Grassroots Development The African Development by cdy38532


									                                                                                 Appendix E
                                                             Field Interviews
    The OTA field teams interviewed ADF staff in Africa and spoke with nearly 800 people associated
with the 12 projects visited. Project managers, participants, staff and board members of funded organiza-
tions provided OTA with a great deal of information about their activities. While too numerous to list,
they all have our appreciation. The directors of the 12 projects are listed here.
WEST AFRICA                                            Mr. Andrew Peppetta
                                                           General Manager
Mr. Macao bii Gao                                      Partnership for Productivity/Kenya
   Chief                                               Nairobi, Kenya
Dakoro Herders Cooperative
Dakoro, Niger                                          Mr. Lawrence Murage
Mr. Diallo Moctar                                      NGK Water Project Committee
    President                                          Naro Moru, Kenya
Agricultural Society of Dagnare
Niamey, Niger
Mr. Samba Der Gaye
    Coordinator                                        SOUTHERN AFRICA
youth Association of Ross Bethio
Ross Bethio, Senegal                                   Mr. Ditshwanelo Makwati
                                                           Project Manager
Mr. Demba Dia                                          Boiteko Agricultural Marketing Association
   Animator                                            Serowe, Botswana
Union Kaoural
Medina Koundie, Senegal                                Mr. Bigboy Chavaphi
                                                           Brigade Coordinator
EAST AFRICA                                            Tutume McConnell Development Trust
                                                       Francistown, Botswana
Mr. Phares Makau
    Programme Coordinator                              Mr. Clem Machingaifa
Planning and Development Committee                        Provincial Manager
Diocese of Morogoro                                    Agricultural Finance Corporation
Morogoro, Tanzania                                     Mutare, Zimbabwe

Mr. A.K. Ayo                                            Fr. Harold Barry, S.J.
   chairman                                                 Executive Director
Kikatiti Village Council                                Silveira House
Kikatiti. Tanzania                                      Harare, Zimbabwe


    The field teams also met with others in Africa who are not associated with ADF or the 12 ADF-funded
projects visited. These included officials of the host governments, U.S. and other development assistance
agencies as well as representatives of private organizations. This group of interviewees is listed here.

WEST AFRICA                                            Ms. Cathy Tilford
                                                          Regional Technical Advisor
NIGER                                                  Mr. Doug Steinburg
Mr. Boubakar Ali                                          Forestry Program
   Deputy Prefect                                      CARE
Dakoro, Niger                                          Niamey, Niger
Mr. Mahamadou Issaka                                   Mr. Richard W. Bogosian
   Chief of Livestock Service                             U.S. Ambassador
Mr. Idi Gonhah                                         Mr. Joseph Saloom
   Dakoro Co-operatives Officer                           Deputy Chief of Mission
Mr. Salisou Illiassou                                  Ms. Cynthia Aknetteh
   Dakoro Representative                                  Economic Officer
Ministry of Planning                                   U.S. Embassy
Dakoro, Niger                                          Niamey, Niger
Mr. Amadou Seini Maga                                  Ms. Lynne Gray
   Prefect                                                Director
Maradi, Niger                                          Mr. Mamadou Issa
Mr. Sani Bako                                             Deputy Director
   Minister of Foreign Affairs                         Mr. David Blain
Mr. Abdoulaye Moumouni Djermakoye                         Associate Director
   Director of International Organizations and         Peace Corps
   Conferences                                         Niamey, Niger
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation            Ms. Carol Beckwith
Niamey, Niger                                             Anthropologist/Photographer
Mr. A. El Hadji Habibou                                Niamey, Niger
   Minister of Agriculture                             Mr. Dayton Maxwell
Mr. Dourahamane                                            Acting AID Director
   Secretary General                                   Mr. John Heermans
Ministry of Agriculture                                    Forestry Consultant, Forestry Land Use and
Niamey, Niger                                              Planning Project
Mr. Hamid Algabit                                      Mr. Frank Casey
   Prime Minister                                      Ms. Cynthia Moore
Niamey, Niger                                          Dr. Fred Sauer
                                                           AID Technicians
Mr. Hama Abadou                                        Dr. Rinus ven den Ende
   Director of Office of Head of State                 Mr. Mark Matlin
Niamey, Niger                                              Integrated Livestock Project
Mr. Almoustapha Soumala                                U.S. Agency for International Development
   Minister                                            Niamey, Niger
Mr. Tankari Abdou                                      Ms. Gretta Shultz
   Deputy Director, Regional Development and           AFRICARE
   Small Projects                                      Niamey, Niger
Mr. Abdou Galadima
Small Projects Division                                Ms. Amy O’Neill
Ministry of Planning                                   Mr. Didier Alley
Niamey, Niger                                          Lutheran World Relief
                                                       Niamey, Niger

Mr. Abara Djika                                 Mr. Abdoulaye Diop
    Deputy Prefect                                 president
Say, Niger                                      Walo youth Association
                                                Ross-Bethio, Senegal
                                                Mr. Aly wade Gueye
Mr. Walter Williams, Jr.
   Director                                         President de la Communaute Rurale
                                                Arrondissement of Ross-Bethio
                                                Department of Dagana
Dakar, Senegal
                                                Ross-Bethio, Senegal
Mr. George Carrier
                                                Mr. Khayar Ka
    Deputy Mission Director
Mr. Khoi Nguyen Le
                                                Department of Kolda
U.S. Agency for International Development
                                                Kolda, Senegal
Dakar, Senegal
                                                Mr. Sami Daniff
Mr. Lanon Walker
                                                   Head of Centers for Regional Expansion
    U.S. Ambassador
                                                Department of Kolda
Mr. Michael Sykes
                                                Kolda, Senegal
    Economic and Commercial Affairs Officer
U.S. Embassy                                    Mr.  Adama Faye
Dakar, Senegal                                  Mr. Cheikh Boy
                                                Mr. Abdou Fall
Mr. Richard Horowitz
                                                Mr. Baba Koita
   Regional Representative
                                                   Coordinator of ADF-funded Dialambere
Ford Foundation
Dakar, Senegal
                                                Senegalese Government Agricultural
Mr. Frank Conlon                                Research Institute (lSRA)
Lutheran World Relief                           Kolda, Senegal
Dakar, Senegal
                                                Mr. Thiousso Diallo
Mr. Ibrahima Sy                                     Agricultural Engineer
   Director                                     Government Regional Development Agency for
Mr. Pascal N’Dong                               the Senegal River Valley (SAED)
   Chief of Multilateral Division, Department   St. Louis, Senegal
    of Economic and Technical Affairs
                                                Mr. Martin Fanghaenel
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
                                                Mr. Amadou wade
Dakar, Senegal
                                                Foster Parents Plan International
Mr. Gary Engleberg                              St. Louis, Senegal
Ms. Lillian Baer
                                                Dr. Jean-Francois Tourrand
Africa Consultants, Inc.
Dakar-Farm, Senegal                             Dr. Moussa Sow
                                                Dr. Papa Fall
Mr. Cherno Kane                                 Senegalese Government Agricultural Research
   President                                    Institute (lSRA)
CONGAD                                          St. Louis, Senegal
Dakar, Senegal
                                                Mr. Famara Diedhiou
Mr. Khasoum Wone                                    President
    Deputy Prefect                              FONGS
Arrondissement of Ross-Bethio                   Thies, Senegal
Department of Dagana
Ross-Bethio, Senegal

Mr. Ali Boly                                   Mr. Yves Morneau
    Peace Corps Training Consultant (former       Second Secretary
    ADF Consultant)                            Canadian International Development Agency
Peace Corps                                    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Thies, Senegal                                 Mr. Charles N. Keenja
                                                  Principal Secretary
EAST AFRICA                                    Ministry of Local Government and Cooperative
TANZANIA                                       Development
Mr. Makara                                     Dodoma, Tanzania
   Project Water 1Engineer Consultant          Dr. M.E. Mlambiti
PLANCONSULT                                        Head of Department of Rural Economy
Arusha, Tanzania                               Mr. S.C. Lugeye
Mr. David Babu                                     Acting Director of Institute for Continuing
   Director                                        Education
Tanzania National Parks                        Mr. I.J. Lupanga
Arusha, Tanzania                                   Head of Department of Agricultural
                                                   Education and Extension
Ms. Joyce Hamisi                               Dr. Aku O’Ktingati
    Executive Secretary                            Senior Lecturer, Forest Economics
Presidential National Trust Fund (ADF-funded   Sokoine University of Agriculture
Project)                                       Morogoro, Tanzania
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
                                               Mr. O.M. Ishumi
Mr. L.C.M. Mususa                                 Regional Agricultural Development Officer
   Partner                                     Ministry of Agricuhure and Livestock
Coopers and Lybrand                            Development
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania                        Morogoro, Tanzania
Mr. Donald Petterson                           Mr. R, Mwsambashi
   Ambassador                                     Headmaster
Mr. Joseph Seagars                             Reverend Raymond Austin
    Deputy Chief of Mission                    Reverend Herb Hafermann
Mr. John Kauffman                              Lutheran Junior Seminary
    Program Officer, U.S. Ambassador’s Self-   Morogoro, Tanzania
    Help Fund
U.S. Embassy                                   Mr. Joseph J. Mungai
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania                           Project Director
                                               Mufindi Educational Trust (ADF-funded Project)
Mr. Joseph Stepanik                            Mafinga, Mufindi District
    Director                                   Tanzania
U.S. Agency for International Development
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania                        KENYA
                                               Mr. N.K. Mberia
Professor R. Mabele                                District Commissioner, Kakamega
    Senior Research Fellow                     Office of the President
Economic Research Bureau                       Kakamega, Kenya
University of Dar es Salaam
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania                        Ms. Catherine Wituka
                                               Mr. Francis Kima
Mr. F. Kihunwra                                Mr. Oscar Oyalo
   Secretary, Chief Manager, Planning and      Ms. Mary Kekorle
    Research                                      Extensionists
Mr. H.I-I. Akile                               Kenya Woodfuel Development Programme
    Mechanization Officer                      Kakamega, Kenya
Cooperative and Rural Development Bank
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Mr. George Griffin                              Mr. David Kniffen
    Deputy Chief of Mission                         Trainer
Mr. Daniel Waterman                             Peace Corps Training Center at Naivasha
    Counselor for Economic Affairs              Nairobi, Kenya
Mr. J. Anthony Holmes                           Mr. C.O. Amonde
    Second Secretary for Economic Affairs          District Officer
U.S. Embassy                                    Mr. Paul Gathogo
Nairobi, Kenya                                     Chief
Mr. Steven Sinding                              Mr. G, Wambugu
    Director                                        Extension Officer
Mr. Derek Singer                                Mr. J.K. Mbogo
   Chief, Human Resources Development               Irrigation Officer
Mr. M. Peter Leifert                            Mrs. F.W. Wango
    Program Officer                                 Home Economist and Horticulturalist
Mr. K. Toh                                      District Department/Naro-Moru Division
    Senior Economist                            Naro Moru, Kenya
Dr. Maria Mulei                                 Mr. M.M. Naivasha
    WID Program Officer                            District Water Engineer
U.S. Agency for International Development       Ministry of Water Development
Nairobi, Kenya                                  Nyeri, Kenya
Mr. Fred O’Regan
    Managing Director                           SOUTHERN AFRICA
world Education Rural Enterprise Project        BOTSWANA
Nairobi, Kenya                                  Mr. Natale Bellochi
Mr. S,0. Makondiege                                 U.S. Ambassador
    Deputy Chief Engineer                       Mr. Johnie Carson
Operations and Maintenance                          Deputy Chief of Mission
Ministry of Water Development                   U.S. Embassy
Nairobi, Kenya                                  Gaborone, Botswana
Mr. John Cohen                                  Mrs. Motsumi
    Senior Planning                                 Chairperson
Ministry of National Planning and Development   Mrs. Rossina Mannotoko
Nairobi, Kenya                                      Secretary General
                                                Botswana Council of Women
Mr. Michael Westlack                            Gaborone, Botswana
    Program Specialist
Commodity Analysis and Policy Planning          Mr. John Hummond
Ministry of Agriculture                             Director
Nairobi, Kenya                                  Mr. John Roberts
                                                    Deputy Director
 Mr. S,K. Marisin                               Mr. Paul Daley
     Executive Director                             Agricultural Officer
 Kenya National Council of Social Services      Dr. David Norman
 Nairobi, Kenya                                     Chief of Party, Agricultural Technology
 Mr. William Saint                                  Improvement Project (ATIP)
     Representative                             U.S. Agency for International Development
 Ms. Jennifer Sebstad                           Gaborone, Botswana
     Program Officer
 The Ford Foundation
 Nairobi, Kenya
                             . .


Ms. Ruth Motsete                               Mr. K. V. Morei
   Social Concerns Officer                         General Manager
Botswana Christian Council                     Mr. Percy Maribe
Gaborone, Botswana                                 Chief Extension Officer
                                               Rural Industries Innovation Centre
Mr. Rob Van den Boom                           Kanye, Botswana
   Deputy Representative
SNV-Netherlands Development Organization       Mr. 1. Malobi
Gaborone, Botswana                                 District Agricultural Officer
                                               Mr. G.L. Mogetsho
Mr. Kim Ward                                       Incoming District Agricultural Officer
   Program and Training Officer/Acting         Mr. Letina
    Director                                       District Poultry Officer
Ms. Binkie Ramologa                            Mr. Tabina
   APCD, Agriculture and Women’s                   District Horticultural Officer
    Development                                Ministry of Agriculture, Central District
Mr. Steve Gibson                               Serowe, Botswana
   Training Officer
U.S. Peace Corps                               Captain Kgositau
Gaborone, Botswana                                 General Manager
                                               Serowe Brigades
Mr. Israel Matenge                             Serowe, Botswana
   Commissioner of Agricultural Management
   Associations                                Mr. F.J. Sigwele
Mr. J, Larsen                                      District Agricultural Officer
   Senior Agricultural Economist               Ministry of Agriculture
Ms. Elizabeth Muggeridge                       Tutume, Botswana
   Agricultural Economist
Mr. Gulubane                                   Mr. C.C. Molomo
   Head of the Small Dam Unit                     Commercial Tractor Owner
Mr. Jetten                                     Tutume, Botswana
   Technical Advisor                           ZIMBABWE
Mr. Howard Sekwele                             Mr. Nyamayaro
   Agricultural Economist                          Chair
Mr. G.D. Horspool                              Mwanza Development Authority
   Agricultural Engineer                       East Harare, Zimbabwe
Mr. K.K. Mmopi
    ALDEP Coordinator                          Dr. Brian Marshall
Ministry of Agriculture                            Lecturer
Gaborone, Botswana                             Department of Biological Sciences
                                               University of Zimbabwe
Mr. Sekate                                     Harare, Zimbabwe
Mr. Anderson
   Representatives                             Mr. Peter Johnson
Foundation for Education for Progress/CORDE       Chief of Crop Production
Gaborone, Botswana                             Mr. Tekie
                                                  Chief Horticuhuralist Extension Officer
Ms. T.C. Moremi                                AGRITEX
   Coordinator of Rural Development            Harare, Zimbabwe
Rural Development Unit
Ministry of Finance and Development Planning
Gaborone, Botswana

Mr. Ed Fugit                                Mr. L. Muchatuta
    Deputy Chief of Mission                     Agritex Officer
U.S. Embassy                                Mr. D. Chikande
Harare, Zimbabwe                                Coffee Extension Worker
                                            Mr. M, Chigwande
Mr. Eric Witt                                   Coffee Extension Worker
    Agricultural Officer and Acting AID     AGRITEX
    Director                                Juliasdale, Zimbabwe
U.S. Agency for International Development
Harare, Zimbabwe                            Mr. S. Dube
Mr. Chris Kanyuchi                          Chikomba II Coop
   Director of PVOINGO Coordination         Chikomba School
Ministry of Finance                         Mutare, Zimbabwe
Harare, Zimbabwe
                                            Mr. Marcus Hakutangwi
Dr. Liberty Mhlanga                            Assistant Provincial Agricultural and
    General Manager                            Extension Officer
Agricultural and Rural Development          AGRITEX
Authority (ARDA)                            Mutare, Zimbabwe
Harare, Zimbabwe
                                            Mr. L. Matikinyidze
Ms. Lucy Thomas                                Cooperative Assistant
   Resident Representative                  Ministry of Cooperative Development
Mr. McDonald Homer                          Nyanga, Zimbabwe
   Program Manager, Southern Africa
Harare, Zimbabwe
Mr. L. N. Mbigi
    Personnel Manager
Eastern Highlands Tea Estate
Juliasdale, Zimbabwe

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