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        health care for the uninsured

                                                                                                         Trustee Thoughts
     2009: A Significant Year For BVMI
     BECAUSE OF YOU. . .
         It is because of you – who have given your time, your talent, your                               “We can’t wait to open the doors”
    financial support – that the Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative, Inc. reports a                              I recall perfectly how I first
    remarkable year to date. In spite of the global economic crisis affecting                              became aware of BVMI.
    each of us in many personal and professional ways, BVMI has made                                              Dr. David Roth, a BVMI Board
    significant progress in fundraising, construction, and program development.                            member who shares my
    Our heartfelt thanks to each of you who has participated in this wonderful                             enthusiasm for good wine, and I
    achievement.                                                                                           were together at a wine tasting.
         Fundraising efforts for the first half of 2009 have been very successful. The                     He casually mentioned that Dr.
    following support from individuals, foundations, and the public sector have                            Sam Cassell, whom I had known           Gene Marsh
    propelled us toward an anticipated opening of the BVMI Healthcare Center                                                                       Vice-Chair,
                                                                                                           for many years, was starting up a Board of
    in late Fall 2009.                                                                                     group to establish a family             Trustees
         The Bolger Foundation: the $100,000 challenge grant for first quarter 2009
                                                                                                           medical center for a segment of
    was exceeded because of your generosity. BVMI raised $149,000 in
                                                                                                           uninsured working residents of Bergen County.
    contributions and pledges from individual donors for a total infusion of
                                                                                                                  Knowing that I couldn’t see patients, I said
         The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey: BVMI received a renewed grant                              that I’d like to be involved in some other way --
    for years 2009 and 2010. The total amount of $40,000 is for continued                                  thinking that I could help out by doing clerical or
    community outreach and for partial funding of an Electronic Medical                                    maintenance work.
    Records system.                                                                                               Within a few days of the conversation, I
         The Division of Community Development, County of Bergen: in addition                              received a call from our intrepid founder, Sam,
    to a $99,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), BVMI applied for                                inviting me to a meeting. As they say, “the rest is
    and received $200,000 in federal stimulus funds, CDBG-R (Recovery). This is                            history.” I was hooked. The cause was real, much
    part of the total amount of $2.8 million awarded to Bergen County by the                               needed, and local. There were a lot of committed
    federal government for municipalities and non-profit organizations with                                folks involved, quite a few of whom I knew.
    “shovel-ready” projects. The $299,000 is earmarked for construction costs,                                    Because of my experience in real estate and
    and frees donor-raised funds for Healthcare Center operations.                                         building development prior to retirement, I felt I
         Construction of the BVMI Healthcare Center, as seen in photos published                           could contribute the most in those areas. It took
    in this newsletter, is underway. Started in July, the project is scheduled for                         quite a while to determine how much space would
    completion in time for a Fall 2009 opening.                                                            be needed and where to locate. We went down
         Program Development has received significant support from the Robert                              many paths and considered several possibilities
    Wood Johnson Foundation. The Bergen County Community Action Partnership, Inc.,                         before deciding on 241 Moore Street, Hackensack.
    in collaboration with BVMI, was recently awarded a $250,000 grant over three
                                                                                                                  It’s been almost five years since that first
    years to address the issue of health literacy among immigrant populations in
                                                                                                           meeting. There were definitely times when I did
    our community. The “Pathways to Health” program is expected to begin in
                                                                                                           not think this project would get off the ground. I
    September. The grant was written in large part by Dale DeAngelis Mottola,
    BVMI; and Mary Mulvaney, BCCAP. Their excellent proposal was one of 11                                 never dreamed how much effort, planning,
    selected from 40+ applicants statewide.                                                                cajoling, and fundraising would have to be put in
                                                                                                           by so many people to bring us to the point where
        We have been fortunate in securing talented and experienced                                        we are now: a facility under construction – almost
    professionals to head the Healthcare Center operations. Arthur De Simone,                              ready to welcome patients in late Fall 2009 to a
    MD, will serve as Medical and Facility Director; Edythe Kornfeld, BSN, MPH, will                       well-planned, well-equipped physicians’ office.
    be the Deputy Facility Director; and Dale DeAngelis Mottola will be the                                       We can’t wait to open the doors!
    Administrative Director. They are busy planning the staffing and equipping of
    the Center as well as precise functioning for patient care. The team is aided
    by several key committees whose members have put in countless hours to                             RECOGNIZING ROTARY
    help our cause.                                                                                    Rotarians: True to Their Motto,“Service Above Self”
                                                                                                            Bergen County Rotary Clubs generously supported
         As we move forward to opening day, we are mindful that continual,                             the Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative by pledging
    relentless fundraising efforts are necessary in order to meet our mission. The                     contributions to match The Bolger Foundation
    Fundraising Committee, co-chaired by Janet Finke and Marilyn Schotz, is                            Challenge Grant as follows:
    making plans through 2010 and beyond. All ideas are welcome. Our next
                                                                                                                   Paramus Rotary, $10,000
    newsletter, December 2009, will focus on the day-to-day operations of the
                                                                                                                   Hackensack Rotary, $5,000
    BVMI Healthcare Center and on the fundraising plans to support them.
                                                                                                                   Bergen Highlands Rotary, $2,000
    Again,our heartfelt thanks for your ongoing participation.
                                                                                                                   Teaneck Rotary, $250
                                                                                                             The Walter D. Head Foundation of Rotary District
                                                                                                       7490, which represents Rotary Clubs in Bergen, Hudson,
                                     Bernard M. Weinstein, Chair                                       and Passaic Counties, contributed $5,000 as a matching
                                     on behalf of the Board of Trustees, BVMI                          grant to the Rotary Club pledges. The funds will be used
                                                                                                       to purchase medical equipment for the BVMI Healthcare
                                                                                                       Center. Additionally, the Paramus Rotary React Club,
                                                                                                       West Book Middle School, contributed $500 to BVMI.

     BVMI’s Annual Meeting Draws Large Crowd . . .
                                                                                                             Rotary International is the world’s first service club
                                                                                                       organization. Members are volunteers who work locally,
           Over 100 people attended our Annual Meeting held at Holy Name Hospital,                     regionally, and internationally to combat hunger, improve
     Teaneck, NJ. The audience was warmly welcomed by Pargellan A. McCall, PhD,                        health, provide education, and promote peace. BVMI
     member of the Board of Trustees, BVMI, who introduced the program.                                is extremely grateful to the local clubs for their
           Our guests were inspired by Gene Cheslock, MD, the President and a Founder of               investment in our mission.
     the Parker Family Health Center, Red Bank, NJ, who delivered the Keynote Address;
     and by the remarks of Gene Marsh, Vice-Chair, BVMI; and Steve Rivkin, founder of
     Rivkin & Associates, Glen Rock, NJ, and a member of the Board of Directors,
     Volunteers in Medicine, Burlington, VT. Judith K. Winn, PhD, member of the Board of
     Trustees, BVMI, moderated the panel.
           Bernie Weinstein, Chair, BVMI, gave the Annual Report. Janet Finke,
     member of the Board of Trustees, BVMI, and co-Chair, Fundraising
     Committee, gave a brief history of BVMI in honor of Samuel A. Cassell, MD,
     Founding Chair. Dr. Cassell concluded the program with his personal                               Members of the Paramus Rotary React Club, West
     statement: “A Vision Becomes Reality.”                                                            Brook Middle School, are joined by Martin Diamond,
           If you would like a copy of the Annual Meeting Program, please e-mail your                  seated far left, member, Paramus Rotary Club, advisor
     request to Please include a postal address as                   to React; and Judith K. Winn, PhD, center, member,
     the program will be mailed. The program includes a listing of all donors as of                    BVMI Board of Trustees
     March 31, 2009.
                                                                                                       MANY THANKS . . .
                                                                                                       BVMI is supported by the generosity of its donors and
                                                                                                       the work of its volunteers. Our contributors were
                                                                                                       acknowledged in the Annual Report, April 2009. We
                                                                                                       are also indebted to the innumerable individuals who
                                                                                                       have worked diligently on committees: we could not
                                                                                                       have progressed without them. At this time, we extend
                                                                                                       our gratitude to those friends who have recently made
     Over 100 people attend Annual Meeting                                                             in-kind donations to BVMI.
                                                                                                       Furnishings and Equipment
                                                                                                       Carole Brody, Dr. David E. Cohen, Dr. Arthur De Simone,
                                                                                                       Dr. Kenneth Herman, Florence Hurwitz, Leyland Alliance,
                                                                           Pargellan A. McCall,        Josephine Lisandrello, Dr. Charlotte Sokol,
                                                                           PhD welcomes audience       Dr. David B. Sutter, Valley Health Medical Group,
                                                                                                       Dr. Saul Zucker
                                                                                                       Sandra Schanzer, Dorset Consulting,
                                                                                                       Personal Fundraising
     Jonathan Pearson, Deputy                                                                          Susan Nashel, April Rivkin, Doris M. Swenson
     Director, Horizon Foundation for
                                                                                                       Warehouse Space
     New Jersey, center, presents
                                                                                                       Eastern States Steel Corporation
     check to members of the BVMI
                                                                                                       Bolger & Co. Inc.
     Board, l to r: Samuel A. Cassell, MD,
     Marilyn Schotz, Janet Finke, and            Senator Robert Gordon,          Councilwoman          Hospitality
     Bernard M. Weinstein                        center, presents Resolution     Karen Sasso,          Bergen County Community Action Partnership, Inc.
                                                 from the state legislature to   City of Hackensack,   Holy Name Hospital
                                                 members of the BVMI Board,      gives remarks         Ongoing Assistance
                                                 Michael W. Azzara, left, and                          Anjanette Sumala, Sue Pearly
                                                 Samuel A. Cassell, MD, right                           Bergen County Medical Society
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                                                            EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY
            BVMI seeks a part-time, bi-lingual (English/ Spanish), public      Community Action Partnership, Inc. Responsibilities include
            health nurse with experience in health education. The              recruiting candidates for the program, educating
            position is funded by a grant from the Robert Wood                 participants and healthcare providers, and monitoring
            Johnson Foundation. The ability to develop and/or secure           activity, progress, and outcomes. Must be able to work
            educational materials for an immigrant population in order         flexible hours. Please forward CV electronically to:
            to reduce the barriers to quality health care is essential. The; or FAX to 201.402.6869; or send by
            individual will perform basic health assessments on study          postal mail to Edythe Kornfeld, BVMI, P.O. Box 337,
            participants and will work with the Bergen County                  Hackensack, NJ 07602-0337.

     Fact Sheet:
     Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative, Inc.
       BVMI will provide free primary medical care to Bergen County              BVMI will not accept third party reimbursement; our ability to
    residents who are working and have incomes between 100% and                open the doors to the BVMI Healthcare Center and to keep them
    200% of the prevailing federal income poverty guideline and have           open is totally dependent on contributed income.
    neither medical insurance nor the means to pay for care.                     BVMI is part of a national network of free primary medical health
    (Individual: $10,830 - $22,660; Couple: $14,570 - $29,140;                 centers: Volunteers in Medicine. The BVMI Healthcare Center will be
    Family of Four: $22,050 - $44,100.)                                        one of 74 in the country.
        BVMI expects to have an impact on public health by                       BVMI is guided by a “Culture of Caring” which is the heart and
     decreasing infectious disease, stabilizing chronic conditions, and        soul of every VIM center. It is based on an ethical standard in
     reducing pain and suffering through early intervention and                medicine: the way people are treated during a visit to the BVMI
     consistent treatment.                                                     Healthcare Center is as important as the medical care they receive.
         Patients will be seen by appointment.


       Architect: The Bilow Group, 161 Main Street, Ridgefield Park, NJ
       David Bilow, AIA; Sean Sutherland, Project Coordinator
       Contractor: Construction Contractors of NY, Corp.,
       208 Russell Place, Hackensack, NJ Project Management Team:
       Monica Mastrapasqua, Philip Mastrapasqua, Talib Najjar

          health care for the uninsured
               P O Box 337
      Hackensack, NJ 07602-0337
        201.342.2478 •

     BVMI                                                                                  ate!
                                                                                 Save the DHouse and Ribbon-Cutting
                                                                                              Tuesday, November 10, 2009

     Board of Trustees                           Advisory Board
        health care for the uninsured

                                                                                                      2 to 5:30 p.m.
     Bernard Weinstein, MPH                      Michael R. Armellino, MBA                        Program at 4:45 p.m.
         Chair                                   Ronald E. Aubert, PhD, MSPH                     BVMI Healthcare Center
     Gene Marsh
         Vice Chair                              Burton L. Eichler, Counsel                 241 Moore Street, Hackensack, NJ
     Herbert H. Hyman, PhD                       Earl Wheaton, MD                   Please come to see the results of your work, your
         Vice Chair
                                                                                investment, and your belief that this day would come!
     Marilyn Schotz                              Founders
         Secretary                               Michael R. Armellino, MBA           “After countless meetings, hours of planning and dreaming
     Peggy Sullivan                                                             about our Center, I finally set foot inside the building – an exciting
                                                 The Bolger Foundation
                                                 Lynn Diamond                   work in progress -- and was overwhelmed by a sense of pride.
     Samuel A. Cassell, MD                                                      Pride for myself and pride and admiration for all of the volunteers,
         Founding Chair
     Deborah Aronson                                                            the doctors, other professionals, and the angels among us who are
     Michael W. Azzara, MBA                                                     making our dream a reality.”
     Janet Finke                                                                                                           Kenneth Herman, EdD, ABPP
                                                                                                                        Member of the Board of Trustees
     Kenneth Herman, EdD, ABPP
     Eileen W. Lindner, MDiv, PhD                                               Please note:
     Pargellan A. McCall, PhD                                                   A Cocktail Reception in Celebration of the BVMI Healthcare
     David I. Roth, MD                                                          Center Opening and in Honor of Samuel A. Cassell, M.D.,
     Charlotte Sokol, MD                                                        Founder, BVMI, is planned for the evening of November 10.
     Carl Wierum, MD                                                            Details to follow for this fundraising event.
     Judith K. Winn, PhD