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PO Notifications


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									PO Invoice Holds and Notifications

In order for trust invoices to be paid by SBS all invoices must pass the 3-way match.
This means that the order, receipt and invoice must match (i.e ordered 1, receipted
1 and Invoiced 1).

A PO Invoice Hold is applied to an invoice when the 3-way match fails. The following
are examples of PO invoice holds: -

      Quantity Received
      Quantity Ordered
      Price Variance
      Maximum Shipment Amount
      Freight
      Invoices in Dispute
           o Additional lines on invoice not on order
           o Credit note required

You will be alerted to the fact you have PO Invoice Hold by a notification email from
“WY PROD Workflow Mailer [mailto:oracledba.alerts@isoftplc.com]”.
However, in order to resolve the query and release the hold you must log in to SBS
Oracle and locate the notification within the “My Notifications” section of your iProc

As a requisitioner / approver you will receive the following two types of notification

Hold        Description                     Action Needed                 Removal       of
Quantity    This hold is generated by the   If your department has        Once you have
Received    system when an invoice has      physically received the       receipted    the
            been received but the           goods you should receipt      goods on iProc
            goods/services have not         via iProc. If you have not    the hold will be
            been receipted.                 received the goods you        released.
                                            can call the Purchasing and
                                            Supply Department (Ext
                                            5959 Option 2) who will
                                            progress the order for you.
Quantity    This hold is generated when     If the billed quantity is     Once the order
Ordered     the invoice quantity exceeds    correct and you have          has been
            the purchase order quantity.    received more goods than      amended to
            (i.e Billed 2, Ordered 1)       originally ordered you need   cover the billed
                                            to advise the Purchasing      quantity the
                                            and Supply Department         hold will be
                                            what action to take: -        released. The
                                                  If you are keeping     buyer will
                                                    the goods you need    advise the
                                                    to email the buyer    requisitioner
                                                    with a copy to your   that the order
                                                    approver (This        has been
                                                    person must have a    amended, the
                                                  sufficient approval   requisitioner
                                                  limit) requesting     should now
                                                  the order be          receipt the
                                                  amended.              goods. If the
                                                 If you want to        requisitioner
                                                  return the goods or   does not receipt
                                                  have done so          the goods then
                                                  already you need to   the system will
                                                  email the buyer       apply a quantity
                                                  requesting they       received hold
                                                  arrange a return or   and send a
                                                  advise the supplier   notification to
                                                  the goods have        the
                                                  been returned.        requisitioner.

                                           If the billed quantity is
                                           incorrect and you have
                                           not received an additional
                                           delivery please advise the
                                           Purchasing and Supply
                                           Department who will liaise
                                           with the supplier to

In addition to the notifications above you may receive emails from the Purchasing
and Supply Department requesting information so they can clear notifications which
are with them.

Hold       Description                     Action Needed                Removal       of
Price      This hold is generated when     If the invoice price is      The hold is
           the invoice price exceeds the   correct the buyer will       released once
           order price.                    email the requisitioner to   the buyer has
                                           confirm acceptance of the    actioned the
                                           new price. The               notification.
                                           requisitioner should email
                                           the buyer with a copy to
                                           their approver (This
                                           person must have a
                                           sufficient approval limit)
                                           confirming the
                                           departments acceptance
                                           of the new price.
Purchase    This hold is generated when      The buyer will email the       The hold is
Order       there is a query on the          requisitioner requesting       released once
Matching    purchase order which             they submit a requisition      the buyer has
            requires lines to be added to    to cover the additional        added the
            the order.                       items. The requisitioner       requisition to
                                             must ensure they record        the original
                                             the original order number      order and the
                                             in the note to buyer field     requisitioner has
                                             during checkout. Failure       receipted the
                                             to do this will result in      new line.
                                             a new order being sent
                                             to the supplier. Once
                                             the buyer has amended
                                             the order he/she will notify
                                             the requisitioner so they
                                             can receipt the new line.

Important Note to Requisitioners / Approvers

It is important that the requisitioner deals with any notifications during a 7 day
period or the notification will escalate to the requisitioners supervisor. If the
notification escalates the supervisor should reassign (you must log on to Oracle to
reassign) the notification back to the requisitioner requesting they action
immediately. If the requisitioner is on leave the supervisor should either action the
notification or reassign to someone who can action.

Below is an explanation of why it is important that you action notifications promptly:-

                  Trust is obliged to adhere to the national “Better Payment Practice
                   Policy” which requires invoices to be paid on time.

                  “Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act” allows suppliers to
                   charge interest for late payments. If you are responsible for the
                   late payment the interest will be charged directly to your budget.

                  Failure to pay invoice on time could result in suppliers putting a
                   hold on our account meaning no further deliveries.

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