Entourage 2008 for Exchange Web Services (Mac OS X by gxe20370


									Entourage 2008 for Exchange Web Services (Mac OS X 10.5.7
“Leopard” or higher)
Note. Entourage for Exchange Web Services requires Office 2008 for Mac 12.2.1
or newer. Make sure you have ran Microsoft AutoUpdate multiple times to verify
there are no new updates for Office 2008 BEFORE installing Entourage for
Exchange Web Services.

To install Entourage for Exchange Web Services, you will have to delete your
Exchange account from Entourage IF the installer tells you it is incompatible.
Once Entourage for Exchange Web Services is installed, you can add your
Exchange account again.

You can download Entourage 2008 For Exchange Web Services from here:



1. Open Entourage and go to the Entourage menu and click Account Settings to open the
   Accounts configuration window.

Exchange 2007 Testing
2. Click the “New” button and if prompted, select Exchange as the account type with the
Account Setup Assistant which will pop up the window shown below. You may also see
the window shown below right away. Enter your e-mail address in the format
FirstnameLastname@cunet.carleton.ca and check the checkbox labelled “My account is
on an Exchange server” if it is not already checked. Now click on the right arrow at the
bottom right to continue.

Exchange 2007 Testing                                                                      2
3. You will see a popup prompting you for account information. For domain, enter
cunet. For account ID, enter your cunet account in the format firstnamelastname. For
password, enter your CUNET password. If you would like your credentials to be
remembered, check the “Save password in my Mac OS keychain” checkbox.

Exchange 2007 Testing                                                                  3
4. You will see a window saying “Account configuration succeeded. Click on the right
arrow to continue. NOTE: If for some reason you see a message saying your account
settings could not be determined or some other kind of error, please click the back
arrow and try again, ensuring that you enter the CORRECT username and password.

Exchange 2007 Testing                                                                  4
5. You will see a list of account information under “Verify and Complete Settings”. Do not
modify anything, and click the right arrow to continue..

Exchange 2007 Testing                                                                        5
6. You will see another screen titled “Optional: Verify Settings”. Click the right arrow to
continue, and click Verify if prompted to verify.

7. You will be prompted to pick a short name for your account now. It is useful to choose
something short and descriptive here, especially if you have multiple accounts. We will use
“Carleton Exchange Account” but feel free to use whatever you’d like. Once you are done,
click Finish.

Exchange 2007 Testing                                                                         6
8. Click on your Exchange Account in the list at the left of the screen. We used the name
“Carleton Exchange Account” in this tutorial. After a few seconds (or up to a minute on
slower connections) you should see a list of the folders in your Exchange account.

    9. Double-click on Inbox. You should see the contents of your inbox. Exchange for
        Web Services is now properly configured and ready to use.

Exchange 2007 Testing                                                                       7

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