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									comic-con international 2010
                                                          Go On Sale Dec. 15!
                         Comic-Con International experienced capacity crowds in 2009, with all mem-
                         berships selling out months before the convention began. In 2009 we also
                         added a huge new meeting room at the fabulous Hilton San Diego Bayfront,
                         making even more programs available for attendees.
                            Comic-Con is looking ahead to next year with something new in the
                         works for show number 41. The 2010 event—July 22–25 at the San Diego
                         Convention Center—has an amazing lineup of special guests already con-
                         firmed (see the next page for details) and more to come as we get closer to
                         the show. The Exhibit Hall is full for 2010 and will have a few surprises of its
                         own when it debuts on Preview Night July 21. The next issue of Comic-Con
                         Magazine (in print the first quarter of 2010) will feature more info about the
                         Exhibit Hall and next year’s exhibitors.
                            Comic-Con 2010 has already seen unprecedented interest. Four-day mem-
                         berships sold out in November—months before last year’s record-breaking
                         March sellout—in part because we limited attendance to Preview Night.
                            In 2009, Preview Night exceeded building and registration capacity. To
                         ensure that Comic-Con will be able to register every person who attends on
                         Wednesday night and not have to turn anyone away, Preview Night has been
                         capped to the 2008 attendance number. We know this has caused a lot of con-
                         cern for people who would like to register early on Wednesday but who do
                         not attend Preview Night. We are working on a solution for you. Please sign
                         up to follow us on Twitter (, or check back on
                         the website after the first of the year for updates.
                         Single-day memberships will go on sale on December 15!
                         Single-day prices for Comic-Con 2010 are:
                         Thursday, July 22, Friday, July 23, and Saturday, July 24:
                         Adult: $35.00 • Junior/Senior: $17.00
                         Sunday, July 25:
                         Adult: $20.00 • Junior/Senior: $10.00
                         Children 11 and under are free with paying adult. Children 12–17 pay the Junior/Senior
                         price. Seniors 60 and older pay the Junior/Senior price. Active military with ID pay the
                         Junior/Senior price. This deal does not extend to their dependents.

                         There will be NO ONSITE REGISTRATION for Attendees, Press,
                         Professionals and Volunteers.
                         The best way to lock in your four-day membership with or without Preview
                         night is to purchase your 2011 membership onsite at Comic-Con 2010.
                         Memberships for 2011 will be available upstairs in the Sails Pavilion registra-
                         tion area at self-registration kiosks. Look for them onsite July 22–25.

                         Reselling, reusing, or transferring a Comic-Con 4-day or 1-day
                         membership is strictly prohibited. Badges and memberships
                         are nontransferable.

                         If you have purchased a 4-day or 1-day membership and cannot at-
                         tend Comic-Con 2010, you must apply for a refund by June 21, 2010.
                         Refund requests must be received in writing by June 21, 2010 at:

                         Comic-Con Refund Request
                         P. O. Box 128458, San Diego, CA 92112-8458
                         Comic-Con reserves the right to change its cancellation, refund,
                         and exchange policy at any time without notice.

                         Check for breaking news on special guests, programs, and
                         exhibitors. Plus follow us on Twitter for Comic-Con updates at
                and info on WonderCon and APE, the Alternative
                         Press Expo!
Photo: Tom Gurnee
                                                                    Online Edition Fall 2009 • Comic-Con Magazine 44
                                    JULY 22 – 25 • SAN DIEGO CONVENTION CENTER
Comic-Con 2010 features a diverse list of artists and writers
from the world of comics and science fiction/fantasy. These
special guests are confirmed for 2010:

Sergio Aragonés (cartoonist, Groo, MAD magazine).
MAD magazine’s longest-running cartoonist and the creator of
dim-witted barbarian Groo, Sergio Aragonés is one of comics’
most popular creators. Most recently, the man some call the
world’s fastest cartoonist ventured into the popular world of
The Simpsons, becoming a regular featured writer/artist in Bart   aragonés
Simpson Comics.

Brian Michael Bendis (writer, Ultimate Spider-Man,
Dark Avengers, Powers). Brian Michael Bendis is an award-
winning comics creator (including five Eisner Awards) and one
of the most successful writers working in mainstream comics.
He is currently helming a renaissance for Marvel’s popular
Avengers franchise by writing every issue of the New Aveng-
ers and Dark Avengers titles along with the wildly successful
“event” projects House Of M, Secret War, Secret Invasion, and
the upcoming Siege. Brian is one of the premiere architects of
Marvel Comics’ Ultimate line, having written every issue of       busiek                         breathed
Ultimate Spider-Man since its best selling launch in 1999. His
other projects include the Eisner Award–winning Powers (with
artist/co-creator Mike Oeming). He lives in Portland, Oregon
with his wife Alisa, his gorgeous daughters Olivia and Sabrina,
and his dogs Lucky and Buster.

Berkeley Breathed (syndicated cartoonist, Bloom
County, Opus). Berkeley Breathed began drawing Bloom
County, a political satire, for college newspapers in the early
1980s. The racy cartoons, often focusing on swinging lawyer
Steve Dallas and an unnamed elderly woman, gained a cult                                                                         claremont
following and soon became syndicated. Nationwide recogni-
tion came to Breathed with his creation of Opus, an insecure
penguin who reflected the political conscience of America.
Opus became a pop culture icon with dolls, cartoons, action
figures, telephones, and books all dedicated to him. Breathed
furthered his fame with his subsequent creation of Bill the
Cat—a drug-addicted, alcohol-chugging, chain-smoking
rocker. When Bloom County ended, Breathed created Outland,
where Opus, Bill, and several other characters resurfaced in
a utopia-like world. Outland had a successful four-year run,
after which Breathed started Opus, a new strip featuring Opus,
                                                                  bendis                                                         evanier
Bill, and other characters, which ran until 2008. Bloom County
Complete Library is currently being published by IDW.
                                                                  most writers ever dream of. Although known for his work on Marvel Comics’ X-Men series, he
Kurt Busiek (writer, Marvels, Astro City, Conan). Kurt            has written other seminal characters such as Batman and Superman, originated several creator-
Busiek has been writing comics professionally since three         owned series, is published throughout the world in many different languages, and has written
days before he graduated from college in 1982, when he sold a     nine novels. His work has touched millions. His initial unbroken 17-year run on Marvel’s
“Tales of the Green Lantern Corps” backup story that appeared     Uncanny X-Men is the stuff of industry legend. The story arc “Dark Phoenix,” with its radical
in Green Lantern #162. Since then, he’s worked on just about      treatment of the story’s central character, paved the way for the reinterpretation of superhero
everything from Action Comics to Zot!, including runs on          mythos throughout the comics industry. Current projects include the ongoing Marvel series
Avengers, Superman, Conan, and others, and has co-created         X-Men Forever, X-Women (drawn by renowned Italian artist Milo Manara), the young adult
Thunderbolts, Shockrockets, Arrowsmith, and more. He is per-      novel Wild Blood, a contemporary urban dark fantasy, and the screenplay Hunter’s Moon.
haps best known for his work on the multiple-award-winning
Marvels and Astro City.                                           Mark Evanier (writer, comics historian, Groo the Wanderer, Kirby: King of Comics).
                                                                  Comics, animation, TV, and blog-writer Mark Evanier is known for his work with Jack Kirby
Chris Claremont (writer, Uncanny X-Men, X-Men                     (his art book Kirby: King of Comics won the 2009 Eisner Award for Best Comics-Related
Forever). Chris Claremont has encountered more success than       Book) and Sergio Aragonés (he does something on Groo, but no one is quite certain what it is)

                                                                                                                          Online Edition Fall 2009 • Comic-Con Magazine 45
  comic-con international 2010
                                                                 Evanier brings his incredible wealth of knowledge of com-
                                                                 ics and pop culture to light each and every day on his blog at
                                                       , and will once again moderate and
                                                                 host a plethora of panels at Comic-Con.

                                                                 Matt Fraction (writer, Invincible Iron Man, Uncanny
                                                                 X-Men). Matt Fraction is one of the hottest writers working
                                                                 in comics. His first big hit was Casanova for Image Comics,
                                                                 drawn by Gabriel Bá and Fabio Moon. From there, he went
                                                                 to work for Marvel on such titles as Immortal Iron Fist and
                                                                 Punisher War Journal. His Invincible Iron Man title with
                                                                 artist Salvador Larroca won the 2009 Eisner Award for
                                                                 Best New Series. Fraction also writes the flagship X-title,
    fraction                               gurewitz   knight     Uncanny X-Men.

                                                                 Nicholas Gurewitch (cartoonist, The Perry Bible
                                                                 Fellowship). The cartoonist behind the Eisner and Harvey
                                                                 award-winning online strip The Perry Bible Fellowship,
                                                                 Nicholas Gurewitch started his career in the Syracuse
                                                                 University newspaper The Daily Orange. In addition to
                                                                 being featured online, PBF appeared in newspapers, maga-
                                                                 zines, and other school papers. The strip ended in 2008 but
                                                                 remains an online favorite. Dark Horse has published two
                                                                 extremely popular collections, The Trial of Colonel Sweeto
                                                                 and Other Stories and The Perry Bible Fellowship Alma-
    lee                                                          nack. Recently Gurewitch contributed to Marvel
                                                                 Comics’ Strange Tales title, featuring popular Marvel
                                                                 heroes in stories by indie cartoonists.

                                                                 Keith Knight (syndicated cartoonist, The Knight Life,
                                                                 the K Chronicles, (th)ink). Keith Knight is one of the most
                                                                 prolific cartoonists in the country. He is the creator of three
                                                                 comic strips: The Knight Life, a nationally syndicated
                                                                 autobiographical daily; (th)ink, a sociopolitical single panel
                                                                 of ethnic concern; and his signature strip, the K Chronicles,
                                                                 winner of the 2007 Harvey Award for Best Comic Strip. A
                                                                 frequent contributor to MAD magazine, Knight’ offers a po-
    marder                                lee
                                                                 tent combination of highbrow and lowbrow humor. Frequent
                                                                 subjects include racism, police brutality, war, mimes, and
                                                                 bacon. With one foot underground and the other in the main-
                                                                 stream, his work has caused more than a few ripples across
                                                                 the media spectrum. He is celebrating the first collection of
                                                                 his daily strip, The Knight Life: Chivalry Ain’t Dead, and his
                                                                 latest (th)ink collection.

                                                                 Jim Lee (artist, All Star Batman and Robin the Boy
                                                                 Wonder). Acclaimed comic book illustrator Jim Lee was
                                                                 born in Seoul, South Korea in 1964. Today, he is the cre-
                                                      mcneil     ative director of WildStorm Studios (which he founded in
                                                                 1992) and the penciller for many of DC Comics’ bestselling
                                                                 comic book and graphic novels, including All Star Batman
                                                                 and Robin, The Boy Wonder, Batman: Hush, and Superman:
                                                                 For Tomorrow. He also serves as the executive creative
                                                                 director for the upcoming DC Universe Online videogame.
                                                                 In his spare time, Jim enjoys a good laugh or two.

                                                                 Stan Lee (writer, editor, co-creator, Fantastic Four,
                                                                 Amazing Spider-Man, Incredible Hulk, et al). Stan “the
                                                                 Man” Lee’s influence over comic books is incalculable. His
                                                                 co-creations, Spider-Man, X-Men, and Iron Man have been
    levitz                                            Miéville
                                                                 monster movie hits, helping make Marvel Comics the leader

46 Comic-Con Magazine • Spring 2009 Online Edition
                                   JULY 22 – 25 • SAN DIEGO CONVENTION CENTER

 overstreet                              richards                                sturm                                  tyler

of the comic book industry. Some of Stan’s          McNeil self-published Finder starting in 1996 and        endorsed by the California Department of Educa-
other great co-creations, such as Hulk, Fantastic   continues the series today on the web, where she         tion, the AAAS, the UK’s Association for Science
Four, and Daredevil, have sequels on the way,       moved it in 2005. In 2009, Finder won the Eisner         Education, and many others. Douglas, a former
while Thor, Avengers and Silver Surfer, plus        Award for Best Webcomic. McNeil’s other work             biotechnology executive, has a master’s degree in
many others, are now in development. In 2008,       includes illustrating a story arc for Greg Rucka’s       molecular biology and writes science pieces for
President Bush presented Stan a Medal of the        Queen & Country and co-creating a new Vertigo            National Geographic KIDS, an award-winning
Arts, lauding his amazing career. Stan is cur-      series, Bad Houses, with writer Sarah Ryan. In           magazine read by millions.
rently developing movie and TV projects with        addition to her Eisner Award, McNeil is also the
his company POW! Entertainment while still                                                                   James Sturm (cartoonist/educator, James
                                                    recipient of the Friends of Lulu Kim Yale Award for
proudly cherishing the title Chairman Emeritus                                                               Sturm’s America). James Sturm is a cartoonist
                                                    Best New Talent in 1997 and the Ignatz Award for
of Marvel. Lee was awarded the 2009 Comic-                                                                   whose graphic novels include Market Day (Spring
                                                    Promising New Talent in 1998.
Con Icon Award (see page 9 for more details).                                                                2010), James Sturm’s America, Adventures in Car-
                                                    China Miéville (author, The City & the City,             tooning, Satchel Paige: Striking Out Jim Crow,
Paul Levitz (writer, editor, publisher, Legion      Perdido Steet Station). China Miéville is the New        and The Fantastic Four: Unstable Molecules.
of Super-Heroes). Paul Levitz entered comics        York Times bestselling author of Perdido Street          James is the co-founder and director of The
in 1971 as editor of The Comic Reader, the first    Station, The Scar, Iron Council, and several other       Center for Cartoon Studies, a two-year cartooning
comics newszine, which won two Best Fanzine         works. He has won a number of awards, including          school in the storied railroad town of White River
Comic Art Fan Awards. He has received the           the Arthur C. Clarke Award and the British Fantasy       Junction, Vermont. In 1991 James co-founded the
Inkpot Award and the Bob Clampett Humani-           Award twice each. His latest novel, The City & the       Seattle weekly The Stranger. His comics, writ-
tarian Award and serves on the Comic Book           City, was named one of the top 10 books of the year      ing, and illustrations have appeared in scores of
Legal Defense Fund board. Levitz is known for       in 2009 by His new book, Kraken,             national and regional publications, including The
his writing, including an acclaimed run on the      will be published in June 2010. Miéville lives and       Chronicle of Higher Education, Slate, The Onion,
Legion of Super-Heroes, a series to which he’s      works in London.                                         The New York Times, and on the cover of The New
returned. On staff from 1973, Levitz was DC’s                                                                Yorker.
youngest editor ever; he ultimately became          Robert M. Overstreet (author, comics histo-
publisher in 1989 and president and publisher       rian, The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide).            C. Tyler (artist/writer, You’ll Never Know: A
from 2002 to 2009. He is now primarily writing.     Author Robert M. Overstreet discovered the EC line       Good & Decent Man). C. Tyler is an award win-
A San Diego Comic-Con attendee since 1974,          of comics in 1952. After joining fandom groups,          ning autobiographical comic book artist/writer
this will be his first time as a guest.             he wrote to collectors looking to buy their collec-      whose work R. Crumb describes as having “the
                                                    tions. He found only one taker, but the spark was lit.   extremely rare quality of genuine, authentic heart.
Larry Marder (writer/artist, Beanworld).            A coin collector as well as a comics enthusiast, he      Hers are the only comics that ever brought me to
Larry Marder’s Beanworld has delighted read-        wondered when comic books would have their own           the verge of tears.” Her stories first appeared in
ers from grade school to grad school for more       “red book” price guide. He continued collecting          Weirdo in 1987 and numerous publications over
than a generation, earning him a spot on the        through the 1960s, eventually networking with deal-      the years, most recently the Yale anthologies and
New York Times’ Graphic Books Best Sellers          ers and other collectors to the point that he thought    Kramer’s Ergot #7. She has been nominated for
List. Marder’s Tales of the Beanworld, a most       something had to be done to document the field he        Harvey, Eisner, and Ignatz Awards and was listed
peculiar comic book experience, was first           loved. The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide—            as one of the Top 100 Cartoonists of the 20th
released in 1985 by Eclipse Comics; 21 issues       now celebrating its 40th anniversary—was born.           Century. She has three solo books, The Job Thing
were published until 1993. Marder returned to
                                                    Douglas E. Richards (author, The Pro-                    (1993), Late Bloomer (2005), and You’ll Never
creating Beanworld full time in 2007. He lives
                                                    metheus Project series). Douglas E. Richards is the      Know: A Good & Decent Man (2009).
in Orange County, California, with his wife,
Cory, and their two cats, Olive and Chipper.        author of the children’s science fiction thrillers The   For updated guests info, visit
                                                    Prometheus Project—Trapped and The Prometheus  
Carla Speed McNeil (writer/artist, Finder;          Project—Captured for kids ages 9 to 13. These
artist, Queen & Country, Bad Houses). Writer/       books, driven by accurate science, have been
artist Carla Speed McNeil is best known for her     passionately praised by kids, called “perfect for
award-winning science fiction series Finder.        middle grades” by Teaching PreK-8 Magazine, and

                                                                                                                         Online Edition Fall 2009 • Comic-Con Magazine 47
  comic-con international 2010

                                                     2010 Will Eisner Comic
                                                     Industry Awards Judges
                                                     The judging panel has been named for the 2010 Will Eisner Comic Industry
                                                     Awards. The blue-ribbon committee will be choosing the nominations to appear
                                                     on the Eisner Awards ballot. The judges are:

                                                     Craig Fischer
                                                     Craig Fischer is an associate professor of English at Appalachian State University, where he teaches courses on
                                                     film and comics. His articles have been published in The Comics Journal and The International Journal of Comic
                                                     Art, and he served on the executive committee of the International Comic Arts Forum (ICAF) from 2005 to 2007.
                                                     Currently, Craig blogs with comics scholar Charles Hatfield at

                                                     Francisca Goldsmith
                                                     Francisca Goldsmith, director of branch services at the Halifax Public Libraries, Nova Scotia, has been working
                                                     with comics and library users for over 20 years. This year her Reader’s Advisory Guide to Graphic Novels
                                                     (ALA Editions) was published, along with her contributions of chapters to two other books on sequential art.
                                                     Goldsmith regularly reviews graphic novels and comics for a variety of professional journals and has planned
                                                     and implemented school and public library programs and staff development opportunities, featuring sequential
                                                     art media and creators, for librarians. In addition to her work with comics and readers, Goldsmith has served on a
                                                     number of state and national literary awards committees and has published numerous interviews with artists and
                                                     authors, including Will Eisner.

                                                     John Hogan
                                                     John Hogan is a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa, where he majored in English literature and
                                                     minored in journalism. In his professional life, he has worked as a copyeditor, copywriter, and editor and he
                                                     is the former editor-in-chief of Pages, the magazine for people who love books. He’s currently the editor of
                                           , a website devoted to covering the world of comics through the eyes of librarians,
                                                     teachers, creators, and general readers.

                                                     James Hudnall
                                                     Since 1986 James Hudnall has worked as a comics writer, publisher, and letterer, as well as a rewriter of manga.
                                                     He has worked for almost all of the major publishers at one time or another. His comics series Harsh Realm was
                                                     adapted to TV by Fox in 1998. His graphic novel The Psycho, with artist Dan Brereton, is in development with
                                                     Universal Pictures. His Unauthorized Biography of Lex Luthor has been called one of the best comics of all time
                                                     by Wizard magazine. He’s currently finishing a crime thriller graphic novel.

                                                     Wayne Winsett
                                                     Wayne Winsett has owned Time Warp Comics and Games in Boulder, Colorado, for 25 years. He managed the
                                                     Mile High Comics flagship store for five years prior to buying his store from Mile High in 1984. He is currently
                                                     helping support a popular graphic novel course at the University Of Colorado that has 100 students enrolled this
                                                     semester. Last semester he helped organize an exhibit at CU that was the most attended gallery showing in school
                                                     history. He also frequently gives lectures on “Comics Economics “ to the students.

   Volunteer for COMIC-COn 2010!
    Seriously: We couldn’t do it without you! Volunteering for Comic-Con is a great way to meet
    fellow fans and get a free one-day membership for the day you volunteer. Those who complete
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      Volunteers must be at least 16 years old, but no specific skills are needed. Best of all, you can
    register online! Comic-Con 2010 Volunteer registration will open online soon! Visit for details on how to volunteer and when to register
    online. In 2009, all volunteer positions for Comic-Con were filled before the show. For 2010, we
    strongly urge you register online once registration opens.

                                                                                                                             Hogan photo: Sarah Gainer; Hudnall drawing: Mike Netzer
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