
dimensional leaves. Sparkling satin stitches are surrounded by
textured fabrics of faux fur, washable suede, boucle, corduroy,
and a lovely woven plaid.

The Animal Tracks baby bedding collection features
a combination of soft chocolate corduroy
on natural seersucker. Bright textured
animals fill the trains cars traveling
around the bumper on brown and white
tracks. Comforter presents all train
animals including the monkey engineer
on soft natural seersucker with chocolate
corduroy trim.                                                                                                                      New Baby Products          21

PEyTON cOLLEcTION With its clean lines, uncomplicated styling and simple good looks, this collection can easily be the
centerpiece of any nursery. A contemporary look with a traditional feel, the Peyton collection is as versatile as it is distinguished.
Includes the Classic Crib, the Lifestyle Crib, a 5 drawer dresser, a combo, a nightstand, a mirror and a hutch for additional storage on the combo.

                                                               ShEFFIELd cOLLEcTION - The Sheffield Collection is drenched in
                                                               historical design elements that fit any décor. From the beaded trim detail to
                                                               the inset panel door and oversize crown and base, Sheffield has that right
                                                               at home character to fit any lifestyle. The Sheffield collection includes the
                                                               Lifestyle Crib, a 5 drawer dresser, a combo, a nightstand, a mirror, a double
                                                               dresser, an armoire and a hutch for additional storage space on the combo.

                                                                duTAILIER PRESTIgE gLIdERS Built
                                                                with innovation, quality and durability in mind,
                                                                these comfort recliners were built and engineered
                                                                to combine a trendy style and modern look
                                                                with the ultimate comfort you’re looking for.

                                                                New Baby Products is a stocking furniture retailer
                                                                with more than 15,000 square feet of warehouse
                                                                space. New Baby Products also offers layaway on
                                                                furniture items as well as delivery and set-up options.
                                                                See store for details.
                        ShEFFIELd cOLLEcTION

22        New Baby Products                                                                                                                 
                                                                   WeSTWOOD DeSIGN


Introducing Stratton, a group with a presence not found in juvenile furniture. Stratton is designed to a scale that is equally
comfortable in a nursery or a teen room. Westwood has made the combo 20% larger to provide a useful changing station with
                                                                                                                                   “Once Upon A Time...”
much more drawer space. The combo, the hutch, and the 6 drawer chest provide ample storage for everything in a child’s room.
The convertible crib stands to a scale that reflects a new sense of proportion and grace.                                                  to

                                                                                   SALERNO cOLLEcTION By PALI
                                                                                                                                    “Happily Ever After”
                           SALERNO TOddLER BEd                                                     SALERNO FuLL BEd

Simplicity and elegance make the Salerno Collection by Pali a perfect fit in both traditional and contemporary settings. Salerno
features clean straight lines on the furniture pieces coupled with the soft sweeping curves of the crib and furniture legs. This             our name says it all

beautiful hardwood collection will never go out of style as it takes your little one from infancy through childhood and beyond.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               New Baby Products   23

      NEW BABY

                                      Standard cribs offer a traditional approach to any nursery and
                                       are available in many styles and finishes. Some crib models offer
                                         a storage drawer beneath the bed which helps maximize the
                                           space in any baby’s room. Visit New Baby Products for a
                                            broad selection of both standard and convertible cribs!

                                         29011 STANdARd cRIB
                                       By LEgAcy
                                    Shown in Matte White
                                 Also Available in Natural, Cherry,
                               Pecan, Cognac, & Espresso

                         hAMPTON POINTE STANdARd cRIB
                                       By yOuNg AMERIcA
                                       Shown in Piano Key White
                               Also Available in Marimba Espresso

24   New Baby Products                                                                        
                                                                                                 New Baby Products   25
BABY                                                                                    PEg PEREgO PRIMO vIAggIO
                                                                                        cAR SEAT IN cEdRO

                                                                                        This premium car seat exceeds the
                                                                                        most stringent Side Impact Protection™
                                                                                        safety test in the world.

                                                                                                                PRINcE LIONhEART SEAT SAvER
                                                                                                                          This seatsaver has two stages
                                                                                                                             that grow with your child!

                          EMMA Lu
                          cAR SEAT cOvER
                          Make your car seat look                              SEE ME SMILE
                          new with this waterproof          BEARvIEW INFANT MIRROR
                          car seat cover.            The mirror allows the driver or passenger to
                                                                 safely keep an eye on their baby.

                    chIccO KEy FIT 30
            cAR SEAT IN ROMANTIc
            This car seat is the premier infant
                    carrier for safety, comfort,                                                                 gRAcO SNugRIdE
                              and convenience.                                                            cAR SEAT IN PLATINuM
                                                                                               Cushioned with GracoPedic™ luxury foam
                                                                                                    for extra padding and added comfort.

                                                                                                              One for the master,
                                                                                                              One for the dame,
                                                                                                              One for the little boy. . .

                                                                                                              VISTA + piggyBACK + RumbleSeat
                                                                                                              Available at New Baby Products
                                                                                                              W W W . U P P A B A B Y. C O M


26   New Baby Products                                                                                                                      
                                                                                                               BugABOO BEE
                                                                                                       This stroller has a compact,
                          PhIL & TEd’S                                                                  nimble, one-piece foldable
                           SPORT STROLLER                                                         design that accommodates your
                           Indoor & Outdoor. Infant & Toddler.                                         child from infant to toddler.
                            Durability & Maneuverability. One Family
                             & One Stroller. Phil & Teds.
                              Doubles Kit & Accessories
                               Sold Separately.

                                                   PEg PEREgO ARIA TWIN IN TITANIO
                                                          Large enough for two children,
                                                        yet fits through standard doorways.

                                                                                         PEg PEREgO SI IN cEdRO
                                                                                         One of the few compact strollers
                            BugABOO cAMELEON                                                    that also takes almost any
                            From the city to the beach to the woods, this stroller                          infant car seat.
                            is ready to take on almost any terrain, style or mood.                                                                                                                New Baby Products   27
                                            s q u i rt

                                              flu i d

                                      s n ac k ba l l

           Dine in Style            c atc h b ow l

                           M o dwa r e & b en d ers

                                           sau c er

fl a i r

                                          G ro ov y
                               RAdIAN XT hAMPTON                                                                    cOMBI KOBuK BLAcK OPAL
                                A convertible car seat for children from 5 to 80 lbs.                        The Kobuk booster seat can be used with or
                                 With its steel alloy frame and NCAP crash testing, it is                  without the backrest, keeping your child safe after
                                 the strongest car seat made. A height adjustable, aluminum-               he or she out-grows a car seat. A vented shell,
                                  reinforced head support and protective EPS foam that                   energy absorbing EPS, height adjustable backrest,
                                   surrounds the child’s head and body combine to provide                  armrests and removable cup holder make for
                                   the most advanced Side Impact Protection™ of any car seat.               a safe and comfortable environment for
                                   Radian’s low profile makes child boarding a snap and its                 your child. Adjustable so you can find
                                  unique design offers more shoulder room. Folds flat for                 the perfect belt position for your child.
                                   travel and storage. Carry it over your                                      Removable and washable fabric
                                     shoulder or wear it like a back pack.                                                  adds convenience.

                                                                                                         cLEK PAuL FRANK OLLI
                                                                                                         olli™ is an award-winning clek™ belt-positioning booster seat designed
                                                                                                         and engineered to help keep your precious cargo safe. olli™ provides
                                                                                                         comfortable, portable, secure seating for today’s family on the go.
                                                                                                         Available in solid or Paul Frank fashions.

                                                                                       AdvOcATE OPuS TAN
                    BRITAX                                                              The Britax Advocate CS                                            BRITAX
                    FRONTIER cANyON                                                      convertible car seat features                                     BOuLEvARd ONyX
                    The Frontier combination Harness-                                      the Click & Safe™ snug harness                                   The Britax Boulevard
                     2-Booster features True Side Impact                                     indicator, True Side Impact                                      convertible car seat
                       Protection™ and can be used as a                                        Protection™, side impact                                         features True Side
                         forward-facing harnessed seat from                                    cushion technology and can                                         Impact Protection™
                           two years and 25 lbs. up to 80 lbs.                                                                                                    and can be used rear
                                                                                               be used rear and forward
                           The booster feature can be used                                                                                                       and forward facing.
                                                                                               facing. For up to 65 pounds.
                          40-100 pounds.                                                                                                                        For up to 65 pounds.                                                                                                                                          New Baby Products       29
GREEN                                                                                                                                                          NATuRSuTTEN PAcIFIER
                                                                                                                                                     Natursutten pacifiers are made from the all
                                                                                                                                                              natural rubber of the Hevea tree.

                                                                                                                                                             Made in Germany, the Natursutten
                                                                                                                                                                pacis are free of any chemical or
                                                                                                                                                            allergen contaminates. This pacifier
                                                                                                                                                                     is not only baby-friendly but
                                                                                                                                                                    environmentally friendly, too!

Baby friendly as well as environmentally friendly!
                                                                                                                                                              BuMKINS ORgANIcS
                                                                  hALO ORgANIc SLEEP SAcK
                                                                                                                                                              Bumkins Natural Cotton Products are
                                                                  The SleepSack™ wearable blanket replaces
                                                                                                                                                                      made from premium 100%
                                                                  loose blankets for safer sleep. Made of 100%
                                                                                                                                                                             unbleached organic
                                                                    organically-grown cotton that is free of
                                                                                                                                                                               cotton fabrics and
                                                                         chemicals, dyes and preservatives,
                                                                                                                                                                              finished with delicate
                                                                           this special collection was
                                                                                                                                                                              coordinating satin or
                                                                           created with both safety and
                                                                                                                                                                              cotton trims. Plush,
                                                                           environmentalism in mind.
                                                                                                                                                                             absorbent natural
                                                                                                                                                                             organic terry and cuddly
                                                                                                                                                                            unbleached natural
                                                                                                                                                                            flannels are gentle and
                                                                                                                                                                            soothing against
                                                                                                                                                                           baby’s skin.

                                         ORgANIc ERgO
                                            using The ERGO
                                            Baby Carrier gives
                                                                                                                                                I-PLAy gREEN SPROuTS FEEdINg PROducTS
                                           you continuous
                                                                                                                                                PvC, BPA, phthalate and lead free! The Green Sprouts™
                                          connection, fabulous
                                                                                                                                                line of baby products is made from EcolGreen bio-Polymer
                                        feeling of freedom,
                                                                                                                                                (NatureWorks®), a cornstarch-based eco-friendly plastic.
                                      and security knowing
                                                                                                                                                Great for traveling or just at home. Cute animal designs.
                                     your baby is safe. This is
                                                                                                                                                No synthetic or toxic materials. Biodegradable and
                                   THE All-in-One soft baby
                                                                                                                                                compostable. Not dishwasher safe.
                             carrier, assisting you through all
                           the stages of your baby’s growth
                            and moving from front to hip
                             to back position easily.
                             Available in Organic Cotton.

        SOPhIE LA gIRAFE
     Sophie the Giraffe is made
     from the all natural rubber
        of the Hevea tree and is
        colored with food-grade
        paint. Her high contrast
         spots are stimulating to
      baby’s sight while her ears,                                                                                           ORgANIc hOTSLINg
       horns, hooves, and snout                                                            Buttery soft hemp/organic cotton/Lycra blend stretch twill.
         offer excellent teething                                                 Natural, undyed, unbleached. You will be amazed at the softness of
         surfaces. Sophie is sure                                                  this material. Hemp fiber is known for its strength and durability
       to rapidly become baby’s                                                            over time. It also leaves the soil rich after it’s harvested and
                favorite playmate!                                                      its deep roots anchor the soil to the Earth preventing runoff.
                                                                                                         Easy to use. Promotes bonding with your baby.
                                                                                                         3-5 carrying positions. Machine wash, hang dry.

30     New Baby Products
       New Baby Products                                                                                                                                          
    Kalani Collection
    A classic sleigh style, Million Dollar Baby’s Kalani
    collection is perfect for any nursery. Shown here in
    Cherry, the Kalani collection’s gently sloping lines and
    elegant details are sure to please even the pickiest
    of mothers. Crib, Three Drawer, and Four Drawer
    pictured, also available are Combo and Hutch.

    Emily Collection
    Million Dollar Baby’s award winning Emily Collection
    is a one of a kind product. Shown here in Ebony, the
    full-size crib conveniently converts into a full-size bed
    for added value and longevity. Also available is the
    mini crib that converts to a twin size bed. Excellent
    for vacation homes and grandparents, the mini crib
    provides a unique space saving solution!

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