QUESTION BANK IN XML AND WEB SERVICES


   1. What is the role of XML development ? What are the waves of XML
      Development ?
   2. What are the advantages of XML
   3. What is the role of XML in web application
   4. What is SOAP ? How is it different from other distributed computing
   5. What are web services
   6. What are the components of web services ? Explain with a diagram
   7. What are the various revolutions that have caused the development of XML
   8. Explain the code , culture and document culture of the data revolution.
   9. Explain the work of IETF, W3C and JCP


   1. What are Elements ? How is it different from attributes
   2. Give the differences between HTML and XML
   3. What are Namespaces? Why is it useful ? Explain with an example.
   4. With a diagram explain the XML technology family
   5. Explain the use of DTD for structuring the XML document
   6. What are he benefits of using XML Schema
   7. State the differnce3s between XML Schema and DTD
   8. What are the various data types available in XML schema
   9. What are presentation technologies of XML. Explain each one briefly
   10. Give the differences between CSS and XSL
   11. What are the limitations of XSL
   12. What are the differences between HTML forms and XFORMS
   13. What is the use of XSLT
   14. What are the various transformation technologies
   15. Briefly explain XQuery
   16. What is semantic web. Explain with an example


   1.   What is SOAP why is it important
   2.   Give the features of EDI
   3.   What are the similarities between CORBA, RMI and DCOM
   4.   What is HTTP ?
   5.   Give the differences between GET and POST MEthod
   6.   With the help of a diagram explain the HTTP request and HTTP Response
   7.   What is XML-RPC ? Explain in detail with the help of an diagram
   8.   Differentiate XML-RPC from SOAP
9. What are the advantages of using SOAP
10. Briefly explain how SOAP uses coupling
11. What are the various versions of SOAP
12. How does SOAP differ from RMI, CORBA< DCOM
13. Briefly explain the message structure of SOAP
14. Explain SOAP structure with an example
15. What are SOAP intermediaries
16. What are SOAP actors
17. Explain the design patterns of SOAP
18. What are SOAP faults
19. Explain SOAP with attachments
20. Write about SOAP and firewalls


1. Define web services
2. What ar eteh opportunities and risks involved in web services
3. briefly describe the organization of UDDI
4. Give the web services architecture and explain the key technologies involved
5. Write brief notes on UDDI failures and recovery
6. What is WSDL ? Explain the structure of and WSDL document with an example
7. What is ebXML? Explain its technical architecture
8. What is CPP?
9. What is need for frameworks such as .Net and J2ee in web services
10. Explain Microsoft .Net Platform
11. What is CLR
12. What are the API available in web service pack ?


1.What are the 3 pillars of secure e-commerce.
2.What is single key cryptography.
3.What is public key cryptography.
4.What is canonicalization.
5.Explain XML security framework.
6.Explain XML digital signature.
7.Explain XKMS.
8.What are the guidelines for signing XML documents.

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