Web Services Lowering the cost of integration today

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					                              Web Services
                   Lowering the cost of integration today

                                  Bob Walmsley
                                 President & COO
                                Cape Clear Software

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                          Why past integration efforts failed?

                               Enterprise Application Integration
                                  Very focused on packaged applications
                                  Needed an army of consultants in proprietary technology
                               Custom Application Integration
                                  Normally solved with COMPLEX Middleware
                                  MQSeries, TIBCO, IONA, etc.
                               B2B Integration
                                  EDI still the standard not newer .COM B2B solutions
                               Tactical Integration
                                  The biggest solution – “Bailing Wire and String”
                                  But much simpler and lower cost
                                  File Transfer and Data Sharing

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                          Web Services: The New Integration

                               Existing Network
                                 Built on the most pervasive network ever seen:
                                 The Internet
                               New Grammar
                                 Provide a simple grammar for integration
                                 Just as SQL provided a grammar for data
                                 Tried to query a hierachical/object database?
                               Transforms Integration
                                 From custom integration to generalized solution
                                 Web Services is its own Design Center

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                          Haven’t we heard all this before?

                                     CORBA   DCOM   EAI   Web


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                           Sand Hill Group Study 2002

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                           60 Web Services projects at Global
                           2000 Companies

                               Business benefits drive most projects

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                          Sample Cape Clear Customers

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                               Cape Clear Products

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                          Cape Clear Leadership

                               Robust Products
                                 WSDL and SOAP Interoperability
                                 Product Quality – 4th generation product
                                 Complex XML schemas supported
                                 Messaging, performance, reliability
                                 Security (LDAP, JAAS, SAML, SSL , DSIG)
                               Easy to use – customer ROI
                                 Simple Installation and XML Mapper
                                 GUI based development and deployment
                               Execution team backed by Accel & Greylock
                                 CEO Annrai O’Toole – founder and CTO IONA
                                 2002 Red Herring 100
                                 Happy deployed customers with huge ROI

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