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									Stud Service Contract

Stud Dog: FC Chisholm Creeks Jax Orbetter AKC Reg: SR07771403 OFA: Excellent AKC DNA Profile No.: V339541 American Field No.: 1562946 Owner: Mark Wasserman 6260 N. Hillside Wichita, KS 67219

Bitch: AKC Reg. No: OFA No. (or Penn Hip): Owner(s): Address: City, State, Zip: Telephone: E-mail: 1. The Stud Service Fee shall be $______________. 2. The Stud Service Fee is payable in full at the time of the first breeding unless otherwise specified in the initial agreements for the breeding, (i.e. In lieu of the stud fee, the owner of the stud dog shall be afforded “Pick-of-the-Litter”). In the event that the owner of the stud dog chooses to take a puppy in lieu of a stud fee, the owner of the stud dog reserves the right to withhold the signing of the AKC litter registration until said puppy is in the possession of the stud dog owner. 3. A “Live” litter is guaranteed. Two live puppies living to 6 weeks of ages is considered a live litter. Additionally, if the bitch fails to whelp, the owner of the bitch must notify the stud dog owner within ten (10) days of the whelping due date. If less than two puppies survive to 6 weeks of age or the bitch fails to whelp, return use of the stud dog described above to the bitch described above shall provide service. The bitch’s owner(s) shall pay any additional expenses (i.e. current boarding rates) required for the second attempt at breeding. 4. All expenses, including but not limited to: transportation, veterinary care, emergency service, boarding, feed and shipping, are the responsibilities of the owner(s) of the bitch. 5. It is understood that the owner of the stud dog shall maintain reasonable care of the bitch while at the stud dog owners’ facility. Should the stud dog be leased/lent out for service,

Stud Service Contract
it is understood that the bitches owner will maintain reasonable care of the stud dog while at the bitches owners facility. 6. In the case of AI breeding, all costs incurred by the owner of the stud dog will be charged to the owner(s) of the bitch. 7. Any bitch found unsuitable for breeding or cannot be bred due to viciousness or any other extreme behavior problem will be returned to the owner of record or agent immediately along with the stud fee, minus documented expenses incurred. 8. It is the responsibility of the owner(s) of the bitch to advise the owner of the stud dog of any habits, behavioral problems, medical conditions or special needs of the bitch described above. 9. The owner(s) of the bitch shall furnish the owner of the stud dog the following information prior to breeding: a. Current immunization records b. Negative Brucellosis test c. Inter-State transfer certificate (if applicable) I have read and understand the Stud Service Contract and sign it as the owner of the described dog and bitch or as agent for all listed owners.

Signature: _________________________ Stud Dog Owner Or Agent Print: Mark Wasserman Or Agent

______________________________ Bitch Owner


Anticipated date of breeding: ______________________________________________ Anticipated date of whelping: ______________________________________________

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