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					Elevator pitch:
People have dreams but lack the resources to implement them. We help make dreams
happen by hosting endowments, where the winner is voted for by our users.

Endowments will help ordinary people raise funding and get help to achieve their goal --
for example, run for Mayor, or make a short film to show at Sundance Film Festival.
Members and companies can also set up their own endowments hosted on the site. This is
particularly beneficial for brands.

The most disruptive endowments (likely political) will be made in to reality TV shows.

Possible names are “Candidate X” and “Chime” (the latter with the tag line “be seen, be

Examples of endowment prizes:
   •   Finance to take on a mission/venture, e.g. start a company, travel, stand in a
       political election.
   •   Equipment and promotion, e.g. wannabe film makers can win cameras and the
       opportunity to show their creation at a film festival. (This could be sponsored by
       Disney or another studio to find talent.)
   •   Meet-and-greets with celebrities.
   •   Some endowments will have 2nd/3rd place prizes.

How does the company make money?
   •   Licensing: Licenses to content made for TV and other media.
   •   Other business's endowments: A fee would be taken in exchange for us hosting
       endowments for non-individuals and non-charities. (Like the example above: Disney
       offering cameras to find talented amatuer film makers.)
   •   Advertising: Advertisers can purchase marketing services and ads.
   •   Enhanced user profiles: Users who want more features/options on their profile
       can purchase enhanced user profiles which have added features and capabilities to
       them (traffic analytics, custom designs, etc).
   •   Application fees: For certain high value endowments, there may be an application
       fee. This may be appropriate to filter serious candidates.

We want the first endowments to be the kind that people will tell their friends about:
   •   A monetary prize, say $100,000, to the winner, who must use that money to
       campaign for mayor. The endowment’s entrants will be limited to one city (one of
       San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, London -- because they are tech savvy and
       have high populations). This will have maximum disruption and impact because
       politics is an area of our lives where we traditionally don't have much control of.
   •   Signed merchandise from a popular music artist in exchange for our users
       promoting their new album. A meet-and-greet would be a bonus if possible.

The site will have Facebook integration, so that user's friends can be invited to our site.
  •   Money to hire staff, support the first batch of endowment prizes, and launch the
      marketing campaign.
  •   Advice and guidance.

Nice to have:
  •   Contact with TV industry executives who want to create our reality show.
  •   Contact with a music artist who wants to offer signed merchandise as an
      endowment prize.

Prototype website screenshot:

         Michael Boyd

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