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 Giving Energy to the Real
                                                         drink is another person that is helping out the real
 Heroes of the Australian                                heroes of Australia, Apex! So spread the word and
 Community                                               drink lots of Hero Energy Drink!!

 In November 2007, Apex Australia welcomed a             No Wings!
 new major sponsor to the Apex family, Hero              Just Capes!
 Energy Drinks. Apex Australia approached Hero           No Bull!
 Energy Drinks over six months ago for sponsorship
 on a smaller project. Hero was so impressed by
 our beloved organisation and what we do within
 the community that they came back to us asking if
 they could become the major sponsor.
 Hero has been extraordinarily generous in their
 sponsorship deal. Not only will Hero be donating
 two cents for every can of Hero Energy sold in
 Australia, but they are also placing the Apex
 Australia brand on the back of every can within
 This two cents per can creates huge potential for
 Apex Australia to receive some real financial
 support over the forthcoming years. If Hero s
 market research is correct and Hero sells one
 million cans a month across Australia this could
 equal to $240,000 per year for Apex Australia!!
 All Apex Clubs are able to make some extra
 money as well by selling Hero Energy Drink at
 BBQ s, festivals, and other fundraising events! To
 place a bulk order for Hero stock, simply send an
 e-mail to head office or phone 1800 818 608!
 Hero Energy Drink, Superman is their first product
 out on the shelves. This is a very distinguishable
 drink with the Superman logo on the front and the
 Apex Australia brand on the back.
 If you see Hero Energy Drink in the shops, make
 sure you pick one up, and not only will you be
 giving yourself a boost but you will also be boosting
 your community! Every person that consumes the


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