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BECAUSE OF YOU! by eex14835


                                                        MEMBERSHIP DUES NOTIFICATION
VOLUME 15                 WHITE BLUFF - RYE HILL VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT                                           2006
              LIFE       AND      PROPERTY              PROTECTION     FOR      RURAL        LIVING
The White Bluff – Rye Hill Volunteer Fire Department is YOUR department. It is made up of volunteers who are YOUR
friends and neighbors. The personnel that make up YOUR fire department are dedicated individuals who serve the
community in which we all live, and do it on a 100% volunteer basis. We do not have a single paid person serving on
the department. Our firefighters are well trained and we have managed the department equipment and money to become
one of the PREMIER (non-city) volunteer fire departments in this part of Western Arkansas.
                     WOW! What an Exciting Year we had in 2005,
                          and part of that is…..BECAUSE                       OF YOU!
Please read inside about all the things that have been a blessing to our department
     and to our community in this past year! We’re looking forward to 2006!

   Have you ever considered joining the Fire Department? Now is YOUR chance!
 We need good people to start with and we’ll do the rest. We have State Certified Training Officers, within our own
     department, to provide most of your training. Come to one of our meetings and see what we are about!
                 Contact us at one of the numbers listed in this newsletter for more information!

All Contributions are                 White Bluff - Rye Hill Fire Association                         Membership Year
 Tax Deductible                             Membership Application                                       2006
                                                                           If you need a receipt please enclose a S.A.S.E.
Name: _____________________________________                                            along with your payment.
Mailing Address: ____________________________                                          Make Check Payable To:
City, St, Zip: ________________________________                                  WHITE BLUFF - RYE HILL V.F.D.
Phone: ____________________________________                                 and return with your membership application
                                                                                    in the enclosed envelope.
  Annual Membership Per Property is $25.00 - Please Remit Payment Before April 15, 2006
Local Address of each property covered:                      $______________ Annual      Membership Contribution
1) _________________________________
2) _________________________________                               $______________ Additional Contribution to allow us
3) _________________________________                                                       to purchase much needed equipment
    Attach additional listing of properties if needed                $_________________ Total Year 2006 Contribution
    Visit our AWARD WINNING website at:            
       AND YOUR HOME?                             Did You Know?                               What can you do to
                                                                                              help out YOUR Fire
Our current firefighters, EMS,                    Our fire department covers thirty-
and other personnel combine for                   six plus (36+) square miles of              Department?
a total of over……………………..                         homes and businesses and                    Is there a way you can help out the
261 Years of Volunteer Service                    approximately 3,100 people, along           fire department? Sure you can!
                                                  with supplying mutual aid to any            Even if you do not want to fight
to our community. WOW!                            department in Sebastian County              fires, perform rescue operations or
Their dedication to protecting our                that requests our assistance,               provide basic life support in
neighborhoods is evident! If you                  including the City of Fort Smith.           medical emergencies, we have a
see one of them, tell them……….                                                                job for you!
          THANK YOU!
Moschner, Doris –Secretary               31 yrs
                                                                                              We always need people to become
Mitchael, Charles -Chief                24 yrs
                                                                                              firefighters, 1st Responders and
Mitchael, Margaret –Ladies Aux.          24 yrs                                               EMT’s,        especially     daytime
Taylor, Joe –Firefighter / Train Coord. 22 yrs                                                responders. There are countless
Seiter, Dale –President / Fire Marshal 17 yrs                                                 other jobs that need to be done in
Biggs, Larry –Firefighter                14 yrs                                               our department that do not involve
Allen, Chuck –Captain                    13 yrs                                               entering a burning building, cutting
Mickle, Ron –Firefighter / Train Coord. 13                                                    open a wrecked car, or providing
yrs                                                     Our 2004 Model Attack Truck
                                                                                              basic life support. These jobs are
Moser, Mike -Treasurer
                                                       Check us out                           valuable and essential. Equipment
Blaylock, Jerry –Asst. Chief             12 yrs                                               and Trucks must be maintained
Almond, Jim –Safety Officer
                               / EMT         12          ON-LINE!                             and repaired, lawns at the stations
                                                        Have you checked out our              need to be mowed, landscaping
Heiss, Mike–Firefighter                10 yrs
                                                  AWARD WINNING WEBSITE!                      maintained, fundraisers organized,
Newberry, Kendall –FF / 1st Resp.        8 yrs
Strawhacker, Clay –Firefighter          8 yrs             GO ONLINE NOW TO:                   etc. People tend to look at the
Strawhacker, Lessa –FF / EMT             7 yrs              volunteer fire department and tell
Strawhacker, Cyndi – FF / 1st Resp. 7 yrs         We have recently upgraded our               themselves, I can’t help because I
O’Hare, Brian –Arson Inv. / EMT           5 yrs   KIDS SECTION of the website, so             don’t want to fight fires or I can’t
Hisaw, Ronnie –Vice Pres. / Firefighter 5 yrs     now your kids have a place they             meet the physical demands. The
Greening, Robert–Firefighter             4 yrs
                                                  can go to learn about fire safety,          White Bluff - Rye Hill Fire
Cox, Angela –Firefighter / EMT           4 yrs                                                Department says.... ”YES, YOU
                                                  tornado safety, play games, etc.
Unruh, Jerry –Firefighter / 1st. Resp.   3 yrs
                                                                                              CAN!”       A good volunteer is
Mickle, Adam–Firefighter                3 yrs
                                                  via our website.     It is a very
England, Jerry–Firefighter              2 yrs     informative site, showing our               anyone who wants to help in
Weeks, Heath–Firefighter (in training) new        stations, equipment, personnel,             any capacity.        Retired, Semi-
                                                  newsletter, current events, guest           Retired, Housewives, and people
These individuals provide you,                    book, discussion page for county            who work in our area, are all
your family and your property…                    fire departments, etc.         The          welcome to talk to us about the
fire protection and emergency                     website has won awards from                 role that they could play in making
                                                  some of the premier web site                our community, a safer place.
medical services in the White
Bluff – Rye Hill community                        monitoring companies that judge             Do you specialize in lawn
with…..                                           Fire/EMS/Police      web      sites         care, landscaping, auto or
                                                  throughout the world. Some of the           truck repair, fundraising,
                                                  awards are the         “Great Web           Attorney at Law, or JUST A
100% Volunteer Firefighters                       Award”      from    World      Fire         GOOD VOLUNTEER? If so……
100% Vol. First Responders               We have also               please call one of the
100% Volunteer EMT                                been awarded the “Silver Award”             numbers listed in this
NO Paid Personnel..AT ALL                         from                          newsletter.
Out of Two (2) Stations                             Questions or comments regarding
With (5) Fire Apparatus                           anything related to our fire department
                                                         can be emailed to us at:
And (1) Emerg. Medical Unit.
                                                  DONATIONS can be made online
                                                  using a credit card. Fire Dept. T-shirts,
COME JOIN OUR DEPARTMENT                          Ball Caps and Patches can also be
AND ADD YOUR NAME TO THE                          purchased through our web site using
                                                                                                             Pumper 1
LIST OF VOLUNTEERS ABOVE!                         a credit card.
  FIREFIGHTER OF THE                       Once again… Santa’s                                 TO PAY
     YEAR FOR 2005                         visit a BIG SUCCESS!                         MEMBERSHIP DUES
Jim Almond, Safety Officer and
                                           The firefighters and EMS personnel of        The current fire rating for our fire
Certified EMT, was elected the 2005
Firefighter of the Year for the White      the     White     Bluff-Rye   Hill   Fire    coverage area is Class 7/9. Our
Bluff - Rye Hill Fire Department. Jim      Department teamed up with Santa              goal and mission is to serve and
was nominated and chosen by his            Claus again this Christmas. They took        protect the community in which
fellow firefighters for his dedication,    him around the area aboard our fire          we live, utilizing the resources
loyalty and “always there when you         trucks on December 11th. Santa and           and funds that we have
need him” attitude. Jim handles all of     his firefighter helpers handed out nearly
                                                                                        available. Our continued goal is
our Safety Concerns on and off the fire    500 bags of fruit, candy, goodies and
                                           coloring books to the people within our      to improve our fire classification
scene and is in charge of our First
                                           area. The fire department wishes to          even more, but it requires your
Responder and EMT Program. His
unselfish attitude towards making our      once again thank the following               help! Failure to pay membership
department a better place is a true        individuals and businesses who               dues      to    your      responding
blessing to our firefighters and           donated money, candy, decorations,           department results in a “No Fire
community.                                 etc. for the SANTA RUN this year.            Protection” classification with your
                                                      Wal-Mart – Greenwood              insurance company. It is illegal for
                                                      McDonalds - Fort Smith
                                                          Whitt Truck Repair
                                                                                        an insurance carrier to offer a Fire
                                                          The Coffee Beanery            Classification rating for a non-
                                                             Golden Corral              member client. Being a member of
                                                           KMAC / Taco Bell             our fire association can, and will,
                                                       DCS Communications               reduce your insurance premiums.
                                                         J.J. & Johnette Seiter
                                                         Trans American Tire            As stated above, our goal is to
                                                       Jody’s Muffler & Brake           reduce our fire classification even
                                                     Northside Convenience #3           further to assist you in reducing
                                                        Glidewell Distributing          your insurance premiums.
                                                        Mobile Sales of Alma
 Another AWARD for Jim!
In November, Jim was chosen by a
                                                 Utility Trailer Sales of N.W. Ark.
                                                      State Farm-Randy Bittle
                                                                                            Call 9-1-1
panel of judges to be the Sebastian                     Greer’s Coin & Pawn                Fire - Sheriff - Ambulance
County Firefighter of the Year for 2005.                    OSS Enterprises
Jim was presented with this honor                         Kindy Wood MFG.                      CHILDRENS
during the county wide Fire/EMS
Recognition Banquet. Jim not only
                                                      James “Red” Workman
                                                           Circle JD Ranches                    GROUPS
works hard to make our department
better, but also has acted as the Fire
                                                           C. Bean Transport
                                                               Bob Miller                      WELCOMED!
Services Coordinator for Sebastian                  Farm Bureau – Sebastian Cty         Our firefighters would love
County and assists other departments                 All State—Gary Richardson
with grants, paperwork and training.               Boss Xtreme Graphics & Paint         to give your children’s group
Congratulations go out to a great                        Anonymous Donors               (Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts,
person, friend and volunteer!                           White Bluff—Rye Hill
                                             Firefighters, First Responders and EMT’s   Brownies, Church Group,
                                              White Bluff—Rye Hill Ladies Auxiliary     etc.) a tour of the fire
                                                  QUESTIONS?                            station. We will show them
                                                   CALL US                              the trucks and equipment,
                                           Feel free to contact one of the numbers      along with putting on a
                                           listed below if you have any questions
                                           regarding      home      fire     safety,    short fire safety class. We
                                           membership contributions, department         would love to help out! Just
    YOUR FIRE                              projects, etc. We are here to provide
                                           our community with a service, and we         give us a call!
   DEPARTMENT                              appreciate your input.
                                                                                        The White Bluff – Rye Hill Volunteer Fire
As always, we remind you that this         Charles Mitchael        Chief                Department Newsletter & Membership Dues
is YOUR Fire Department. We                479-646-7586            CTO                  Notification is published annually and is
                                                                                        intended to serve as a notice for
invite everyone to our monthly             Dale Seiter          President               memberships that are due for the current
meetings on the second and fourth          479-638-7020       Fire Marshal              year and as an informative newsletter about
Mondays of every month at Station          Ronnie Hisaw     Vice President              our fire department and our community.
                                                                                                  Designed and Edited By:
“B” located at 5325 Spring                 479-648-1518        Firefighter                              Dale A. Seiter
Mountain Rd. Meeting time is 7:00          Jim Almond        Safety Officer
p.m.                                       501-646-3598           EMT
911 Training                          FREE SMOKE
Tips for Kids                    A limited supply of smoke detectors
                                 have been made available to our fire         Here are some fire precautions you
•   Children should learn        department through a grant that was          can take:
    their first and last         obtained by the Sebastian County             •   Install smoke alarms on every floor
    names, as well as those      Office of Emergency Management and               of your home and near bedrooms.
                                 the Sebastian County Volunteer Fire              Test them monthly and replace
    of their parents, along      Association. This fire prevention grant          batteries every year, whether
    with their address and       is being used to provide free smoke              needed or not (pick a date you can
    phone number as early        detectors and other fire safety literature       easily remember, like a holiday or
    as possible!                 to people within Sebastian County that           your birthday to replace the
                                 may not have smoke detectors in their            batteries in the smoke detector).
•   Keep          IMPORTANT      residence or may not have an adequate        •   Keep fire extinguishers in areas
    INFORMATION posted           number of smoke detectors to properly            like the kitchen, near the fireplace,
    next to all telephones.      protect their family.                            and in the garage or workshop (A
•   Children       should   be                                                    class ABC multi-purpose fire
                                 If you are interested in obtaining a free        extinguisher is the best for home
    taught to use 911 when       smoke detector, please stop by Station           use). Make sure the extinguisher
    appropriate and should       “B” at 5325 Spring Mountain Rd. during           is kept charged and practice using
    be assured that they will    one of our normal meetings (7:00 p.m.            it.    Don’t ever use water on
    not be in trouble for        on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each                electrical or grease fires -- it will
    calling 911 during an        month) and pick one up. We must                  shock you or spread the fire. In
                                 keep accurate records on the                     this newsletter is a diagram and
    emergency.                   disbursement       of    these    smoke          instructions on the use of a fire
•   Role play with your          detectors. Since they were obtained              extinguisher.
    children     using     TOY   through a grant, you will be asked to        •   Have a family escape plan - young
    telephones. Pretend to       provide your name, address, and                  children and older people are very
                                 phone number when picking up your                vulnerable to fire injuries, so teach
    be a dispatcher and ask      free smoke detector. This information            them in advance:
    your child 911 questions     is used SOLEY for making sure the            1. How to exit the house with practice
    over the toy telephone to    smoke detectors are accounted for and            fire drills.
    practice their skills.       being distributed in Sebastian County.       2. Not to hide under beds or in
•   Teach your children how                                                       closets during a fire.
                                     FIRE PREVENTION                          3. To exit the house by staying low
    to dial 911 on cellular                                                       and crawling on hands and knees.
    phones and cordless               TIPS FOR YOUR                           4. If clothing catches fire: STOP,
    phones. Some young                     HOME                                   DROP, and ROLL to extinguish it..
                                                                              5. Have two ways to get out (in case
    children do not know
                                 Prevent fire from entering your home             one is blocked).
    how to use the “SEND”        -- fire kills 4,000 people and injures       6. Not to try and take possessions or
    button.                      more every year.                                 pets when escaping a fire (you can
•   Do not think that “It will                                                    replace these items, you cannot
    never happen to my           Most fires are caused by smoking or              replace yourself or a loved one.
                                 faulty electrical insulation.                7. Not to go back inside the house,
    family!”                     Use common sense and stay SAFE!                  for any reason (firefighters have
                                                                                  the best chance of rescuing
                                 •    Don’t smoke in bed                          anyone left inside).
                                 •    Supervise young children -- keep        8. Choose a meeting place outside,
                                      matches out of reach                        preferably in front, so everyone
                                 •    Don’t empty ashtrays before you             can be accounted for.
                                      go to bed
                                 •    Don’t overload electrical circuits      If you do have a fire get everyone out
                                                                              immediately. Call the fire department by
                                 If you are trapped in a fire, close doors    dialing 911. Calmly give the 911
                                 between you and the fire. Stuff the          operator      all of     the   requested
                                 cracks around doors and cover vents to       information including anyone that may
                                 keep smoke out. Wait at a window and         still be inside.
                                 signal for help with a flashlight, if you
                                 have one, or by waving a sheet or other
                                 light-colored cloth. If there’s a phone in
                                 the room where you’re trapped, call 911
                                 and tell them exactly where you are.

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