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  Bay Adventure Kayakers

    Risk Management
Emergency Procedures
                                     Nelligen Challenge
                                  Kayak and Canoe Race
 And weekly races at Nelligen and Surrounds (ALL YEAR)
                                    Saturday April 4 2009

                               4 APRIL 2009

This document covers the risk management procedures and emergency
actions to be followed in the management of the Nelligen Challenge Kayak
Race and the weekly Saturday races at nelligen.

Brief details

       Nelligen Challenge

   A round trip race from Nelligen 6km return around little island:

       Saturday Races.

       Two coarses 1. A round trip race from nelligen 6km return around
       little island.
                      2. Two circuits of coarse 1.


Bay Adventure      Kayaks     will   provide   pre-event   and   event     risk

The environment and context will be scouted prior to and watched during
the events.

Competitors will be signed in and out as well as checked at the turning
buoys and mid lap.

The race will be followed and monitored by a number of power boats
sourced from the Nelligen Progress Association. One vessel will remain on
station at the rounding buoy. 3 other vessels will be patrolling the race

Radio contact between a dedicated safety coordinator, the spotters and
the rescue craft will maintained throughout the event.     The safety
coordinator will have communication with local rescue authorities if

Chain of Command

      Ken Bellette (Public Officer of         Bay Adventure     Kayaks)     is
       responsible for race administration including;
            Registration and entry fees
            Results and presentations
            Licensing and permissions
            Overall management on the race day

             Anthony Bellette is responsible for Emergency Response and
              First Aid
            Peter Ison will be responsible for management of race
             officials and volunteers

Prior to theNelligen Challenge

Two weeks prior to the race a letter detailing;
          Race day and time
          Race course
          Position of officials, safety and emergency personnel
          Expected attendance (incl approximate car numbers)
          Contact personnel and numbers

      The letter will be forwarded to

            Batemans Bay Police
            Batemans Bay Coastal Patrol
            Batemans Bay Fire Brigade
            Batemans Bay Ambulance
            Batemans Bay SES
            Ulladulla NPWS office

A notice to boaties warning them of the event will be displayed in all local
boating shops and at the pub and cafes of Nelligen for two months prior to
the race. The notice will also appear in the Bay Post.

On days of all races

      The following procedures will be performed on the day

      Weather forecast

      A complete forecast will be sourced from the bureau of meteorology
      including; synoptic chart, coastal observations and coastal weather


                Activities will be cancelled if the bureau has forecast winds
                 of greater than 25 knots or issued any storm or severe
                 weather alert in the area within 4 hours of the race
                Competitors will be briefed on the weather forecast.

      Area Scout

      Australian canoeing accredited coaches will coordinate a scout
      (hazard identification and risk assessment and reporting process) of
the following areas;
      Wharf road
      Nelligen Park
      The Nelligen Boat Ramp

Ken Bellette will also coordinate a scout (hazard identification and
risk assessment and reporting process) of the course and
positioning of race officials.


         1. Scouting will be completed by 8.00am
         2. Scouts are supplied with gloves and heavy duty
            garbage bags
         3. Simple tasks such as removing minor rubbish or glass,
            etc will be carried out by the scouts
         4. Actions that require intervention will be reported to
            Safety Coordinator for coordination with local
Crowd control

Eurobodalla Shire Council, Batemans Bay Police, NSW Maritime,
NSW National Parks will be notified of the race and;
     Expected numbers of people/cars in Nelligen and on the
      major access roads
     Use of local roads for parking
     Number and timing of boats on the water


        Volunteers provided to help as ambassadors especially in
         Wharf Rd Nelligen

Motor Vehicle Movements


         The event was conducted in 2008 with similar numbers of
         vehicles to that expected with no incidents and with the local
         car parking facilities well able to handle the volume.

         Participants and spectators are expected to be arriving from
         around 7.30 am until 8.30 am

Traffic Flow
       Nelligen Progress Association provide 5 volunteers who direct
       traffic to ensure;
                     Exit from the Kings Highway is open and the
                       Kings Highway always free
                     Access to the boat ramps is maintained
                       through the day
                     Flow of traffic along wharf rd and surround is

         A drop off area is maintained along wharf rd adjacent to the
         park (5 min stop only)

         Parking uses the public areas around the war memorial and
         tennis courts

         NSW Maritime shut the boat ramp during the starts and hold
         boats from coming downstream of the Kings Highway Bridge
         to ensure safety of vessels and officials.

         All traffic and crowd control personnel wear safety vests


At 8.00am a briefing is provided to all volunteers and officials in
      regards to crowd and vehicle movements

      At 8.30 a full briefing will be provided to competitors by Bay
      adventure kayaks.


                     Anthony Bellette (as a local paddler) will provide final
                      information on;
                           Start procedure
                           Course
                           Course warnings (shallows and currents)
                           Expected weather conditions

                     RUSSELL LUTTON will provide a brief on
                          Actions to be taken in the event of a personal
                          Actions to be taken in the event of a call to clear
                           the water

      Staff placements

      A number of staff will be placed as spotters (race officials) in key
      positions including the following. Note spotters will not be engaged
      in other activities.

Placement                        Staff number View
Nelligen Wharf (at start line) 1                  Launch area and start
Little Island                    2                Short course turn and early
                                                  point in other courses
Farmer Johns                     2

      Each spotter will have a radio giving direct contact with rescue
      boats and the Safety Coordinator.

      All boats are numbered and numbers are recorded at finish

Emergency Procedures

The following table and explanatory notes details the actions to be taken
in the event of an emergency situation.

Individual paddlers
To be briefed prior to race

Event                Action                By         Notes
Capsize              Attempted remount     Paddler
Failure to remount / Maintain contact with Paddler    - Other competitors to
remain mounted       boat                             assist
                                                      - Competitor to swim
                                                      boat ashore and re-
                                                      - Spotters will
                                                      immediately report
                                                      capsized and
                                                      unmanned craft
                     Radio rescue boats    Spotters   Spotters will
                                                      immediately report
                                                      capsized and
                                                      unmanned craft
Group events

       Group to be briefed that in the event of a mass redirection, they
        should follow directions immediately and once safely ashore, sign
        off at the registration tent.
       All paddlers to sign out after the race at Nelligen to ensure all are
        accounted for.

Event                       Action                  By                   Notes
Lightning storm             Direct group away from Safety Coordinator    Group to be directed to
                            path of storm through                        the nearest shore away
                            contact with rescue                          from the storm centre
River closed or blocked Direct group to the         Safety Coordinator
                        nearest spotters
Extreme weather –           Contact Batemans Bay    Safety Coordinator   Rescue to focus on
resulting in mass           water police.                                group furthest from
capsizes                    Rescue boats to begin                        Nelligen

Hazard Identification Matrix

Hazard                      Likelihood              Consequences         Management action

River state unsafe -        Low                     High                 Race cancelled in over
weather                                                                  25 knots
River state unsafe –        Low                     High                 Race cancelled
Forecast storm or other Low                         High                 Race cancelled
severe weather event
Storm – lightning           Low                     Extreme              Redirection via safety
(unforecast)                                                             craft available
Extreme winds               Low                     Moderate             Rescue via safety craft
(unforecast)                                                             available
Loss of visibility - rain   Low                     Low – Moderate       Warn participants to
squall                                                                   hug shore
Extreme Heat                Low                     High                 -Participants carry
                                                                         -safety craft carry
                                                                         spare water
                                                                         - safety craft available
                                                                         for rescue
Extreme Cold                Low                     Mod                  -Participants briefed
                                                                         - safety craft available
                                                                         for rescue

Fatigue                     Mod                     Low                  Rescue via patrolling
Hazard                Likelihood   Consequences   Management action
                                                  Safety craft
Sickness              Mod          Low            Retirement or rescue
                                                  via patrolling Safety
Unable to complete    Mod          Low            Rescue via IRB
Spotter sick          Low          Mod – High     Spare volunteers

Equipment and area
Safety Craft breakdown Low         Mod            4 Safety craft on
Radio malfunction     Mod          High           Spare radios available
Glass or rubbish on   Mod          Mod            Scouts to clean area
walking areas                                     prior to activity
Others in area        Low          Low            Ambassador group will
                                                  be on patrol
                                                  Politely ask to move
Altercation           Low          High           Refer to local police
Traffic jam           Mod          Mod            Council and police
                                                  Control by
                                                  ambassadors of drop
                                                  off area

Ken Bellette                        0414614603
Anthony Bellette                    0410614608
Russell Lutton                      0401005274

Eurobodalla Council                 4474   1000
Eurobodalla Council (After hours)   4474   1222
Batemans Bay Police                 4472   0099
National Parks and Wildlife         4887   7270
NSW Maritime Batemans Bay           4472   6600
Batemans Bay Hospital               4472   4504
Bennys                              4478   1153

PO Box 3110 Batehaven 2536

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