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					                              Loyola Blakefield Fathers’ Club
                               DADS FOR OTHERS PROGRAM

                                The Baltimore Station Program
                                  March through July 2010
                                   Effective March 10, 2010

To:            The Loyola Community
From:          Tom Harroll
Subject:       The Baltimore Station

       Up to date information can be found by clicking on the “Dads for Others Program” link
found on the Campus Bulletins and Publications tab.

        The Seton Hill location has been dropped from the schedule due to Program needs
associated with The Baltimore Station. Due to planned expansion this location is closing and
will re-open on Baker Street. The opening date is not yet confirmed.

       The Fathers’ Club and the men of Baltimore Station appreciate the assistance that has
been provided this past school year. When you have time the Fathers’ Club invites you to select
an evening that you and your family would like to work with one or two other families in
preparing a meal for the men of The Baltimore Station.

       The Dads for Others Program is coordinated by The Fathers’ Club and is open to all
Loyola families. Any family member can participate in the evening meals and the group meeting
following the dinner. The South Baltimore Station provides housing and recovery support for up
to 100 men. There will be a new location coming on line soon located on Baker Street in West
Baltimore, details to follow soon.
        The South Baltimore Station will need up to four families per evening. Evenings with
greater than two or three families will be reserved for Evening Coordinator training or when the
Evening Coordinator has requested extra help.

        The South Baltimore Station, founded in 1989, provides a recovery-oriented, therapeutic
community to men of Baltimore City who have become homeless due in large part to a history of
chronic substance abuse. The program directly addresses the issues and root causes that led
these men to the streets and lives of alcoholism and drug addiction. Located in a former
firehouse in South Baltimore, The Baltimore Station facility includes 100 beds in a dormitory
setting. Over 80% of the South Baltimore Station is dedicated to provide service to military
veterans. Residents live in these communal settings for the program’s duration, typically lasting
from six to twenty-four months. A requisite for program participation is that each participant, in
addition to remaining substance-free, must acquire stable housing and employment. Throughout
the program the men learn the necessary skills to achieve success in these areas. Many of the
graduates have gone on to continue their educational pursuits.
         The Dads for Others Program is an opportunity for family teams to participate together in
a community based service project. After each meal we sit down with a few of the men and hear
how they found their way to The Station. Our sons hear how poor decisions and seemingly
innocent experimentation can change one’s life. The evening gives us an opportunity to ask
questions, exchange thoughts, discuss school activities, explore employment opportunities and
listen to how people around the table can make a difference in the lives of people at Baltimore

       In the event you do not wish to receive additional information about the program please
contact Tom Harroll at 410.900.6629. To confirm a date, location, or to coordinate a team for an
evening, please e-mail me at the address listed below. If you do not receive confirmation within
48 hours please call Tom Harroll at 410.668.6381.

       Also, at anytime that you would like to stop receiving e-mail update please contact me
and you will be removed from future mailings.

Contact and scheduling information
Tom Harroll–410.668.6381 or
Location and Telephone Numbers
The Baltimore Station
140 W. West Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21230
   1. All out of pocket expenses will be considered donations and the On-duty Manager will be
      able to process you a donation slip. In this regards if you need food items purchased for
      you evening’s meal please alert Russell Jackson on the Tuesday prior to your evening to
      obtain these items. Mr. Jackson can and will purchase meal items in advance of your
      evening at no cost to your Team. However, please do not submit receipts to The
      Baltimore Station for re-imbursement.
   2. Now in our 10th Year we continue to focus upon providing The Station, on each night we
      serve dinner, small but necessary items. These items include toilet paper, paper towels,
      toothpaste, laundry detergent, soap, etc. Each evening will focus on items requested by
      the Station. Each member of the Dinner Team can bring as much of the items as they
      feel comfortable donating. A list of small items, presented by evening, is provided with
      this memo.
   3. The Team (i.e., individuals, families, corporations, Fathers’ Club) has donated hundreds
      of small “Wish List Items” that make a daily difference; funds that make an annual
      difference; tables, chairs, clothes dryer, food slicer, oven, water fountain, ice machine and
      coffee service that make a long term difference and TIME that makes a person’s life

The Evening
   1. No later than the Tuesday prior to your scheduled evening, the Volunteer
      Coordinator needs to call the Station and speak with Mr. Russell Jackson
      (443.552.8242) to confirm their attendance.
   2. A suggested meal or menu is attached to this memo. However, you may choose from this
      list or prepare your own meal.
   3. At least one team needs to arrive around 4:00 PM to start preparing the meal.
   4. Food handlers must wear gloves (supplied by the Station) while in the kitchen and
      serving the meal.
   5. Set-up the service line around 5:45 PM.
   6. Organize the meal on the service line between 5:45 PM and 6:00 PM.
   7. Start serving the evening’s meal at between 6:00 to 6:15 PM. Eat dinner with the men.
   8. (Optional) Sit down with the men after dinner to listen, learn and exchange information –
      typically starting at 7:00 PM.
   9. Leave at 7:30 PM or earlier.
The Meal
   1. Russell Jackson (The Station’s full time cook) will have everything necessary for the
      evening’s meal. You may need to peel potatoes, make a salad, blend ingredients for
      soup/stew, fry fish, cook pasta, etc.
   2. Russell may ask the team, based on available time, to prepare brown bag lunches for the
      next day. Historically, this has been bologna sandwiches, chips and apples. These bags
      are then placed in the refrigerator.
   3. You have the option to prepare a meal and then bring it to the Station. This way you
      do not have to arrive at 4:00 PM.
   4. Please let the men know if the meal contains pork as several of them do not eat pork due
      to religious reasons.
   5. In the event you plan to bring a dessert (sheet cakes, cheese cakes and ice cream bars are
      very popular), please let Russell Jackson know during the confirmation call so that he
      does not make something for the evening.
Suggested Meals

   o Spaghetti with meat and/or marinara sauce, garden salad, garlic bread, brownies

   o Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, vegetable salad, biscuits, vanilla pudding

   o Pork chops, rice, vegetable medley, dinner rolls, and strawberry pie

   o Hamburgers & hot dogs, rolls & buns, baked beans, potato salad, potato chips, cookies

   o Ham, sweet potatoes or yams, green beans, bread, ice cream

   o Pizza, salad, cookies

   o Tuna casserole, vegetable medley, cake

   o Chicken (lemon or barbecue), broccoli casserole, pasta dish, dinner rolls

   o Tacos (beef, shells, lettuce & tomatoes, salsa), applesauce or fruit salad, spicy rice and/or
     beans, cookies

   o Hamburgers, pasta & vegetable salad, baked beans, fruit tart

   o Sloppy Joes, French fries, green beans, fruit salad, brownies

   o Pork chops & rice casserole, squash, applesauce, biscuits, and peach pie

   o Cheeseburgers, French fries, salad, bread pudding

   o Fish, scalloped potatoes, steamed broccoli, rolls, rice pudding

   o Spare ribs, Mac & Cheese, cauliflower, French bread, ice cream
o Roast beef, potato salad, macaroni salad, green beans, garlic bread, and brownies

o Soups (chicken noodle, minestrone, corn or clam chowder, navy bean), salad, bread, fresh
  fruit, cheesecake

o Grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, apples or oranges, cookies

o Meatball or Italian subs, potato chips, salad, cake
                            The Baltimore Station – 100 Men
                                 140 West West Street
                                 Baltimore, MD 21230

                                         Evening Helpers (Up
                           Evening       to Four Families Per                The Evening’s
  Day           Date      Coordinator          Evening)                     Wish List Item(s)

                                         Gib Mason, family and
Sunday   March 14, 2010   Gib Mason                              Twin Bed Sheets – Fitted – White

                                         Gib Mason, family and
Sunday   March 24, 2010   Gib Mason                              Bath Towels – Large

Friday   April 2, 2010                                           Safety Razors and Shaving Cream

Sunday   April 4, 2010                                           Bags of Tea (Single serve type)

                                                                 Printer Paper – 8.5” X 11” – 20 lb. –
Sunday   April 18, 2010

Sunday   April 25, 2010                                          Post-It Notes, Pens and No. 2 Pencils

Friday   May 7, 2010                                             Dishwashing Liquid

Sunday   June 13, 2010                                           Toothbrushes and Tooth Paste

Friday   June 18, 2010                                           Combs and Hair Brushes

Sunday   July 18, 2010                                           Mouthwash

Sunday   July 25, 2010                                           Cereal, Sugar and Creamer

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