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               AIDS Foundation Houston gears up for 12th year of
               Camp Hope for Children Infected with HIV/AIDS

HOUSTON, TX. (July 2007)—AIDS Foundation Houston, Inc. (AFH) celebrates the 12th annual
Camp Hope program for children infected with HIV/AIDS. The camp will take place July 15 – 20th
and serve more than 150 children living with HIV/AIDS in Texas and beyond.

“Every child deserves the magic and thrill of participating in a summer camp, but unfortunately, not
every child has the means or the opportunity,” said Kelly McCann, CEO of AIDS Foundation Houston.
“I am very proud that AIDS Foundation Houston has been able to make that dream possible for
HIV positive children not only in Texas, but across the globe.”

AFH introduced Camp Hope in July 1996 as the first camp in Texas designed specifically for children
ages 7 – 15 with HIV/AIDS. Since its inaugural year, the camp has expanded from a three-day
summer pilot program to a full-week program that has served 1,300 kids over the last 11 years.

Camp Hope activities are designed to provide safe and beneficial life experiences for children living
with HIV/AIDS and integrate medical services with health education components. The young
participants at Camp Hope can experience fishing, group sports, horseback riding, biking, arts and
crafts, and a talent show wherein cabin teams develop skits and musical numbers for parents,
volunteers, and invited guests. In addition, campers participate in programming that provides life
skills training that will benefit them long after camp is over.

Year after year, the volunteer camp counselors report back to AFH with touching and enriching
moments experienced with the children of Camp Hope. “It was remarkable seeing a 13-year old shy
teenager open up during the 5 day camp after experiencing a recent leg amputation due to Kaposi
Sarcoma,” said Marc Cohen, Program Manager of Camps and International Programs for AIDS
Foundation Houston, “I was deeply moved as I watched him slowly open up, laugh and socialize with
the other children at camp.”

Camp Hope provides excellent opportunities for campers to develop coping skills to manage HIV in a
healthy, secure environment and, for at least a little while, forget the burdens of having a chronic

For more information on Camp Hope, please contact Marc Cohen at 713-623-6796 ext. 230 or e-mail
About AIDS Foundation Houston, Inc.
AIDS Foundation Houston, Inc. (AFH) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating positive social impact through the
innovative management of HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases. Founded in 1982, AFH is a leader in HIV/STI prevention
efforts with special initiatives targeting the gay / lesbian / bisexual / transgender communities, adolescents and incarcerated
and recently-released offenders. AFH also provides housing, rental assistance, food, and other supportive services to nearly
6,000 Persons Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWH) in the greater Houston area. For more information, please visit

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