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					                                                                                                                Vol. 16, N0. 1                                           JANUARY 2000

                                         Each…agrees the Internet and all it brings with it (i.e. online
                                         banking, electronic commerce) looms on the horizon.

          P    Positioning for prosperity: Community
               bankers discuss what it will take
   None of us dared
believe it was really a nonevent until
the clock struck midnight in our
                                                                                                                                          What’s Inside
                                                                                                                                          Vice President Al Gore
own community. Some of us                                                                                                                 announces e-commerce initiative .... 3
ventured out for awhile on New
Year’s Eve. Still, most had their
calendars cleared for that first week
in January…just in case.
    Now that we have crossed the                                                                                                          ICBA Credit Life program
Y2K threshold, what have community                                                                                                        is a winner ...................................... 3
bankers across the state done to
position themselves for prosperity in
the 21st century?
    “We have tried to diversify
ourselves through our holding                                                                                                             OCC will launch service to
company,” says John Brown,                                                                                                                link banks and examiners ............... 5
executive vice president of Security       Most community banks have evolved to the point where virtually every desk has a PC
State Bank of North Dakota, New            nearby. As bankers look to the future, this technology evolution will continue to present an
Rockford. “In our expansion, we            interesting set of challenges and opportunities that must be addressed.
bought part of a bank in
Minnesota; state borders no                                                                                                               Internet banking incentives:
longer act as a barrier.”                  future of community banking.                     economy.”                                     What are banks offering? ................. 7
    Jon Mund, ICBND President-                 “I believe the year 2000 and 2001                 Each of these community bankers
Elect and president of First National      will be the shakedown period, led by the         agrees the Internet and all it brings with
Bank, Milnor, has capitalized on the       giants, in what the repeal of Glass              it (i.e. online banking, electronic
personal touch for which community         Steagall means. Should we own our own            commerce) looms on the horizon.
bankers are known.                         brokerage business, form a property and               “For awhile, I thought e-commerce        Marketplace speaker rolls
    “We work closer with our               casualty insurance company, or become            had the potential to provide the new          out the Internet numbers ................ 8
borrowers today than we ever have          a mortgage brokerage business and pool           products that could give community
before. We help them prepare               our loan resources to go regionally              bankers a way to grow the pie,” Stroup
accurate balance sheets and analyze        or nationally? I think this bill provided        says. “It still might, but it may come via
cash flow needs through the use of         us opportunity and possibility thinking,”        expansion and growth of non-banking
computer programs designed just            Stroup says.                                     businesses. I don’t think offering
for that purpose. We understand that           In preparation for the many                  conventional banking products online
the farmers who do survive need to         challenges the future holds, Randy               will be a money-maker.”
be better farmers and better               Streifel, executive vice president of                 Remaining competitive with big
business people,” Mund says.               Liberty State Bank, Powers Lake, tries to        banks has prompted Mund to establish
    Repeal of the Glass Steagall Act       keep an open mind. “We continue to               an aggressive time line for his bank
of 1999 is one phenomena Chuck             update and expand the technologies               with regard to Internet banking. “We
Stroup, president of Union State           available to us, always understanding our
Bank, Hazen, believes will shape the       limitations, such as population and              See Prosperity, pg. 6

C  Churchs Ferry receives $225,000 grant
   to relocate from Federal Home Loan Bank
   A $225,000 Affordable
Housing Program grant from the
Federal Home Loan Bank of Des
                                           besides overrunning the rural
                                           community. “This was a difficult situation
                                           with really no easy solution,” said Kyle
                                                                                            this solution.”
                                                                                                 Nelsen said, under the terms of the
                                                                                            buy out, it is possible some of the
Moines is providing much-needed            Nelsen, vice president of United                 families of Churchs Ferry may not be able
aid to the citizens of Churchs Ferry,      Community Bank of North Dakota in                to find a home equivalent to what they
ND. This grant will be used to             Leeds and a member of the Churchs                will be leaving behind. “The buy out
build 15 new homes in                      Ferry city council. “As the waters               terms include paying market rate for the
surrounding communities.                   continued to rise, it became obvious that        property plus an additional market
     The community of 113 is located       the community needed to make some                incentive,” Nelsen said. “This isn’t a
about 20 miles from Devils Lake and        tough decisions. After much surveying            problem for some families, particularly
is in danger of flooding as the waters     and consulting, the city decided to              those with newer homes. But for those
of Devils Lake and the Mauvais             pursue a community-wide buy out, but
Coulee rise with no place to go            there were some problems inherent in             See Grant, pg. 6

                            Independent Community Banks of North Dakota – Strong Independent and Proud
           JANUARY         2000                                                                           COMMUNITY BANKER

                                                Y   Your responses to member surveys will
                                                    drive future direction of the association
                                                    Happy Y2K. It certainly
                                                was a wonderful New Year with little or
                                                no Y2K problems. Now that the
                                                                                                Exchange can also split-ship a combined
                                                                                                order to various locations, allowing a
                                                                                                bank to take advantage of volume
                                                                                                                                              will guide the board and staff in the
                                                                                                                                              future direction of the association.
                                                                                                                                                   What is important to you is important
                                                enormous time and expense of Y2K                discounts.                                    to the association.
                                                preparation is behind us, we can all                In our recent member survey, the               Remember to register soon for the
                                                better focus on business at hand.               ICBND Purchasing Exchange was a               2000 ICBA [Independent Community
                                                    I want to remind each bank of the           widely used and appreciated service of        Bankers of America] National Convention
                                                cost savings opportunities available to         the association. We intend to continue        and Techworld in San Antonio, March 5-
                                                you through the ICBND Purchasing                expanding and providing the                   9. It will be an enjoyable and educational
                                                Exchange. We are confident you will             advantages of an association-run              convention with seminars addressing
                                                realize surprising savings when you             “Banker’s Warehouse.”                         technology, marketing, compliance and
                                                purchase supplies and equipment such                ICBND is completing interviews and        legislation. The San Antonio Marriott
                                                as teller machines, fax machines, copy          anticipates hiring a vibrant and qualified    Rivercenter and Riverwalk hotels are
                                                machines and paper shredders, to name           person to replace Harold Duchscherer as       filling fast. Mona and I hope to see you
                                                a few.                                          the manager of the purchasing exchange.       there. #
                                                    Paper products, specialty items,            Look for a formal announcement soon
ICBND President DeWayne Streyle reminds         envelopes, stationery and other office          and more detailed information in the
member banks of the cost savings                supplies also offer savings opportunities.      next issue of Community Banker.
opportunities available through the ICBND       Our bank has saved money on all of                  I want to thank everyone who
Purchasing Exchange.                            the above while receiving excellent             returned the member surveys. They were
                                                service. In fact, our bank savings in           tabulated and will be presented to the        DeWayne Streyle is ICBND President
                                                1999 paid for many years of future              Board of Directors at our February            and President of United Community
                                                ICBND membership. The Purchasing                meeting. Your input was appreciated and       Bank of North Dakota in Leeds.

                                                A   A surmise or two about the future: Look
                                                    out Caribbean, I am on my way
                                                    Trying to predict and
                                                anticipate the big issues of the future is
                                                something I enjoy doing. Of course, if I
                                                                                                    One clear trend is the new marketing
                                                                                                challenges that will be caused by our
                                                                                                aging population. As they age, they will
                                                                                                                                              will be for those banks in small
                                                                                                                                                  At least in some respects, they will
                                                was that good at it, I would be clipping        become transient and will travel more.        continue to have a captive market. There
                                                bond coupons in the lap of luxury on a          There will be more leisure time. It will be   is competition with the larger city banks
                                                beach somewhere in the Caribbean. Oh            increasingly important to ensure North        and in some cases credit unions, but
                                                well, I can’t resist a few thoughts and         Dakota customers can bank in                  usually folks in town and the area
                                                impressions.                                    Arizona, either by going to a branch, by      farmers would rather go to their locally
                                                    The first issue will be to answer how       using regional or national networks or by     owned community bank.
                                                banks will fit into the financial services      using technology, probably the Internet.          Unfortunately, some communities that
                                                picture. The entire industry, big banks,            Without much work on the part of          have multiple community banks may start
                                                chain banks, community banks and                community banks and their associations,       a weeding-out process as the pie slices
                                                worldwide banks, will be fighting with          the great beneficiaries of this change will   get smaller. However, the biggest issue
                                                other industries for their piece of             be the large national chains.                 for these banks will be survival of
                                                the pie. It will be a new era with the              The near future will continue the         the community itself. If there is no
                                                Internet and hundreds of new “dot-com           trend of consolidation. Luckily this will     community, there is no community bank.
                                                companies,” as well as financial                mean many (but certainly not all) of the      Active participation in efforts to further
“Luckily this will mean many (but               modernization and consolidation, and            large banks will fight merger/acquisition     economic development will be an
certainly not all) of the large banks will be   the entrance to center stage of brokerage       woes of reduced earnings, corporate           absolute necessity.
fighting merger/acquisition woes of
                                                firms and insurance companies.                  philosophy conflicts and shareholder              A second area of concern and attack
reduced earnings, corporate philosophy
conflicts and shareholder disappointment.
                                                    The best news here is that according        disappointment. This should keep many         will be technology. It is an expensive
This should keep many of them busy,” says       to recent surveys, most Americans would         of them busy. Unluckily, they will have       problem to address, but it will be an
ICBND Executive Vice President Joel             like banks to take the lead in financial        incredible sums of money to do what they      increasingly important cog in banking.
Gilbertson.                                     services. Competition from online               want.                                         Community banks will move technology
                                                brokerages and mutual fund companies                Generally, I think community banks        even higher on the priority list. The
                                                will be fierce, but it does appear, at the      will need to strategically plan to face
                                                very least, that banks have a head start.       three primary areas of attack. One area       See Future, pg. 6

                                                Community Banker
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                                                of the Independent Community Banks of North                                                   Executive Committee
                                                Dakota. It is published monthly. Deadline for   Joel Gilbertson, Executive Vice
                                                submissions and advertisements is the 15th of     President and General Counsel               President DeWayne Streyle, Leeds,
                                                the month. Send your news items to: Community                                                   dstreyle@ucbnd.com; 701-466-2232
                                                Banker, P.O. 6128 Bismarck, ND 58506-6128.      Sandy Fleck, Executive Assistant, Ed.
                                                Phone: (701) 258-7121 or 1-800-862-0672.          Director and Convention Director            President-Elect Jon Mund, Milnor;
                                                Fax: (701) 258-9960. E-mail: info@icbnd.com.
                                                                                                                                                jmund@fnbnk.com, 701-427-5212
                                                                                                Paul Jacobson, Director of Card
                                                Joel Gilbertson ......... Managing Editor         Services                                    Vice President Rich Campbell, Minot,
                                                  joelg@icbnd.com                                                                               rich@fwbt.com; 701-852-3711
                                                                                                ICBND Web Site:
                                                Sandy Fleck ............. Business Manager        www.icbnd.com                               Immed. Past President Howard Schaan,
                                                  sandyf@icbnd.com                                                                              Harvey, howard@martin.ndak.net;
                                                Pearce Metzger Comm....Design Editor                                                            701-324-2285

                                                        COMMUNITY BANKER                                                                              JANUARY        2000

V  Vice President Gore announces initiative
   to expand, improve electronic commerce
   Vice President Al Gore
announced a new initiative to expand and
improve electronic commerce by
                                              role in electronic commerce by acting
                                              as certification authorities (CA) on behalf
                                              of their customers, according to the
                                                                                             The information superhighway promises
                                                                                             to utterly transform commercial
                                                                                             transactions – how we buy and sell the
identifying and eliminating barriers to       results of the Certification Authority         goods and services that make up our
this emerging new marketplace.                Interoperability Pilot conducted by the        lives. Already, thousands of new
    During the recent holiday season,         Internet Council of NACHA – The                businesses are setting up shop on the
online shopping was projected to exceed       Electronic Payments Association.               Internet.
$9 billion with nearly three-fourths of all       “A trusted third-party for electronic            Soon, you will be able to buy almost
Internet users using it to help with their    commerce ensures that all parties to a         anything online. You will be able to find         “Banks have the
shopping.                                     transaction can be authenticated and           the best price in the world almost
    The percentage of those online who        held accountable, and that the integrity of    instantly from your home computer. And              opportunity
plan to purchase at least one product         the transaction can be maintained,” said       you will be able to do it in a virtual             to provide this
over the Internet has increased from          Elliot C. McEntee, president and chief         shopping mall that is open all day, all
eight percent in 1998 to 32 percent this      executive officer of NACHA. “Banks have        night, all across the world.                    assurance by acting
year, according to Harris Interactive. In     the opportunity to provide this assurance            In this emerging digital marketplace,       as certification
addition, e-commerce could exceed             by acting as certification authorities.”       nearly anyone with a good idea and a
$1.4 trillion by the year 2003.                   New technologies are forever               little software can set up shop, becoming
    Under the new e-commerce initiative,      changing the way we live, the way we           the corner store for an entire planet. That
                                                                                                                                                                – Elliot C. McEntee
a working group will invite public            learn and the way we work. Today more          promises to unleash a revolution in
                                                                                                                                                         president and CEO, NACHA
comment on federal, state and local laws      Americans make computers than cars.            entrepreneurship and innovation –
and regulations that may obstruct or          More Americans build semiconductors            a cascade of new products and services
hinder electronic commerce. Federal           than construction machinery. More              that today we can scarcely imagine.
agencies and representatives of state and     Americans spend their days processing                Many experts now estimate that by
local governments will also be invited to     data than refining petroleum.                  the first years of the new century,
identify barriers and propose solutions.          At the heart of this economic              electronic commerce will grow to
    The working group will recommend          transformation is the Internet. More than      account for hundreds of billions of
revisions to facilitate electronic            100 million people around the world use        dollars a year in sales. And there is no
commerce while also ensuring                  the Internet to stay in touch with distant     end in site – traffic on the Internet is now
consumers and the public have a level of      friends and family, research important         doubling every 100 days. #
protection in electronic commerce             topics, follow the news or explore new
equivalent to that which they now enjoy       places.                                        Sources: http://www.pub.whitehouse.
in the off-line world.                            However, the Internet’s most lasting       gov/ and http://www.nacha.org/
    Banks can serve a value-added             impact may just be beginning to unfold.

              “This is truly a great program. You simply can’t go wrong by signing up.”
                                           – Jim Goetz, Security First Bank of Oliver County, Center

   ICBA Credit Life program is a winner
   How would it feel to                       estimated annual premium have joined.                65 district managers;
increase your credit life premiums by             Signing up for ICBA Credit Life was an     $ A product line to meet virtually any
almost 600 percent? Like Christmas…a          easy decision for Goetz. “In addition to             borrowing need; and
really BIG Christmas! Ask Jim Goetz how       receiving competitive, up-front                $ Proven in-bank sales training and
he feels since signing on the Independent     commissions like they do now, banks                  incentive programs to promote a
Community Bankers of America (ICBA)           participating in the program become – in             sales culture in your bank.
Credit Life Reinsurance Program.              a sense – owners of the block of credit             Here are three tips from an ICBA
    “I guess you could say the results        insurance business they write. Because of      Credit Life training session which may
speak for themselves,” said Goetz,            that, they also are entitled to share in the   help your own bank:
president and CEO of Security First Bank      underwriting profits on their book of               1. An effective sales presentation is
of Oliver County in Center, and Security      business and in the investment income          a process of uncovering and satisfying
First Bank of North Dakota in New Salem.      the premiums they write generate.”             your customer’s needs.
    “In Center, which has a rather diverse        Four other ICBND member banks                   To do this effectively, it is important
loan portfolio, our 1999 credit premiums      also use the ICBA Credit Life program,         staff understand the difference between
insurance increased 193 percent over          including: Bank of Hamilton, Hamilton;         features and benefits. A feature is a “fact”
1998. Even more amazing, in New Salem,        Bank Center First, Bismarck; Country           or “characteristic” about the product or       “The only other way to approach this
which is primarily an ag bank, our            Bank USA, Cando; and Liberty State Bank,       service. A benefit is the “value” of a         level of profitability in credit insurance
credit insurance premiums                     Powers Lake.                                   feature to the customer. For example,          sales is for a bank to do what larger
increased 584 percent over last year,”            District managers from American            one “feature” of the payment protection        banks have done, and that is to own its
he added.                                     General sit down with lenders at each          life product ICBA Credit Life offers is that   own “captive company.” And even in
    Goetz is pleased with the ICBA Credit     new bank that joins ICBA Credit Life.          the premium is added to the monthly            that scenario, ICBA Credit Life is a
Life personnel and the training they          They explain the insurance products            payment, while the “benefit” to the            better option for community banks
provide. He also commends his lending                                                                                                       because it spreads the costs of starting
                                              thoroughly and offer tips on how to            customer is the convenience. The
                                                                                                                                            and operating a “captive credit life
team. “I am fortunate to have a very          convey the benefits of the products to         payment protection coverage
                                                                                                                                            company” over a large number of
competent lending team, and they really       customers. “I can’t speak highly enough        conveniently appears on the same               banks, making it an economical option
responded to the training and                 of Bill Lundbohm, the company                  statement – no additional monthly bills.       for community banks of all sizes,” says
encouragement from our sales rep. Our         representative for ICBA Credit Life.,”              2. The ultimate test of the               Jim Goetz, president and CEO of
credit insurance sales penetration levels     Goetz said. “He helped me custom               presentation’s effectiveness is whether or     Security First Bank of Oliver County,
now exceed 50 percent most months.”           design a simple, inexpensive credit            not you can get your customer to take the      Center.
    ICBA Credit Life Reinsurance              life sales incentive plan for our              action necessary to take advantage of the
Company, Ltd. is a joint venture              lenders.”                                      benefits that were described.
partnership between ICBA and American             Along with new profit opportunities,            To help in this process, be certain to
General Assurance Company, an A+ rated        banks receive:                                 summarize the benefits the customer has
insurance company. Since its launch in        $ Turn key marketing programs and              understood and accepted during the
January 1999, nearly 70 banks                       collateral materials;
representing about $2.9 million in            $ Support of a national sales force of         See Benefits, pg. 7

          JANUARY         2000                                                                 COMMUNITY BANKER

                                        C  Community bankers are busy across ND
                                        Jacobson to lead BNC asset
                                             Jeff Jacobson was appointed
                                        president of BNC Asset Management Inc.
                                        He joined BNC in 1998 as a financial
                                        adviser for LM Financial Partners Inc.,
                                        BNC Asset Management’s provider of
                                        securities brokerage services. Jacobson
                                        is a 1991 graduate of North Dakota State
                                        University. Before joining BNC, he
                                        worked for A.G. Edwards and Paine
                                        Webber. He and his family live in St.
                                        Louis Park, Minn.

                                        Ibach receives award
                                            Kathy Ibach, director of human
                                        resources and marketing at the Bank of       Security State Bank of North Dakota in Jamestown recently donated $16,000 to Jamestown
                                        North Dakota, is the 1999 recipient of the   Hospital’s capital campaign. Pictured (l-r) are Harvey Huber (Stutsman County State
                                        North Dakota Award for Professional          Bank) and Charlie Kourajian, steering committee members; Richard W. Hall, president of
                                        Excellence in Human Resource                 Jamestown Hospital; Judy Buegel, steering committee member; and Steve Steinborn, vice
   “We opened our                       Management. The award is granted by          president of Security State Bank of North Dakota.
     business in                        the North Dakota Council of the Society
                                        of Human Resource Management.                Department. Oberlander brings an              president. “We’re very happy to be a part
 Jamestown in 1995                                                                   extensive ag background, including            of Jamestown. This community is also
  and the response                      Demester joins Citizens State                farming in Stutsman County for the past       very fortunate to have the hospital’s
from the community                      Bank in Grafton                              four years. Prior to farming, he held the     administration, staff and boards who
                                             Julie Demester joined the staff at      position of ag loan officer and assistant     continue to improve a system that is
       has been                         Citizens State Bank Grafton-Petersburg at    vice president with the former First          responsive to the needs of the people in
    very positive.”                     the Grafton branch. She will work as a       National Bank of Valley City. He has          this area.”
                                        customer service representative, as well     worked with the Farm Services Agency in
                                        as in other areas of the bank. Demester      the guaranteed loan program as well as a      Local banks being sold
              – Mark Brown, president   has 16 years of experience with Bremer       loan servicing contractor. Oberlander             M.C. Parkos and Harlan Klefstad,
  Security State Bank of North Dakota   Bank in Grafton. She lives in Grafton with   and his wife, Patty, reside in Jamestown      stockholders of Stock Growers Bank in
                                        her husband, Terry, son, Joey, and           with their two children.                      Napoleon, have announced plans to sell
                                        newborn daughter, Emilie.                        The bank also welcomes Katie Powell       the bank, effective when approval is given
                                                                                     as a teller/customer service                  by the Federal Reserve Board. Parkos,
                                        Gerhardt promoted to branch                  representative. She has been with the         who has been with the local bank for 37
                                        manager                                      bank since December 1998 and was              years, said they are selling to Steven D.
                                            Bank Center First of Bismarck            previously employed at Subway of Valley       McLaen of Sargeant County Bank at
                                        announces the promotion of Mariah            City as an assistant manager.                 Forman, and David L. Sorgatz and Bruce
                                        Gerhardt to manager of the bank’s                Tracie Bakalar was hired as a teller/     W. Wentz, currently employed at Stock
                                        Barlow’s Econo Foods branch. Gerhardt,       customer service representative. Bakalar      Growers Bank. Parkos is president of
                                        a Bismarck native, is a graduate of the      was previously a shift supervisor at Pizza    Stock Growers Bank, while Klefstad is
                                        University of Mary and holds a bachelor’s    Hut. She and her husband, Trevor, reside      chairman of the board. Sorgatz has been
                                        degree in business administration. She       in Valley City and have two children.         senior vice president and Wentz is vice
                                        has been with Bank Center First since                                                      president. No changes in other personnel
                                        October 1995.                                Security State Bank donates                   are planned once the sale is finalized.
                                                                                     $16,000 to capital campaign
                                        First National Bank & Trust                      Security State Bank of North Dakota       First Southwest Bank
                                        adds Danielle Hintz                          donated $16,000 to Jamestown Hospital’s       promotes Kouba
                                            First National Bank & Trust Company      campaign: “Project Health Care: Invest in        First Southwest Bank Mandan
                                        of Williston is pleased to announce the      Your Future.” “We opened our business         promoted Kevin Kouba from business
                                        addition of Danielle Hintz to its staff as   in Jamestown in 1995, and the response        banking officer to assistant vice
                                        marketing representative. Hintz is a         from the community has been very
                                        graduate of Beulah High School and           positive,” said Mark Brown, bank              See Bankers, pg. 5
                                        NDSU in Fargo, where she earned a
                                        bachelor’s of business administration
                                        degree. Hintz worked for US Bank
                                        Service Center in Fargo for one and one-
                                        half years in the consumer dispute
                                        research area and moved to Williston in
                                        August 1999.

                                        Farmers and Merchants Bank
                                        announces changes
                                             Paige Bjornson was promoted to
                                        assistant vice president at Farmers and
                                        Merchants Bank in Valley City. She has
                                        been with the bank for six years. The
                                        appointment is in addition to her current
Paige Bjornson was recently             position as compliance/credit review
promoted to assistant vice              officer. Paige and her husband, Darren,
president at Farmers and                reside with their two children in Valley
Merchants Bank in Valley City.          City.
                                             Mark Oberlander was added to the
                                        Farmers and Merchants Bank Ag Lending

                                                        COMMUNITY BANKER                                                                               JANUARY         2000

O    OCC will launch service that links banks,
     examiners through the Internet
   National banks soon will
be able to communicate with regulators
over the Internet rather than through the
mail, say officials at the Office of the
                                                  The system, which bankers will be
                                              able to access through a normal web
                                              browser such as Netscape Navigator or
                                              Internet Explorer, is password-protected
                                                                                                 Users of the analysis program can
                                                                                             size up their banks against as many as six
                                                                                             other institutions at a time and generate
                                                                                             customized reports that compare the
                                                                                                                                                “Data exchange
                                                                                                                                              is one of the things
Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).            so it can be used for the exchange of          institutions across 200 categories.
    They will do so with National             sensitive information.                             Davis said comparative analysis
                                                                                                                                             we want to provide –
Banknet, a service designed to connect            “Data exchange is one of the things        reporting “streamlines and enhances” a           to give bankers the
national bankers and their                    we want to provide – to give bankers the       process already in place by which the               ability to talk
examiners through e-mail and give             ability to talk back to us,” said Cheryl F.    OCC generates peer-group reports in
bankers access to online assessment           Davis, director of the OCC’s supervisory       hard copy and mails them to banks. A                 back to us.”
programs.                                     data division.                                 similar online program offered by the
    “We recognized that community                 The agency also expects to provide         FDIC allows banks to access the same                           Cheryl F. Davis, director
bankers have a hard time keeping up           various self-assessment tools to banks         data but cannot compare more than two                  OCC’s Supervisory Data Division
with all of the mail they receive from        using National Banknet. The first such         institutions at a time.
regulators and other companies while          tool – and the only one available now –            Scherer said the OCC expects to
they are trying to run their banks,” said     is “comparative analysis reporting,”           make more tools like comparative
Stuart A. Scherer, the OCC’s director of      which contains data supplied to the            analysis reporting available online by
community bank activities. “National          Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation          mid-2000.
Banknet is a way for us to make their         (FDIC) by all FDIC-insured banks.                  Source: American Banker #
lives easier.”

2    2000 Statewide Housing Conference
     scheduled for Bismarck on Feb. 2-3
   ICBND joins 11 state
agencies and associations in hosting the
2000 Statewide Housing Conference,
“Smart Housing 2000.” The event will be
                                              Center, were award recipients.
                                                  Three conference tracks – or interest
                                              areas – address home ownership, rental
                                              and special topics. The two-day event
                                                                                             HUD reorganization, renaissance zones,
                                                                                             Native American affordable housing,
                                                                                             loan loss mitigation, foreclosure
                                                                                             and property disposition, and
held Feb. 2-3 at the Radisson Inn,            offers a mix of keynote speakers and           leadership initiative for community
Bismarck, and is sponsored by the North       concurrent sessions.                           strategic planning.
Dakota Housing Finance Agency                     Michael Bodakan, president of the              Gov. Ed Schafer will welcome
(NDHFA).                                      National Housing Trust, will deliver the       conference attendees. Attorney General
    The conference showcases the              opening keynote, “Changes, Choices,            Heidi Heitkamp, Commissioner of
presentation of the North Dakota              Resources: Responding to Today’s               Agriculture Roger Johnson and Public
Housing Finance Agency Champion               Affordable Housing Crisis.”                    Service Commissioner Leo Reinbold will
of Affordable Housing awards to                   Barbara Thompson from the National         also address participants.
lenders. Last year, ICBND members             Council of State Housing Agencies will             For more information or to register,
Dakota Community Bank of Dickinson            provide a Washington update.                   contact Karen Schwan Holman at NDHFA,
and Security First Bank of Oliver County,         Concurrent session topics include          701-328-8056 or 1-800-292-8621. #

Bankers, from pg. 4
president. A Bismarck native, Kouba           CountryBank USA’s partnership. Country
graduated from the University of North        Bank staff voted to participate in the
Dakota with a degree in finance. Kouba is     project and use money from their
a 1999 graduate of the Bismarck-              Country Caring fund to purchase the tree
Mandan Chamber of Commerce                    for the “Gifts of the Heart” project. The
Leadership Bismarck-Mandan program.           20-foot artificial tree was displayed at the
He has been with First Southwest Bank         Heartland Therapy Center and covered
for two and one-half years, and was a         with handmade decorations. Additional
bank examiner for five years prior. He        heart decorations were also displayed at
volunteers for Ducks Unlimited, Junior        CountryBank on a tree in the bank lobby.
Achievement, Special Olympics and             A wish list of needy items was requested,
Christmas in April.                           with many items being like new or gently
                                              used. Gifts were distributed to the 100
New Salem bank supports                       recipients before Christmas.
local nursing home                                CountryBank USA and Heartland Care
    Jim Goetz, president of Security First    Center will continue to gather as many         The staff of Heartland Care Center and Heartland Day Care in Devils Lake gather around a
Bank of North Dakota, and vice president      items as possible throughout the year to       Christmas tree CountryBank USA donated to the “Gifts of the Heart” project to assist needy
Steve Morris recently presented a $500        further assist the Safe Alternatives for       children and families in the Lake Region area. Photo courtesy of the Devils Lake Journal.
check to Gary Kreidt, administrator of the    Abused Families (SAAF) Home. “When
Elm Crest Manor Nursing Home in New           you see how much fun it is to give back        and related legal, compliance, securities
Salem. The donation will be used toward       to children and families, the Christmas        and investment strategies, and
the purchase of a new mini bus for West       holiday takes on a new meaning,” said          operational support activities typically
River Transportation.                         LuAnn Stromme, “Gifts of the Heart”            acquired through a business-related
                                              project coordinator.                           college degree, advanced trust or legal
CountryBank USA helps with                                                                   education/certification and six or more
Christmas project                             WANTED: Senior Trust Officer                   years administration experience. Send
     The “Gifts of the Heart” project began       Bank Center First, Bismarck, is            resume to: Bank Center First, PO Box
as an idea that became a reality to further   accepting resumes for a senior personal        2197, Bismarck, ND 58502, ATTN.:
benefit the Lake Region community. One        trust officer position. Applicants need to     Myron Pfeifle, President/CEO. #
hundred children received Christmas           demonstrate thorough knowledge of
gifts thanks to Heartland Care Center and     personal trust account administration

          JANUARY         2000                                                                          COMMUNITY BANKER

                                              Grant, from pg. 1

                                                                         families who        Planning Council, applied for a North            specifically benefits the housing efforts of
                                                                         have older          Dakota Hazard Mitigation Grant for               its member financial institutions,” Nelsen
                                                                         homes and a         $1.65 million. The city contributed              said.
                                                                         limited             $93,500, the county match was $330,000                The Home Loan Bank’s Affordable
                                                                         income, they        and the state match was $220,000.                Housing Program was created in 1989 to
                                                                         may have                United Community Bank of North               benefit the construction, purchase or
                                                                         difficulties        Dakota (UCB), a Federal Home Loan                rehabilitation of homes for families
                                                                         finding homes       Bank of Des Moines member, and Dakota            under 80 percent of the area median
                                                                         like the ones       Prairie Community Action Agency                  income. Area communities such as
                                                                         they are            partnered together to submit a                   Leeds, Devils Lake, Rugby and Cando
                                                                         leaving. For        $225,000 grant to the Federal Home               have offered incentive packages to
                                                                         those people,       Loan Bank. “United Community Bank is             Churchs Ferry residents. The packages
                                                                         we wanted to        pleased to offer this opportunity to the         include free real estate, discounts on
                                                                         find additional     residents of Churchs Ferry,” said UCB            water and sewer, and tax breaks.
With flood waters edging closer each day,
the residents of Churchs Ferry will be able
                                              funding to provide gap financing.”             president DeWayne Streyle, who also                   “The support for the families of
to put a recently awarded $225,000 grant          Estimating it would take nearly $2.3       serves as ICBND president.                       Churchs Ferry has just been
from the Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB)        million to complete the buy out, the city,         “The Home Loan Bank’s Affordable             amazing,” Nelsen said. “It has made a
of Des Moines to good use. ICBND- and         with assistance from North Central             Housing Program is unique because it             difficult situation a bit easier.” #
FHLB-member United Community Bank of
North Dakota, Leeds, partnered with
Dakota Community Action to submit the         Prosperity, from pg. 1
                                              need to offer products and services that       banking vendors which we will utilize in         financial planning will be a trend for
                                              compete with those marketed by the big         the very near future.”                           community banks in the next 10 years. “I
                                              banks,” he says. “Internet banking will            “Our association needs to think              think we’re going to see more need to
                                              likely be implemented in the next few          outside the box,” Stroup says. “If we            give people a direction where they want
                                              years at First National Bank. This will give   continually meet with bankers, if we             to be going. Our bank already offers
                                              customers easier access to information         continually meet with bank consultants,          insurance and brokerage services; we
                                              on their bank accounts. The challenge          we begin to think their way. I would like        want to get customers through their
                                              will be to not lose the personal touch our     to see ICBND develop a group of                  whole life cycle. When you get people
                                              customers are accustomed to.”                  frustrated bankers concerned over                who are no longer borrowers but
                                                   In his 25 years of banking, Brown         their future and challenge them to lead          investors, we need to be able to meet that
                                              has gone from operating “an old flip-          us in a new direction.”                          need, too.”
                                              pocket proof machine” to the computer              Another area where community                     “I think the future for the financial
                                              sitting on his desk with Internet access so    bankers rely on the strength of ICBND is         industry will be with technology leaders,”
    “I believe our                            he can check stocks and e-mail. “Our           on the legislative front. “Banks need            Stroup says. “Watch Checkfree,
                                              biggest challenge will be Internet             taxation and regulation equality with            Spectrum, M & I, Microsoft and Yahoo…
 association needs                            banking,” he says. “It allows us to be         credit unions if we are going to compete         there is where the future will be for us.”
to look at ways…we                            anywhere and access our bank as a              effectively,” Mund says. “Our state and              Internet banking, e-commerce,
                                              manager or a customer. I won’t have to         national associations must take the lead         aggressive legislation, financial planning,
can radically change                          sit at my desk and, people won’t               in communicating our needs.”                     networking. It’s most unlikely ICBND’s
  our state laws to                           have to be in an office.”                          Stroup agrees with this idea, and            forefathers would have ever dreamed
                                                   Streifel says he believes ICBND can       wants to see ICBND go a step further. “I         some 30 years ago that these would be
give us a significant                         play an important role in assisting            believe our association needs to look at         the hot topics of their organization at the
  and meaningful                              community bankers as they address              ways and means in which we can                   turn of the century.
                                              technology issues. “I think ICBND needs        radically change our state laws to give us           Nonetheless, that is where we are,
 strategic position                           to be the educator on new products and         a significant and meaningful strategic           and these are the issues. Y2K may have
   when compared                              technology. We also need to develop a          position when compared to other states,”         been a nonevent. The future is not. What
  to other states.”                           networking process for CEOs and                he says. “I remember the law passed in           are you doing to position yourself
                                              educate them on the need and benefit of        1995 in which North Dakota’s product             for prosperity, and how can ICBND
                                              this type of networking.”                      liability was so different, it landed us two     assist you? Send your comments to
              – Chuck Stroup, president            Mund agrees. “The technology              or three airplane manufacturers. Now             ICBND Executive Vice President Joel
               Union State Bank, Hazen        seminars ICBND has offered helped us           there is vision.”                                Gilbertson at joelg@icbnd.com or fax
                                              make contacts with imaging and Internet            Brown says he believes overall               701-258-9960. #

                                                Future, from pg. 2
                                                competition will include large national           In all areas, service and personal          three areas. The problems should be
                                                chain banks and many other national          attention will assure a future for
                                              43212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                            addressed in innovative ways that use
                                                financial service providers such as          community banking. In an increasingly
                                              43212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                            the advantages of membership groups.
                                                insurance companies and securities           complex world, the high trust level
                                              43212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                 The battle will not easy. In many
                                                brokerages, not to mention other             people have for community banks will
                                              43212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                            cases, the next century will be
                                                community banks and, of course,              serve as a great asset in competition with
                                              43212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                            community banking and Main Street
                                                numerous Internet companies.                 all other providers of financial services.
                                              43212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                            “Davids” against big business and Wall
                                                    All will offer many technological             People trust banks A LOT. People
                                              43212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                            Street “Goliaths.” However, we remem-
                                                tricks to get consumers to become            trust community banks a lot more
                                              43212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                            ber who won that first David and
                                                customers, and they will cross sell          than any other banks. That is a gift
                                              43212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                            Goliath battle. Our great legacy of the
                                                products to create a one-stop shop.          community banks have earned and must
                                              43212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                            past is our greatest hope for the future.
                                                    A third area community bankers           take advantage of even more in the                    Best wishes for even more richness
                                                will face is the new era of one big,         future. The branding of community
                                              43212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                            of life, at home and at the bank, in the
                                                financial services package authorized        banks, whether by legislative policy or          21st century. #
                                                by the recent financial reform act.          public relations planning, will be more
                                                Community banks, whether through             important in the future than it is now.
                                                acquisition, de novo or outsourcing,              Just as importantly, it is the obligation
                                                likely will be forced to venture into        and the business of community bank
                                                insurance, securities and money              associations to assist and support               Joel Gilbertson is ICBND’s Executive
                                              43212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                            Vice President and General Counsel.
                                                management.                                  community banks in responding to all

                                                        COMMUNITY BANKER                                                                            JANUARY         2000

I   Internet banking incentives: what are
    banks offering to their customers?
   Internet banks offer a
variety of features and perks, rushing to
lure online customers. The race is on to
                                                from the ATM owner) and throw in a
                                                whole extra function, online bill
                                                payments, for no charge.
                                                                                             loans and credit cards. Some offer
                                                                                             nothing but checking accounts while a
                                                                                             few are offering every consumer
                                                                                                                                              Internet access
                                                                                                                                             seems a natural
increase market share and create               Categorize transactions and                   product they can. Among those
customer loyalty with features that make        produce reports – Functionality is           offering a credit card, some offer easy         incentive to get
online banking friendlier, more useful          king as online banking customers             ways to make a minimum- or full-
and less expensive. Here are the five           using these features enjoy a web             balance payment through the same
                                                                                                                                           people in the door.
most common features found in Internet          interface that delivers the utility of a     Internet interface that accesses one’s        Most banks…have
banking.                                        money management software                    checking account.
Free checks, free foreign ATM use               application.                               Interest bearing checking accounts
                                                                                                                                            some limitations
  and free online bill payment –              Export banking data to popular                 – Most banks still try to collect some       in the length of time
  Following one of the oldest methods of                                                     kind of monthly fee from their
  building market shares, a few banks
                                                money management software –
                                                Most banks offering the management           depositors, but others offer free
                                                                                                                                              access is given
  are offering online checking accounts         interface also allow easy downloading        accounts, and a few offer interest on          freely. A few just
  without monthly fees or printing              of financial information into files that     the accounts as well. Some offer             make Internet access
  charges. Going a step further, a smaller      can be imported into Microsoft Money         interest-bearing accounts as upgrades
  number offer no charge for use of             and Intuit’s Quicken.                        with monthly charges.                             a part of the
  foreign ATM machines (one even              Account credit card payments online              Source: Carter Merkle, www.bank                   account.
  reimburses up to $6 to cover charges          – Banks are all over the board on          info.com/ecomm/ibanks.html #

Give the Journal Video training                                                            2109876543210987654321
                                                                                             Benefits, from pg. 3
to area classes  library expands                                                           2109876543210987654321
                                                                                             discussion. By providing a benefit
                                                                                             summary, you remind the customer
   There is a great new                          ICBND has opened its                      2109876543210987654321
                                                                                             of the reasons he or she already
opportunity for community bankers to          video library for member and associate         agreed to and why they are
expand their involvement in the               use. The most recent purchase is “Cross-
                                                                                             important. For example: “Mr. Jones,
community through personal financial          Servicing: Making Good Things Happen           this coverage guarantees loan
education in the local high schools. It is    For Your Customers.”                           payment in the event of death, injury
called The Wall Street Journal Classroom          This attitude-changing program is
                                                                                             or illness. You will have peace of
Edition.                                      guaranteed to help your employees be           mind for you and your family, other
     For an annual fee of $281, you can       enthusiastic about cross-selling. It is        insurance coverage will not be
sponsor a high school class of your           designed for every employee who
                                                                                             depleted, and with group rates, the
choice or one can be chosen for you by        interacts with customers – either in         2109876543210987654321
                                                                                             cost is affordable.”
the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Classroom       person or on the phone. The two-                    3. Resistance is a result of
Edition staff. Each teacher whose             program series starts by answering the         skepticism, indifference or a specific
classroom you sponsor receives 30             two most important questions: “Why
                                                                                             objection. The following are four
copies of the monthly WSJ Classroom           should I bother?” and “What’s in it for        techniques for communicating
Edition, plus the teacher receives a copy     me?”                                           effectively:
of the daily Wall Street Journal.                 Program one (12 minutes) deals
                                                                                             • Restate the customer’s concern.
     The program also comes with a            specifically with changing attitudes and     2109876543210987654321
                                                                                             • Acknowledge the concern and re-
monthly teacher’s guide, eight videos and     uses real-life situations to point out            emphasize the product benefits.
visual aids. The stories in the WSJ           cross-servicing simply means people
                                                                                             • Summarize the product benefits.
Classroom Edition are taken directly          helping people. Program two ( 19             2109876543210987654321
                                                                                             • Provide personal examples. Also
from the Wall Street Journal.                 minutes) offers several role plays to             include phrases that encourage
     To promote the program, your bank        improve employee skills.
                                                                                                “relationship banking.”
will receive a press release template             Rental of “Cross-Servicing: Making       2109876543210987654321
                                                                                                  For more information on how
from Dow Jones & Co., Inc. which you          Good Things Happen For Your                    ICBA Credit Life can help you build
can personalize and distribute locally.       Customers” is $25 for one week. The            sales and boost profits, call Amer-
Your bank’s name will also be                 video is available on a first-come, first-
                                                                                             ican General Assurance Company at
prominently mentioned in the WSJ              served basis.                                2109876543210987654321
                                                                                             1-800-383-4747, ext. 6681.
Classroom Edition “Honor Roll” list,              ICBND has another video available               Source: Portions of this article
posted on the Classroom Edition’s web         for member use, “Security: Protection &
                                                                                             were reprinted with permission
site at http://infor.wsj.com/classroom.       Prevention.”                                   from ICBA Network News, Summer
     The program runs from January                This interactive, true-to-life video       1999. #
through December 2000. To sign up, fill       shows employees how to protect
out the registration form (inserted in this   themselves, their coworkers and
issue of Community Banker) and fax it         customers in the event of a robbery.
to (202) 659-1413.                                The program was created with the
     Call the Independent Community           assistance of William Gearin, nationally
Bankers of America marketing                  known security expert, and reflects
department at (800) 422-8439 if you           current bank security procedures and
have any questions.                           policies. Its approximate one-hour length
      Editor’s Note: Invite your local        makes it perfect for staff meetings.
newspaper or television station to join           Rental of “Security: Protection &
you when you visit the classroom you          Prevention” is $25 for one week. The
sponsor during Community Banking              video is available on a first-come, first-
Month (April 2000) to discuss                 served basis. For more information,
banking-related topics in the classes’        contact ICBND at 701-258-7121 or
current issue of the Journal. It would        1-800-862-0672. #
be a great opportunity to add real-
world value to the Journal articles and                                                    Congressman Earl Pomeroy (right) attended many of the sessions during Marketplace 2000,
demonstrate your commitment to the                                                         Jan. 6, in Bismarck. He and ICBND Executive Vice President Joel Gilbertson visited briefly
community’s future leaders. #                                                              following a session on Internet banking which Gilbertson moderated. ICBND also had a
                                                                                           booth at the event.

    JANUARY   2000                                                            COMMUNITY BANKER

                      M  Marketplace speaker rolls
                         out the Internet numbers
                         Nancy Stark, director of
                      community and economic development
                      for the National Center for Small
                      Communities, was a featured speaker at
                                                                    Wall Street Journal technology columnist
                                                                    Walter Mossberg. For the Internet to gain
                                                                    the worldwide popularity of televisions, a
                                                                    few things must change.
                                                                                                                  Head to Texas
                                                                                                                  March 5-9
                                                                                                                     Plan now to join more
                                                                                                                  than 1,000 community bank friends and
                                                                                                                  venture deep into the heart of Texas to
                                                                                                                  explore one of America’s most historic
                      Marketplace 2000, held in Bismarck,               In addition to making home                cities, San Antonio.
                      Jan. 6. She is also the principal author of   connections speedier, cheaper and                  The Independent Community Bankers
                      Getting Online: a guide to the Internet       automatic, Mossberg sees the need to          Association (ICBA) Annual Convention &
                      for small town leaders.                       replace the personal computer as              Techworld will be held at the San Antonio
                          What follows are excerpts from this       the Internet’s device of access. In           Marriott Rivercenter and Riverwalk
                      publication and Stark’s presentation that     place of PCs, he favors simple,               hotels and Convention Center March 5-9.
                      paint a thought-provoking picture of the      inexpensive information appliances                 ICBND, as well as other state
    …more than        mammoth size and potential the Internet       designed to access the web and e-mail         community banking associations, will
  one-half million    poses.                                        and to perform a few limited tasks.           host a special reception on Tuesday
   households are         According to the U.S. Department of           The previously disparate world of         evening, March 7.
                      Commerce, 171 million people around           telephones, television and computers is            At the convention, you will help
coming online every   the world now use the Internet, an            quickly blending. Soon, new information       improve your bank’s bottom line with
   month–that’s a     exponential increase from just three          appliances will have characteristics of all   workshops focusing on CEO strategies,
                      million people in 1994. Most Internet         three. For $400 or less, a variety of         directors, agriculture, technology,
 staggering 18,000    users are located in industrialized           electronic appliances can now deliver e-      marketing and much more.
     new homes        countries, including about 90 million in      mail and Internet access to TVs, tele-             Confirmed general session speakers
                      the United States and Canada.                 phones and other home-based devices.          include Chairman Greenspan, Board of
     every day.           Studies by Forrester Research, a              Alternatively, the cost and complexity    Governors of the Federal Reserve System;
                      Cambridge, Mass.-based marketing              of personal computers may decline so          John D. Hawke, Comptroller of the
                      research firm, show more than one-half        sharply PCs become accessible to nearly       Currency; Bruce Morrison, chairman,
                      million households are coming online          everyone. Some futurists predict the          Federal Housing Finance Board; and
                      every month–that’s a staggering 18,000        sophisticated personal computer of 2008       Charles Cook political analyst, The Cook
                      new homes every day.                          will cost less than $300 and pack 64          Political Report.
                          The fastest-growing group of              times the power of today’s machines.               In addition, you will have the chance
                      Internet adopters is people over 55,              Researchers from Hewlett-Packard          to explore Techworld, ICBA’s trade show,
                      says Jeff Bezos, CEO of online bookseller     and the University of California at Los       featuring more than 175 companies
                      Amazon.com. They weren’t the first to get     Angeles are also experimenting with           serving the community banking industry.
                      online, he maintains, but they have           simple computing components no                For more information on registration,
                      sufficient resources to purchase              thicker than a single molecule. Their         contact ICBA at 1-800-422-7285. #
                      computers. Also, many people over 55          molecular-scale sensors could produce
                      have a child or grandchild who helps          computers that are 100 billion
                      them along.                                   times as fast as today’s powerful PCs.
                          Even with all of this, the Internet is        The computer’s future also appears
                      not yet a mass medium, according to           limitless. #
                      43212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                             March, April, May

                                  2000 ICBND Education Calendar
                          March 13, 14, 15 and 16                    March 29-30
                      43212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                        computer operations management in
                               Watch out for “Five Steps to a           ICBND will cosponsor an EDP Audit
                      43212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                        small banks, check imaging and sales
                          ‘WOW’ the Customer Attitude!”              Seminar with NDBA.                           technology.
                          Certified Speaking Professional and           Bismarck (March 29)
                          seminar leader Nick Nicholas goes far         Fargo (March 30)
                      43212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                        May 3 and 4
                          beyond standard customer service                                                           “Get the Cutting Edge in
                          skills; he gives you techniques to         April 13
                      43212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                        Compliance”
                          change attitudes.                              CashCard Network Seminar
                      43212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                           Bismarck and Jamestown
                               Nick will identify ‘how to’               Grand Forks Holiday Inn
                          principles for wowing your bank
                          customers and techniques to build          April 14
                      43212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                        Call ICBND at 1-800-
                          confidence in handling difficult or            CashCard Network Seminar
                          vexing customers. “This program is             Bismarck Radisson Inn
                      43212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                        862-0672 for more
                          different than any customer service
                      43212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                        information or to
                          program I’ve ever seen,” said one          April 19-20
                          recent attendee who is a bank CEO.             The second annual ICBND
                      43212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                        register for any of
                          “Anyone in banking who speaks to a         Technology Symposium & Trade
                      43212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                        these seminars.
                          customer should be required to             Show is planned for April 19-20 at the
                          attend.”                                   Seven Seas. Specific topics will address
                      43212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                        Or, visit our web site
                                                                     Internet banking and compliance, web
                                                                     sites, strategic technology planning,
                      43212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                        at www.icbnd.com.
                          Don’t forget to check the continuing education courses available online!
                                           Go to www.icbnd.com/education.html.