For Information Only ASSURED SHORTHOLD TENANCY by ubs20614


									     Nasitra Ltd, St Andrews Business Centre, 91 St Marys Road, Garston,
                       Liverpool, L19 2NL 0151 494 5678
                              For Information Only
           The Housing Act as Amended by the Housing Act 1996
                                     This Agreement contains 4 pages
 This agreement is intended to create an Assured Shorthold Tenancy as defined by Section 20 of the Housing Act
1988. This agreement is to be read and construed in accordance with the schedule, which appears below and which
                                     forms an integral part of this document.

Throughout this Agreement the following definitions apply:

    Date of This Agreement:
    The Property:
    Commencement Date:                             midday on the

    Termination Date:                              midday on the

    The Landlord:
    The Landlord’s Agent:                          Nasitra Ltd, St Andrews Business Centre, St Marys
    Road, L19 2NL
    The Tenant(s):                                 1.
    The “Deposit” (payable per person)
    The Rent (payment terms and details):
    (all gas, water & electricity charges are/are not included in the “Rent”)

    Landlord’s or Agent’s Signature:

    Tenants’ Signatures:                           1.
    (please print name next to all signatures)     2.

Witness To Landlord’s and Tenants’ Signatures:
(witness to sign + print name & address):

Whereby it is agreed as follows:

1.    This Agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales and shall be construed
2.    In this Agreement the use of the masculine shall include the feminine and vice-versa and the
      use of the singular shall include the plural and vice-versa where the context permits
3.    The Landlord which expression shall include the Landlord’s successors in Title grants to the
      Tenant(s) an Assured Shorthold Tenancy as set out which embodies the whole of the
      Agreement between them.
4.    The Landlord’s address is stated on page 1. This should be used for the service of notices
      unless the Tenant is notified of a different address in England and Wales.
5.    The Tenant confirms that he freely enters into this Agreement, the contents of which he has
      read and understood prior to signing.
6.    The Landlord agrees to let the Property to the Tenant for the currency of the Tenancy.
7.    The Tenant agrees to pay the Rent to the Landlord for the currency of the Tenancy.
8.    The Tenant agrees to pay any Charges to the Landlord that may arise during the currency of
      the Tenancy. (See Schedule of Charges for more information.)
9.    The Tenant shall have the exclusive use of the Property together with the right for the purpose
      of having access only to use the entrance hall, stairs, landing and other shared parts of the
      Property in common with other occupiers.
10.   Where page 1 of this Agreement bears more than one Tenant’s name, there shall be deemed
      to arise a Joint Tenancy and each person named on page 1 (as Tenants) shall be jointly and
      severally liable in respect of any obligations imposed by this Agreement.
11.   The Tenant will be liable for all rates, taxes, assessments, including Council Tax and other
      outgoings, which may fall due during the currency of the Tenancy in respect of the Property.
12.   The Tenant will be liable for all gas, electricity consumed on the Property for the currency of
      the Tenancy, unless expressly otherwise stated on page 1 of this Agreement. The sums
      covered by this clause include standing charges or other similar charges, charges for
      consumption, and any associated VAT.
13.   The Tenant will be liable for all water and sewerage charges on the Property for the currency
      of the Tenancy, unless expressly otherwise stated on page 1 of this Agreement. The sums
      covered by this clause include standing charges or other similar charges, charges for
      consumption, and any associated VAT.
14.   The monthly Rent is stated on page 1 of this Agreement. This monthly Rent is due and
      payable from the Commencement Date. The first payment (for July and August) is to be paid
      on the signing of this Agreement. All subsequent payments (i.e. from 1 September) to be
      made monthly in advance on the first day of each month.
15.   All months are charged at full Rent, except July and August. July and August are charged at
      half Rent.
16.   The Landlord must be in receipt of cleared monies for the whole of July and August Rent prior
      to release of Property keys.
17.   September Rent and subsequent months’ Rent must be paid via Standing Order direct into the
      Landlord’s bank. The Landlord’s bank details are provided to the Tenant at the time of signing
      of this Agreement.
18.   The Tenant shall pay the Rent without deduction or set-off for any reason.
19.   The Tenant shall request of the appropriate authorities that any housing or Rent allowance to
      which he or she is entitled be paid direct to the Landlord. The Tenant hereby grants to the
      Landlord Power of Attorney under Section 10 of the Power of Attorneys Act 1971, to make all
      reasonable enquiries of the appropriate housing benefit department concerning any application
      for housing benefit made by the Tenant is respect of the Property. The authority granted to the
      Landlord shall operate notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the Data
      Protection Act 1984. The Tenant hereby acknowledges that the primary responsibility for
      payment of Rent is his and that he is directly responsible for claiming any housing benefit to
      which he is entitled. The Tenant will cooperate fully in the processing of any such claim and
      will use his best endeavours to ensure that direct payment is received by the Landlord.
20.   The Termination Date is shown on page 1 of this Agreement. The Tenant must vacate the
      property on this date unless this Tenancy Agreement is superceded by another tenancy
21.   The Tenant shall notify both the police and the Landlord upon discovery of any theft or
      damage to the Property or building. The Tenant shall furnish the Landlord with the relevant
      crime number.

22. The Tenant shall permit the Landlord and his representatives free access to the Property at all
    reasonable times for the purpose of inspection or repair, or to show prospective tenants
    around the Property, having first given the Tenants reasonable notice.
23. The Tenant shall deliver up to the Landlord a copy of any key wherewith entry may be affected
    to the Property and the Tenant shall not alter or add to the locks, bolts or the like without the
    written consent of the Landlord.
24. The Tenant shall not assign, sub-let or part with possession to the Property or any part thereof.
25. The Tenant shall use the Property as a private residence only. This means that the Tenant
    must not carry on any profession, trade or business at the Property and must not allow anyone
    else to do so.
26. The Tenant shall not engage, nor allow anyone else to engage, in any criminal, immoral or
    anti-social behaviour such as is likely to bring the Property into disrepute or to cause offence
    or complaint to other occupiers of the Property or neighbours.
27. The Tenant may not do anything on the Property which may in any way affect the validity of
    the insurance of the Property, or cause an increase in the premium payable by the Landlord.
28. The Tenant shall not permit to reside on the Property or any other person without prior written
    consent of the Landlord.
29. The Tenant shall not keep any animals, birds, pets or similar at the Property, except guide
30. The Tenant shall not alter in any way the structural or decorative condition of the Property
    without the written consent of the Landlord. Any alteration to the electrical, gas or water
    system including the installation of new or replacement fires and / or cookers which has not
    been agreed by the Landlord in writing will result in the Tenant being responsible for the
    upkeep and maintenance of such installations until such time as it is otherwise agreed
    between the parties. Loss or damage resulting from defects in any such installations will be
    borne by the Tenant alone.
31. The Tenant shall keep all fixtures, fittings and furniture in the Property in tenantable repair and
    shall immediately repair all broken glass (fair wear and tear excepted) and shall deliver up the
    Property in good, clean condition upon the Termination Date. During the currency of the
    Tenancy the Tenants shall keep all windows, both inside and outside (where practicable) clean
    and shall hang curtains at each window.
32. Any Inventory of fixtures and fittings and furniture annexed to this Agreement and signed by
    both parties shall be deemed to be incorporated herein.
33. The Tenant shall not make any alteration of addition to the Property without the Landlord’s
    prior written consent.
34. The Tenant shall not attach items to walls, doors (or other fixtures, fittings, Inventory, etc.)
    thereby affecting the decorative condition of the Property.
35. The Tenant shall maintain the internal decorative condition of the Property (including items of
    fixtures, fittings, Inventory, etc.) in the same or better condition as at the commencement of the
36. In the event of the Rent or any instalment or part thereof being in arrears or unpaid for at least
    21 days after the same has become due whether demanded or not or in the event of any other
    breach of this Agreement the Landlord may re-enter the Property and The Tenancy shall be
    determined absolutely without prejudice or other remedies of the Landlord.
37. The Landlord shall allow the Tenant to quietly enjoy and possess the Property
38. The Landlord shall keep in repair the structure and exterior of the building
39. The Landlord shall remedy all defects in the internal condition of the Property and of all fixtures
    and fittings owned by him therein where such defects are not caused by the negligence of the
40. The Tenant shall notify the Landlord and no other person in writing of any defect or
    deterioration in the internal or external condition of the building or any fixtures or fittings therein
    for which the Landlord is responsible. If the Tenant fails to provide such notification to the
    Landlord, such works as necessary may be delayed. Alternatively, emergency works may be
    scheduled, which may need immediate and / or disruptive access.
41. The Landlord shall keep the common parts of the building clean and in good repair and lighted
    at all reasonable times. The Landlord shall not be responsible for injury, loss or damage
    occasioned at the Property due to failure to keep the common parts lit at all reasonable times
    in circumstances where the utility providing power for such lighting has disconnected the
    supply without notice to the Landlord.
42. The Landlord shall be entitled to have and retain keys for all doors to the Property.
43. Any personal items left behind at the end of the Tenancy after the Tenant has vacated (which
    the Tenant has not removed) shall be considered abandoned. The Landlord may remove or
    dispose of the items as he thinks fit. The Tenant shall be liable for the reasonable disposal
44. The Schedules and Notices detailed below form part of this Tenancy Agreement.

                                         Schedule of Charges

This Schedule forms part of the Tenancy Agreement, and contains details of charges that may become
payable to the Landlord or its Agents:

    1.  Interest is payable on any late Rent: 6% above the Barclays Bank Plc base rate on all monies
        outstanding, commencing the day after the due date.
    2. If the Landlord is provided with a cheque by the Tenant that does not clear: £50.00 on each
    3. If the Landlord has to write to the Tenant, or their Guarantor, because Rent is overdue or
        because Council Tax Exemption Certificates have not been provided by the Tenant to the
        Landlord: £25.00 on each occurrence.
    4. If the Landlord has to write to the Tenant, or their Guarantor, due to any action(s) contradictory
        with the terms of the Tenancy: £25.00 on each occurrence
    5. If the Tenant loses a set of keys and needs a replacement set: £50.00 on each occurrence in
        addition to any call out fees charged by a locksmith or similar tradesperson.
    6. If any of the inventory / furniture is missing or damaged, the Tenant will be charged to obtain a
    7. If the Property suffers any damage due to any action of the Tenant, the Tenant will be charged.
        This may involve needing specialist subcontractors.
    8. If any of the inventory / furniture needs to be returned to its correct and original location
        following the end of the Tenancy: £15.00 per item.
    9. Cleaning: the Tenants are expected to keep the Property in a clean and tidy condition. If
        cleaners need to be called in to clean the Property either during or after the Tenancy, this will
        be charged to the Tenants accordingly.
    10. If the Landlord uses a Debt Recovery Company to recover any arrears or monies due, the
        associated costs will be charged to and payable by the Tenant.
    11. If the Landlord incurs any legal costs during recovery of any arrears or monies due, the
        associated costs will be charged to and payable by the Tenant.

                                     Schedule Detailing Deposits

This Schedule forms part of the Tenancy Agreement, and contains details relating to deposits:

    1.   Each Tenant pays their Deposit when signing the Tenancy Agreement. The Landlord hereby
         agrees to place the deposits with the Government’s Tenant Deposit Scheme.
    2.   Following the signing of the Tenancy Agreement, each Tenant must provide details of a
         Guarantor. The Guarantor needs to sign the Guarantor form (see Guarantor Form for
         requirements and additional details.) The Guarantor Forms need to be completed and
         returned within 6 weeks of signing the Tenancy Agreement. If Guarantor Forms are not
         completed within 6 weeks, the Landlord reserves the right to determine the Tenancy
         Agreement and remarket the property. If this happens, the Deposits may not be returned.
    3.   The Deposit will be returned following the end of the Tenancy within 14 days of the later of: the
         end of the Tenancy, or the return of all keys of the Property to the Landlord. Such Deposit may
         be transferred forward to a subsequent and consecutive Tenancy at the same Property.
    4.   The Deposit will be returned to a forwarding address provided by the Tenant.
    5.   Deductions may be applied to the Deposit due to any outstanding Rent, or for any charges due
         under the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, including the details contained
         within the section of this Agreement entitled “Schedule of Charges”.

                                    Notice Requiring Possession

This Notice forms part of the Tenancy Agreement, and contains details relating to Requiring Possession
of the Property:

    1.   This Notice is addressed to the Tenant(s) at the Property.
    2.   This Notice is from the Landlord, whose address is detailed on page 1.
    3.   This Notice is dated as per The Date of This Agreement.
    4.   This Notice requires that the Tenant gives Possession of the Property to the Landlord
         immediately after midday on the Termination Date, in Accordance with Section 21 of the
         Housing Act 1988, including any amendments made to that Act by the Housing Act 1996. The
         Expiry Date under this Notice is the same as the Termination Date.




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