JXTA P2P, Web Services and WS-Talk by olq42616


									JXTA P2P, Web Services and

 Royal Holloway, University of London

                                          Fionn Murtagh
                                          Dimitri Zervas
                                          Pedro Contreras

            Munich,   24 of June   2005
               Why P2P?

•   Scalable
•   Decentralise
•   Self-organised
•   Performance
•   Interoperable
               Why JXTA?

• P2P organisation
• Set of language independent protocols
• Open source
• Active developers community
• Implementations in Java and C
   – Free, platform independent
• XML base
• Support for security protocols like SSL
           How JXTA works?
• Protocols
  – P. Discovery P., P. Resolver P. (generic query), P.
    Information P. (net monitoring), Pipe Binding P. (addressable
    messaging), Rendezvous P. (propagation service), Endpoint
    routing P.

• Communication channel is called pipe

• Communication based in XML advertisement
  – Module class adv., Module specification adv., Module
    implementation adv., Pipe adv., Peer group adv., Peer adv.
JXTA / SOAP / WSDL Integration
            JXTA and SOAP

• SOAP usually are put in HTML request/response and
  handle by a web server

• We want send SOAP messages using JXTA pipes
   – Some work had been done in “JXTA-SOAP” project
   using Apache Axís
                JXTA and WSDL
  • Advertise WSDL service in JXTA through a
    Module Specification Advertisement

Module               <WSDL>             WSDL
Specification          ……..             Service
Adv.                   <service 1>
                       <service 2>
(XML File)             <service.. >     (XML File)
                       <service n>

   Current and Future Work

• Integration and Deployment
• Integration and Deployment
             Problems to tackle

• Determine search method in P2P
• Libraries (we’d like to use standard libraries for web

• Ontology integration (We have to decide which
  standard RDF?, DAML-OIL?, OWL?, OWL-S? etc..)
Where we are?

• We have a pure JXTA P2P service registry
  working, then JXTA                

• JXTA/SOAP should work                          
  (Based in kevin Burton, Daniel Elenius work)

• JXTA/WSDL should work                          
  (Based in Daniel Elenius works)

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