Royal Marines - State of Mind by eex14835


									Royal Marines - State of Mind

IAB Creative Showcase Sept 2007, Winner
Eurobest 2007, Silver

Meet any serving Royal Marine Commando
and you’ll find they have that unique
commando spirit - steely determination,
patience, enterprise, discipline in all conditions,
understated confidence and interestingly, a dry
sense of humour to help get them through
some fiercely intense combat situations.

Using the proposition, ‘It’s a State of Mind’,
which was rolled out across both ATL and
digital, the idea behind the campaign was that
you can make it in the Marines if you have the
right state of mind.

The audience we were speaking to were 16 to
24 year old men who were physically very fit
and into the kind of sports that require mental
as well as physical strength.

We developed five rich media ads using both
bespoke sound and video specifically for the

Each execution dramatises the unflappable
nature of a Marine – the ability to stay focused
and keep a clear head even in the most
adverse conditions. They clearly demonstrate
the strength of mind required for the job.

To reach our target audience, the ads appeared
on a number of different sites ranging from
men’s magazines and sports sites to entertain-
ment and social networking sites.

We also designed a pre-roll version of one of
our ads, which was then placed on video sites
where users would be in the mindset to view
content with sound.

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